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An Open Letter to Michael Adonai

Michael Adonai

An Open Letter to Michael Adonai

By Denden Hayelom,

It is with great dismay that I read your interview on and it is with a very heavy heart that I write this open letter to you. How your conscience allows you to distort facts is beyond me. It is, however, a sad
reflection of the length to which some are willing to go to mask their sense of guilt and justify their leaving behind a legacy that they themselves could never measure up to.

At the outset, I would like to make it clear that this open letter does not intend to chip at or take away from your creative abilities. You are a gifted Eritrean artist and nothing I say here attempts to deny that.

I do, however, have to remind you that your gift was nurtured and encouraged inside Eritrea, amongst your people and comrades. It is for that reason that I find it necessary to set the record straight lest you forget the real source of your talents.

Having political differences is one thing but to go out of one's way to invent a story as to gain the sympathy of a few is truly disgraceful - especially when done by someone as endowed as you are.

Therefore, what follows is a short summary of the facts that surrounded your involvement with the State House.

In 1997 you were commissioned by the Office of the President to create paintings for the State House. In preparation for this task, you and your elder brother, Berhane, were sent to Europe for a few months to tour several countries to provide you inspiration and ideas for this work. The expenses for this trip - including room, board, travel, per diem, etc - were fully financed by the Government of Eritrea. Upon your return, all necessary material, including paint, canvases, brushes, and whatever else you needed, was provided to you - again fully paid for by the Government of Eritrea.

After consultations with different people you began your work and were expected to complete it in good time - and in good faith. In the midst of this task, you - without any permission or regard for the Office that provided you its full support and blessings - sold a painting, the Rahba, at the cost of over 400,000 Nakfa (equivalent to $60,000 calculated at the exchange rate of the time) to the Asmara Palace Hotel. This, until today, remains the highest ever amount paid for an Eritrean painting.

You cannot now claim that this painting was done privately and/or separately because the idea itself for such a painting was discussed with several members involved in the selection process at that time. The painting still hangs in the lobby of the Asmara Palace Hotel. No action was taken against you at the time although in my personal opinion this constituted a very serious legal breach and betrayal of trust.

Nonetheless, upon completion of your paintings, you were requested to present your work for selection. To the utter shock of those present at the time, you demanded an exorbitant amount of money - amounting to millions of Nakfa - for your creations.

Seeing this act as completely unreasonable - and very un-Eritrean - the Government of Eritrea decided to relieve you of this task and asked that you:

  1.  take all your paintings with you and 

  2. reimburse all the expenses paid to you in advance - including travel/tour expenses as well as painting material expenses. 

Your claiming now that your paintings were confiscated and/or used without your permission, that you were not paid for your work, and that you were unreasonably asked to pay back money advanced to you is a complete distortion of facts.

Dear friend, you may choose to take things out of context and perhaps fool some people with a sob story of copyright and your imagined mistreatment of artists in Eritrea but we all know the truth. The fact remains that your greed did not allow you to appreciate one major point: the honor and privilege that any other humble artist would have felt to be commissioned to take on such an important task.

There are many other points that you raised in the interview that I found quite scandalous and shameless and do not merit a response. Having said that, it is my sincere hope that your conscience allows you to give credit where credit is due and to show some humility when necessary.

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  1. The crackhead Ali Abdu was telling many Eritreans to flee. He was the one who lied to Michael Adonai that he would be arrested if he didn't leave. So when the GoE provided him with an all expense paid trip to Australia, Ali Abdu advised him to not return and to seek asylum. I bet he regrets it. I know Ali sure does. He's in severe depression as we speak.

  2. It seems that you have a close contact with your earlier minister of information?
    Think to the point, why does Ali, Michael....Generals, Colonels, Teachers, Soldiers, Doctors, Students.....are living behind their country and their pride. Do we have to blame Ali Abdu for all those who are leaving also?
    P.S- The crack head Ethiopian prime minister is talking to invade our land, think frankly who do you think will protect Eritrea? You, me or those who are conscripted against their will for 20 years.
    I really fear for the future of my beloved country!

  3. I hope he kills himself than that what he deserved Ali abdu

  4. why fear while enjoying your life abroad?
    You contribute Nill except scribbling here and there 24/7 against the country. Dont you think that you do everything to destabilise Eritrea and you are one of those who encourage ppl to leave the country ?

  5. With all do respect, first and foremost you don't know me and you don't know what I had done to my country.
    To answer your question I am fearing not for my self but for my other half that is my people, I am me because
    of my tradition , my people and my history. Whoever try to touch that is my enemy. Derg did it weyane and Higdef done it that's why am against them.
    May peace be with you.

  6. Very sad! He lost his credibility, shame of him.

  7. He free himself and I congratulate him on that. The dam country has nothing to offer but military hardship. The dictator knows when his time comes (soon) he will be dragged in the street of Asmara like his friend Gaddaffi.

    long Live Erey
    Long live Adoni
    Long live Wedi Ali
    Long live Pilot Dejen

  8. No runout ever solved any people's problem by remote control, never !

  9. I really fear for the future of my beloved country. A typical crocodile tears. Listen to Fihira song..Zimetse Yimtsae Werari ab mongo hafash harari.

  10. Whats wrong with worrying about my country?

  11. This thinks happened before liberation now and in many countries. Links like Awate and dirty opposition parties have a selfish agenda. Others are like a vouge. Just follow not knowing the up coming consequenceses. Including Adonai, Pilot, Wedi Ali........ bombarded by daily misinformatoin and lie to follow the manupulated interview which they don't understand and are blindfolded. Westerns, the main actors are clever in mastermind, qualculate things carefully for their agenda and know exactly how to fall under their trap.
    After all, history begin to turn. Kill, hate, disaster among brothers. A delicious for others, very wiek and living in blaming some one for what happened. Religious, etnisithy, humiliation. .. some admire the previous life, hard work n how much achievement done in past and others living in blaming or doctoring and blaming. Super powers will come as lecturers or angles. Things and assets are easier to control. One African journalist said: we kill and hate each other will we own the diamonds and westerns celebrate them

  12. With all respect. No one need to kniw you how much you done for this country. Couse we ppl has paid endless least to mantion their life. Weather you want to use it as propoganda or you have an agenda or try to pretend. It has no whatever sense whatever you try. Even if you paid 2% for few years. All you try to do is to play smart ass with no goal att the end or future. If you would come with wise solutions. I would think or understand your point or issues. But sooooo sory. All you know or do is try to insult or play ab kunat zeyweale belih and deviding the Eritreanism. Eritra ziserh imber zilflif ayedliayn yu. We have a lot to do but achieved huge against all ods. Only you know how little you done for Eritrea but how big mouse you are. Be contractive not distructive if I would advise you.

  13. Don't worry we'll be waiting for you and your like when the time comes. You'll never enjoy Eritrea in peace.

  14. I am tarnishing Higdef and it's leaders not Eritrea, and I have very good reason for that, look at Eritrea now no electricity, no food, no running water, no petrol notting , eritreans dying everywhere and fleeing in masses " bekika aitixegbelan". And all the evil things happening to my people are caused by Higdef and Higdef only.

  15. It look like to hear west propaganda..

  16. Bella Eri, i also agree with you, know this nick called Rora with sympathy, she never recognized even once the excellent governance of you never with solution, remark ect..nothing. just insulting. Attributing every responsibility for GoE all the time is unjust, unfair and most of all not true.

  17. I heard all kinds of demonization by you and your likes. Eritrea is shining. All the temporary challenges would be bygones by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2015. Did you hear about the caloli potash mining revenue? It will resuscitate the minor economy distress. That's why the western propaganda machinery with their servants are trying their best to disrupt the production. I think so you and I are talking about two different Eritrea. The Eritrea I know the one I shed my blood and broken my bones in the cities and in the field is doing better than your mama Ethiopia. By the way, Michael Adonai is not the first person to fled to abroad and joined the puke lickers club. Even if PIA passed away or resign today, it will not the end of Eritrea. Eritrea is full of PIA and will follow his legacy for the coming centuries. What happened to Eritrea after these sellouts Mesfin Hagos, Adhanom Gebremaria, Shengeb, Ali Abdu, soccer players, track and field athletes, wedi Tikabo and Qorchah fled. Nothing (nada). They were like malignat cancer to Eritrea and Eritrea recovered in the blink of an eye. Rora, when you see tremendous economy and political transformation by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2015, just whisper me.

  18. What the heck are you talking about? You not even in Eritrea, so were will you be waiting for me. Shame on you, while you enjoy life in the west you won't wish likewise to your own people back in Eritrea.

  19. Ayda:
    I am an opportunist? you got it wrong hawuna. If you think the country is managed accordingly or is in the right direction why don't you take yourself back to Eritrea and live there? In Eritrea you couldn't event type what you just typed because there is no electricity.

    By the way did you know in Eritrea if you are in prison you can not refuse to not eat the piece of bread they give you because it's considered adma "demonstration" which will get your event in bigger trouble.

    My point is one party. One way of thinking. One leader..etc is harming to the country. The educated....the young...the pilots...the artists....the musicians....the doctors and many more are fleeing the country. That is not good. If people like you care about the country instead of the individual leaders, you would be asking questions why.

    We need diversified opinions and thinkers that way it creates competition among the leaders ultimately will benefit the country.

  20. You are contradicting you self, you said that Eritrea is shining and admit that there is temporary challenges.
    Second you mentioned about potash mining , question whatever happened to the gold mine in Bisha?
    Your likes used to whine about Bisha gold and now you are jumping to Potash.
    By my understanding there shouldn't be and kind of economic problem in Eritrea because we are only 4 million people with 2 ports and the mighty Red Sea but the fundamental problem in Eritrea is governance. Look at Nigeria, Congo, South you thing they are poor in raw materials, I don't think so. Even if we have billions of reserved minerals, Eritrea in the hand of Higdef will only perish so let's cure our problems fast because tomorrow can be too late.

  21. Plus, those you mentioned above, a land to be barren needs to erode for long time. So please don't underestimate the floow of our people from their country.

  22. Are you going to cure Eritrea from your comfort ?

    You keep blabbering as usual till your wide mouth

    get dry but has that helped Eritrea ? NOPE !

  23. Do know the song that goes "do you remeber.....?" We Eritreans are accustomed to living on hope since time immemorial. Our forefathers fought colony after colony for the welfare of future generations. The good thing is they don't see if their very dream is materialized. Our hope was full that after we won independence we would at least live and enjoy life to the fullest amongest our family and people in our country as we like and chanted "ab meretna kemdilayna!!!"
    Independence followed by referendum. We said that after referendum everything will be alright. Unfortunately, there was no improvement. We said when we start mining gold and sell our livelyhood will be better than ever. Nothing tangible thing happened. Do you think the mining of potash could repair things that couldn't be repaired in its infantile age where no gold or potash was necessary to feed and let people live their lives.

  24. You better care about the your falling apart tgray, it is divided into pieces as we speak.

  25. Just observe at the poodle-author falsely and maliciously castigating veteran EPLF, who, after painstakingly completing his covenant of liberating his country from Ethiopian colonialism and its serial of World superior-power surrogates, has been forced to live in exile.
    And all that poodle-author's disgraceful act is to defend and protect the indefensible culprit and usurper isaias Afewerqi, who has purposely and systematically brought the economy of our country to total shambles;
    Rounded the backbone of our country, the young, in Concentration Camps;
    Built underground mafia organization to secretly siphon the sale of our mining to his bank account in China;
    Developed his own mercenary tegaru armed forces, the so called Demhit, whom he has slated to use in his own defense in the event the weakened Eritrean Armed Forces muster courage to arrest him, or to be used in the event that the preparation of evil plan against the country and people has reached his desired end stage;
    However,it is manifestly transparent that the poodle-author's mind, owing to his subservient nature and his perennial relegation to only eulogy of his evil master, cannot present his allegation in objective manner, nor from the perspective of the country and people's interest.
    Lets expose the contradictions the poodle-author is alleging against the Veteran EPLF.
    First and foremost, It is public knowledge that Asmera Hotel belongs to the evil impostor. Therefore, if at all the Veteran EPLF sold any of his paint to Asmera Hotel, he could only have sold it to the owner of the hotel, the evil usurper, isaias afewerqi .
    Secondly, it is also public knowledge that the owner of the Hotel, the evil usurper, is unapologetically viciously vindictive person, not only against those who actually crossed him but also against those whom his sick mind perceives would.
    Therefore, when the poodle-author insinuated that the veteran EPLF crossed the evil usurper and got away with it, he is just fulfilling his dirty duty of rendering his usual false eulogy, not only to deceive and mislead the Eritrean people into believing that his evil master is tolerant and merciful but also to convince them that they are responsible for the endless agony they have been going through.
    But of course, all that is in vain. The end of his evil master, and therefore, the dawn of our victory is steadily getting brighter and brighter, day by day. For those who are in doubt, just look at the ever growing flurry of his disinformation he is putting out, which are signs of his anguished mind of the impending Armageddon approaching him by leaps and bounds. For this, Mark My Words.

  26. Half time score
    Rora 3 - HIGDEF Supporters 0

  27. If you had a dream life to be rosy after referendum, you were totally wrong. A nation building is time consuming and too expensive. As in the case of our beloved Eritrea the hegemony masters are trying day and night to disrupt the nation building projects.. See for example, the hegemonies with their servant weyane concocted false allegations and posed two unjust sanction on Eritrea. These two heinous sanctions are stifling the GOE from accomplishing the nation building projects in a timely manner. I disagree with you that many tangible things happened in Eritrea, such as healthcare, education and agriculture. Without a doubt, money can fix anything. As often just live on hope for a while and you will see a big surprise from GOE.
    Always your brother.

  28. z cuise is equal to Rora (one and same troll)

  29. eritrea will be much better off with dia. all his policies have failed and were supposed to wait for the potash to see some change, that the gold didnt bring!. brothers and sisters please dont fall for his evil games.and what happened to the constitution he himself talked about months ego?

  30. I don't think failed his policies when i know that Eritrea is of the few countries that:
    1- don't receive any Aid
    2- have being accomplishing among few countries in the 3rd world the MDG 2015 7/8
    3- Eritrea is among few nations in the world to have the lowest debt, this means that nor my generation but that of my child will be safe and not strangulated like the most countries in the world, (the majority of african states, many european, asian ect..)
    4- Eritrea is one of the safest country in the world in terms of security (of course this is to attribute not only to the GoE but to the rich an noble culture and Eritrean tradition)
    5- Eritrea believe in the Self-Reliance Motto (reisi teamanenet & not west handout dependant).
    I think looking the statements above, one would ask: which country in africa do this? Of course this doesn't mean Eritrea is perfect and not in need of improvement, give Her time, you'll see She'll surprise you..I'm sure believe me (Tetsgebeni kecha Ab mogogo zella yefelta)

  31. Bitch get out of Eritrean website you worried about your country Ethiopia cause you know if they attack we will wipe them from the world's map and about using the natural resources we will when USA is gone cause it's almost gone anyway Long live PIA and Shabia

  32. Another Ethiopian on Eritrean website with his bitch talking trash and her ape writing scores

  33. It only showed your frustrations, you call your self Eritrealion you should rename it mixuxulay.
    I will refer to you from now as EriMixu.

  34. Bla bla bla bitch keep on talking your time will come as your Ethiopia fall to the ground oh wait it's already on the ground just wait to be crushed so hard

  35. Madote, attacking helpless artists and citizens really isn't on,

    or at least be fair and give the President and members

    of cabinet the same treatment,

    that would be democratic.

  36. Yes you're right Rora with our meagre population, our resources and our two ports we shouldn't be experiencing economic problems.

    The problems being lack of accountability and transparancy within our gvt, corruption, theft and our military costs.

    Sometimes I wonder if DIA isn't here just to loot,
    oppress and generally sabotage things for us... :-(

  37. You exposed yourself to the bone with the only word "EriMixU"...what a snake. Go to hell idiot ! It may work for you on Oromos and Somalis but NO NO ! Eritrean is not your toy agame waHid !!.


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