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Videos and photos of new construction projects in Eritrea

The following videos and photos are some of the development projects taking place in Eritrea:

Massawa Housing Project

The Massawa Housing Project is close to completion with some of the buildings are being ready for occupancy.

Minor criticism: We all love development in Eritrea because we know it creates jobs, advances the economy and improves the quality of life for the people. That being said, we should stop creating these apartment/condo blocks that all look the same. We already have Sembel housing complex and the other housing project in Massawa and now this new Massawa project building design appear to be similar to the previous two. What is this, a Tigrinya beat? Same style for everything? No more buildings that lack architectural enthusiasm. Moving forward, let's try to develop Eritrea with style.

Video Credit: RedSeaLove

Massawa Trade Zone

Construction of the Massawa Trade Zone is in full swing.

The following is article written in 2010 by China Daily on the project:

A core pillar of Eritrea's modern economic policy is the setting up of new free trade zones that will generate fiscal growth, create jobs, boost government revenue and raise the country's profile on the global stage.

With a strategic location on international shipping lanes, Eritrea offers exporters and investors easy access to foreign markets, with up to 40,000 cargo ships a year - carrying some 700 million tons of cargo - passing close to its coast.

In order to capitalize on these commercial opportunities, Eritrea is building a series of modern free trade zones comprising factories, warehouses, offices, roads, airports and transport facilities. The first free trade zone will commence operations shortly at Massawa after the government invested millions of dollars in the transformation of 5,000 hectares of land next to a former naval base.

Chinese enterprises are among the foreign firms that will be based there and benefit from a tax-free environment in which no direct or indirect taxes are paid on sales or profits.

A second facility at Assab will open later this year and officials have plans for similar developments across the country, including one focused on agro-businesses near the border with Sudan.

The 'multiplier' effect

According to Eritrea Free Zones Authority CEO, Araia Tseggai, the free trade zones will stoke the economy through the "multiplier" effect of employment, training and education opportunities and act as a magnet for foreign investors.

"We feel they are a good place for Chinese companies to secure and buy resources from Eritrea, process them there and take them to China or use them for their own purposes anywhere in the world," he said.

"Looking ahead to the imminent openings of the new free trade zones at Massawa and Assab, Tseggai emphasized the importance of Eritrea's location in the Horn of Africa and revealed that while the Massawa facility will focus on manufacturing, the sister zone at Assab will be aimed at transshipment-related operations and services.

"Cargo ships are always passing and this element is crucial as most of the shipping firms will end up stopping here and picking up their produce to wherever they are going," he said.

"Chinese enterprises always carry out relatively large projects so if the Chinese start up businesses and logistical operations here it will be very important for our current and future operations as they are significant investors."

A leading figure in Eritrea's import and export sector - and an organization that is sure to benefit from the presence of the free trade zones - is the government-owned Red Sea Trading Corporation.

Photo credit: RedSeaLove

Asmara Housing Project Update

Based on the latest videos available, construction seems on hold for the Asmara Housing Project. If this is the case, then it could be because the government is prioritizing dam constructions over housing development. Still, the government should avoid prolonging this project since it guaranteed stakeholders it would take a priority.

Info on the project:

The 2013 Asmara Housing Project is a pilot project that is being developed in Sembel, Halibet and Space 2001 districts of Asmara. The multi million dollar project is financed by the Housing and Commerce Bank of Eritrea and will consist of 1,680 modern homes and shops (1,048 apartments, 376 residential houses and 256 buildings for businesses).

According to President Isaias Afwerki, the pilot project is a "precursor of a comprehensive urban and rural national housing scheme for the years to come."

Similar housing projects will be built in Massawa, Mendefera, Keren, Assab, and Aligeder (west of Teseney).

Demas dam

Eritrea has started construction of Demas dam. Located around 3 kilometers away from Gahtelay, the dam is going to be the 2nd largest dam in Eritrea in terms of its water holding capacity, according to Hizbawi Menghisteab.

Photos of the Demas dam are courtesy of Mehretab Medhanie. Click to enlarge photos

Construction of Adi Halo Dam Completed

Construction of Adi Halo dam, one of the largest dams in Eritrea, is complete. Congratulation to the people and government of Eritrea. Job well done!

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