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Two of the World’s Top Five Airlines Coming to Eritrea

Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways both announced they will start flights to Asmara

Two of the World’s Top Five Airlines Coming to Eritrea

By Bereket Kidane,

In the Passenger’s Choice Awards for the year 2014 where SkyTrax surveys nearly 19 million passengers from 160 countries, Qatar Airways came in second place overall behind Cathay Pacific, voted the world’s best airline, while Turkish Air came in fifth place.  Qatar Airways was ranked in the top spot for the best airline to fly business class.

Turkish Airlines was voted the Best Airline in Europe for third year in a row by customers at the 2013 World Airline Awards.

This is very exciting news indeed if you are an Eritrean.  Eritreans can now benefit from excellent airline travel experience by these world class airlines.

Suddenly, I am thinking of an Asmara-Doha flight for the FIFA World Cup 2022 games to be held in Qatar.

The 2014 Top Ten Airline of the Year Award finishers were:

1. Cathay Pacific Airways
2. Qatar Airways
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Emirates
5. Turkish Airlines
6. ANA All Nippon Airways
7. Garuda Indonesia
8. Asiana Airlines
9. Etihad Airways
10. Lufthansa

The 2013 Best Airlines in Europe

1. Turkish Airlines
2. Lufthansa
3. Swiss
4. British Airways
5. Aegean Airlines
6. Austrian
7. Finnair
8. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
9. Virgin Atlantic Airways
10. Air France


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Two of the World’s Top Five Airlines Coming to Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 2:19 AM Rating: 5


  1. Asmara!!!! Will come soon!! xoxo till then.

  2. Flying to Eritrea has never been easier!

  3. How did they do that?August 15, 2014 at 3:49 AM

    The Government of Eritrea has scored a coup with these two airlines. The Sanctions Committee, Susan "Fried" Rice and Agames have been working overtime to isolate Eritrea.
    Well, Eritrea is getting more connected. And travel to Eritrea just became easier.

  4. Eritrea always gets the best:
    #1 airline in Europe: Turkish.
    #2 Lufthansa.
    Lufthansa out, Turkish in.
    #2 leaves, #1 comes in.
    Only the best fly to Eritrea.

  5. Ethiopian Not Top 50 airlineAugust 15, 2014 at 6:03 AM

    Ethiopian Airlines is not listed among the top 50 airlines in the world.
    It's ok for African countries but it is no where near being a world class airline. Its safety record is so-so.

  6. Soon Egypt air and yemenia will stop flying to eritrea. Because we will make our choices between airlines from Turkey, quatar, and Eritrea.

  7. QATAR! Man, that must be expensive!

    Can't you people talk to Ryan Air too?

    Some of us are on disability since NESSU and Coup...

  8. We are working hard to own the best airline in Africa but you pray to get service from the best airline. Is this part of your self reliance policy?

  9. what are you talking about Agame? Tigray doesn't have an airline.

  10. Tigray is not a country and will never be a country simply because the Tigraians do not want that. They are Ethiopians. They are ruling not just Ethiopia but also they have become king makers in the region of east africa. Tigraians know well what is best for them. They are not short-sighted and idiots like your bosses, the SHABO MONKEYS who foolishly declared independence for a little shit-hole called Eritrea and this little shit-hole is now a pariah state and totally isolated. This tragic mistake is almost impossible to rectify. Eritrea died in 1991. As astute and smart the Tigraians are, they were the front actors for the independence of Eritrea. They knew that this little shit-hole had to be removed as soon as possible from the Ethiopian union, as it is a cancerous entity, if the future of Tigray in particular and Ethiopia in general is to be safeguarded. Enjoy your ArTera and your national service(slavery) massawino.

  11. Agame if you had it your way you would like to be a nation. That is what you are working toward. Who are u kidding? Except Tigray has nothing of value. Absolutely nothing. That is why Mengistu left your whole province without firing a shot. He wasn't going to lose one Ethiopian soldier for a Tigray that was worth next to nothing.

  12. it is funny when the shame less agame try to look smart.
    Soon you will be back to your beggar county. you don't know good life,do you don't deserve to have.

  13. Oh dear, oh dear! you are so merciless Jacob. Please have mercy on them.

  14. This 20yr old country is making miracles even while two hands behind it's back (sanctions, wars, haters,etc...) weather you care to acknowlege/ admit it, but that is not why it does thiese that is self reliance, you know the thing you
    Agames can or will never get !
    Mihisaw,miliman, mihissad NAYKUM eyA !!!! (Your ONLY uncontested territory) :)

  15. What are you talking about, ArTerera, fesam! :)

  16. Atayo, entayma geyruka?
    Ayuuuuuy, wey wey, hawuka la akoney?
    Kem kkhedemu lab asmera shenae khibel hasewsew elabele siya,
    Kem adgui algid tibloma? Wey wey ?

  17. mihisaw, miliman, mihisad.
    Those are an agame's favorite three things.
    You nailed it bro.

  18. By your statement "That is why Mengistu left your whole province without firing a shot", you are only decrying our Eritrean tegadelti martyrs who gave their precious lives in the battles of Shire and environs just like many Tigray tegadeltis gave their precious lives in Nakfa and environs. In trying to outsmart Jacob, you are only telling us how ignorant you are regarding yesterday's history when EPLF and TPLF worked together and tegadeltis were sent from one front to another depending on urgent needs.

    The saddest part is these Eritrean heros gave their lives for stupid people like you to act superficially more Eritrean than them and for you to deny their martyrdom. Shame on you! With people like you, Eritrean will still remain in its one way road to destruction.

    One who forgets yesterday won't survive today!

  19. Good one! Touched some nerve there, be gentle next time.
    Ethiopia is a failed state under woyane.

  20. In a normal country airlines are begging to get permission to fly to the country, of the simple reason that it is business opportunity. But in our case thanks to the dictator and his worthless Tegaru inner circle we are begging airlines to fly to our country. What a shame, when are we Eritrean gone be a master of our density and get rid of the Tegaru mafia group from our country? Those none Eritreans office rats (2xYemane, Issays Afeworki, Asmelash, Hagos Kisha) who never shot a gun are in office as the same time true Eritrean heroes like Petros Solomon are dying in prison cells. Eritrea to Eritrean!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. @Tegaru_maffia:
    You are right Eritrea to Eritrean, so what are you doing on this site?

  22. Hassawit MeAkor si Mai Set'ya TiTeRith

  23. Tell them that the Ethiopian Airlines instructors, pilots, makers and shakers been ERITREANS ! kemzi lomi keykone Hamle sne, Agame hijak keygebera ita hager LOL

  24. simply because you never been and you will never be in the future. You are the most hated creatures allover Ethiopia and the world too


  26. Eritrea ,our country,has already failed.Why you eritrean brothers and sisters has already died we have not hope in the future.

  27. It is a fact that no airline has lost money by flying to Eritrea.
    Asmara-Doha and Asmara-Istanbul will be a cash cow for those airlines.
    Just as Asmara-Frankfurt was for Lufthansa for many years.

  28. asmerom kidane (Eritrean wannabe)
    keep crying, make my day LOL


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