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18 too many martyred protecting Eritrea

Eritrean soldiers celebrate the country's anniversary of independence from Ethiopia May 23, 2000.

By Michael  Seium

“In the Hebrew system of the numerical value of words, the Hebrew word for life (chai) has the value of 18. This makes 18 a favorable number as it indicates hopes of a long life.” I write this article because the number 18 in Eritrea’s history is very well documented and has contributed to “hopes of a long life” as the quote above says. While accusing Eritrea of baseless accusations in an attempt to create chaos the international community is once again engaged in having to listen to a fabrication that has been created in the name of human rights. Meanwhile, A war was waged once again on Eritrea on June 12th, 2016. This war is unnecessary and it took the lives of 18 Eritrean heroes along with the many enemy casualties whose leadership is the responsible party for the damage.

18 people who stood strong in the face of adversity and fought for the freedom that Eritrea enjoys as a nation. Coincidently, June 20th, 2016 also happened to be the day Eritreans remember their fallen. Who in their right mind would have thought that 18 Eritreans would join the many other fallen just a couple of weeks ago? This is a lesson for every Eritrean that even one “LIFE” is too valuable and worth a lot more than many other places. It was common to hear the words “hade kindi sheh” during the struggle years for Eritrean independence. Loosely translated “One life worth thousands”. The loss of these 18 young soldiers truly has a huge impact and must be a driving force for every responsible Eritrean to stand and defend Eritrea with every breath of your life.

In defiance and in just 18 minutes Eritrean commandos sneaked into a highly guarded Air force base of another dying regime in Asmara and destroyed aircrafts that were to be used to bomb innocent civilians. In 18 minutes with “1” life out of 14 commandos whose memory to this day we cherish a heroic act took place, clearly indicating that one life is too many for Eritrea. So to those who attempt to leave their country and to those who don’t cherish Precious “LIFE” the only solution is to help build and defend your country which continues to face illegal sanctions, fake reports of human rights and an illegally occupied border that can cause more losses of life like our 18 heroes who gave their lives while defending their nation.

On a personal note, I may not have known these 18 but I want to thank you for defending what is so precious. May your souls rest in peace. To all other EDF (Eritrean Defense Forces) members, thank you for standing strong and maintaining the integrity of our nation which is going through some trying times at the moment.

Zelalemawi Zikri swatna!
Awet N’ Hafash
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