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Ethiopia: Woyane Regime Stepway From Its Own Coffin!

Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Deslegan


Mark Twain, “The government is merely a servant―merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn't. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.”  Unfortunately, the Ethiopian Woyane regime has never been a servant to Ethiopians but a totalitarian regime who has been on mission for the last several decades in bring a totality of terrors not only in Ethiopia but also in Horn of Africa as well. For the last several decades, slowly but surely, the regime has been putting nails on its own coffin. Time has arrived for the regime to put the the last nail on its coffin. Since the helm of the regime, it has been a catalytic burner in producing tribal conflicts, religious conflicts, ethnic cleansing, genocide, border disputes, land grabbing and etc. Therefore, the regime has created a diversity of nemesis from all angles. Who are the major nemesis that could seal the faith of the regime? Who are from the nemesis that is ultimately going to put the regime in its own coffin?

TIGRAYAN PEOPLE:  The Tigrayan people are the foundation of springboard of Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) movement. Sadly, Tigrayans, in the last century, has faced a major hardship from the Ethiopian government particularly under former Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam regime-known as Derg. Therefore, the Tigrayans has decided to stand up for their self-determination rights in eradicating the ethnic cleansing, abject poverty, chronic diseases…and etc. With help of Eritrean people, the TPLF has gradually become a formidable nemesis to the Derg regime in Tigrai. Unfortunately, the Tigrayan people were immediately betrayed once the TPLF regime roamed into Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The betrayal of TPLF regime which has been a huge blow to the fabrics of society for the majority of Tigrayan people. The Tigrayan people has shed their loved ones bloods to full-fill their long-term aspirations of becoming a people who are free from abject poverty, chronic diseases, and corruptions. Instead, the TPLF has only been delivering endless of terror in its people. Indeed, the majority of Tigrayan people have discorded themselves from the TPLF regime. Perhaps the minority of Tigrayan people who have gained immense wealth under the TPLF regime. Certainly, the diaspora Tigrayans have finally awaken in small factions such as California, Washington, Texas, New York, Chicago, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Chicago, Atlanta, and Europe, all over the world against the tyrant’s regime because the majority of Tigrayan people are peaceful and hard-working who are aspired to live in harmony with all tribes and neighbors. The Tigrayan people have finally awaken against tyrant’s regime.

AMHARA PEOPLE: When the TPLF liberators roamed into Addis Ababa, the Amhara people did not waited with rosy flowers to welcome the Tigrayan fighters. Yet, the liberators were immediately perceived as invaders with mighty weapons in their soils. Historical speaking, no foreigner’s army has won the minds and hearts of the native people. For instance, Developed Countries with their mighty armies could not sustain for a long time on their residency in a foreign land. The Amhara people have certainly illustrated the world in a uniform mode of democracy that they do not welcome the TPLF’s liberator in Ethiopia. For example, the 2005 election was a hallmark in which a majority of Amhara people voted against the tyrant’s regime. The election outcome certainly indicated that the Amhara people would like the regime to depart from their lands. The aftermath of the election, consequently the Amhara are constantly being hunted down inside or outside of Ethiopia. According to the tyrant’s regime, every Amhara people are considered to be a terrorists. Certainly, this is a symptom of paranoia that the TPLF regime had acquired once it was considered to be an unwelcome aliens. The Amhara people, all over the world, have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.

OGADEN PEOPLE: The Horn of Africa has definitely seen colossal of humanitarian crisis in the Ogaden region. The Ogaden people has been victimized by the TPLF region for many years without the International Communities awareness. However, Sweden is first European country to have awareness on the unprecedented humanity violations against Ogaden people. The Human Rights Watch has substantially recorded evidences on the regime committing heinous crimes against children, women, and elderly. The Ogaden people have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.

ANUAKE PEOPLE:  From 2004 to 2006, the TPLF regime was on mission to ethnic cleansing the Anuake tribe from its ancestral land. December of 2004, the regime had killed 400 from Anuake Tribe just in one day. The TPLF has decided to eradicate the tribe from its land because the regime wants it for investors. There are more than 2000 Anuake tribe residing in United States after fleeing the ethnical cleansing in their village. Indeed, the Anuke people have finally Awaken against the tyrant’s regime.

BENISHANGUL PEOPLE: The TPLF regime has systematically taken the fertile lowlands from Benishangul tribe and give it to the Tigrayan businessmen. Also, the regime has indiscriminately murdered many young men who are innocent and do not have any relationship with the guerilla fighters of Benishangul. There are daily conflicts in the Benishangul-Gumuz region because of land’s policy the regime has introduced on the people of Benishangul. The Benishangul people have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.

NUER PEOPLE: The inhabitant of the tribe is in southwestern of Ethiopia in the Nile Valley. For thousands years, the tribe has lived in the Nile of Valley lands. However, the regime has been on mission to eradicate the minority tribe from their ancestral lands. Majority of tribe has fled the ethnic cleansing by fleeing to nearby countries such as Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan. The Nuer people have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.

OROMO PEOPLE: The majority population of Ethiopia are the Oromo. The Oromo tribe has been victimized by all predecessor of Ethiopian regime. However, the TPLF has been the worst regime that the Oromo people have ever seen. On daily basis in Ethiopia, there are conflicts between Tigrayans and Oromans all over the country. The TPLF regime has systematically taken the Oromo’s lands and distributed to the Tigrayan businessmen. The Oromo, like their counterpart Amhara, are labelled with terrorism. The regime has been on spree of indiscriminately killing children, women, and elderly who do not have any relationship with the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Indeed, the regime has symptom of paranoia. Oromo people have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.

SOMALI PEOPLE: In 2006, the TPLF regime has invaded Somalia in which it was under the reign of the Islamic Court Union (ICU). Since then, the regime has brought not but a terror to Somalian society. Sadly, millions of Somalian refugees have become a homeless inside Somalia. The fortunate Somalis were able to flee to the neighbor countries such Kenya, Uganda, Eritrea, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. Today, Somalia is known for piracy and lawless lands. Somali people have finally awaken against the tyrant’s regime.

As American will say, “He cooked his own goose”: Perhaps it is unfathomable to reckon that TPLF’s liberator in just two decades has become a terror and invader in Horn of Africa. The regime has caused endless of horrors and unprecedented humanitarian crisis in the regions. A variety of indigenous tribes have lived in serenity and harmony in the Nile of Valley for thousands of centuries. However, these tribes have eradicated from their ancestral lands because the regime have great interests in their lands. Today, the regime has surrounded itself with proliferation of nemeses in all region of Ethiopia. Certainly, perhaps it is going to be the Tigrayan people who are going to seal the faith of the TPLF regime in its own coffin with the last nail left. Perhaps the betrayal of Tigrayan people is the final blow for the regime to be seal in its coffin.

Yosef Tesfasilase
Wetru Awet-n-Hafash
Zel-alemawi Zikri-n-Sema-e-Tatna!

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Ethiopia: Woyane Regime Stepway From Its Own Coffin! Reviewed by Admin on 7:58 PM Rating: 5


  1. I hope the coffin is getting designed as we speak, by a collective effort of
    the various ethnic groups you stated. I hope the coffin will have enough space to accommodate the riff-raff “eritrean opposition” woyane wannabes. The elimination of woyane will be the start of a peaceful Horn-of-Africa.

  2. This article is going to annoy our Eritreans who hold Ethiopian nationality trolls the likes of Z cursed, Rahwa or Rawuya et al; they will have a heart attack at a 'tender age'.

  3. the eritrean dictator regime has nothing news for eritreans .Now and then it is insulting ethiopia and ethiopians.
    no development news in eritrea!

  4. The dictator is at 11:59.It is being there is an open rumer the dictator has asked asylum for his wife and children in one arab country .eritrean ministers and generals donot be fool. try to arrange for your selves and families.

  5. Day dreamers only can think the above writting.

  6. After I read the above article I just thought that day dreamers have no information on the ground or they bury their head in the sand only to write false things about their enemy.Shame.The truth always prevail.


  7. Oh! eritrea is dying! why shabia is shouting while eritrea is dying!

  8. What none sense are you talking about.
    Opposing is different than being ignorant. You are being ignorant.

  9. Eritreanism means barking while dieing!

  10. Recently international reports seriously analyse and give their review that eritrea is on the verge of collapse Reports presented with real investigation that the isayas dictator regime is has already lost its trust among his near military and civil officers and there might break a relegion war in eritrea betwwen muslims and christians.
    This week afew trusted rumers are airing that isayas has already agreed with one country to host his wife and childern ,including his son abraham isayas.
    there are sayings from the diplomatic sources that 5 eritrean ambassadors are already negotiated and agreed to host in a third country as being defecting the eritrean regime officially.
    there are also diplomatic sources which verify that recently there become a conflict among higher eritrean military officers and this could lead to a coudet'tat or instability in the country.
    The regime being frustrated by all these internal conditions tries to divert its ppeople attetion by making a fabricated drama on ethiopia daily.
    ISAYas and his executives are already wanted by the international community.he will not alive at all more 7 months.he will be under control.that is why he asked hostages for his family first like the tactics of mohamed gadafi.

  11. I guess the regime and it's supporters are disparate therefore they are looking and writing anything and everything that would make to our south look bad. Such behavior is a sign of weakness. We all know the regime is in it's 11hrs.

    I say let them (ethio) take care of their own issues and let us deal with our own issues.

  12. Says an already dead Shabia minion!! Come on guys, at least write on some topics that do not display your frustrations and idiocies.

  13. Qondaf amharay-Adgi do your own home-work why you are in this web?, the world food programme-in rome is fed-up
    of this called ethiopia, by begging, wheat and other,
    if your are agame, you are already-dead, if your are from
    sell-out go to agame land and yawn there.

  14. Adious Shabia!! You think you can prolong the demise of HIGDEF by merely wishing the death of the brave woyanes. Higdefites know no shame in masquerading anything and everything about what is going on in Eritrea and how the end of Eritrea as we know is in the horizon for everyone to see it vividly. while over 300,000 thousand eritrean refugee are in Sudan, over 100,000 Eritrean refugee in Ethiopia( can you imagine that.....Eritrean refugee in Ethiopia???), over 60,000 in Israel alone. I am not going to keep on counting the Eritrean refugee in Yemen, kenya, uganda, south Africa, Libya, Egypt and all over the world. From a tiny country with a population of b/n 4 to 5 million, nearly more than half of them are living outside of their country and the exodus is still going unabated. So what does this signal...when the people of a "Tiny" nation who only got its freedom 23 years ago are on the run right and left abandoning their "Free" country? does papa issays," the father of the modern and richer Eritrea" define this mayhem.??....does it really show a stable "Eritrea" or a nation which is on its 11:59th on the clock?

  15. At least he is adgi of his Country While you are the real ADGI of one man for 23 years.

  16. Donkoro. Learn how to write in English first.

  17. Calm down bro......"Tekle", Ethiopia is no more asking food aid for its people......we are asking this time to feed the over 100,000 hungry eritrean refugee, plus sudanese, somali, kenyan and south sudan refugee who are sheltering with us, I wonder if your mum and dad are in my Ayni, Adi harish or somewhere.....anywhere around there.

  18. The mad dogs are out of options and start barking on them selves now to cover up the condition of so called isolated Country from every corner of the World.

  19. I think we have a lot more to talk about Eritrea. Let’s
    first do our homework then we can criticize others .we are not in a position to criticize other .

  20. Qongaf agame, How a refugee himself receive
    refugee? Ask or read before you reply, Ethiopia is
    asking for 10(Ten) million pl. recently, and some of it is delivered at the port of Djibouti. If your are
    interested ask the "WFP" in Rome if it is real or not
    they will tell you how much ethiopia is suffering.
    last week Britain gave ethiopia 300 ml. pound for
    economicaly suffering ethiopia. It is not true mr.
    lier.? if you deny this go hung your self. For the down here called E.Ebdu I say to you go to your agame-land. Hungry-Fox.

  21. You can't argue on issues you are down to name calling only.

    Agames like yourself have no space and place in free Eritrea.

    Awet Ni'Hafash.
    HGDEF Adina Gidef

  22. Donkoro is at least much better than a brain dead person like you because you don't have any thing to say about his arguments.

  23. I think you mis spelled his name ISAYAS EBDU.

  24. Celebrating before the battles(war) is over, declaring dead before stop breathing and putting in a coffin with out digging a deep grave is not wise. We need to be carful, we all remember the 2000 (Weyane third offence) Weyanes deputy prime minster/foreign minster Tekeda Alemu celebration with champagne in Washington DC by claiming that his weyane arm captured Assab port. Aint over till the fat lady sings it is over.

  25. Genuine Eritreans,
    Long time ago, ELF leadership had correctly identified the impostor and con artist, isaias afewerqi as anti Eritrean Independence, Ethiopia and CIA agent. The question is: What was/were the supporting evidences for its indictment? Sadly, although ELF had impeccable reasons for singling him out as an impostor, it never revealed its evidences. The reason?
    Because divulging those evidences meant admitting of the heinous crimes it committed on the university students and many others foolishly pursuing isaias afewerqi's malicious disinformation about them.
    The consequence : whereas ELF miserably failed to get across its bases the most important information of international conspiracy it had uncovered, the con artist isaias afewerqi, taking advantage of ELF's credibility issue among its bases, successfully framed it as anti Christian Highlanders and catapulted himself as their vanguard.
    The con artist wrote N'hnan Elamanan, in which not only did he depict ELF as Muslim fanatic organization who mercilessly massacred Christians but also as an inept organization which would soon be extinct of its own inherent contradiction.
    What was the necessity of such character assassination and prophesy of doom on ELF?
    His goal for the character assassination was not only to cultivate among the highlanders an irreconcilable antagonism against ELF but also to stir in them the burning desire to avenge its victims.
    The prophesy of doom had several goals, among which are the following: To inflate the ego of his followers as the winners, and to deter young Eritreans from joining to ELF etc.
    As he prophesized, ELF ultimately succumbed to his con artistry and his organization brought Eritrean Independence but why has Eritrean Independence been tattering ever since it become a reality and became curse rather than a blessing to its people, who are being muzzled from airing their grievances and if they dare do, are herded into underground dungeons prisons where they are left to die and whose youngsters are either in Concentration Camps under the guise of National Service, or somehow forced to flee in mass and have become source of sustenance of human traffickers, beasts etc.?
    Some stooges of the con artist, or those who have the intellect of baboons may say otherwise. And we must understand, as our past history attest, there were such stooges serving Italian fascists, Amhara pseudo-supremaciests not only by sprinkling popcorns, singing songs etc. but also by killing their brothers and sisters who were fighting for the freedom of their country and people.
    The Truth however is that the author of the Blue Print of the the fast deteriorating grim situation of our country and people, has been none other than the con artist and impostor isaias afewerqi, who ELF had correctly identified. He fooled us back then. The question is: Are we to succumb to his con artistry again? I hope not!!!

  26. Madote you are failing yourself with these types of articles. It amazes me how you can speak on such a topic hen your yourself are not in ethiopia and seein how different anything is. You are in America typing bad about everyone, when you yourself are too coward to go to eritrea. Every ethnic group in ethiopia are doing well. There are protests for various reasons, but they protest with the ethiopian "weyanne" flag. They all believe in working together in unity. You can't can't protest in eritreA, you gave no rights because there is no constitution. Eritrea will fall apart after wedi afon dies. Will the people accept Abraham afwerki as their new god, or will they fight for freedom? Figure your own country first, as for now, ethiopia is hitting 10 folds of development all around.

  27. There is nothing you can do except hope, pray, dream day and night to see destabilized Ethiopia, but with out any success for 23 years. Remember you are the only Country that fought with all its neighbors and got two sanction not Ethiopia or other African Countries. We Ethiopians are busy building roads and dams that helps our region to overcome the power shortage including you after Eritrean peoples eliminate the trouble makers of the region which is shabians and shabians barking dogs like you.

  28. Do you think is weyani´s design all this caos around HoA, i would say weyani is only a tool (sira asfetsami, in tigrigna: keddami), there would be a head behind that and weyani as servant paid very cheap do that, without knowing that is getting sick by its own hand, after all weyani is a young organization that count about 30 years so that don´t have even any idea what pan-africanism means when said once by the father founders (instead weyani is hated not only by its own compatriots but even by the all region, instead doing a pan-african policy, as uncle tom is doing strangers business). Weyani i belive is a west´s keddami, as I know european history, once job accomplished weyani will be throuwn as preservatives, to believe just read history on Iraq of the last four decades, afghanistan, the last three decades. Libya the last 3 decades..Egype the last 4 decades.
    It´s sad as an end.

  29. As an young and ignorant Eritrean of what you´re stating about the history of the ELF, i have nothing to say for the moment, but as for the new Era, means after the Independence, you have made some inaccuracies: prisons like concentration camps, forced flee human traficking, supporters ect...

    - Any country have prisons in all the world, might be good, bad, average as a condition (from those more civilaized scandinavians to those less), everywhere law is in force, erring pay.
    - Military service is a right of any country to do at his convenience.
    - I´m a voluntary supporter of the Government and People of Eritrea as an Eritrean, conscious, without any push nor propoganda. As i live and follow up general politics of Europe and the world in general, lately i observe a will to dismantle the System in Eritrea, I ask like you do. Why? Naturaly i have the answer for my self of course.

  30. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you got to be kidding. Let us focus on the problems facing our country and let ethiopians mind their business.

  31. This gay looks western tv follower..his way of pointing facts look like that..
    Endezih ema ituy emma yellen..

  32. Menni emmo abzi ze te la ak ki iki temsli, kemtom halefteki tsellim neketetsadewiyo iki telaik any means, even though you´re not well come tebahilki kelleki..yegerem iyu natkum neger, keyteaddemka ab enda seb mer ä mekad buzuh iyu zesekefen zetserefen..darga melemman malet iyu..


  33. Sile Mariam - GereanenyaJuly 25, 2014 at 2:28 PM

    Weyane is imploding. Agames days in power are coming to an end.

  34. First and foremost, Eritrea belongs to the people of Eritrea. If you accept this primordial premise, then the next step for you to accept of necessity is that Eritreans have the natural right to govern themselves through a system of their own choice.

    Sadly, the reality prevailing in Eritrea is in fundamental contradiction with the above principle because the rightful owners are, under a point of a gun, alienated and subjugated by a few people, who are, I might add, DeqerbaAs cabals, led by the con artist isaias Afewerqi.

    But you must understand that the coercive oppression and subjugation they are undertaking under the guise of false profess of Eritrean patriotism is not an end by itself but a means to an end, which is the complete obliteration of our country and decimation of our people.

    There is tegaru proverb that fully exposes the dichotomy between what they say and what they do and that is "N'hamashen ( they mean Hamsien) B'mahla, N'derho B'meshela.". Therefore, you must not be taken away by their deceptive words, even if they take an Oath that is. They are unscrupulously treacherous and untrustworthy. Our forefathers did not characterize their hearts as Twi Tway for the fun of it but after having learned from bitter experience.
    Some naïve Eritreans like yourself, refer to their mafia organization as "Government" , and some swear against the so called "PFDJ". The hard fact is : there is neither Government nor PFDJ, there is only mafia. Both words, "Government and PFDJ" are decoys, garbs, veils being used to fool the naïve Eritreans.
    For that matter, watch EriTv and then go visit Eritrea. You will realize that there are two screens going simultaneously: One of deception ; the other, hidden, nevertheless grim, a reality our people are going through every day
    However, it does not mean the mafia did not notice the dire dichotomy. Yes, it noticed and tried to blind the visitors by providing them with hyperinflated ( one US dollar to 50 Naqfa) local currency, Naqfa, to enjoy their vacation at the expense of the poor inhabitants.
    But if you can't figure out the artistry, think of the amount of money it stole from our poor people and wasted it at the Bologna extravaganza!!!

  35. You are too much obsessed by the great man isias afwerki. I told you, he is your alter ego. I seriously advice you to see the doctor, is time for you to find yourself.

  36. I read some of your sentence, honestly I don't have a clue, but I see some of the garbage you say, I think, you think it is worthy to write: let's see
    Nhamasin bmahla , nderho bashela
    That hamasin at that time name of the whole eritrea
    But I think that little head of your doesn't has the capacity to know things as right , it is already ful of ignorance hate division towards eritrea
    So if that is the case as I suppose you know better the Eritrean people & good lucke

  37. Agame..............

  38. Agame-----........

  39. The most interesting comment of all (among other rubbish) is the comment about Ethiopia's 2005 election. This is coming from the mouth, or fingers in this case, of supporter(s) of the tyrant that says "never" about free elections. You have no moral grounds to talk about any other country while we have no semblance of that.












  51. I rest my case.
    This webpage belongs to the brainless dogs and goons of HIGDEF. It is a wast of time to spend anymore minute reading garbage.
    By the time you figure out where you stand, it will be too late.

  52. Well first of all it is easy to speculate war between Eritrea and weyane, it does not require much thoughts, but a quick analysis would suggest otherwise.

    If weyanes are spreading rumors, and start a random raid and skirmish, it is because they want to be seen as the stronger side. However, weyane understands that if they go to all out war with Eritrea they know they will be in mess they would not pull themselves out from, they are not foolish they know the strength and weakness of Eritrean people, they know no matter how much we fight amongst ourselves war on Eritrea will bring us together and that only works against them.

    they tried to prop up the opposition to go to war but they failed as they couldn't persuade Eritreans that cross the border to join them (even tried to force them) so the weak opposition force will achieve scant. in the other hand, the Ethiopian opposition forces in Eritrea are growing significant in numbers, and there are more than one, so far the Tigrayan oppositions are the strongest followed by the Amhara forces and the rest of them follow.

    How is it, under these circumstances weyane will go to war with Eritrea? one could argue to prolong their power grip by waging war in the name of "foreign invasion", this worked in the first time to recruit a mass number of innocent Ethiopian youth and send them north never to return, this time around it will not work even if it did the outcome will not change.

    Second, weyanes are fully aware that they are 'stuck between a hard place and a rock' to get out of it they know one solution is to leave Eritrean territory and start dialogue with Eritrea, but this has it's own negative consequence for them, as they will loose face trying to justify the useless war with Eritrea, which will make them look weak, which will also lead them to squash any decent and this can only accelerate their demise.

    From where I stand the option is to continue to be seen as "economic miracle" coupled with peace with Eritrea will give them longevity as well as less resistance to deal with, if they choose to go to war the region will go 17 years back ward. I suspect the war mongers in the west would want them to go to war, but weyanes are not that foolish anymore, they will weigh their options carefully, and choose wisely.

    As for the "no war no peace" strategy it is not working it is not even a topic anymore, so is the sanction. Eritrea is slowly but surely moving forward, don't get confused by the "designed hype". They know full well, after all this is Eritrea we talking about - if you can make them you can also break them!

    Deke ere nisegum tirah!

    Awet ni hafash!

  53. Cane libero, I agree with you 100%. We casually blame woyane even though are only the handy men; the real engineers are the woyane masters in the US state department.

  54. Munny H, Manny H, …

    Are you serious to think Eritreans would like to destabilize Mama Ethiopia? We grew up hating only Mengistu and his soldiers. The same holds true today, that is, we love all Ethiopians except woyane and their Tigray armies. What you have to understand is, we Eritreans wish every good thing not only for our brothers and sister in Ethiopia, but also for all our neighbors. Haven’t you read or heard of EPLF in 1991 with their mechanized army taking full control of Addis Abeba and Dire-Dawa? It would have been easier then had they wanted to destabilize your mama Ethiopia. Today Ethiopia is destabilizing itself at a rate that no one (even the mighty USA) can stop it. It is almost like trying to stop someone with a suicide vest from killing himself.

  55. Which one are you? Donkoro or brain dead?
    You know what they say: It takes one to know the other. Since you are popping in every page like a virus, I would say you are Donkoro.

  56. k, k, k, kkkk, kkkkkkkk
    That's a good one.
    I loved it!

  57. Mr Genuine Eritrean, the old stories you tell are just that old!. talk about character assassination, you see,what matter is the man you talking about lead a group of "Genuine Eritreans" and through their dedication and sacrifice they made it happen!. we have the prise. the conspiracy you mongering and the so called evidence you keep on talking about is a non existence myth.

    And to say the fighting force that was created by PIA and handful of dedicated youth is an "internationally orchestrated conspiracy" shows your true colour, Bob sang ' you can fool some people sometime, but you can't fool all the people all the time'

    My " intellect of baboons " tells me the following:

    1.Eritrea is a country

    2. Eritrea is a sovereign country

    3. Eritrea free
    4. I am Eritrean so is Seven million others
    You can call it animal instinct.
    No matter what you and the likes of you say Eritrea, I repeat, is free and sovereign country and guess who achieved it Eritreans - blood, sweat and wit".
    My animal instinct also tells me the " international conspiracy" failed, if the aim of it is to undermine Eritrean people fight for independence.
    so I suggest you come up with another " conspiracy" theory that is fail proof, I will even be generous and say keep in line with the status quo - you know the usual, human right, slavery, military service etc.
    With Respect

  58. You need to learn your choice. It is bright as sunlight.. Let me tell you this, there was a beautiful and generous woman, very loved of all people and had a home maid and a good friend. The beautiful woman married and her so-called good friend was very uppset and asked the maid to poisen and kill her. What should the woman do on this case? should she jump to her friend and start the fight or kick the maid out her home? I guess she should kick that terrible maid and close the door. But you are telling us that the maid is more than a sister, so she should jump to her friend and let the maid stay home?Noway! as instrument the maid should be thrown away first before she do the harm.
    People like you confusing the matter and play hate/love you inbetween. Ethiopians/woyanes never been our friends NEVER in history ! As Hailesellassie said THEY LOVE OUR COUNTRY BUT NOT US ! and they showed it year after year for more than 150 years.I hate the policy of "Ethiopians are our brothers"

  59. You need to answer to your own question, neighbor.....

    1, you can speak on such a topic hen your yourself are not in ethiopia (Eritrea) and seein how different anything is. You are in America typing bad about everyone,.....

    2. ....There are protests for various reasons, but they protest with the ethiopian.... "weyanne"...... flag. They all believe in working together in unity. ..... LOL

    Give me one simple reason as to why do the other Ethiopians ABONDEN their pride ETHIOPIAN FLAG and kneel down for WOYANE FLAG if not forced to do so? LOL LOL LOL

  60. Teach and feed your nigger people before opening you filthy mouth Agame/Amhara... and get the fuck out of this Eritrean website.

  61. we do not speak your Bantu nigger language dude... go comment on elsewhere, this is Eritrean website for Eritreans ONLY. Go burn in hell of envy fuck'n Agame/Amhara. Get lost !!!!

  62. we do not speak your Bantu nigger language dude... go comment on elsewhere, this is Eritrean website for Eritreans ONLY. Go burn in hell of envy fuck'n Agame/Amhara. Get lost !!!!!!!

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  69. I would like to answer to your post getting a support from Madote´s archive which can help and reflect my idea about what you say about: "Eritreans have the natural right to govern themselves through a system of their own choice".
    Please see the page and look at the video comment someone put on of a black american woman and a chinese analysis..

  70. Argument? or speculations? or just lies? tell your masters to hire a person that can speculate based on a hint - may be then we can argue. mind you i had a hard time reading it.

    So you think the comments are "arguments"? man! or womennnnn! damn! whats wrong with dumb weyanes this days? what happen to the smart ones? I bet they are out of the country while they can.


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