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Asmara Through the Eyes of a Saudi Tourist

Asmara, Eritrea, November 2, 2013 - Credit: Adel Ibrahim

Asmara Through the Eyes of a Saudi Tourist

Adel Ibraham, a tourist from Saudi Arabia, recently traveled to Asmara from 1-8 November. During his stay, he gave a detailed glimpse of the city on a  website that is popular with Middle Eastern tourists.

Upon landing in Asmara, one of the first things that struck Adel is how extremely clean the city is; which he credited to the culture of the people more so than the cleaners of the city. Another thing that struck him was how orderly the city is, something i'm sure he wasn't expecting from an African country.

Adel described Asmara's most busiest street, Haranet Avenue, as a "real fun experience that compels you to return to it again and again without bothering to stand in line or pay a ticket. It is also filled with cafes, restaurants and shops, full of visitors and tourists from various nations and nationalities.."

When it comes to safety, Adel said the city is extremely safe and felt comfortable walking around even during the night

Adel went on to say he couldn't believe such a beautiful gem like Asmara is still unknown to many of his countrymen in Saudi Arabia.

But not everything Adel experienced in Asmara was to his liking. He said he experienced nearly daily blackouts in the city, something the government has since fixed. He also complained about the slow internet speeds, which is a complaint most Eritreans have, and something I've highlighted in a previous post.

Overall, Adel found Asmara to be among the "nicest experience" he's ever had as a tourist. The beauty, safety, cleanliness and warm hospitality shown by its citizens won him over.

Adel's report is just one of many that attest that there is something special about Asmara that visitors inevitably seem to fall in love with.

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  1. Thanks be given to italy...yes Asmara is ' clean' in relaive terms

  2. ye agame neger

  3. 1/3 of aids ababa built by italians too, does it make it clean and orderly? NOPE!!! instead it IS a place where the people,donkeys, dogs and DOO-DOO WALK in harmony in the same street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Can you please stop racism comments on Madote website, and disallow all hatred comments.We are against injustice and hatred nations. We do not need to follow filthy TPLF behaviour divided and Conquer. Ageme is just a small province of tigrai bordering with Eritrea. Most Tigrain people are nice and God fearing people.
    Do not generalized people as bad.

    1. Most agames are stupid, ungrateful and back stabbers. Agames are not good ppl nd every eritrean know this. Even agames know very well that, they can not be trusted. They don't even trust eachother. We will continue to call them agames nd we will continue to treat them like dogs. Those fara agaminos deserve nothing but to die.I wish all agame ppl to burn in hell with their mothers.

  5. Actually, the initiative certainly came from Italians but the people who built the city were Eritreans.

  6. Thanks to Eritreans who built this beauty
    No to colonizers even the resources were eritrean after all
    This beautiful city was and is maintained
    By the blue army of women who clean the city while we are snoring @ night this women are our mums, our sisters or our lovely wives and we are proud of them
    Mogos n hezbi Eritrea

  7. Eritrea has been free for last 20 years,what exactly did we built,Asmara is the same way as it has been for last 60 years.i guess if it was not for the fascist Italians ,Asmara would look like Juba,a wasted 20 years and empty pride from the same people destroying Asmara,for us the real asmarinos it is ashame that the city from colonial era is a playing field for tembenay issayas afekelbi and papagalo Hench men in the Diaspora,,no real asmarino will bow down to a dictator .

    1. Don't worry. This agame dictator will die soon nd we will build our asmerino. We just need to unite to finish those agame rulers in our country.

  8. True! They should get a hefty salary raise.


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