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U.S. Implicated in the Horrific Sniper killings of Innocent Women and Children in Ethiopia.

U.S. soldier training Ethiopian soldiers

U.S. Implicated in the Horrific Sniper killings of Innocent Women and Children in Ethiopia.

By Abel Kebedom

By now it is a public knowledge that the Minority Tigrean regime in Ethiopia has been killing hundreds of Ethiopian women and children in the streets of Ethiopia in a very gruesome way without a shred of accountability. So far no Television crew was allowed to investigate and document these extrajudicial executions of the Ethiopian women and children. Western Television Media such as CNN that are quick to report minor incidents that happened around the world have not aired a single news on the massive and widespread killings currently happening in Ethiopia. However, thanks to technology, the cellphone pictures coming out of Ethiopia are disturbing to say the least. Women and children’s corpses littered on the ground, helpless young protesters shot by mysterious weapons lying on the streets and peaceful protesters being kicked in the head by multiple Bataan wielding angry Tigrean Agazi solders are among the horrific seen in the streets of Ethiopia.

Recent expert testimony to the Ethiopian Satellite Television ( indicated that most of the protesters in Ethiopia have been killed by a Dangerous Sniper Called Dragnove SVD NDM-86. The expert, Lieutenant Colonel Mamo Lema, who was an experienced high military officer during the Ethiopian Mengistu regime, presented several evidences to support his testimony. He indicated that what the Tigrai Minority Regime in Ethiopia is doing to Ethiopian women and children protesters is worse than what ISIS in Libya did to a group of Ethiopian Christians. The difference is ISIS used knife to decapitate Ethiopian Christians and the Tigray Minority Regime in the cities of Ethiopia is using snipers to kill Ethiopians women and children.

The expert also indicated that the TPLF Sniper killers may have been trained by the U.S. for counter Terrorism purposes. To support his testimony, he presented a picture that shows Ethiopian solders being trained by American Solders on the Use of Dragnove SVD NDM-86 snipers. What is interesting is the U.S. that may have already known about the sniper killings of innocent Ethiopian civilians by the Minority regime in Ethiopia never said even a single word about the horrific situation. But the sniper issue is by no means the only incident that links the U.S. to the Tigrai Minority regime’s extrajudicial executions of civilians in Ethiopia. In 1997 the Ethiopian government used U.S. provided military vehicles to chase and kill Ethiopian protesters in the center of the capital city and consequently 200 people were killed. In 1998-2000 the Ethiopian government used IMF and world bank funds that were allocated for development projects in Ethiopia to buy arms. In 2002 despite of the UN Arms Export Embargo laid on North Korea the Ethiopian government was allowed to import arms from North Korea with no repercussions from the United Nations Security Council. Such incidents could not have happened without the knowledge of the U.S. Administration. That shows the U.S, government may be indirectly contributing to the killing of innocent civilians in Ethiopia.

The killing of Ethiopian innocent protesters is very chilling and incomprehensible. According to the expert, the killers should be very trusted members of the Agazi special force mainly made up of Tigrean citizens. When asked how a soldier could kill innocent women and children inside a city using a sniper, he explained that he did not think these were solders. He called them Mercenaries who have deep hatred on the Ethiopian Oromo and Amhara people. He said as a soldier he had been through so many bad and challenging experiences, but he never seen a government that uses snipers to kill women and children who are unarmed civilians. Even after a heated war, soldiers who were angry and showed a tendency of revenge on civilians are often warned by their colleagues for trying to harm innocent civilians. He warned that what is happening in Ethiopia is very systematic and purposeful and as the protests drug on the sniper killing may increase. Hence he gave plenty of information on how people could identify the sniper killers who are often located on high rising buildings and take precautionary measures to protect themselves from harm. He said when a government that is entrusted to protect the people turns out a killer the final outcome is very dangerous. Hence he asked his Ethiopian compatriots not be afraid but be careful.

He also indicated that the sniper killing operation could be a top guarded secret led by a regime trusted loyalists, who are often Tigreans, and the vast majority of Ethiopian soldiers who are stationed in the country’s borders may have not known about what is happening in the cities of Ethiopia. Hence he warned and asked the Ethiopian armed forces to stop the extrajudicial killings of the Tigrean Agazi Solders of the Ethiopian women and children before things take an ethnic dimension.

Recently the Tigrean Minority regime in Ethiopia rejected the United Nations Human Rights Commission request to get access to Ethiopia and investigate the gruesome pictures coming out of the country. However, the Ethiopian government rejected the request saying that in the end it is the government that is responsible to the people of Ethiopia to investigate the killings. It is foolish to believe that a government that deploys dangerous snipers to kill civilians will investigate the killings. However due to the protection it gets from the U.S. it also knows that it will not face any pressure from the international community to stop the extrajudicial killing. If you are ready to be a U.S. messenger, you are protected against any scrutiny by the international community. Even killing innocent women and Children. Sadly, that makes the U.S. a party to the killing of innocent women and children in Ethiopia.

Victory to the Masses.

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