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Expecting ‘Catastrophe Protest’ in Asmara in 2018’: ENN on New Year (Part 4 and final)

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Expecting ‘Catastrophe Protest’ in Asmara in 2018’: ENN on New Year (Part 4 and final)

By Yosief Abraham Z

Flesh and blood doesn’t establish prudent family alone; what is then promise, what is meant taking an oath? Yes, conscience is the treasure of the mass. Thus, what is life, love, the meaning of the mass and country? Country is the hub of conscience, the path to life right.”

Renowned artist, Abraham Afewerki, from his song ‘HilNa’

“Throughout the history of this country, no major, no inbred, major fights have been seen between the regions or religions.”

Alemseghed Tesfay, prolific writer and historian, ‘Behind the Crisis: Eritrea’s Struggle to Survive’

Priorities of Nation

The priorities to Eritreans in home, among others, are escalating employment opportunities, returning the nation to legal trading and commerce guidelines, widening political deliberations with nationals on wide scopes, coping incidents of corrupted ideologies and skewed campaigns against citizens unity, addressing post-global immigration phenomenon, investing more on youth, their current and future prospective.

Armoring efforts to hold participants of, directly and indirectly, the human trafficking gloom responsible for their notorious acts, ensuring residence opportunities, securing water and food supplies…are the priorities the nation expects to witness at full wing. Therefore, exploiting to one hour incident of a small school gatherings for clarification on educational proclamation into ‘exotic’ incident gave us one fact: quarters that want to see divided Eritrea, dismantled economy and elongated pains of Eritrea, are endless in color of their ‘advocacies’ movements but one at aim: destabilizing Eritrea.

Media Role

One of the weaknesses of Asmara is abandoning not to classify real identities of individuals who are back rolling such incidents for their own individual benefits thereby to improve tarnished images. Though this seems joining the hot media squabbles domain relentlessly, but in time of critical incidents, separating the fabricated one from the real, the causes from effects, the emotion from comprehension, is must and respectable.

Since it is apparent that all individuals in the new-fashioned ‘political opposition quarters’ are there just for purpose of better to have something than nothing, our media role has to be improved. As we know all those who are driving animosity campaign, responding after every hyped media coverage is not purposeful and resultant. However, establishing one media body from Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Information, PFDJ, diplomatic missions of Eritrea and from communities in diaspora, is mandatory thereby to fight such notorious campaigns against citizens in the country.

Novice Politicians

We are passing through a mesmerizing stage where many ‘novice politicians’ are corrupting the meaning of politics. Hence then, in the past one decade especially, we have witnessed ‘politicians’ who cajoled at patriotism of the Eritrean society and replaced it with idolizing ‘opposition leaders.’ We testified when legendary figures of the society are in substitution by shallow-minding activists, a stage where no one thinks about the society, his challenges and opportunities.

Therefore, if we are not we, then who would be meticulously careful about the society? Addressing the hearing-impaired association challenges, helping with the vision-challenged citizens union and schools for them, dealing with basic need of the disable citizens, among others, have to be our responsibility. What about volunteering in fields of education and efforts for reshaping the new generations’ psyche of confidence and stability?

At last, ENN or other Medias’ hype on Asmara’s 31 October 2017 event, are part of the deep-anchored missions of destabilizing the nation and exacerbating pains of the Eritrean society. Undoubtedly, the event has highlighted more identities of the kaleidoscopic enemies rather than shaking the nation inside the country.
Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist and Excecutive Director of HorMid Media and Art Center. You can contact him at

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