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Photo Reportage of the 10th Euro YPFDJ Conference in Switzerland

YPFDJ member throwing the E sign for Eritrea- (Credit: Young YPFDJ)

Photo Reportage of the 10th Euro YPFDJ Conference in Switzerland

Over 650 Eritreans attended the 10th YPFDJ Congress in which senior PFDJ officials, Eritrean Ambassadors, friends of Eritrea as well as Eritrean youth residing in different parts of the world took part in Switzerland from 17-21 of April.

Visit here to view more images of the event

 Short video of the event - video courtesy of Sirak Bahlbi

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Photo Reportage of the 10th Euro YPFDJ Conference in Switzerland Reviewed by Admin on 5:58 AM Rating: 5


  1. Waoh, how gorgeous, how exclusive, such a beauty, how commitment..proud really i'm Eritrean guys to be part of your kind. Thank you soo much for what you're doing

  2. I hope they have asked why the price of a plane ticket Eritrea is expensive.

  3. A great job well done deki eri we are all on your side YPFDJ!
    Let us march together!

  4. @Vic : Some of the participants had a great idea about purchasing our own airplane to lower the ticket-price.
    I was very happy to be a part of YPFDJ, especially eti hawenet amongst eachother is great!

  5. My 2% better not be spent on event, so in that regard i have some simple quetsions:

    How was the whole event financed?
    Was any Goverment of Eritrea funds utilized for this event?
    How much did each partcipant pay to attend?
    Did any money get donated back to Eritrea?

  6. Thank you for your reply did the idea get the thumbs up from the government delegates? But they should have asked if the Eritrea Aviation Authority (Government ) are influencing the price.

  7. Kkkk there is nothing to be proud about Eritrea, you are the most isolated and miserable people in the planet, you are a country thousands of its youth leaving it every month to end up being raped tortured killed and burned alive by BEDWIN Arabs and eaten alive by Mediteranean SHARKS and Eritrea is the only country in the world the whole National team including the staff desert for unbearable life in ARTERA yet you have the audacity to tell us how ARTERA is a AFRICAN SINGAPORE and proud Arteran kkk guys please wake up from your illusion which is rooted in ARTERAN nationalism taking huge for being ITALlAN SLAVES and hating Ethiopia and Ethiopians and gossiping and defaming Ethiopians

  8. Kedmi kullu nabzi geza men Adimukka? Ane intay yefelet nessukum dahar ikkum, bedehrit maletey iyu..mesana kem seb aytekutsorun ikkum..hassadat ikkum, nay dekmet men shemka..selah ilka kabza Mer à tewetseh..yerda ka, abti a geza alla enda USAID tebahal reda ta yehbu allewu, kid guye

  9. Nay wedi seb zekef et hemam Ken i tebahal, abakum zela nebeyna iya..hassadat..mes Eritrawit Tsa ada ketewadader aytehaferen wedza lemmani wahid

  10. Actually, the tickets are relatively still cheap if you know what you're doing. For example, my father in late March, purchased tickets to Eritrea from Seattle. The total price was $1,680. In comparison, he went to Eritrea in 2004 and the price was $1,450. So if you know what you're doing, you can find fair prices. Btw, he took Emirates Airline from Seattle to Dubai (a few stops along the way of course) - and from Dubai, he will fly to Yemen. From Yemen, he will take Yemeni Airlines to Asmara (50 minute flight). Not bad.

    With more airliners coming to Eritrea, the prices will go down.

  11. The irony. A person who isn't even Eritrean and who doesn't even pay a dime to Eritrea is whining about 2% voluntary tax he does not pay. Grow up idiot, we see through your act. All you do is bash the Eritrean government and Eritrea, yet now you pretend to pay 2%. What a joke.


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