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Human Rights is Cherished in Eritrea

Eritrean demonstrators denouncing the politically motivated COIE report and condemning Ethiopia's occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories. June 21, 2016

The commission of Inquiry on Eritrea has preposterously declared that “widespread” Human rights abuses have been committed in Eritrea for the past 25 years and the case should be referred to the International Criminal Court. The report is flowed as it didn’t follow proper research methodology. The design, sampling techniques used were flowed. Out of 7 million Eritrean nationals 500 refugees and asylum seekers were selected as a sample. One wonders how many of these 500 were Ethiopians born in Eritrea holding Eritrean ID claiming as Eritreans. Unlike what the COI reports; Eritrea is a nation that respects Human rights; a nation where nine ethnic groups live in total harmony; people elect their local governors, social justice and self reliance are the prime drivers of economic growth. Women’s equal right is recognized, Where Muslims and Christians live in total peace and tranquility.

The UN has never been fair to Eritrea. The historical injudicious and unjust policies undertaken by the UN and treatment of Eritrea have been fraught and laden with injustice. Denying Eritrea its right to independence, not holding Ethiopia to its international obligation and the unjust sanction are historical facts that the UN relation towards Eritrea continues to be fraught and laden with injustice.

The division that the UN is most proud of is the Human Rights section which supposedly provides universal and internationally protected code of human rights. A broad range internationally accepted rights; economic, social, cultural as well as civil and political rights. One of the achievements of the United Nations is the creation of Human Rights Law inclusive of economic, social, cultural as well as political and civil rights. In agreement with the UN Eritrea believes that People have certain natural and irreversible rights; that all human have the rights to health, food, employment and equal distribution of national wealth. As such in Eritrea you have the right to free education, free health care, and free land to farm and build your house, equal distribution of National wealth and social

Rights are based on law from real laws come real rights, accepting and being governed by law is part and the essence of being an Eritrean. One need’s to ask what from a practical perspective is really happening, is UN enforcing its law? we need to see the proof in action, not in verbiage. Glancing around our world we can find countries that have most awful records on human rights yet have not been labeled as such. Addis Ababa, Lagos, Nairobi, and many other major cities are littered with homeless children and millions of their citizens sleeping on the street neglected of their economic rights. Many of the urban cities of Africa are known for their teenage prostitute in violation of their basic natural rights. Ethnic discrimination and warfare is rampant in Africa and young activist are gunned down. Natural wealth is exploited with no benefit to the indigenous population. Famine and hunger are the major cause of death where 15 million Ethiopians are in danger of starvation. Mali and many other sub-Sahara countries are facing massive starvation while the African leaders live lavishly and wastefully. In Eritrea not a single person died of hunger. Syrians, Iraqis and Libyans are bombed, gunned down every day, over 7 million civilians from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have been displaced and seeking refugee all over the world. Burundi, Somalia, Mali, and Ethiopia are in political turmoil where their political leaders are gunned, imprisoned and their civilian population displaced. In Eritrea there are NO street children, NO teenage prostitution and no famine. Eritrea is in good economic prominence. The people live in peace and harmony. Eritrea is a country that has rich political and civic culture peace and harmony is the maxim and dictum of Eritrea.

One wanders why the UN has been unjust to a nation that has governed self so well? UN is not an independent organization it’s dictated by the USA. The USA has two major issues with Eritrea. First, Eritrea is known for its prime site in geostrategic terms. Controlling prime site of the Red Sea has for many years been the “golden jewel wish” of the United States. Eritrea is unwilling to serve as a surrogate to the interest of the USA. Secondly, the state department has in many ways stated that the primary enemy and antagonist of US world dominance are Third World Nationalist Governments. Such as Eritrea’s leaders that won’t allow foreign cooperation to exploit natural resources for minimal royalty. In Eritrea the rights of the indigenous population are supreme and the climate for foreign investment is on partnership and collaboration not on dominance and exploitation. Eritrea’s share of its mineral wealth is 50% or more unmatched by any African country.

Eritrea is prized as a bad example of good things by World Capitalist; a young nation and however feeble in foreign earning is growing economically and its economic and political independence has become a threat to Imperialist. If such a nation as young as Eritrea succeeds in bringing better life for its people why not nations that are ancient and have more resources. As Eritrea becomes economically advanced and politically independent others will follow and the whole of Africa will pursue an independent path *“the Domino Theory”* dangerous example that would inspire other nations. What the capitalist want is a system that genuflect to the needs of the few World billionaires.

Commission of Inquiry Eritrea is merely an extension of the historical injudicious and unjust policies undertaken by the UN to serve the interest of the “Big Powers”. Ill-advised and imprudent treatment of Eritrea will continue as fraught and laden with injustice for Eritrea’s refusal to be a proxy or surrogate state. The Eritrean Government and its people will not be deterred by the misguided, untruthful, politically motivated report; they will continue to do what they do best; focus on their desired goals and aspiration convert challenges into opportunities.
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