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Agent Dan Connell The Boss of the Sellout Eritreans

Dan Connell is alleged to be a former CIA agent 

By Yohannes Zetratsion | FFM Germany

This double faced Agent has left no stone unturned, to tarnish the blood bought freedom of the Eritrean people. But thank God to no avail. America works through double agents like Dan Connell, through NGOs, through Missionaries, through Information Technologies monopoly, to control the World in order to get hold of the resources of the world.

 It is no surprise that Agent Dan Connell and his sellouts are running like a mad dog who lost his master, from country to country, from Seminars to Seminars, from Interviews to interviews and from manservants to manservants, like WEYANE, to blemish Eritrea’s image and to harm the Eritrean People and Leadership.

Here I am trying to comment on only one statement, from the many lies he and his sellouts tried to tarnish Eritrea, the courageous Government of Eritrea been the main target of their conspiracy, in the article with the Title “Greater Ethiopianist Narrative on Eritrea" posted on DEHAI June 04,2016. Like I said, I am not going to quote all Dan Connell’s and his sellouts lies in the article but one.

This Agent says, I quote “…….UN Commission of Inquiry report about human rights abuses in Eritrea. According to him, abuses emanate from the system, which he says resembles Pinochet’s Chile…. where terror and fear were basically used to cow a population into submission.” I don’t bother to comment on these pure lies, because the realities on the ground in Eritrea is there for everybody to see. On the realities in Eritrea, read BBC’s Journalist Mary Harper’s recent Report on DEHAI of June 06, 2016.

What I still want to refute about this liar’s statement I quoted above is that Agents like Dan Connell and his sellouts like Paulos Tesf. Assefaw Tekest, Andebrehan Wold. M.Shengebe and others, take the whole people of the world and above all the gallant people of Eritrea, as fools and uneducated who don’t know history, who have no ability to analyse things and who have idea, what America looks like. Every educated and patriotic Eritrean is watching closely every step of these sellouts and their boss.

Therefore, coming back to Dan Connell’s statement, I would like to ask Dan Connell who killed Chile’s President Salvador Allende in 1973? Isn’t it CIA who killed him and by logical deduction, you Dan Connell, because you are in the CIA, way before 1970. In WIKIPEDIA, it is explained, I quote “Pinochet assumed power in Chile following a United States backed coup.” So who installed Pinochet in power? Whom do you want to glue to, the statement you made about Pinochet’s Chile…where terror and fear were basically used to cow a population into submission……..” Your narration never comes near to fit to Eritrea’s picture. Mr. Agent, do you understand what you are saying over Pinochet? So whom are you going to fool? Did you forget there are people who would catch you redhanded? Contrary to your bad image of Eritrea, Eritrea is a peaceful, lawful country and progressing day by day, been endowed with hard working people. Your country America is not as peaceful as Eritrea.

Dan Conell spreads lies about other countries, leaving the bad image of his country aside where there are 13,000,000 million prisoners, out of 250,000,000 population and 80 percent of those been Afro-american’s. Today in America, every week one young Afro-american is shoot by the police in the streets. Your president Barak Obama never dares to talk about the racism, the injustice and the imprisonment in America. Instead, he dares to talk about North Korea and Eritrea, countries he never set foot on. Countries he has no personal first glimpse and how they are run. All he does is mimic full of lies reports, provided to him by CIA Agents, like Dan Connell. As he came to power, not only Americans but many oppressed people of the world, put hope on him that he would solve a lot of injustices of his people and the people of the world are facing. He never solved even a single problem he promised to solve in his presidential campaign. We know now that this president came to power with the help of the Interest Groups in America. This president may have a dark skin, but under his dark skin he is completely white. After all he is half white.

It is not only Allende who was murdered. There are many, many of them murdered and that by one country and one intelligence agency and just for one purpose; to dispossess the countries of their resources and it is still going on to this day. To name a few, Who murdered President Lumumba of Congo? Who murdered President Laurent Kabilla? Who murdered President Muamer Gaddaffi? Who supported Ian Smith in the old apartheid Southern Rhodesia? Who tried a lot of times to unseat the hero and freedom fighter Robert Mugabe? Who supported apartheid South Africa? Who brought to power Mobutu Seseko? How many attempts were made to poison Presidents of countries dubbed as enemies? Who is creating untold chaos in this world today? The country which committed and still committing these coward and sinister acts, is known to everybody.

Dan Connell, we are tired of your untold lies, even then, we Eritreans are not going to hold our hands folded and sit, but let you promptly hear from us.
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