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Eritreans Request the Government of Eritrea to Sue Britain and the United States

Muriel in Asmara depicting the challenges Eritrea has faced in its modern history - the camel represents Eritrea overcoming these challenges -(Credit: DJ Adulis 'Chedo' Mokanan)

Eritreans Request the Government of Eritrea to Sue Britain and the United States

By Alula Abraha,

Dear all,

We're pleased to inform you that concerned Eritreans & friends of Eritrea have finally initiated a process to request the Government of Eritrea to sue the British Government for compensation for the wanton theft of several infrastructures, including the world's longest cable-car that stretched from the capital Asmara to the port city of Massawa, during the British Military administration/occupation of Eritrea from 1941-1952. The total amount looted is estimated to be worth Billions of Dollars & can help build hundreds of schools & Hospitals across the country.

Besides, we urge the government of Eritrea to also sue the US government, whose hegemonic foreign policy had prioritised (& still does) its insatiable foreign policy interest at the expense of the very human & democratic right of the people of Eritrea, when the US, unilaterally, sanctioned the unfair federation of Eritrea with & later illegally annexed by its ally Ethiopia & this is how the then US Secretary of State, John Foster Dallas, arrogantly uttered on record in 1952 just days before his government condemned Eritrea to a further occupation & colonisation by its client State (AKA "ally").

"From the point of view of justice, the opinions of the Eritrean people must receive consideration. Nevertheless the strategic interests of the United States in the Red Sea basin and considerations of security and world peace make it necessary that the country has to be linked with our ally, Ethiopia."

Such policy was & is the cause for the suffering of Eritreans for almost half a century & the very reason that had triggered a bitter 30 war for independence that Eritreans freedom fighters eventually concluded their struggle to its legal ending, rightfully so, 52 years after Eritreans were actually denied the same inalienable rights. As a result, the people of Eritrea paid heavy sacrifice costing over 100,000 of its dear children in order to right the wrongs perpetrated by successive occupiers/colonisers assisted by successive world powers.

So from the point of justice, we urge all Eritreans & fellow citizen of the world to support the just fight against injustices.

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Eritreans Request the Government of Eritrea to Sue Britain and the United States Reviewed by Admin on 12:06 AM Rating: 5


  1. That is the way to go!!!!

  2. I don't get THIS at all but good luck with that! If we have a case agaist britS regarding the cable cars, the afars should be okay suing the italians for buying assab :)
    Sir "gugsa" traded the cable way for lousy 200$$ riffles so we shud dig him up ! (Just my opinion).
    I say no need for further complicating an already sour relation with BOTH!

    Hypothetically speaking, let's say we won that case, who forces THEM to PAY UP ? The U N ? :)

  3. P.s Just before his death, johnny cockan in conjunction with the ' civil right activists ' attempted to sue the great U S of A for 'slavery' the answer from the defendant was ... ahahahahahahahA ( literally) !

  4. I guess this is just to remind for those who don't know how Eritrea faced lots of problems in the past. It is not only Eritreans but very few people remember or else know this fact. Once a family friend was having a hot discussion with an English man. When she told him this he couldn't believe his ears.

    Lots were looted from Africa to build to days Europe and America.

    Ok let us say these were the initial problem but what about now? Isn't it us who are blind to see how the outcome of misunderstanding between ourselves is no good to all of us?

    This is a continuation of the previous history re Eritrean's being the first to to modernize the present Ethiopia. Bible says 'yefetegochu yehola yehonalu. To get out of the present backwardness we should learn one another.

  5. It would be good,but may be if this sum is given to the regime in Eritrea
    is going to constract lot of prisons,buy distructive wipones,more giffa
    and so on let overthrow the regime in Eritrea first.

  6. Eritrea is not that powerful to sui the big powers with no attorney by her side. What Eritrea should do is teach Ethiopia to come to her sence, telling it "Today is me and toorrow is your turn, think twice" until Ethiopia learn and avoid the double moral upon Eritrea and Eritreans and same applies to Eritreans avoid interferring to Ethio insiders. Let all come to their sence to end peacefully. If so is the case, no third party have the power at all. Let Africa have a brain to think for Africa like all countries instead of eating eachother like those animals in the jungle. Africans are always called for ANIMALS because they always act as animals. They eat eachother and make it cofortable for others. when was we last seen a fight in Europe and the US? who was there to solve the problems? Not Africans, not Asiens, not Arabs for sure. It was Europeans who solved their difference BY THEMSELVES ofcourse. I wonder when would Africans learn from their past, when?
    Lets keep in mind that no fire could firefight another fire.

  7. All our focus should be on now. Never look back!

  8. these days there are takings that the dictator isayas has asked one country to host his wife and trusted news source has disclosed this shows that isayas has at last understand that the his fate has already dead.

  9. keep your hands offJuly 26, 2014 at 6:01 AM

    Let Eritreans' problem be solved by ERITREANS

  10. saba you make apoint the proplem is the AFRICAN LEADERS they dont learn they think the WEST is the only one who solve their proplem for exapmle there is going to be AFRICAN LEADERS meeting with OBAMA but the U S A is only inveted WHO it wants so this african leaders who are attending shulde say whay is some AFRICAN LEADERS left an inveted you see all this AFRICAN leaders want to servive by puting their caountry to be AWEST PLAY GRAUND so no body is going to listen what you saying

  11. I can't stop laughing!!! Wouldn't it be heroic and easier to sue the mafia group of PFDJ for gross human rights violations? I never thought of that there are Eritreans who are foolish to this extent. What can I say, other than begging God to have mercy upon our beloved people and country.

  12. If you understand international law, you would know that at the time, Eritrea was not a free country but was in fact property, therefore they cannot make any claims during that time, when they did not exist at the time. Had it been after its creation is a different case. All those technologies belonged to the fascists since it was their investment, therefore Italy can sue if they wish and make a case, but Eritrean people cannot. This case will be thrown out and not even looked at. You are better off just ending your stubborness and work to build your country instead of being trying to fight everyone.

  13. What country? Idiots like you believe everything you hear. Stop presenting rumors as facts and stop peddling us lies.

  14. You seem to understand international law and you stated with some AUTHORITY. You have no idea about the issue of compensation in the law! I would make it simple as to what you wanted to say; "property", hence " Eritrea is not a country".

  15. I'm in !!!!!!! Let's sue their filthy white ass at the International Court of Justice at the Hague.

  16. I'm in !!!!!!! Let's sue their filthy white ass at the International Court of Justice at the Hague !!!!

  17. Haaaaaa
    Did I hear justice? HGDEF and it's supporters are in the defense and desperate.

    You are totally within your right to take the US and UK to court. How about the thousands of Eritreans who are in jail wanting justice and wanting to take the dictatorial regime to court?

    I can feel the days are numbered on dictator agame Assias.

    Awet N 'Hafash!

  18. Even if you believe so. You can't deny the history of colonialism and the causes of their ilegal treaty. You can't deffend them AT ALL

  19. Agame... burn in hell !!!!

  20. Tell this to your agame leaders who sold ethiopia almost
    everthing and invested in foreign companies with the NGO
    of the west, a friend has told me ofcourse he is from the
    amhara-region who spoke clearly with out hiding A/Ababa
    is fool of beggars are the filo-Qumaloch that means
    the agames, you can't drive open windows in the city.

  21. Go ahed I can smell a lot of money for you.

  22. What country would that be? If you ask such questions he and his supported a might think you are from the moon.

    There is no country that will take the dictators family. He has no friend.

    His routines are :
    Eritrea to Sudan
    Eritrea to UAE.

    A few month later you repeat the same shit.

  23. You seems to me you are retarded person and consumed with hate and grudge. Sorry, if PIA kicked your ass from meida in 1980. Your wicked organization leadership failed to protect you. Please, get help to close that terrible chapter in your life and move on.

  24. What about the Ethiopian government?

  25. I don't think we should waste our time trying to Sue the arrogant USA, that was & is there policy now. I do think they should Sue Britain. They stole property that belongs to Eritrea & should pay for theft from an African country they were suppose to be protecting.

  26. Bekele, mekele, bakila....
    Bukli belieka gah bel. entay aleka abti wrayna zetu?

  27. Dude.... i agree with you 100%. However, do you have any leverage that will help you in getting restitution from the British & U.S? ....and the Eritrean government at this point does not have the appetite to sue those bastards.... Eritrea has enough legal battles on its plate.. i'm talking about the demarkation of the border. Having another turmoil in regards of suing the British etc... will divert the attention from the current topic... the border.

    When the border is demarcated, then you can unleash your lawsuit on any imperialist fucker and sue their ass with no mercy.... and for leverage, use the British cemetery at Keren and unearth the remains of the 440+ British "terrorists" not soldiers that are buried there illegally without the permission of the Eritrean people or government and have their dirty remains in a trash-bag, and then have the British imperials government collect their filthy remains at $10,000,000,000 per one person's remains.

    Otherwise, we will bulldoze the cemetery and turn it into wasteland and burn their remains and flush their ashes down the toilet of a fishing boat into the Indian Ocean, cause the Red Sea is too Holy to bear filthy ashes.

  28. I must be dreaming, to read a Bekele expression with a bit of logic is a rarity.
    Nevertheless it is not a question of understanding the international law but rather about the expectation of getting fair trial. It would be futile to accuse an entity knowing that the same entity is going to preside as the head judge to lead the hearing.
    Lets wait a couple of years, till we become gas/oil exporters like the Gulf countries to sue the the UK or the USA because presently justice is bought by anyone who can afford to buy it.

  29. Yes, I agree with you, Like Italy to Libya. But how can ?????????????

  30. Yes, I agree with you, Like Italy to Libya. But how can it ??????????????????

  31. You are amongst the poorest people on earth. How can you sue those wealthy and powerful nations? Wishful thinking! You should rather be thankful for the generous support the US and UK offer to your poor refugees flooding their shores! Shabo's bravado - empty of course - never end!


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