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[Updated] Social Justice Activists Campaign to Discredit The Eritrean Government Sovereign Right

These are the main top social justice activists

Updated Conclusion


                               Yemane Tsegay MS.                                 
Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocacy 

Wiki Leaks,, 2016 Exposes that Sanctions Imposed against Eritrea are politically motivated to divert the attention from Ethiopia’s Occupation of Sovereign Eritrean territory, including the town of Badme. The Sanction was imposed on 23 December 2009, but the concerted and coordinated disinformation campaign started in 2006, way before the Somalia and Eritrea/Djibouti Issues were taken as an agenda item by the UN Security Council. [1]

The UN COI/Social Justice Activists allegedly claimed that “They found violations in the areas of extrajudicial executions, torture (including sexual torture), national service and forced labour may constitute crimes against humanity in the State of Eritrea”.   This is part of the international campaigning smear strategy.  The COI report on Eritrea June 5, 2015 [2]

“UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) — some members of the UN Security Council misuse sanctions, acting as if they are entitled to control certain countries and entire regions of the world” said,-- Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov, Feb. 12, 2016 [3]

1. Introduction  

The UN Commission of Inquiry on human rights in Eritrea (UNCOI), World Bank, IMF, Amnesty International (AI) campaigned to internationally isolate and demonize the Eritrean Government’ coupled by the criminal activities of Woyane of Tigray (Ethiopia) through: financing:

Websites/Radios news outlets for the purpose of attacking with unfettered inflammatory rhetoric with verbal and written materials against the PFDJ leaderships in the State of Eritrea.  Their attack display with saber-rattling and falsely invented accusations against the credibility and independence of Eritrea.  There are also other groups known as International Political Activists Organizations working in conjunction with the COI Human Rights on Eritrea (for clarity all these are called Social Justice Activists), lacks procedural of fairness and truth have disseminated lies after lies and have already put a minor damage on our youth emotional state and on some youngsters it even caused confusions and made them as runaway kids.

 All these madness evil actions against Eritrea have severely angered all Eritrean citizens in every corner of the world with the exception of small number of traitors.  These traitors have become the main informants to the COI false Final Report writing.  They have been targeting everything the government does as bases for their manufactured lies and also a means for spreading rumors with distortions/misrepresentations of truth.  Now they have crossed the Line of international law with no sense of decency.  

Social Justice Ideologue prepares them to use fraudulent misinformation and they never care or substantiate their claims at any level.  The verbal fraudulent emotive languages they have been using toward our youth were aimed for purposes of disintegration within the Eritrean Nationals.  All these evil activities motive were: Combined concerted efforts to repeatedly violate the legal, ethical, and moral principles of the Nation of Eritrea and in particular to undermine the PFDJ leadership, who were the liberators of yesterday and are the leaders of today.  In order, to advance their distorted view toward the Nation of Eritrea they have developed the following few examples of their smear strategy:

Primarily: To discredit the Sovereign Legal Right of Eritrea hiding behind the Human Rights issues maligning Eritrea due process and rule of law, criticized it with manufactured lies with a coordinated strategy to internationally isolate Eritrea and weaken its ability to even protect its citizens from asymmetrical war.  The COI has falsely depicting that Eritrea is a state of Human Rights violator and has jailed many people.  The leadership of the Eritrean Government has been charged in administering the country with a harsh repression system resulting in ruling by fear instead of ruling by law.  
Secondary: New charge added to the Eritrean Government that is having only one political party system with no opposition political parties. [4]

(Meaning Eritrea has not established multi political parties sometimes numbering up to 30 political parties conducive for rigging public elections). This was the vision and intention of Dr. Berekt’s advocacy to see Eritrea adhere to multi party practices through his advanced fraudulent written materials (constitution, books) and he is continuously spouting the same fraudulent rhetoric in order to guaranty failure of the Nation of Eritrea.

Currently, the Government of Eritrea has a Firewall Management Lessons-Learned System (MLLS) in place intended to enhance the political and legal need for the protection of the Nation of Eritrea.[5] With these knowledge base supported by the public opinion of Eritreans enhanced through a mechanism of news outlets mass participations the government has already overcome the old thought of introducing multi political parties have been reviewed through the lessonslearned analysis: To determine what is offered to the Nation of Eritrea it has been explored under what is the benefit for the Nation and have been the main criteria to be considered for its implementation.  Now Eritrea has incorporated the following new idea problem solving strategy:

First, Eritrea has a full right to learn from past experiences of many African countries failures in trying to adopt into multi political party practices and recognize their mistakes and Eritrea was able to avoid the repetition of disastrous and corruptions outcomes which have been  occurring in Eritrea’s neighboring countries Ethiopia and Kenya.   Second, Eritrea’s new Management Lessons-Learned System has established for the purpose of  enhancing the peace and security of the country maintained first and it will continue adopting of new knowledge with best practices that can be tapped and assimilate within the Nation building development program and the operational procedures of Warsay-ykaalo projects.

However, Dr. Bereket and Andebrhan advocacies clutched onto their usual accusations toward the Eritrean governance and the fate of the detriment of 1997 constitution in order to advance their political agendas for regime change.  They provided no specific evidence for improvement proposal how to achieve a better governance in order to back their charges, and often omit or ignore vital facts of how much Eritrea progressed and become politically stable under the PFDJ leadership.  These adversaries who are so busy making money out of the blood of our martyrs, they can't even see beyond the end of their noses.

Instead they chose to sing the song of “regime change railing cry without caring for a possible consequence of civil war for the destruction of the State of Eritrea.  They are following the evil tactic of Social Justice Ideology by misrepresenting Eritrea’s progress in every sector of the National Planned Objectives.  They are pushing for the formation of multi political parties to ensure a separation of powers between the ideal three branches within a government and other similar issues as have been reflected in many sections of the COI’s report including in the section of Conclusion and Recommendation. [6]
The question that was raised by the COI report: What is going to happen in regard to the 1997 constitution?  Eritrean Government has learned to avoid destructive objectives and keeping up with policy-goal of equal justice to all citizen men and women with no preferential treatment except for the disables, old people and children.  The detrimental constitution will be handled through public referendum voting practices in order to make it Null and Void before the newly drafted constitution available crafted by Eritreans for Eritreans through a constitution making  process.  Currently, all the legal codes are completed and followed International human rights guidance. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).  To “ensure any person whose rights or freedoms have recognized is violated shall have an effective remedy”. [7] The Due Process and Rule of Law finds its roots in the Civil Procedure Code of the State of Eritrea. Article 7 –Principles of Legality, Right to be heard.  Based on the size of Eritrea and the number of its population there is a proposal that the new constitution to be owned and amended by the Eritrean people only and it will be ready and enacted in 2018.  

The detriment constitution beside its highly construed messages in every article has also legal constraint that it advocates for the complete separation of powers among the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government.  Therefore, the president will not have the power to examine the manner in which how the laws have been executed.

Now, the Eritrean Government is studying on two concepts of separation of powers within the government but has not figured to any great extent in the managing on complete separation of power, partial separation of power, overlap or no separation of powers.  The first (a) an extremely ancient concept, is the idea of procedure as a check and balance to the exercise of power. The belief that “due process” is an essential part of constitutional government is of great antiquity, and it runs parallel with ideas of mixed government and the separation of powers, but has relatively rarely been explicitly linked with those ideas and made an integral part of those theories.

The second (b) notion, a much more modern one, is the idea of process in government. This term, although used in different ways, indicates an awareness that government and politics do not consist in the automatic operation of formal procedures, but that there is a whole complex of activities around these procedures which determines the exact way in which they will be operated, sometimes in fact bringing about through the medium of the procedure exactly the reverse of what the procedure was intended to achieve.

 The concern of forming political group without a complete study of the process of government with a theory of separation of power and legal institutions of government is dangerous unless the theory has anything to offer that must be able to cope with the complexities of politics as well as the structure of government. It is easy to say that the functions performed by the government are classified into three. Of course, most of them belong to the executive branch. For example, taking command of war and defense affairs, attending to deprived members of society, administering training, education, health and medical affairs pertain to executive power. In fact, judiciary engages only in rendering justice and the legislature in lawmaking. Attending to the needs of society are among the responsibilities of the executive.  But to make a bold statement by the COI in Eritrea that: there are a total lack of rule of law is absurd.  The idea of the separation of powers, perhaps the most important and problematic one and it is still remained the cause of the delay for the new constitution to be completed.  Constitution making is not like Sandwich making process but very delicate, complex and needs experience, knowledge, truthfulness and Nation Building Interest.

Separation of powers is a doctrine, which is the foundation of the U.S Constitution. .[8]  But in truth, however, the Constitution does not strictly adhere to the separation of powers, as the three branches of the government—Congress, the president, and the courts—have some overlap in their constitutionally assigned functions

Nevertheless, when all the necessary qualifications have been made, the essential ideas behind the doctrine remain as vital ingredients of Western political thought that Eritrean Government can learn the practical aspect as practiced and benefited a sovereign country today. To substantiate this view it will be necessary to attempt to define and use terms in a more precise way than has been generally the case in the detriment constitution that the COI recommended it to be implemented.

The president has been demonized by enemies of Eritrea as far as they can go, attacking him that why the concentration of power is with him meaning in the executive office and running a government without a constitution.  While in realty Eritrea has not made a study on power separation and the president has been following up and down as well as micro managing means paying extreme attention to small details, following every step of the functionality of the government and he is fulfilling his obligation to do the best job for the people and nation of Eritrea.  Clearly the government has been administering the country with the rule of law that is why they have able to accomplish business agreements (mining, gas/oil, tourism and licensing for potash mining).   On the other hand since Constitution making is not a sand witch making process it is also the defining moment for the structure of the government and its responsibilities, as it is explained in chapter 3.2 Rule of Law.

The Eritrean Government expects the UNHRC/UNCOI to verify and substantiate all allegations against the Nation of Eritrea before presenting it publically.  Instead, the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)  forfeit their neutrality and are engaging themselves in a fraudulent/criminal activities against the Nation of Eritrea, when it knowingly accepts the unsubstantiated COI biased report that is a detriment to Eritrea’s sovereignty.

2.  The Obstacles of Democratic Governance 

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