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Canadian-Eritreans seeking to attend the 10th YPFDJ & PFDJ-II Conference

Eritrean youths attending the 9th annual YPFDJ Conference in the UK

On behalf of the 2014 YPFDJ & PFDJ-II Conference Organizing Committee

After nine national conferences and nine years of YPFDJ in North America, we are soon approaching the 10th Annual North America YPFDJ & PFDJ-II Conference. It will be held Thursday, August 28 - Monday, September 1, 2014 in Washington, D.C. We hope each and every one of you will join us in marking this historic occasion in our organization!

This year's conference will feature special guest speakers, customized programming specifically for HIDRI, YPFDJ & PFDJ-II,commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Sawa Education and Training Center, and so much more!

Eritrean that reside in Canada specially in Toronto and in its environs need to contact us ASAP or  you contact me directly to my email Leave me your detail info, your contacts will get back to you as soon as possible, if you want to secure your transportation to go as a group in our bus leaving Toronto on the 27th of August  be part of the historical  10th N.A -YPFDJ Conference, for details see the attached flyer, also please don't forget to register online below is the link where you can register for the conference and to secure your spot for transportation you would need to contact us directly once again.

Looking forward to hear from You!!

To register --


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Canadian-Eritreans seeking to attend the 10th YPFDJ & PFDJ-II Conference Reviewed by Admin on 1:54 PM Rating: 5


  1. Raza nay ayu'u haza. Nufuat weresti. Men alo kem Erey bwshtin bgdamn bdeka tihlo? There is a lot for our African brethren to learn from us Eritreans.One of them been loving ur country by walk not by talk or just dressing a strip of green, yellow and red.

  2. No no no, you do much better in loving your nation than us that you have the cruelty to throw Guaila few days after your brothers and sisters (including so many children) ended up as shark food in Mediterranean sea.

    You love your country so much to leave it to be run BY one stupid man who can't even manage decent interview. You burn with love of your country that you do so much when your military Generals involve in open human trade trafficking.

    We, the people with green, yellow and red flag, own our country and run it as we want. each one of us, rich to poor contribute to the schools, roads, dams.....We as one nation build over thirty universities (some of them where you slave brothers and sisters study for bachelor and master's degree), attract billions of foreign investment, establish and run democratic institutions ( we throw officials as high as ministers and military generals to jail when we find them guilty).

    What you do is run, be a refugee in Ethiopia or somewhere else beg and send your poor mom some money. we build country man, we DON'T RUN.

  3. When this summer i saw the Eritrean youth in Bologna coming from all over and working in synergy one another, i get astonished of their smart will and i have chance to interview some of them and I learn this average of 23 years old young person had the bachelor degree on naval engineering from the Stockholm university. The maturity & responsibility i saw of the group working is something unique of which you feel just proud of being an Eritrean and belong of this fantastic people, despite the false design to dismantle the Eri society this young successors gives you Energy.
    Keep it up deki addey, bravo..

  4. Mr. Stupid Wedi Meles Chenawi,

    How much are the woyanes paying you for one night? Do you sleep
    with only one woyane in one night or you get to sleep with more of them? Do
    they know you are a guy? Please tell me how everything happens. I couldn't

  5. Chuheten kemuge! Since when are you becoming Eritrean? What you described is all about Eritreans. Lemayakeshe tage aleche alu. Stop pretending please! I want to see a prosperous Ethiopia with a good mentality. Have you ever measured how the standard living of all Ethiopians is? From what I heard the gap between the poor and the rich is too big. Was this the objective's of your fight? Let me tell you something that I always remember. The ex-TLF fighters, who were assigned to protect the AA apartment where I was working in, were very brilliant. They were explaining why Eritrea got independence to my Ethiopian colleagues after work in my absence. My colleagues were telling me when I come back from lunch. I was always impressed by their guts.
    With all these in my mind I left AA in 1994. I couldn't believe my ears when the 1998 war broke. I couldn't even understand what deportation means until I saw my neighbors deported in my bare eyes. Where are the guts now? Don't you feel ashamed by what you wrote?
    If I were you I would try to feel the gap between you and us. Revenge is not good at all. It is good to narrow our differences on both sides. Eritrea was paradise to you guys. You were scattered to all over Eritrea and working very harmoniously. How could you easily forgot and wants to mock on us? Shame on you!
    In the end I would like to say to my Eritrean brothers and sisters that our complaint and dissatisfaction result to this! This is a big insult to us.

  6. Really? Very interesting.

  7. Yes, i haven't words to describe their Energy, dedication. I appreciated all. After all few peoples in the world do this in diaspora.


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