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Eritrea’s Power Challenges

Ariel view of Asmara at night

Eritrea’s Power Challenges

By Berhane Woldu,

At a conference in Asmara Eritrea, a person in the audience got up and decried the fact that there is acute power problem. The person’s concern was that the City of Asmara was becoming prone to blackouts, the inconveniences of the shortage of light and the use of surfing the internet. I was taken aback by the question and had wanted the person to sit down; but being rational and on topic was the way out. It means that recognizing that the question of power isn’t a moral issue. It is financial, environmental and technical.

As the saying goes Electricity is the issue of the “White Elephant”. The Ministry of Energy and mines has from the outset devised strategies to supply sufficient, reliable and cost effective energy supply that takes the ecosystem into account. The energy policy takes into account the social, economical and the benefits of future generation.

Presently, there is a huge difference in the demand and supply of power. This is due to greater power demand than its power production capacity. Prior to the nation’s independence the demand for power was limited. Electricity was-only supplied in the very few major cities with low population density and electrification was limited. After independence the distribution of electricity lines has been expanded to areas that were never beneficiaries.

The integrated national electricity network power supply has increased in terms of megawatts’. There was ample supply of power until the year of 2006 all the major cities were well supplied with electrical power and no blackouts were seen in the city of Asmara, Massawa or other major cities. However, as demand for power increased specially with the increase of distribution to the outskirt cities and villages, the supply and demand has not intersected.

The increase and update of the power supply at different intervals has not been sufficient with the increase in the use of power. Small industries, Hospitals, education facilities and the municipal services have increased immensely. These increases in service have increased the demand for electricity. Every household now has TV, Refrigeration, micro-wave, electric-oven and few have air-conditioned their living quarters. These and many other conspicuous consumption has stressed the system. The ministry of energy has updated the Hirgego power plant and it’s expected to resolve the power outages shortly. In-addition the use of generators and renewable energy is expanding. As the nation develops the demand for power will increase.

How is the future power supply to be addressed? Which economic sector are the priorities? Is it the industrial sector, Agro-industry or the electrification to every corner of the country for consumer consumption? What are our finical outlooks and capacity to fund these demands? What type of power plant? These are the conversation we need to have.

However demanding, there are plans and on-going work to satisfy energy supply demand through the expansion of electrification programs, introducing new generators and networking different areas that have not yet been covered through grids.

There are two major areas of concern in the general skim of development that has been given priority. Gedeme Cement Factory and the Gash-Barka region which is the center of the Agro-industry, known for its economic potentials, are priorities and amongst the recipients of this plan.

The Gedem Cement factory has been in less than its production capacity; with the nations plan in the housing projects and water conservation programs it has to be fully functional and productive in order to supply cement to the housing projects and dams that has been planned. Hence the Ministry of energy has been working in accomplishing Gedem’s cement factory own sources of power independent of other sources to enable its full production.

The Gash-Barka region with high potential in the Agro-industry and known for its economic miracles are priorties and recipient of this plan. The agro-industry has high power needs the projected sites like Omahger, Gerset, Fanco and the Tesene area. The Anseba region such as Alegader to the South Himbol to the West these projects are the Mother of All Integrated Power Priorities that is being worked on. The interconnected power supply will have to increase to over 300 Megawatts’. These and many power issues are being addressed as the ministry is working with different partners in types of power sources and the funding of these power projects.

As a nation we are not capable of nuclear power however there are a range of alternatives that we could work on such as geothermal energy, solar and wind energy. They have their own advantages and disadvantages but could be contributors to our power source even to the extent of fully powered on alternative renewable source of energy.

If we were to only use hydrocarbons and have no other alternatives what is the environmental consequences we have to contend with, what is the damage to human life? We are all aware of the power problem around the world. Some nations have shortages others have plenty of power yet they have problem with environmental issues. Nuclear power maybe nonpolluting but is a source of radioactive waste disposal problem and its radioactive leaks has killed many people and has caused environmental damages.

Going forward our plan should concentrate on two major power sources: conservation and renewable source. The ministry of energy needs to work on minimizing wastage of power by educating the population on conservation and encouraging the use of solar power to new buildings.

This is not to say the ministry has not done its job as it’s documented introduction of economical lamp in the Northern Red sea area, the use of wind energy in the Southern Red sea region and the introduction of modern equipment to prevent wastages during the process of transmission from one area to another are witness to the great job the ministry is doing in conservation. The Ministry has also expanded the use of natural gas for cooking purposes and introducing oven that use gas instead of electricity by building gas distribution tanker that cost 4 million euro in 2010 and new tanker that cost 10 million euro to supplement the use of electrical power.

As stated above the issue of power is not a simple issue it’s the issue of the “White Elephant” and one that cannot be accomplished within a short years of development. It needs a large amount of foreign currency, expertise and budget to service and run power.

For my friend who decried that Asmara is in the dark, I would like to say, if the priorities were to only to provide electricity to the cities, his concern would not have been an item for discussion. But the Nations mission is equal accesses to all regardless of location.

Much has been achieved in the electrification of the nation and increasing the source of power and more is to be done in the near future. The Eritrean people and government as has done in the past will overcome the power shortage through the culture of doing your best with whatever you have while building one thing at a time.

Percentage of population with access to electricity - Eritrea (32%), Ethiopia (17%), Kenya (16%), Uganda (9%), Sudan (36%)

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  1. Great article and I fully agree. Infrastructures that generate income should have a priority over domestic consumption.

  2. If I can put my two cent Eritera is God gifted land when it comes to sun we have sun the whole year round I think to compote the problem first we have to think our # 1 energy #2 energy #3 energy is a solution solar is the biggest solution to country side people one solar plate with one 6 volt battery and a converter it's good for one house hold in country side kids can do school home work on the night and people have light on dinner time can make a lot good use to it above all it's green Energy now when it comes to city my take on that is windmill is a way to go we in Eritrea we have blessed with wind we have so much mountain so if you do the math 1 wind mill can produce 2 mega watt if any household in Eritera use 3 to 4 K Watt which is 1 mega watt is 1000 K w so 1 windmill motor is enough to cover 700 household think if we get about 10 dozen on one farm we be sufficient enough maybe we might even stop use a gas generator!!!!!

  3. What ever shortage in the country has to be blamed on bad governance and incompetent leadership.I believe the main responsibility of a government is to manage resource to keep up a sustainable supply of goods and services .The Government can not even produce the necessity ,shows that there is a big problem with the policy of the government .

    No investment ,no trade and the productive part of the population is either outside the country or in the military . how do you expect the country to grow its economy .Every second propaganda to deceive the people by blaming all the countries problem on USA.

    Frist of all weak and corrupt government always searches for excuse instead of taking responsibilities and work to wards implementing better solutions.

    It is time DIA to go .We had heard enough excuses. every one know what is going on .

  4. Based on your logic, your parents are to blame for your inability to do algebra since you were a week old. After all in the minds of people like you everything just happens.

  5. You are way out of reality. You are trying to compare Eritrea with your current domicile.This days the global economic crisis is affecting every nation. Eritrea with two unjust sanctions is doing much better than neighbors countries. You seems to me that you don't know about corruption. I recommend you to visit Eritrea' neighbors countries in order to have the big picture of corruption. You said it is time DIA to go. Do you have anybody who can replace PIA? Do you've any proposal for the minor economy distress, investment and trade. Please, refrain from echoing woyane's agenda.

  6. Where Is The CruiseJuly 20, 2014 at 8:20 PM

    I am back from short family visit in Eritrea. Five out of 7 days I was in Eritrea felti was living in dark age. All over the country was power outage. This is the latest development after 20 plus years of independence. The government in Eritrea run by few elites is the most incompetent clique that has existed in Africa. It is time for change.

  7. Where Is as CruiseJuly 20, 2014 at 8:22 PM

    Tsemam hade derfu ! Sanction sanction sanction...
    What sanction? It is the government of Eritrea which is sanctioning the country.
    Wake up and save your nation!

  8. if ours is two yours is 100 meters ;)
    You seem smart enough. Tell me how sanction can affect a country like Eritrea? Sanction is done to purposely weaken the government everywhere so that weak people like you give up on their government then comes US colaborator leader for their use. Tsemam Hade derfus nisikha ikha.
    We Eritreans abroad and from inside have to come together and innovate something sustainable together. Our intellectual and material help is needed. Lets forget for a minute "those leaders" what should we do together HAND-IN-HAND ? ALEM ZEZAREBE HADINETNA FERISU BGELE GELE SUSUATN TEBELETSN. msTir dHnetna HADINETNA slezkhone Hade nkhun mhaznet kEmbib. FiQri zeyblu Hadar Berekhet Amlakh yhadmo slezkhone fiQrna iyu medHanina.

  9. If we are taking the environment into consideration, then why is Eritrea so largely dependent on biomass and oil for electricity? Carbon is emitted and land is being deforested! Let's be realistic, if we are waiting on renewable energy to address the lack of power in our country, than the issue will not be addressed anytime soon. Even the most developed nations have yet to fully implement it. We need to transition to renewables and do what the rest of the world is doing in the process and use hydrcarbons until the infrastructure for renewable energy is available. Particularly natural gas (the cleanest fossil fuel) and coal since they are so cheap and because we cannot meet the current demand for energy.

    Think about it, meeting the demand for energy for our population should be our GREATEST concern. Most of the biggest issues we have and will continue to face (food and water supply, disease, poverty, education, war, environment, and democracy) can potentially be solved with energy, particularly renewable energy, security.

    One source of renewable energy is not enough, because even renewables come from somewhere (there is no such thing as a free lunch). Solar energy is good, but do not forget that it requires expensive minerals to create those solar panels and they must be able to store adequate energy when there is not enough sunlight. Hydroelectric is not bad, but remember they are big holes in the ground that are filled up with water and after decades they will fill up with soil and silt. Geothermal is practical and geographically favorable, but requires a large initial investment and is associated with a lot of risks. Biofuels are out of the question because they use large quantities of fresh water and a great deal of land. Nuclear is also not really renewable since you have to use uranium which is retrieved from mining and is also very dangerous.

    A diverse portfolio of energy, mainly geothermal, hydroelectric, wind, and solar should be implemented in the future. Until then, I think hydrocarbons should be used. However, we should begin worrying about these issues now and focus on equipping eritreans with the technical skills they need to address the challenges associated with renewable energy (sawa and mai nefhi might not suffice) and foster good relationships with potential investors while also being able to work with foreign experts. Once that has been done, then we will see Eritrea become prosperous and truly self reliant. I strongly believe things will get better in Eritrea, it is just a matter of when, too much suffering has been endured by our people for it not to.

  10. It is easy to trash talk, that's why the so called oppositions are day and night getting better at it, but with no fruit. PFDJ are this ... PFDJ are that ... Isaias is this ... Isaias is that. Do you think the people in charge of providing electric power to every house hold in Eritrea are happy? Absolutely not, although they are doing their best with the little resources they have.
    PFDJ, formerly known as EPLF are responsible for independence of Eritrea. I don't believe there is any Eritrean who is 100% supporter of PFDJ. Everyone (including Isaias Afeworki) has at least something they wish they could change the way the country is run. If you wish one thing you could change, go ahead and write a suggestion on Hadas Eritrea. If you live outside Eritrea, well the first thing you need to do is move to where you would like to make the changes at. I am for any group of
    people who are capable of running the country better that PFDJ. Sorry, I won't support anyone who is running around behind woyane and insulting the very organization that brought independence of Eritrea. Tell us if there are group of Eritrean opposition, free of woyane flees, not under the payroll of CIA, are living in Eritrea or are ready to move to Eritrea, credible enough to care for Eritrea, with valid work resume, able to point out not just the bad & ugly but also the good & amazing of PFDJ, and above all, convince us they will definitely will do better job than PFDJ. If you can do that, count my support. On paper? We all could do better than our teachers. Look at Obama, he probably thought he could do a lot better that George W Bush. We were hopping dollars, he brought us “change”. What kind of democracy are the Eritrean opposition planning to bring? The Syrian? The Iraqi? The Yemenis? The Libyan? The Egyptian? Or the best of all, the Woyane Democracy?
    I have heard and read many complaints about PFDJ which sometimes I do agree, but I have never heard/read any proposal from any "opposition" to how they will run Eritrea better. Please, show as if you have any proposal so we may take you serious.
    So far, PFDJ has proven the only (and hence) better solution.

  11. What have you done to help? Or have you been there for inspection? self-appointed know-it-all, you cant even plug two electrical lines or devices together, forget of the whole state.

  12. stop your play as Eritrean we can easily trace you for your agame silly jokes.

  13. Did I hear you say YOUR nation ?
    Nice try neighbor. Enough with your crocodile tears then.

  14. I am glad the problem is official now and it is good to discuss the issue openly. Awareness raising is important here. The people should not be discouraged or lose hope. As mentioned above if the supply and demand does not much there is always a problem. Solar system is an option to solve the temporary problem. Companies who deal with solar should be encouraged to produce more. As also mentioned above the expansion of electricity to the remote area and the availability of modern technology requires a lot of power. By understanding our shortcomings being quotient on the usage is another help to the government. Experts advise
    also helps to tackle the problem. Whether we believe it or not the effect of
    sanction leads to such crisis. Sanction= 'Akeleka mesebabe malete endeyu?

  15. How couldn't I plug two electrical lines or devices together while I could work with aircraft avionic system??? Ain't that weird???? Well mr self appointed Eritrean, my next project is to build off grid solar electric system to our house so we don't depend on nations electric system.
    Ps. I am sending you invitation to participate on my project.

  16. Okay b/c I mansion solar and windmill , for our country didn't mean I don't like ,hydropower ,kinetic Energy,and Thermal energy but looking our young nation and the resource we have to see the economical way out oil or dam power always good for sewer and water pumps up to the technician and engineers it's not b/c I am from Eritera the best secret of that nation is Eritera has the brights mind and a quack Lerner give them 5 to 10 years they will master it !!

  17. that was really a short trip! you must've got your exit visa quick!

  18. You go B.Adal! Besides, granted that adequate provision of electricity is essential, is electricity the most urgent of our challenges? Independence and sovereignty are! Are people who are complaining about shortages in power supply advocating for regime change for this trivial challenge?

    Are we the only country with inadequate supply of Electricity? Aren't other countries experiencing similar shortages while they "export" to other countries? Even South Africa (one of the BRICS--S for South Africa) had shortages at one time! Even big cities such as New York experience shortages of power when there is a high demand for electricity (eg. weather conditions that require the widespread use of air conditioners)The only ones who give it the importance it does not deserve are those who oppose our government because they do not have any points except several of trivial complaints (relative to independence and sovereignty) which if they list them often enough, they hope will make them look legitimate!

    Get your priorities right, folks!

  19. You must be living out of this world! Look at what you are comparing with what! Tell them (the Weyane) to vacate our territories instead!

  20. I used to think Eritrea was on the moral high ground but how can we demand they vacate our territories while we also occupy Ethiopian land as deemed by the EEBC decision?

  21. Yes all Eritreans who want peace and electricity are Agame.

    For long term stability in the region we need leaders of Eritrea and Ethiopia to have mutual respect for each other. They need to grow up and stop being selfish.

  22. Your MELHAS seems to be 3 times as long! You added the lies "no security" and "no safety" (which mean the same) to your usual list of items, but you have nothing new to add today as always!

    Algebra has to do with the topic because you and others like you conveniently miss the other variables that matter. The mathematical statements are metaphors for the relevant issues. You miss the other variables, because you want--as a Weyane propagandist does--people to see the challenges as the only ones that matter and the government is to blame.

    Let me take you to recent events in the maekelai mibraq. They are claiming that the daily deaths of innocents and the capture of territories by brutal forces is not of their making! They say they are not responsible! Would all this have happened if they did not destroy the government and infrastructures early this century by using terror and weapons of mass destruction as pretexts? According to the kind of things you write here you will agree with these forces and blame the victim instead.

    I can accept that the situation is perhaps too complicated to you, but purposefully denying for ulterior reasons makes you a Weyane propagandist whether willingly or unwillingly.

    It looks like you will continue to berate and denigrate everything about Eritrea and insulting anyone who tells you different. I know you are not willing to be convinced perhaps because you have some personal anger, but if I expose you, I have fulfilled my purpose.

  23. That is a lie! Eritrea does not hold any Ethiopian territory. You must have confused it with the territories the Weyane say were theirs, but the EEBC awarded to Eritrea. Otherwise, no Ethiopian land as awarded by the EEBC is being held by Eritrea. The EEBC decision is the LAW, in case you do not know.

    Are you purposely bringing this as an escape mechanism? Why change subject so quickly?

  24. That is why we need the Weyane to vacate our territories. That way a dialogue on the way forward can be made as there are so many short-term and long-term issues of common interest--be it in the economic, social or security sector.

    Tell the Weyane to stop being selfish! They went to war, they went to court, they begged their masters and they should not seek to gain what they did not gain through war and arbitration and bullying through further dialogue. Meles himself had said that they did not gain anything but losses through the war. Read Wiki Leaks!

    The time for dialogue has been over for a long time. Do not forget that all dialogue was exhausted and the final decision of the EEBC was to be final with no ifs or buts and implemented. Does the Weyane need 15 + years to understand this?

  25. Your friend told that you came back from Arat Kilo Sefer.

  26. 2 meter MELHAS. is funny .

  27. Do you have anybody who can replace PIA? you must be out of your mind .He is not eternal being at some time he will die , what are you guys going to do at that time.please put your trust in a democratic governement with a rule of law not on individuals.
    pointing hand to others will never ever brings solution .Lets face the problem ...Dictatorship and fight it to bring a Democracy to the country

  28. Eritrea is already purchasing Ethiopia's electricity. Its enough to power all of Gash Barka

  29. Did you read the article? Or will you be a child and diminish the story because its hosted on an Agame site?

    I will requote.

    "Compromise politics, power sharing or giving substantial rights to opposition, or even to its citizens, is seen as a personal defeat by leading elites on both sides. As long as this political culture of envy and authoritarianism predominates there is little hope for improvement in terms of democratization, the building of a ‘lasting peace’, sustainable economic upsurge and other such fictions."

    You can continue living in the fantasy that Eritrea is enjoying sustainable economic growth but the electricity shortages and human migration figures indicate otherwise.

    Selfishness is placing concern with oneself or one's own interests above the well-being of others.

  30. You must be an employee of Rockwell or Honeywell Inc. in their tactical guided missiles projects.
    You're too qualified to work in Eritrea.

  31. Democracy has lost its meaning long time ago and got even buried since charlatans like you began chanting it day & night to deceive patriotic people.
    PIA may die but his legacy & formidable accomplishments, NEVER !!!!

  32. Bullshit, woyane-made fake propaganda

  33. The electricity problem has never been a secret. The issue is always raised and discussed on the Eritrean media. PIA has also mentioned it on several occasions along with what is being done and future plans to address the issue.

  34. Industrialization and Global Value Chains in Eritrea
    Written by: Editorial Team on July 21, 2014.

  35. "Algebra has to do with the topic because you and others like you conveniently miss the other variables that matter"

    Fair enough - bring your variables and I will bring my variables. Then we can figure out the missing part to why Eritrea is in dark age.

  36. Man cut that shit! Anybody can replace Issayas. Issayas is not Einstein or Leonardo DaVinci. He is a Norma person with normal IQ like you. You are talking as Issayas is Jesus Christ.

  37. Do you think there is nobody that could replace PIA?

    There are millions of other Eritreans. If there was only one capable Eritrean leader/president, then the country was not worth dying for. I believe there are many others that would definitely be up to ask, however they are not provided with the right opportunities.

    Please do not even mention things such as "nobody is up to task" or "PIA is replaceable". That would mean that Eritrea would be over if PIA dies?

    Show some respect for Eritrea and its people.

  38. that should be: do not say things such as PIA is IRreplaceable

  39. at least those countries you and DIA are blaming them for not Democratic counties have a functional government which can provide Electricity ,food,water and so on . DIA neither provide us the necessity goods and services nor Democracy .

  40. The idea having every household in a village to have solar driven energy is good, but practically it is not that possible for multiple reasons . First the cost of having battery based grid system for every house is expensive. You need to have a good quality solar panel, a battery, charge controller, inverter. Batteries have to be maintained at least twice a month. If something goes wrong, you have to replace the components and for that you need to have skilled people on every village.
    The simple and everlasting solution is regardless the cost, to build a solar power plant. For example, India is building worlds largest solar power that could produce over 20,000MW at a cost of 4 billion dollar. Many Eritrean places are convenient to build Solar plants. Many places in Eritrea boasts over 300 days of sunshine. It might cost us money today, but it pays off in a long run.
    The main problem is, the people in power don't think for tomorrow. They don't want to spend money and they want everything free. They are very short sighted people and with such kind of mentality they have dragged us down to the dark age.

  41. PIA mention zeygebero intay allo? But the result is Zero. Let the expert solve the problem not the politicians that knows nothing.

  42. Wiki leak also said PIA doesn't trust anyone. He lives in fear. He is in charge of everything. He got anger issue. He even got mad and cursed someone at a dinner table when the served tomato was small in size. Lol
    I forgot one thing - he is a heavy drinker too.

  43. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 21, 2014 at 3:20 PM

    Eritrea has challenges with supplying its people with power

    bc GOE is an inept, inefficient and illegal gvt lead by schizophrenic

    TIGRAYANS who have no idea about anything but how to keep my

    people TRAPPED IN THE DARK AGES with their envious repressive

    and archaic methods of ILL-governance.


    Stop intentionally sabotaging Eritrea's development, enough to the torture!

    WHERE are the laws which protect Eritrean workers' rights?

    WHERE are the laws which guard the Eritrean woman's rights?

    WHERE are the profits and revenues from our resources going?

    GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY YOU backward and unprogressive


    This is not what TEGADELAI GHILAGHIORGHIS GHERMAI died for.


    nothing to do our martyrs' dream and vision for a democratic Eritrea!

    Awet n'Hafash!

  44. Rahw Tesfai GhermaiJuly 21, 2014 at 3:25 PM

    WHAT normal IQ does he have?

    The kind of IQ which has infected our entire

    population with his paranoid delusions?


  45. I can afford to make a short trip, Mio compadre! One week to see my family is short but one week in dark age is too long. In a world where people are interconnected, our people are isolated and living in a dark age. How could we compete with even the weakest nations in our continent if we don't have electricity or running water? Some nations are going 10 step forward and 2 step back, some 3 steps forward and one back, some 2 forward and one back, some 1 step forward and one back and Eritrea is walking just backwards no step forward.

    I am glad to be back to civilization where I can turn on and off my light bulb when ever I want.

    Sorry for being rude, but you forced me.

  46. I approve the message!

  47. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 21, 2014 at 3:32 PM

    WHICH accomplishments?

    Do you think he conceived self-reliance or self-

    determination? Do you think he conceived


    own? If so why has he been killing, exiling and

    torturing my people?


    negheber. ARREST IA, Yemane Gebreab and

    Yemane Gebremeskel UNTIL that DEMHIT-

    LOVING hijacker and

    usurper of my peoples' victories explains

    to us why he has surrounded himself with



  48. Don't worry leave to the 5, 999 9.millions like pia will build the nation.eritrawi knows how to do it.

  49. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 21, 2014 at 3:44 PM

    If we weren't being lead by THE two-meter long

    tongued FEZAZ Ato Isaias Afewerki we might not be

    under sanctions. If the AIYANI sabateur IA weren't

    intentionally messing things up for my people,

    perhaps he wouldn't have created the Badme crisis

    WITH HIS COUSIN MELES. (As far as I am

    concerned despot Ato Isaias Afewerki wants nothing

    good to happen to Eritrean eg no elections, no

    journalism, no freedom, lots and lots of exilees

    dying all over the globe, people enslaved by NS,


    ACCOUNTABILTY. Very soon he'll be sitting

    there all alone surrounded by nothing else but

    mountains of gold and obsequious

    admiring broken slaves.

    What are you all waitng for?

  50. Well done, personal achievements completed haha listen you are a nobody. You talk about eritrea yet your not even there, do you know the mechanics behind the school of thought of the shaebia? I came from back from eritrea yday and guess what it was perfect! Please don't talk nonsense whilst your abroad you hypocrite.

  51. You absolute snake! Talk crap about our nation who suffered so much to stand up to what we eritreans believe in and that is complete freedom. Not fall for the entrapment policy of the USA and others like Ethiopia Kenya and other African nations. Please find dignity within yourself to talk correctly about the nation of your parents.

  52. Find yuor own 's our concern who lead the great nation of braves.

  53. Wiki leak lol and personal issues yet your a coward the same cannot be said about him. Talk alot on the Internet but no balls in reality.. talk of a lion, guts of a fox

  54. Your English is a bit flimsy to be considered any sort of career in aircraft aviation, you would be considered a liability issue with grammatical errors of a 13 year old. Read what you typed again and nod in shame. Please relieve us off your nonsense, uneducated fool.

  55. You are referring to opinions expressed there. The opinions belong to the person that expressed the opinion. I am referring to facts! Why are you shifting from subject to subject anyway? Just tell your bosses that they need to think for the long-term! Vacate now!

  56. If this was what you had to say, why didn't you say it in the first place? We all know that you can make childish remarks like that. I thought you may have misunderstood the situation or heard the rumors and not the facts. I would have told you to go play outside, this is for mature people only!

  57. Your not from Eritrea!!!

  58. Rahwa ugum,
    "Ato Isayas" ma goytakhi iyom fetikhi keyfetekhi. The Eritrean people said it loud and clear no way ! to woyanes and their slaves. BTW Abay Tgray is burried 20 meters deep :)

  59. Correction it's PIA

  60. What kind of peace you looking for

  61. Agame just keeps on coming to Eritrean websites

  62. Correction it's 6,372,587. And thanks fir admitting that your not Eritrean and for telling about your friend z cruise

  63. Eat your heart. It is not our fault but Meles is dead :)

  64. Hilmi Abay Tgray has became a NIGHTMARE
    Go sing you TGRAY ADEY for your meditation :)

  65. Why don't you go and do that for your Ethiopia. If you were a really Eritrean you wouldn't be arguing about leaders if you were Eritrean you should solve the problem with us the Eritrean's

  66. "A haste hyena bites a horne"
    Please, read my reply to Gedem before you jumped into criticism. Then I could answer your question with all due respect.

  67. Your belongings in Eritrea are not yours from the first place. It is people's ownership. I know who you are :)

  68. So your really an American slave like your agame ppl cause that's what Obama say you copy how he talks er

  69. I followed you all the way and back from Eritrea. you do not deserve attention you Mr.R dead on arrival :)

  70. Mis zizelele ekha tizelil.
    PIA is the liberator of Eritrea. He is the only courageous leader from the corrupted Africa continent who opposes hegemony. He talk the talk and walk the walk.
    Who is your replacement for PIA?
    1. Weldeysus Amar (Woyane's puke licker)
    2. Tewelde Ghebreselasei - ney. He agametized himself by married the sister of ethiopia ex foreign minster Sium Mesfin.
    3. Amanuel Meles. (the son of wedo geba who suffered from regionalism)
    4. Wedi Bacaro - He is suffering from dementia probably early stage alzheimer.
    5. Salih "Gedi" Johar - Al Qaida wanna be
    6. DR. Berket Habteselasei - He has a dream before he die to see Eritrea and Ethiopia to be unified.
    PIA is a president of Eritrea until his heart ceased to beat and his mind ceased to think.

  71. Eritrea has many efficient leaders who can follow PIA's legacy. If you think to install a democratic government that hatched in Mekele or Awasa, you would rather eat your pie in the sky. The people of Eritrea will not accept any imported democracy. As far as I know 99% of the sellouts are in the payroll of Woyane.

  72. If you stay in power for 23 years and imprisoned every one you fit nicely into the word dictator.

  73. Yes again two unjust sanctions.
    -Sanction will constrain the GOE nation building project.
    - Sanction will stifle the GOE to defend Eritrean's sovereign.
    - Sanction will make very difficult to the GOE diplomacy activities.
    Let me give you this simple example
    Hypothetically, you have been arrested for drunk drive and the court told you that you can live your life and go to work by bus or asking your friend to give you ride but you cannot drive. Doesn't the court decision affect in your daily basis life? Of course, it makes your life miserable.

  74. Brhane - if you have anything to say, just bring it so we could discuss it. We don't need to agree on every point but we could adress our opinions and narrow our difference. It seems you have nothing to bring and that's why you are jumping on insulting me.

  75. If a leader is unable to lead a nation into prosperity then he/she has to step down and hand over the leadership position to someone who can lead.
    President Issayas has failed the nation. He lead us into war against 4 countries. In one occasion we lost territories - The two Hanish Islands. It was a blander from Issayas to go to war on all four occasions. 20 plus years after independence, we don't have anything except blind supporters who are accelerating the diminish of our nation called Eritrea. If you read History books, you would learn what Siyad Barre did to Somalia. Siyad Baree said before he removed from power, I will leave a big Shit behind me. Guess what? That stinking big he left is still there and no one could be able to remove it.

  76. I suggest you to see an eye doctor after those days spent your night under a candle light.

  77. Mr. Elephant: are you even reading what is said? Find the variables from the context of these exchanges.

  78. Your conception about freedom is wrong. Please go to bed, turn on your music (I like Lindsey Stirling) and start to think about what freedom is about.


  80. seAre (The Winner)July 21, 2014 at 7:45 PM


  81. It depend which country I am living in. If I am living in Italy, Germany , Denmark ..... I don't care if the court take my license permanently. ;)

    Aside from the above joke, If I am arrested on drun drive then I am guilty and I shall pay. So in other word you are saying Eritrea is guilty and it has to pay through sanction! Am I right???

  82. Forget about the above losers - what about you? Can't you be a leader of a nation?? What stops you from becoming a leader? Do you see yourself inferior to Issayas? Or if you have grown up kids, what stops them to replace Issayas? Are they inferior to him?

  83. Knowing me will even make you more terrified. Start to bring additional pant in case you start to pee looking at me BOY

  84. Before I even began my answer let me give you my back ground I work with ISO 9001 well known Electrical mechanical company almost 26 years for the last 6 year I involve with a lot of solar project it's not b/c I read about it I Make living on it now That I do explain my self I think we agree on my city take. Why I said solar is better for country side this is the reason most the country side people live in one room 1 solar panel charge 6 volt DC battery less than 4hr you invert the power to min AC now you well have 12 watt LCD light give you 100 watt on the battery doesn't go bad before two year remember mostly country side houses are very spread ,the cost is very expensive to copper wire from house to street to make a line + country side is a poor planing .what they can take advantage of this # 1 kids can do home work rather than go to bed b/c I was their about 5 month ago almost every one under 12 years old they go to school #2 they can charge their Mobil phone rather go to city to charged it #3 they can have convent quality time #4 most of all to our government it's cost effective we don't have much resource and it make a lot sense to me I hope this answer your doubt

  85. Thank you. We need such caliber in order to allow us see the different options to challenge our shortages.

  86. Again, it is a good idea but a simple Solar panel kit including battery cost on average $ 500. Where does this money comes from? The majority of our people lives on $1 a day. Add to that the shipping cost, installation cost, maintenance cost. Remember we are talking about people living in villages. If the government is willing to buy them such amount of solar panel kits, then it is a good idea but our people lives in country side do not afford it.

  87. Dr Cruise just approved the message!! Ki ki ki ... You stink like any denkoro agame does.

  88. The experts are giving the information to the leaders of the country. Besides I wasn't talking to you. I was talking with Eritreans.

  89. WhereIs Z Cruise,

    How much are the woyanes paying you for one night? Do you sleep with only one woyane
    in one night or you get to sleep with more of them? Do they know you are a guy?
    Please tell me how everything happens. I couldn't wait!!!

  90. You woyanes are the big stinking shit in Somalia now.

  91. That is all you can?? I thought you were better than that but I was wrong. You showed us you are the lowest of the lowest.

  92. But remember Issayas is the expert on everything from aviation to agriculture. That is why our airlines got bankrupted and we are sending food to our families with cargo ship to feed them!

    When is the next cargo ship departs?

  93. Hi Jimmy,
    As you explained above, solar business start picking up now in Eritrea. I talked to a friend who's in business and said over 90% of his customers are not from the city, like Adikheyeh, Senafe,...The people are who install panels have to take a test and be certified from ministry of mining. The project has been popular in the country recently. People aware of the use of it. Soon will be like dish tv.

  94. I ain't a delusion person like you to involve in a matter which is beyond my wisdom and ability. Don't underestimate PIA leadership. PIA a person of such tremendous personality that he would attain leadership in what ever movement he participated. Yes, I see myself inferior to the legend PIA. Please, don't try like the crazy frog - Enqurob si Kindi Harmaz Kikhwin eye ela tetokisa motet yibahal.

  95. Eritreans chose their fate. Esayas is doing excellent job in making the people of Eritrea #1 beggers around the world, they sent him some% from their ration they are getting in the camps of neighboring countries like Ethiopia; yet half of the Eritreans live below the poverty line! Keep it up Esayas, the fool Eritreans (I can say most of them) are going to pay for their foolishness!

  96. What'up RTG;
    Your puke lickers club left no stone unturned to create havoc in Eritrea but to no avail. The people of Eritrea are smart and have the ability to figure out the game behind the game. I advise you to get help to free yourself from awrajawi sentiment.

  97. Selamat RTG;
    Now, I realized that greed has been dominated your life. You've a dream to put your scabby and bloody hand into the mountains of gold. That mountain gold belongs to the people of Eritrea. Don't try to be a free loader. If you've a wish to upgrade your fake jewelry from the mountain gold of Bisha, you better cleanse your filthy thought and defend the sovereignty and liberty of Eritrea.

  98. This is last time I respond on this issue hope this will be eye opener "Where is the well their is a way " now I didn't steady economics but I have a general idea how things work with do respect to you I don't know where you got $1.00 a day but Eriteran even tho they start from scratch they do have a lot of potentially to grow you don't pull $500.00 price and you dismiss I think you price it on western market value if you think about pricing in western country the same in Africa I think you are wrong they add labour cost on all items. you can not buy loaf of bread in US the same price in Africa , As you read from the top they already start solar in Eritera I know our government can give loan to people if it is for good use they did with taxi driver bus driver Morgage farming live stocks and lands things like that I know in long run this will pay for it ,that how we grow be responsible and make the best use of it by the way Eri tv is not free our government pay for it may be some al chepo watch it on desk top on ,most of all solar for country side is convent .hope our government look to this,and I know they will !!!!!

  99. don't feed the agame troll

  100. Efficient
    leaders don't need to follow DIA .He is good for nothing.

    FYI I didn't even mention weyane or Ethiopia for even one
    time bcoz I don’t care about them. They are not part of the Eritrean problem or
    solution .DIA has no courage to face the truth but brings up weyane-USA as escape goat . He is dragging the country back.
    Actually He don’t even have legitimacy to stay in power

  101. Don't worry,
    By next year, Eritrea will get energy supply an interrupted from Ethiopia Via Sudan. The only hiccup is Eritrea will have to pay commission to Sudan for the added service.

  102. Jimmy, I am not against your idea. As idea, it is very good, but often unpractical idea wouldn't take you no where. The price I gave you for Solar panel kit is the most realist price in the market now. Remember, all those equipments you and I mentioned do not produced in Eritrea. you mentioned loaf of bread as an example, but the loaf of bread we have there is grown and baked there. We don't import it, on the other hand the Solar panel kits we import it. Don't forget the shipping and handling cost on the top of that.
    On the question of Eritreans income, go and google it and you will find out the majority of our people live under a dollar a day.
    About EriTV you mentioned, every household in Eritrea pays TV service fee.


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