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Italian Navy Warship to Dock in Eritrea

Italian naval warship Carabiniere

Italian navy warship docks in Abu Dhabi

By Sami Zaatari | Gulfnews

Abu Dhabi: The Italian naval warship Carabiniere docked in Abu Dhabi on Monday, where it will remain until Friday before shipping out to Eritrea and then back to Italy.

The naval vessel which was commissioned into service for the Italian Navy in 2015, is one of the country’s newest and advanced warships, and is equipped with combat systems that allow it to take part in counter-terrorism operations, maritime surveillance, and tackling the illegal human trafficking trade.

Prior to visiting Abu Dhabi, the Carabiniere already stopped at several other countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

The Carabiniere which is operated by at least 168 crew members is visiting the UAE fresh off its South-East Asia and Australia naval campaign, which started in December last year. The goal of that campaign along with its recent visit to the UAE was launched with the aim of strengthening cooperation between countries in the areas of maritime safety and surveillance.

Other naval operations the Carabiniere took part in included Operation Atalanta, a mission to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia and to protect ships from the threat of Somali pirates. It also took part in Operation Active Endeavour, an operation carried out in the Mediterranean Sea to protect ships from terrorist attacks, and to stop the transport of illegal arms.

Key facts about the Carabiniere
Length: 144 metres
Beam: 19.7 metres
Hybrid propulsion: 1 turbine - 32 megawatts, 2 diesel-electrical - 2.15 megawatts
Speed: Up to 27 knots
Power supply system: 4 diesel generator - 2.1 megawatts
Crew: 168 military personnel, 18 officers, 70 petty officers and 80 sailors
8 launchers for long-range anti-ship missiles and the combined
missile/torpedo for anti-submarine warfare
System anti-aircraft short-range
Infrared system to discover and track
Combat management system
Integrated electronic warfare system R-ESM, R-ECM and CESM;
Helicopters: 1 EH 101 and 1 SH 90 with helicopters handling system
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