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[Video] Introducing New U.S. Chief of Mission to Eritrea

By US Embassy Asmara

Meet Natalie Brown, the new U.S. Chief of Mission to Eritrea. Natalie Brown is honored to serve as the United States Chief of Mission to Eritrea. Throughout her career as a diplomat, she has worked to advance democratic values, enhance peace and security, promote economic prosperity and encourage the education and societal participation of women and girls. She is looking forward to sharing Eritrea’s rich culture and history.


By Elias Amare

On this International Peace Day, welcome to Eritrea, Ms Natalie Brown, the new US Chief of Mission to Eritrea. Having extended the welcoming hand of peace, however, as one of the tens of thousands of Eritrean Americans, I would be remiss if I don't remind you that there can never be peace without justice. Sadly, in this regard the US government is failing abysmally in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and the entire Horn of Africa region due to its misguided policy. With regards to Eritrea, there are two fundamental issues on which the US need to take immediate remedial action to bring peace:

1) Immediate and full implementation of the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) decision of 13 April 2002. End the illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories by the Ethiopian regime. The US can use its leverage to push Ethiopia to abide by the "final and binding" EEBC decision in accordance accordance to the Algiers Comprehensive Peace Agreement it signed. As a reminder, the US was the sole author of the Algiers peace treaty and its guarantor and witness. The US subsidizes the dictatorial Ethiopian regime to the tune of billions of dollars annually. So, it has tremendous leverage there.

2) By now, it has become clear to all that the 2009 and 2011 sanctions imposed on Eritrea at the UN Security Council were done so based on fabricated intelligence, i.e. LIES. As many credible analysts, including former US Assistant Secretary of State Ambassador Herman Cohen, have pointed out, and as Wikileaks cables have amply exposed, the US and ,of course, Ethiopia, were the key architects of these illegitimate and unjust sanctions. End this cruel sanctions which are hurting our people.

I assure you that once these two fundamental impediments to peace and justice are resolved, there will be a blossoming of good and friendly US-Eritrea relations. But the reset button towards this friendly relations is in the hands of the US.

Again, welcome to Eritrea and I hope you enjoy your stay in our peaceful and friendly country of origin.
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