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Sudan starts indirect peace talks between Eritrea and Ethiopia

Eritrean President Isaais Afwerki (L) with Sudanese Presdient Omar al-Bashir (C) - Nov. 23, 2013

Sudan's secret peace talks between Eritrea and Ethiopia

Mohammed Amin, a journalist based in Khartoum, reports Eritrea and Ethiopia are in 'secret talks' mediated by Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir.

The report says Bashir initiated the indirect talks between leaders of both countries with the view of discussing border and political issues.

“We started some efforts to normalize the relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea,” President Bashir said, in a joint statement with Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn.

Sudan, which sees itself as a having friendly relations with both countries, wants to open discussions between both governments..

“I will call the two presidents to hold a summit in Khartoum in the [near future],” Bashir said.

Last year, South Sudan, which is tangled in its own border dispute with Sudan, said it planned to start shuttle diplomacy between Eritrea and Ethiopia that have yet to materialize.

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Sudan starts indirect peace talks between Eritrea and Ethiopia Reviewed by Admin on 1:46 PM Rating: 5


  1. Every Eritrean should support this initiative... the wikileaks leaks show of all Meles Chenawi wanted was a "face saving mechanism" meaning, to accomedate woyanes political concern with mostly with the tigreans that dont make guayla in asmera with horns blowing saying Badme is Eritrean, but may be they hand over badme secretly to it owners. I just dont understand why not talk since the other side is saying they are willing to give you what the court has awarded Eritrea, as long as you help them cover up their crime/ lie against their people ...folks, I hope you have learned by now, the world is not fair or just, but some times you got to make tough decision that in the long term with make you say, well it was worth it. we have been waiting for the world to be fair to us as a people in the last 10 + yrs and our options remain the same either wait more years for the world be fair and put woyane out of our land for and we thought the world was gonna put sanctions to Ethiopia for occupying a soveregn country's territory...remember 2003 EECB verdict?, but we have seen the fairness... Eritrean is the one with sactions from the world right now for manufacture crimes... are you with me, so we need to learn a lesson here...ten years passed. the second option is do it the Eritrean way and liberate our territory like what our brothers and sisters did to liberate the whole country, I would not choose this option personally but this is always on the table. and the third option is learn your lessons and move on and settle this issue of border as soon as possible by any means by sitting with woyane in Khartoum or Doha so be it just settle this issue and move on to the more pressing issues that are affecting the Eritrean youth/ people.
    Just imagine where Eritrea would be economically, if we were not bogged down with this non sense border issue. if you havent learned a lesson and still dreaming of a day the world will be fair and hand you over badme, well I just say to you that you are day dreaming and not thinking what is good for the next generation Eritreans.
    Deki Ere lets move on and look into the future and leave the past behind where it belongs. and with peace the future of looks bright for the Eritrean people...


  3. I can't agree more,lets do it for the sake of our young brothers who are the most affected by this no peace no shit stufff,thou I understand and still feel the pain we've been through nonetheless let's just do it for the sake of our young brothers who spent thier precious life in the trenches,and have a revenge on the agames another day that's if the ethiopians didn't eat them alife

  4. Inshallah to be successful this time,we need our bro/sisters home and zipppppppppp the border to the south for ever

  5. hope to see it done.

  6. In any case it's a matter of: A W A R E N E S S, peace and agreement result most of the time profitable to "All" in many sides you want to look it, it's a good wish to our region and a sign to the world in general of good will.
    manuele from rome

  7. I think the TPLF gangs, knows their time is numbered, the TPDM, Ginbot7 and EPPF are getting stronger on a daily bases than ever before.The gangs know they will be out of power and will be kicked out of office.They have to beg Sudan to help them stay in power. Let the cancer TPLF be removed from them surgically!
    So that the two sisterly people can live in peace and in harmony for ever.

  8. i'm sorry but i could not disagree more, i understand you aim is for what you perceived to be good but i BELIEVE you are wrong in your analyses. 1st the present is the product of the choices and decisions we made in the past thus the future is the product of the choices & decisions we make in the present... thus you could never "look into the future and leave the past behind" as the future is the product of the present which is a product of the past.

    2nd for me, if our government does this deal by breaking its own ideology, values and culture then it'll be the day I’ll stop seeing my government as my government. For more than one decade our government has had one stand (we could not have diplomatic relation with Ethiopia until Ethiopia respect the rule of law and returns our land…I want my land back before anything!!!) standing by the truth is hard, costly challenging, requires a lot of sacrifices but as in the wisdom of our forefathers "betri hakis teketen ember ayteseberen" and the reward of taken the long hard road is more rewarding then taken the easy road

    3 the current image of Eritrea & Eritreans throughout the word is a
    positive one, as far as not been seen as African or black (which throughout the world has intentionally constructed to be negative) we achieve our independent by making the world powers baw to as and recognising Eritreans as they equal (even one could argue its more than their equal) we always stand by true & justice and it might cost as more but we always come out stronger as far as concluding by looking at all their wrong doing it has always been a “blessing in disguise” ... a simple example, when they denied as out independence in the 1960’s they though it would make as weaker, smaller, irrelevant but in reality the proses we had to go though in order to achieve our rightful independence helped as to unit more, to speak with nine tangs but with one heart…. 4th if we are willing to change our stand on truth and justice this time then it will be like opening Pandora’s Box .. which means that the future Eritreans would not have the same authority… once you compromise and sleep with the devil you’ll always be his B***

  9. the Sudanese government is take a great design. but why now? its almost 10 years, no peace no fight. and we Eritreans are lost thousand of our beloved brothers and sisters in badme! so firstly the Eritrean President Mr Isayas have come to high court in the world, because he is start to shoot Ethiopia first time in badme.
    and my secondly view is Ethiopia must have to move from Eritrean land URGENTLY.
    because this issue is a big opportunity justification for the Eritrean dictator ship in his leader ship to wast the time. by that small justification we Eritreans are we have thousand political prisoners, by this small justification we don't have presidential Election in the country.

    Now our country Eritrea is for us is a big prison. There is no water for our people, there is no food, and the government is nothing doing yet to 21-22 years.!

  10. Hell no, no talks with woyane genocidal regime.

  11. @erilion EriLion Clear and Perfect Response Brother. Neakum hezena entay keytekewn eza hager. Proud of you

  12. Tsegay gebreyohannesDecember 16, 2013 at 4:45 AM

    Oh it is wonderful you Eritreans should think to save your nation you are at the pick point either to die or live.We Ethiopians are very lucky because thanks to our great leader & all his colleagues we have the system for all to be secured,develop & prosper now & more to the future.And also thanks your dictator Iseyas Afewerki b/c he tied your hands, hang your necks, shoot your heads, arrest you kill you, his people & none of has to go war with our nation Ethiopia.You know who weyane/EPRDF/ is; wake up from your dreams & you will see where is agame/Ethiopia.This is the condition, the only thing you have to stay as a nation is negotiate with Ethiopia & behave in a maner of the 21 century.Change your mind in accordance to the norms & standards of international community.Other wise with no ware you will dismantle like Somalia.But I believe if you have changed your mind set up it is possible diplomacy is give & take.And hence if that is true Eritrea will benefit more from this negotiation, & Ethiopia gets lesser national benefit.But for us, as our great leader thought us some thing is better than nothing & we look it as a positive step.Hence the innocent Eritrean people gets some relief.But what is Important point to add is a piece of land can not be a mater of live or die for a nation & nor it should have been a cause for the lose of thousands.If that is so the stronger will hold the land but should not be that way the best is to see things beyond..........

  13. i'm not sure if i understand / agree with what you meant when you said "Philosophically, there is nothing wrong or right, it is just a matter of beliefs." i believe Philosophy and all its branches strive to find what is right, in other words what is true, e.g. physics, chemistry, maths...
    i'm not saying by this what is good / bad as these are human concepts that are subjects to the time, environment and are directly relative to the economical, political and social settings, in other words a matter of beliefs. however, what is true, in other words what is right is universal, another way of saying this is by looking at the Golden rule, which is found universally among all human societies settings throughout any giving time, even among the most decedent (negative definition in the form of freedom) societies as in the west, e.g. London, in fact one would not have a functioning society without it.
    (sorry hope i'm clear as i'm jumping without full explanation)

  14. i was fixated with the first half & i forget your question, its 3:25am but... "Why don't we solve with diplomacy"... if we honestly look at the history of the horn over the last 70-80 years, there is a key player i think we sometime misunderstand and that's Ethiopia. for me Ethiopia is the second most fascinating country in Africa to study.

    Ethiopia is ultimately the creation of the Eritrean blood line, ...... long to fully explain everything here but, .....around 8AD at the the time of the rise of Islam some of the Highlanders were pushed south from the SEA who eventually become to be known as the Amhara & Gurage ( traditional view -the people of this land & in their true name is the Hamasien --blood of Ham mixed with siam -..bla..bla..bla--- during the rise of the Amhara in order to distance power from these people without separating their identity they adapted the arabic bastardised version which is now the generally commonly used version: Habesha) -- as our fathers said 'peace in the horn could only go through Asmara - the heart, the soul of the Horn'--- an obsession was born,its this obsession which manifest as an inferiority complex in some cases you see at the heart of the problem in the horn - this inferiority could even be seen in general view of Ethiopians into the idea of blood mixing with Europeans -in comparison to Eritrean who even though traditionally had more contact with outsiders due to living closer to the sea - they traditionally mix less....bla....bla...bla

    back to the point... what i'm trying to say is the role of Ethiopia over the last 100 + years has been the most destructive entity, mainly due it its inferiority complex it has been used as a Pawn dressed as a Knight by outsiders to outsiders and thus rather than a uniter it has been used to become the most divider entity in the whole of Africa - in this delusion image of the word its portrayed as the image of Black Power, the home of black unity ...bla...bla...bla.

    sorry this is a long convo but what i'm trying to say in short is the problem is the House Niggers first and then we need to deal with the actual head Snakes- who we must never forget have their fork tangs and their delusions and shiny things to tempte & distruct us--- the only way for the whole of Africa to rise (as it says in the Bible is) to follow the star in the East: Eritrean Model

  15. " the only thing you have to stay as a nation is negotiate with Ethiopia & behave in a maner of the 21 century." are you series?

  16. You have been told a lie, presidential electionand border conflict has nothing to do with each other. It is only a propaganda for him to stay as a dictator.


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