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[Video] "Africa is proud of YPFDJ" Professor Iqbal Jhazbhay

By Eritrea Embassy Media

Eritrea's youth YPFDJ diaspora, are the best organised and disciplined Africa diaspora networks and indeed a proud asset to the African Union and to our beloved Continent says, former Ambassador of South Africa, to the State of Eritrea, Prof Iqbal Jhazbhay, on Sunday 16th April 2017 in Holland.


By Elias Amare‏

More evidence emerges implicating Dutch government in violent disruption of YPFDJ Eritrea youth movement's conference in Veldhoven, the Netherlands on 13 April, 2017.

One of the main organizers of this violent disruption by hooligans is a man called Kubrom Dafla Hosabay, who is a junior accomplice of the Dutch woman, Mirjam van Reisen, a self-proclaimed "Eritrea expert", but in reality an anti-Eritrea regime-change activist/operative.

On 13 April, 2017 at 10:08 AM, hours before the violent disruption by some 30 hooligans, Kubrom Dafla Hosabay wrote the following post in Tigirnya on his Facebook timeline, which I have translated into English:

"This call is to those living in Holland, especially those in vicinity of Eindhoven, to go to the conference place at Veldhoven today. Our going there is the only precondition to close or block the conference. The city administration [of Veldhoven] and the [Dutch] central government is waiting for our opposition. In order to close down the conference they need our opposition. The press and media have all flocked there. This is a historical opportunity that we must not lose. Those in the vicinity of Eindhoven should be at the place ahead of us at 2:00 [PM]. And we shall catch up there later. There's no other preparation needed. Many "justice seekers" from all over the world are giving us money and morale support for going to Veldhoven. The media and the government are sympathetic with us. Disseminate my message widely through Facebook and Twitter. Make phone calls to remind those in Holland. Call all people you know."

This means the Dutch authorities had prior knowledge of the violent disruption.

Here is also a YouTube video message uploaded on April 9th by the same man, Kubrom Dafla, essentially calling for violent disruption of the upcoming Eritrean youth conference on April 13.

Accordingly, about 30 violent disrupters gathered at the appointed time in the hours of afternoon on April 13th in front of the hotel which was the venue for the 13th YPFDJ Eritrean youth movement conference. The 650 conference participants vastly outnumbered the 30 or so hooligans. Some of the conference participants were attacked by the hooligans and openly threatened with vulgar violent language. The hooligans kept shouting "ኣቱም ደቂ ሸ*^ጣ: ክንቀትለኩም ኢና" (you sons of whores, we are going yo kill you) as Dutch police stood by and watched even though there were plenty of them. Watch this brief video reportage:

Despite all these hostile and violent attacks and threats, the peaceful YPFDJ conference participants remained disciplined and would not be provoked by the violence. Instead they continued with their conference on the 14th April.

Paradoxically, inverting the victim and aggressor, the mayor of Veldhoven, Jack Mikkers, banned the peaceful legally-approved conference of the YPFDJ, while the violent hooligans were let off after brief detention without any charges. Such is the travesty of Dutch justice.

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