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Eritrean opposition member accuses Meron Estifanos of committing treason

Meron Estifanos (right) with another Ethiopianist, Selam Kidane (center).

Editor's note: The vast majority of the so-called Eritrean opposition is a decaying group filled with religious terrorists, regionalists, ethnocentrists, Ethiopianists, and opportunists. Despite their differences and hatred for one another, they are united by one thing: their unshakable loyalty to the Ethiopian (TPLF) dictatorship. But once in a while, a few of these opposition members take off their tinfoil hats to call a spade a spade like Abel does below. Although his views of Eritrea's government show how out of touch he is with the reality of Eritrea, he does raise a valid point that Meron Estifanos, who is alleged to be the daughter of a former Ethiopian Derg soldier, committed treason by defending Ethiopia's (TPLF's) recent invasion of Eritrea. 

Meron Estifanos, Confusing Treason with Opposition !!

We Eritreans have faced very challenging times throughout out our history. At a time when the world categorized the Eritrean struggle as dormant conflict with no chance of success, the Eritrean gallant fighters made a miracle and bestowed us with full-fledged independence. Yet what followed after independence is not something to brag about. Part of the leadership that brought the hard won independence wanted to keep power at any cost. It used force to make sure that things have been going the way it wants them to go. That created a rift between the leadership and the people of Eritrea and the dear sacrifice that secured the independence of Eritrea has not able to materialize the hopes and wishes of the Eritrean people to live in peace and prosperity.

The front that fought for independence and was considered unique force was turned to be the worst repressive regime in the land of Africa. However, although the government deserves the major share of the blame for what is happening to Eritrea, it is foolish not to recognize the contributing factors. After TPLF achieved the full control of Ethiopia, with the help of EPLF, it was clear that Eritrea was the next target.

Recently the former Ethiopia’s Air force General, Abebe Teklehaimanot, clearly stated that after TPLF controlled Ethiopia in 1991, major power holders in the TPLF junta like Siye Abraha, Gebru Asrat, Tewolde Gebremariam and others have shared his view about the need for Ethiopia to have access to the sea. That is the reason now why Ethiopia does not want to accept the boundary commission and work to its implementation. For TPLF accepting the EEBC decision and allowing its implementation means abdicating its claim to have access to the sea. That is the source of the no war no peace policy that has been going for almost 15 years.

Hence coupled with the problems in our leadership, there is a big problem that is a threat to our national security and territorial integrity of our country. In the mid of the two unfavourable situations that I tried to explain before the repressive and uneven handed approach of the Eritrean government has created a proliferation of opposition groups with different agendas and missions. Although opposing a repressive and despotic government is a heroic and noble deed, some opposition members tend to forget that they are Eritreans first and opposition second. At a time, Eritrean defence forces are battling an Enemy that is threatening to take the town of Tserona, Meron Estifanos was quick to contact the New York Times and accuse Eritrea for starting the war.

Meron did not even want to wait until the blood of our sisters and brothers dries up. That shows Meron does not have any feeling of being an Eritrean. She sees only one thing. The power and prestige that comes with associating herself with personalities that will help her to elevate her name at the cost of Eritrean fresh blood. Her name being mentioned in the New York Times is one of them. In her argument as to why Eritrea could have been the one that started the war, she said because things were going the way Ethiopians wanted them to go there was no reason for them to start the war.

Meron’s argument goes counter to the different threats that we have been hearing from the leaders of Ethiopia including the symbolic prime minster. Didn’t we hear Getachew Reda threatening Eritrea with war? Didn’t we hear the prime minister telling its fake parliament that Ethiopia would take a proportional action against Eritrea?

Obviously Meron is more Ethiopian than the prime Minster and the Information Minster and saw the need to coming to their defence by jumping into the New York times through JEFFREY GETTLEMAN. I am not surprised because for those who did not notice Meron was the only “Eritrean” who was invited to give a speech to the security conference organized by TPLF in Bahirdar a couple of years ago. That explains the relationship between TPLF and Meron. The problem with the Eritrean opposition group is, it is filled with people who have identity crisis and could not see the difference between them becoming and Eritrean and an opposition group. This flaw is mainly filled with conflict of interest and an ambition to make a career at the cost of the Eritrean people.

We true Eritreans may not like what Isaias and his henchmen are doing to the country and its people. Yet when it comes to the national security of the country we stand with our gallant defence forces. This is not unique to Eritreans and Meron should have known better. She should have known that the Army that is fighting to occupy Tserona is the Army occupying Badme and other sovereign territories. Hence anyone who claims to be an Eritrean could not backstab our gallant defence forces at a time when they are shedding their blood to keep the enemy away from the land of Eritrea. As to Meron she might have an Eritrean blood but does not have what it takes to be an Eritrean and she will continue working for the enemies and advancing her self-interest. When the dust settles down she could be the first one to recognize that what she is doing is not opposition but treason.

Awet N’ Hafash Zele Alemawi Zikri

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