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TPLF: The Art of Re-branding Pilot as Senay Gebremedhin.

Senay Gebremedhin, TPLF's latest mouthpiece. 

TPLF: The Art of Re-branding Pilot as Senay Gebremedhin.

By Abel Kebedom

When Berhe Desta (Aka Pilot) started speaking about the ills of EPLF through TPLF financed radio stations, it was clear that a new TPLF propaganda strategy was in the making. In its new propaganda strategy TPLF tried to use pilot not only to black mail the government of Eritrea, but also to undermine the values and cultural inheritances of the Eritrean society that sustains their cohesiveness and unity. In return for his resettlement to a third country Pilot was given three assignments by his TPLF handlers. The assignments were: (1) undermine the role of Eritrean women in the struggle for liberation, (2) provide evidence that supports TPLF’s leaders repeated claim that EPLF could not be trusted and one day will betray the Eritrean people, and (3) glorify the contributions of TPLF to the liberation of Eritrea. Although the last two assignments were commonly repeated TPLF talking points, Pilot added another talking point to the game. Every Eritrean, and for that matter TPLF, knows the heroic contribution of Eritrean women to the struggle for independence. Then why did TPLF want to target the Eritrean women fighters using Pilot. Well the answer is complicated. TPLF’s long term goal is to weaken Eritrea and make it another Somalia. To achieve that goal TPLF had to target and trash the Eritrean women fighters who are the symbols of Eritrean resistance, unity and bravery.

Pilot’s commitment to TPLF did not stop in there. After he moved to Europe, TPLF made him recruiter and financier in chief of unsuspecting Eritreans who thought they were struggling for Eritrea. About six months ago, when the TPLF financed “Simerr Paltalk” was in turmoil, it was clear that pilot’s covert activities were about to be unmasked. The reason for that turmoil was because some unsuspecting members of the pal talk found out that $5000 was deposited to their bank account without their knowledge. When the news leaked, it was discovered that a Woyane operative by the name Berhe Desta “Aka Pilot” was in fact the one who brought the money from TPLF and incentivized those who performed well in the pal talk. With the revelation of such important information, TPLF knew that Pilot’s Shelf life was nearing to an end. It is in the backdrop of such very important incident that TPLF is trying to re-brand Senay Gebremedhin as the new pilot.

For your information Senay Gebremedhin is a deportee from Ethiopia who was a journalist working for the Eritrean ministry of information. He fled to Ethiopia about 15 years ago and latter resettled to a third country. You may ask, if his story is fifteen years old and does not reflect what is currently happening in Eritrea, why is TPLF bringing him back to the propaganda seen? Well with the Ethiopian struggle for freedom is intensifying, TPLF thought Senay’s previous work with the Ethiopian opposition groups in Eritrea as a government journalist might be useful to disseminate diversionary propaganda. On that account, during his recent interview with the SBS radio Senay Gebremedian released the following lies.

About Fisseha Hailemariam.

Senay explained that he knew how the former popular TPDM chairman, Fisseha Hailemariam, was killed in Eritrea. Per Senay’s testimony, Fisseha was killed because of his independence view. When asked how he was killed, he mentioned that an Eritrean soldier, who asked Fisseha for a ride, killed him on his way from Tessenney to Barentu. In here, it becomes clear that Senay is picking the story that fits to the TPLF propaganda narrative only. As a journalist, I strongly believe that, Senay also knows that as soon as the Eritrean government found out Fisseha was killed, it provided an amber alert notice to all army units and militia about the incident and ordered them to pay attention to anyone who was attempting to cross to Sudan and Ethiopia. Luckily Fisseha’s TPLF’s sent killer was caught by Eritrean militia while he was trying to cross to Ethiopia. Latter it was discovered that he was mentally incompetent individual who was used by TPLF operatives. Then, why is Senay hiding this very important information. Well, it is because it does not fit to the TPLF propaganda narrative that the government of Eritrea killed Fisseha Hailemariam.

In a related case, Senay explains that TPDM soldiers often participate in rounding Eritrean draft dodgers in Asmara and patrol Eritrean borders. Mind you, Molla Asgedom in his interview that he gave after he defected to Ethiopia unambiguously denied that TPDM soldiers participate in such activities. In fact, Molla made it clear that even when they accidentally came across Eritrean desserts during their operations in Ethiopia they never caught them and handed them to the government of Eritrea. Thus, Senay is lying about this issue.

Break of the North Show Front.

To highlight the contribution of the Amhara people in overthrowing the Mengistu Hailemariam government about 25 years ago, Sanay mentioned that when TPLF army abandoned the North Showa front the Amhara people kept it intact. I want to make clear to the reader that my objective is not to undermine the struggle of the Northern Showa people. The intention is to unmask the sinister agenda of Senay Gebremedhin. In here, Senay is trying to hide one very important truth. When TPLF army abandoned the Northern Showa front and flocked back to Tigray, it was the EPLF units that were supporting the TPLF army that kept the Northern Showa front intact and repulsed Ethiopia’s army unrelenting and sustained attacks. Then why is Senay trying to hide the truth and rewrite history? Well, it is public truth that TPLF often tries to minimize the contribution of EPLF in liberating Ethiopia. That is why Sanay is working hard to create a story that fits to that propaganda narrative.

About The Amiche.

In his crusade to rewrite history, Senay tried to misrepresent the contributions of nationalistic Eritreans who were born and raised in Ethiopia and later came to Eritrea. Senay wants us to believe that the Amitche name was given to people like him who were expelled from Ethiopia only. He was wrong. The amiche’s are those who willingly came to Eritrea right after independence and went to Sawa during successive training rounds and gave their sweat and life to the defense of the country in Badme, Tsorona, Zalambesa and Assab, just a few to mention. Hence his attempt to characterize the Amche’s as whiners who often talked about their life in Ethiopia was a pure propaganda. The truth is Amche’s are as nationalistic as any Eritrean who stood side by side with their brothers and sisters to repulse the TPLF aggression. On that account Senay’s Sinister agenda to wage a division among Eritreans has no merits.

About the Ethiopian struggle for freedom.

There is no question that the Ethiopian struggle to eradicate the TPLF regime and establish a truly democratic Ethiopia is going to be full of challenges. Accordingly, Ethiopians are going to need to work together to meet the challenges they are facing. However, like in any other struggle for freedom, division among Ethiopians still exists and remains a grime realty. That is where TPLF’s sees Senay’s role important. Senay is keen to wage a war between Ethiopians of different denominations and ultimately separate them from the opposition groups that represent them. He wants to dismiss the opposition as groups nothing more than Isaias’s body guards. The bad news for Sanay is it is too late for his work on behalf of TPLF to have an impact on the progress of Ethiopian opposition groups. If he did not hear it yet, the struggle to remove TPLF from power has already moved from Eritrea to Ethiopia.


In their work on behalf of TPLF, Pilot and Senay, are missing one very important point. The conflict between TPLF and the people of Eritrea is not anchored on tribalism or ideology. It is about national sovereignty. It is about an occupying force that wants to keep sovereign Eritrean territories under its control and Eritreans who are struggling to bring back what belongs to them. Hence anyone who claims to be an Eritrean and sidelines such important fact and tries to muddy it with irrelevant lies and innuendos has no impact on Eritrean steadfastness and determination to safeguard their hard-earned sovereignty what so over. The Eritrean and Ethiopian people relationship is historical. However, that relationship can be maintained and last long only when each of them respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the other. That is why the removal of the TPLF from power is a common Eritrean and Ethiopian agenda.

Victory to the Masses.
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