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[Video] Yemane Ghebreab slams TPLF regime, makes Oromo protest sign at UN

During the Third Committee at the UN General Assembly, Yemane Ghebreab, Presidential Adviser and Head of Political Affairs for the ruling PFDJ, slammed the TPLF regime and exposed the UN's hypocrisy in allowing Ethiopia - Africa's worst violator of human rights - to get away without any condemnation.

The following is transcript of Yemane's speech:

Thank you madam chair

I wish on behalf of Eritrea to thank the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), it's chair Venezuela and all those countries that spoke on the bases of principle. Eritrea appreciates your solidarity and support.

To those who made unsubstantiated allegations and unfair accusations against Eritrea, I would like to say please review your views, adjust your views and engage in Eritrea in positive and constructive cooperation. And please stop double standards in dealing with the issues of human rights.

I have a simple comment for Ethiopia. You should be the last country to speak about human rights. Ethiopia should be hiding its head here, not speaking about human rights violations in Eritrea. This is a country that is committing gross violations of human rights, committing crimes against humanity, has massacred thousands of people, has imprisoned tens of thousands. This is a country where making a simple sign of  protest like this x is considered a crime, where watching independent media stations and accessing Facebook is punishable by 5 years imprisonment. This is a country that has declared marshal law, that is being ruled by a command post. And it is sad that this forum is discussing Eritrea and not Ethiopia.

I feel sad to make these comments. But I feel obliged to make them just to expose the double standards this forum is dealing with.

But more importantly, I would like to reaffirm and uphold the position of NAM.

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