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2014 East Coast Eritrean festival in Washington D.C Pictorial report

Legend Wedi Tikul on stage during the East Coast Eritrean Festival in Washington, D.C.

2014 East Coast Eritrean festival in Washington D.C Pictorial report. 

At a time when Eritreans are celebrating Festivals in various places throughout the world, In the Washington DC metro area the 2014 version was celebrated with zeal. To start the weekend on Friday August 8th, 2014 at the Sheraton Pentagon City the official 2014 Festival kicked off with a seminar and an opening ceremony. The seminar organized by the Organization of Eritrean Americans dealt with Dialogue on US-Eritrea relations. The featured guest was former United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Herman Jay Cohen. Following the seminar the weekend festivities officially kicked off to a great start with current UN Ambassador Girma Asmerom, Eritrean govt. officials, PFDJ and YPFDJ members as well as different Eritrean organizations, friends and participants present. Entertainment was provided by some of the top artists from Eritrea as well as musicians from the USA.

For the first time ever the main festival ground was at the Ann Arundel county fairgrounds in Crownsville Maryland less than an hour away from downtown Washington DC. The location and the setting of this year’s festival has been touted by participants as one of the best since the Eritrean festival began being celebrated in the metro DC area in the 1980’s. At the fairground the ribbon cutting ceremony started of the day in what was an incredible and festive mood all day. What made this year’s festival exciting is the participation of young kids. With the festival organized in a similar fashion to the big festival in Eritrea and the recent Bologna festival, most everyone had something to do at all times. The cultural show with the nine different ethnic groups that make up Eritrea was a hit with each group having it’s own tent. The exhibitions as well as the seminars were heavily attended. In what was a great seminar Journalist Tesfay Gebreab who exposed the evil deeds of the enemy of the horn of Africa people the regime in Addis with his book took questions and expressed that it is the people of Eritrea that can bring hope and peace to the horn of Africa.

Along with the many activities and playground facilities for kids the festival also presented a sports/soccer tournament for kids. Traditional food and drinks were also prepared for everyone along with other foods. Then came the big seminar lead by Berhane Gebrehiwot from the Eritrean embassy in Washington DC and the guest of honor his Excellency UN ambassador Girma Asmerom who is quite familiar with the public in the Washington DC metro area as a former Eritrean ambassador to the USA. The ambassador in a truly democratic fashion gave the microphone to the public after a very short introduction to allow people to ask any questions they have. So a majority of the seminar ended with the good ambassador answering questions from the public. A movie from Eritrea was also screened for the first time.

Following the seminar the Eritrean based singers as well as a Kunama troupe from the Atlanta; GA area performed and had the public express their much-desired love for their Eritrean culture. The day ended at about 9PM at the fair ground.

Meanwhile, the adult entertainment continued at the echo stage in Washington DC. With the featured artists that included Wodi Tikul, Abeba Haile, Khedija Adem,Haile Nati as well as other stars the entertainment was probably one of the best in a long time. The party went on until the wee hours of the morning.

On Sunday August 10th, 2014 the festivities continued at the Ann Arundel County fairgrounds once more where many interesting activities took place. As is the tradition in the Eritrean culture poetry reading and recitals were full of excitement. An organizational seminar by his Excellency ambassador Asmerom and an awards ceremony for drama as well as composing traditional dance ended the festival with so much appreciation by the public. In a nut shell festival Eritrea of the East Coast of the United States for the year 2014 will go down in memory as one of the best ever.

From the Eritrean Media Committee.

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2014 East Coast Eritrean festival in Washington D.C Pictorial report Reviewed by Admin on 2:22 PM Rating: 5


  1. ህጹጽ መጸዋዕታ፣ ብዛዕባ ‘ታ ሃለዋታ ኣትፊኣ ዘላ ምስጢራዊት ጃልባ
    By assenna on August 11, 2014

  2. wats aDelusional Human been

  3. they Celebrating thos Evil Human bean well as Eritrea peppiel is daiyn

  4. What a funny report!!! I was there and the number of participants were probably betwee 700 to 800, out of which mostly were teenagers and kids. This is on Saturday. I am sure that the numbers would be leaser than than these numbers on Friday and Sunday. Before 2001 the numbers were in thousands and that was when the Ertreans had one heart and vision. Simply, this festival should be a wake up call to the lawless, abusive, heinous, hides and childish leadership of the mafia group called PFDJ (People's Front for Destruction and Jailing) that the leadership is getting out of touch with the masses.

  5. Metar agame, gtfo beeeech!

  6. The Eritea people Daiy eviry day bat thos Delusional grup they Celebrating it is Evil grup


  8. I was there, great event and turnout!

  9. Wow! Is that your day dreaming!

  10. ወፊርካ ተመለስ ወዲ ተኽለ
    ከተብሎም ያ ሓዲርካ ወሂለለ
    ቆልዓ ምስሰበይቲ ክስዕስዕ ዋዓለ
    ኤረይ ኩሕሎ እናበለ

    ሰብኡት ግና የለውን ገዲፎሞ
    ለቢማቶም ኣሪጎም ግዲ ኾይኖም
    እስክትሽም ምባሉ ኣህፊርዎም
    ወይ ሓሪኖም ነገሩ ኣሕሪቅዎም
    ህግደፋት ግን
    ሰብ እናሞተ ንስኹም ዘይትሓፍሩ
    እስክትሽም ክትብሉ ኢዂም ትሓድሩ
    ቆፃሪዂም ዕድሜኲም ላዕሊ ከይዱ
    ዘይትሓንኩ ከም ቆላውዕ ትዓብዱ
    ግርማ ኣስመሮም እንጉለ ርእሲ ዱካ
    ምስ ኣንስቲ ክትስዕስዕ ያ ሓዲርካ
    ጥልዕ ጉምብሕ ቁፅይፅይ እናበልካ
    ነዊሕ ቁመት ክሳድን ከምዘለካ::
    ኣነ ግና ክንዳኻ ኣሕፊሩኒ
    ከረውረውረው እትብል መሲሉኒ
    ከይስሕቃኻ ባዓል ፍረወይኒ
    ኣባዲትን ከምኡዊን ፅገወይኒ
    ሰብኡት ግዳን ኣበይ ከይሪኡኻ
    ገዲፎሞ ኣይቀርቡን ዮም ናባኻ::

    ግርማ ኣስመሮም

  11. What is your mission? To make things better to Eritreans or vice versa? Have y forgotten the proverb Egzer desta siamerewe Tigrene yategebale sibale. This is summer those who wants to danse let them danse. Don't make fun of your own people. The lady who commented above might have her own expectation. I am glad that children were participating.

  12. So out of touch that your gualya addicted butt showed up to count attendees. What a clown. Nevertheless thanks for spending your money on our events. Make sure you tell your friends and family next time. Thanks.

  13. Atayo kindey mealti kitsewiyeka tideliyeni eneikha. Bunay endirta dialect kemgetemika ema nisu eyu meshaq eneiwo. Etuy nay Eletria dialect liArsikha limilketeka yeykoney. Atayo hasas agame bunay Eletria dialect kigetim chilota eneini emo kem eletriawian riAyuni tibil Enteniekha sihtet eyu. Weyo amenzra meqele Zemzemina libluwa likhid lishirena labeletika enay ma agniyuka eyu leysemaekaya.

  14. For your information suleman is not Eritrean

  15. Ok. I am very ignorant in politics but I have a good heart and good upbringing. I can analyse what I see in my ages. In my teens when I speak my mind I was intimidated and was always reminded that I am an Eritrean. Now I am not afraid to speak my mind because Eritrea is an independent country. I was brought up in Ethiopia but have lived 15 years in Eritrea and now it is 5 years since I came in Norway. In all my life the 15 years I lived in Eritrea is the best. I have gone through all life challenges both in Ethiopia, Eritrea and now in Norway. I have learnt from Norwegians what patriotism means. What do we Eritreans want? Do you think how difficult it is to rule a country? The present government comes with a principle to work down with the grass root people and really did. Now to challenge our shortcomings we have to come together to solve our problems. We got independence because we were one and challenged our oppressor. Let us come to our sense to enjoy our independence. We can be partners with everyone who believes in gov't who likes to develop its people by providing the necessary things with its budget limitation. The guts our government went twice to international court was a wise decision. Our gov't didn't want to fight for example with DJ because realized it was another provocation. During process there could be mistakes but our priority is our independence. There are people who are lobbying to make our oppressor understand our situation. We should be with these people!!!! Period.

  16. ኣታዮ እንደርታ እንደርታ እትቡለኻ
    እንታይ እዩ ባ ኣግንዩ ካ
    ንስኻ ለ ኣውኡ ከምልኣበኻ
    ብቃናኻ ተፍልጥ እለኻ
    እንደርታ ማ ካብልኣየ ይቀርቦም ልቦኻ ኢሱ
    ኣቦይ ኣፎርቂ እኮ ኣውኡ ዮም ልተጠንሱ
    መድሂን በራድ እየን እምበይ ካብዓድዋ
    ክንደይ ታሪኽይ ጅግንነትይ ለለዋ
    ካብ እንደርታ እዩ ሓጎስ ክሻ ለ
    ተወሊዱ ልዓበየ ኣብመቀለ
    የማነ ቻርልይ እውይ ካውኡ እዮም
    ላብ ኤልትራ ልኸዱ ዳሓር እዮም
    ታ ህበይ ለ ፍርቂ ጎና ካውኡ እያ /የማነ ማንኪ/
    ኣብዙ (zoo) ኣይቅመጥይ ኢላ ኣብያ
    ሓዲማ ለምለጠት ብጉያ
    ንጉስ ኮይና ሎሚ ኣብኤልትርያ

    ወይ ኣውዙነኻ ጉብአ
    ለይስማዕ እኮእየ ሰሚዐ
    ህበይሲ ሃገር ትመርሕላ
    ምስ ኣኮኣ ምስ ጋውናይ ኮፍ ኢላ /ኢሱ ልብሃል ጋውናይ/
    ናይማን ድይ ብህበይይ ብጋውናይ ትምራሕ

    ሰብ ለይብላ ጠልይ በጊዕይ ጥራሕ
    ሓቃ እንድያ ታ ህበይ ለ ተረዲእዋ
    ሃዲማ ልኸደት ካብዙ (zoo) ላይ ዓድዋ
    ጠልይ በጊዕይ ጥራይ ከምለለዋ
    ልሃደነት ክትበልዕ እንተድልይዋ
    ቃህ ትውላሎ ብሓደ ትእክበን
    እንተለይበላ ኪዳ ኢላ ትብትነን
    እንተድልይዋ ለዕራባት ለ ትሸጠን / Arabs/
    እልሓረዱ ከምልቦም ክበልዕዎን
    የሕዝናኻ ዲሞክራሲ ለይብለን

    ላይ ኣኒማል ራይት ለይተውሃበን !!!

    ላሕዝን እዪ !!!

  17. To Tesfanews:
    What is keeping you from banning this "wuray zwiale agame"? ( This is not my idea...the copy right belongs to a friend in Eritrea who used to use it for someone who would irrelevantly disturb people...meaning that the only time an Agame's belly will be full is if they get a free lunch, usually in festivities.
    Anyhow, my point is, what constructive idea does anything that Suleiman writes (be it his Tigrayena 'poems?' or his rubbish comments) have to be tolerated in this website which I believe is supposed to host real Eritrean issues, including support and critics. All he writes is just provocative hatred while insulting individuals and the public at large. What is there to learn from or even to respond to? Please, I urge you to protect the website against known Woyane stooges whose mission is to spoil anything that Eritrea and Eritreans do.
    I would gladly host someone who decently criticizes the government down to earth than the Suleimans who come through different names and conspicuously work to harm people's emotions. I am tired of reading such insults from the crooked Weyane missionaries that if you couldn't protect the sovereignty of the website, I will gladly walk away.
    I expect you not to argue of democracy here. Because, democracy is not about handing your forum for the enemy to come and demean you. This is surrender.


  18. Correction:
    The heading was supposed to be "To Madote". Anyhow, since the same stooges are assigned to spoil both of the real Eritrean medias, it also pertains to Tesfanews.


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