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Residents in Asmara report of power returning to normal

Residents living in Asmara say power is returning to normal in Eritrea. Photo: Asmara's Sembel housing complex. 

Residents in Asmara report of power returning to normal 

After experiencing sporadic power outages for several weeks, residents in Asmara are reporting power supplies are returning back to normal.

"Not fully resolved yet (still had outages yesterday) but things are much better this week," said a resident living in Asmara. "Sembel complex uninterrupted since yesterday evening! We're almost there! Everyone's saying that it's definitely not going to be long before it's 100%!"

She goes on to add that "power is still on everywhere - going on almost three days now!"
Similarly, another citizen feels more optimistic that the issue is close to being resolved.

"The electricity supply is near perfect this week ", said a nurse living in the Edaga Hamus area of the city. "The government seems closer to fixing the problem."

The government says technical and logistical glitches at the Hirgigo power plant is what's causing the blackouts. But relief could be on the way. Recently, an official tweeted the power outages will be resolved by the end of next month.

Regionally, prolonged power outages have been occurring more frequently of late. In Ethiopia, reports indicate severe power and water outages of three or more days at a time have been taking place since mid June of this year, while in Djibouti, the country faces regular blackouts due to supplies not being able to keep up with demand.

Aerial view of Asmara at night
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Residents in Asmara report of power returning to normal Reviewed by Admin on 6:24 AM Rating: 5


  1. Yigberlom zeydom fedikmom chenwti hgdf

  2. The government should encourage the people to participate in energy production be it renewable or nonrenewable .we have no Idea how innovative eritreans could be.Small towns,each remote village could have their owen solar energy source for everyday life ,in a way the country would save foreign currency and group or individuals make some money.We have to act more than talk nowadays.Eritrean people need solutions.

  3. Abraham from Next GenerationNovember 22, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    I just came from Eritrea 2 days ago and been to most cities in Eritrea, I am shocked on how Eritrea is developed, very surprised. Health care, clean drinking water and education is widely available for all Eritreans.
    The infrastructure is set to serve it's purposes, such as manufacturing and packaging, agriculture out puts and security is achieved at a higher level.
    few things need to improve, such as national service need not to be for over 2 years and all the EDF need extra care.
    over all, I am very happy of Eritrea. Looking forward for it's success.

  4. we are not sure we need one month guarantee to see whether it is working properly or not

  5. Really good news though this is a kind of a problem persisted since 2009 and every time we claim power outage has been resolved, it happens now and then. I hope this is going to be the last show case.

  6. sorry, I mean since 2006 not 2009

  7. Plus .. this isn't something to celebrate. It is one of the basic necessities that we should get and the damn HGDF is not doing enough to resolve it. After all, what is all these trash talks. If a government is not building roads, dams, schools and the like who is going to do them. But what is important is the labor force which gonna make the hardware work the right way. In our case, who is gonna teach in schools HGDF is building or who is gonna work in Clinics being built with out the necessary equipments and facilities. I am not talking to HGDF but to those who blindly support the regime for your personal reasons and give the merits to them instead of those who are doing the good job with out payment for the last tens of years.

  8. You are right, this is not something to celebrate. It is our basic right and HGDF should have resolved it very early.

  9. I did not realize electricity is now a basic right... but not surprised by your comment as you clearly expect the highest level / standard when it comes to HGDF ... obviously as you unintentionally show in your comment ... HGDF has always delivered the highest.. Behqi Meskinay

  10. Are you even aware about the reality in ground... Where does the energy consumption increased? In what sector? Please, just give me a tangible analysis about the increased consumption of energy between the years I mentioned. After all you seem some kind of a trash to tell me that I am talking about changes over night. I am talking about a problem that persisted for the last five to six years. And for your damn humble comment of my whereabouts, don't get thrilled if I tell you that I am in Eritrea and using the blessing of technology to mask my identity- you Meskin.

  11. Meskin, while I don't mind you airing your perceived grievances on this site, I do, however, mind that you be honest when discussing with people on here. You said you're in Eritrea. Your IP says you are not in Eritrea. When you lie on here about something as simple as your location, it discredits your whole position.

  12. Indeed meskinay coz of the Devil you trust. You wouldn't be saying so if you were aware about the reality in the ground. I don't think that you can miss what I mean when say highest, you are doing kind of fun around that idea. Beal nsikha endikhum tedakhmuna zelekhum abzi seb b500 tok ilu. HGDF has been the highest torture and mistreatment so far and I don't expect anything good from a government with out institutions.

  13. Very matured discussion indeed,keep on.

  14. Don't get me wrong, I am in Eritrea and the next time I comment, you will tell that my location is exactly inside Eritrea. But thank you for bringing the idea of IP addressing, bcoz it could be a good start for people who are interested about IT and Computer Science. I solute your work though I don't believe everything you post on the net. Sorry if happen to be offensive, in any way, to your website's ethical and moral stands.

  15. Mandote, it is not a lie. If you trace my IP address as or similar to that, then I am 100% sure I am masked. Check on the skills of your IT technicians and Network administrator.

  16. 1st I think I’m wasting my time speaking to a person who chooses to be blinded & seduced by the agents of the ‘devil’….if u going to talk about the devil, i suggest you first look in the mirror & ask who have i really put my trust on & gave more weight to, over my brothers call (don't forget he's the master of disguise)...but if intended on to me…well, I rather have the devil I know than.....

    Institution..ahhh a complex subject not something that could be fully explored in here but i do agree some institutions either don fully function or developed as one expect a high standard state should have but some institutions that appear not fully officially developed don't mean they don't exist … as we come from a rich culture, a rich history that’s already imbedded with most of the expected ideas & values…of course they need to be updated to practically function in 21st setting, which takes a long time to develop and implemented & sometimes not a priority … as it already exist in the society in 1 form or another (institutions are a very complex things in parts as they define a nation, so to develop institutions that are effective, biologically natural (in term of environment states, based on the culture & its values) while at the same time been exclusively servant to the public is not easy or something that could be achieved over night (as even putting it on writing doesn’t mean you have the ability, the resources, the will & the mean to implement it)… especially if you are been constrained or somehow limited by external forces ..takes time.. takes dedication, hard work, great will, commitment to create a culture where the powers serve / subject to the interest of the public ..a complex subject not
    enough space here to …)

    You really made my day…i've a BIG … Beal nsikha endikhum tedakhmuna zelekhum.. you made my day. thank you.. betri hakis teketen ember ayteseberen elomo abotatey lebamat

  17. I’m sure I’m more aware than you about
    the reality on the ground… going as far as putting my money on the fact that ‘I bet I’ve spent more time on Eritrea in the last 5 years than you.. ‘remember I don’t even know for me to say that..’’…. You know I’m not going to waste my time by trying to show you the exact sector (not b/c I can’t but can’t be bothered to waste my time … for you to come back and call it HGDF propaganda …but if you bothered to go to Google and just search the subject you’ll see that between 2009 usage was 46.78kwh increase to 47.38kwh at 2010 (lets not forget the biggest housing personal / governmental, as well as private investors home / diaspora started to increase from 2009/2010… I would expected this to have farther effect the usage…)… p.s...If your parents really give you that name, I’ve to respect their wisdom & foresight...What a fitting name, they really understood their offspring ...Respect… i take my hat off to your parents

  18. In regards to Renewable energy: I think there is more the government could do even though the cost might be high and that is to encourage private house owners & business to use Renewable energy…imaging if every private house in Eritrea had solar power…the government could encourage this by making those who implement it pay e.g. less land tax, as well as allowing them, to make money by selling excess power to the electricity grid/ network (even just within the neighbourhood or village) other advantage of this is the technology will be an everyday item so allowing and giving space for Eritrean youth to develop it further and enabling eritrea to become a producer nation

  19. if you are in Eritrea and I assume that would mean you are using public internet .. I fail to see the need to mask the I.P. address rather as it would give my case more weight, if I could prove that I’m in Eritrea I would show it… I guess different line of thinking!!!... you reminded me of my little nephew trying to be smart & more street wise then me … its so cute..ahh

  20. Abraham! why shocked? I, presume you meant excited, but as for the national service the Government knows what it's doing.

  21. A message to admin:

    Please ban Meskin.

  22. A message to admin:

    Please ban Meskin and remove his previous messages.

  23. I just did. I only banned him because he is insulting other members, lying and using vulgar language.

  24. He still has 5 comments appearing.

  25. Madote:

    Meskin is back please block him.

    meskin MadoteEritrea

    • 2 hours ago


    He is trying to beat your blocking, I think you need to remove comment option from this posting and remove all meskin comments. He will not be able to come back.

    On other posts all comments should only come from Admin and 2 moderators that way you can better remove the problem of trolls like meskin.


  26. Daniel, have tolerance to other people's opinion, if you think the person is wrong, then challenge the opinion with facts. Opinions are allowed, diverse opinions should be welcomed, not blocked. It is up to this generation to turn minor disagreements into an opportunity to teach and learn. Unfortunately, the previous generation (current "opposition") lacks such virtue; every minor disagreements are taken as if the last resort to reject everything. We have to tolerate each other, everyone coming to site does so because they care, hence, respect.

  27. Uninterupted Power and Water supply are essenttial parts of any modern city, Eritrea has been under severe shortages of both these essential services, a lasting solution to these problems must be found for Asmara to be an international standard city. While solar and wind should be considered to be part of the solution, there must be another source to wrap up the two renewables around. At the moment the problem for solar and wind is power storage, recent researches have shown that more conversion is possible from Solar, but it has not been applied in a large scale to confidently state solution is found, but I can assure you it is within grasp. Most researchers are focusing on yield while storage is contemplated, because the price of storage is much highr for the amount of solar conversion. Once those balances are attained, then large scale is a matter of investment.

  28. TO Madote admin,

    Please can ban all comments because Shaft2009 is defying you and ban on his comments therefore he is mocking your and undermining your authority.

    Thanks you.

  29. Indeed that is what the spirit of Madote should be Shaft2009. I really appreciate you your well-rounded opinion. And I really don't mind if they block me because I don't have any intentions to irritate madote or it's members. But if individuals like erilion happen to be offensive, it is some times wise to respond the way they understand, I suppose. I tried to post a challenging and fact full response to erilion the other time, but Madote has deleted it in just seconds. I can see that the website lacks confidence to harmonize and entertain diverse opinions from different angles of view and perspectives. And Daniel please to act super looser. Madote, check who has thrown vulgar words first and then you can tell who .............

  30. Stop being and acting ridiculously, Daniel. How on earth could anyone undermine the authority of the Admins of Madote while still using the environment they have created to express their views and opinions. So please don't act super looser.

  31. Please madot do not delete his comment...

    "Meskin (Guest):

    ahahhh What a fantastic analysis, erilion, a member and/or may be the *admin* of madote. Is that all you know about the increase of energy consumption in Eritrea between these years? You really need to stop shitting and wasting my time. Revise your analysis before arguing about numerical values from google which the HGDF has used(for it own .... ) by throwing the people's well-being to hell. You seem that you are commenting from an informed-opinion point of view which still lacks validity. Why don't you talk about the reality in the ground instead of the rubbish HGDF propaganda. Shut your big mouth please. Having Information about something and knowing
    something is very different. Don't pour every information you got in google,
    check the situation in the ground and then we can talk ....but I better not to talk to a self blinded puppet who works for the well-being of a bandit betraying the people as whole. You really are a negative energy and I better

    ....... 2:14 p.m., Monday Nov. 25"

    1) He said he challened me... i fail to see where... 2, you said from 2009 …. "Meskin 2 days ago

    Really good news though this is a kind of a problem persisted since 2009"

    ..... so i gave you information from the year you stated

    3) i'm not an *admin* but thank you very much

    "a member" yes i'm a member of the Eritrean people. how about you?

    4) i don't even get this .."from google which the HGDF has used(for it own.... )" so are you saying Eritrea somehow has an influence within Google or that a US Company somehow want to show Eritrea in a good light, as if its developing ... even though the government spend billions to make Eritrea look bad... ammm i do not know what planet you live in or what you smoking but you seem to be high...

    5) you need to explain this further as my small head can't understand your
    immense logic..."Having Information about something and knowing something
    is very different."

    6) So if you are in Eritrea as you say… are you working with those diseases,
    (UNDP, EU..) you know as a rat and
    snakes .. house nigger (in other words)
    selling & undermining the country from with in…

    6)"...check who has thrown vulgar words first" ... ok check i called you with the name you choose, only adding 'Behqi' so ended up being 'Behqi

    7)i try to give you a fare & unbiased discussion but with a clear indication where i stand, clearly justifying for my stand... however you have failed to
    justifying and clarify your stand so please with all do respect …… i applaud
    you for having a fitting name...At list you are honest about that..

  32. yes we can!!!!!!
    Remember those called develope nation, that how they achieve their dreams. ERITREA is going in the right direction despite all odds. we must keep our preserveriance and move on

  33. Come on don't be a lair . The gouvernement is forcing people and there is no electrictin in asmara. Inbelevable never go there.


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