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People who visit Eritrea get a different impression than the distorted image in media: Danish Visitor

Asmara, Eritrea - May 2016 (Credit: Eritrea In-Pictures)

This article was translated from Danish using Google translate 

By John Graversgaard | Arbejderen

Eritrea celebrated on May 24 that it was 25 years ago, the country was liberated and finally became independent.

Eritrea is strategically located on the Horn of Africa on the Red Sea, which is an important shipping route for world trade, linking the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal.

The area is marked by internal conflict, but Eritrea has remained peaceful and stable state. But despite Eritrea's strategic importance, there have been constant attempts to isolate Eritrea and prevent the country from playing a role in the solution of many conflicts.


At the same time Ethiopia allowed to continue to block a peaceful solution through its military occupation of Eritrean territory. In violation of Security Council resolutions. But the United States' global war on terror is the country on the black list, although Eritrea has always denounced terrorism.

Eritrea isolated from participating in international conferences and demonized, although Eritrea submit constructive proposals for peace in both Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen. Instead, the country has met with sanctions that are deeply unfair, since Eritrea is the victim in the conflict with Ethiopia, which invaded Somalia, Eritrea attacked and are at war with large parts of its population.

Eritrea did not get his freedom as other colonies in Africa, like Somalia and Libya, which was Italy's other two colonies. Secretary of state John Foster Dulles stated understanding, but the United States' strategic interests weighed more and had to be Eritrea subject to their ally Ethiopia.

This bloody injustice led an armed liberation struggle against Ethiopia with great sacrifice. Ethiopia was equipped with modern American weapons. UN was totally silent and therefore complicit in the crimes committed against the Eritrean people. Why Eritrea did not think much of the United Nations, which has emerged as a tool of the dominant superpower USA.


The people of Eritrea won its independence on May 24 1991. It was a historic victory, which also in the final period had to fight against the other superpower, the Soviet Union, which made the great stupidity to support the brutal dictatorship in Ethiopia.

It was a victory at great cost with 60,000 fighters and 100,000 civilians martyred during the 30-year liberation struggle.

The structure of the country started from scratch, but was seriously set back in the border war with Ethiopia in 1999-2000, when Ethiopia tried to destroy the independent Eritrea. But again became Eritrea let down by the UN. Ethiopia continues its occupation of Eritrean territory, and both the Security Council and the US superpower accept it without sanctions. The border between the two countries is closed and there is no trade at all.

This means that Eritrea has had to continue its military and civilian mobilization to defend the country. Something that has cost people big sacrifices, but have been regarded as vital for the country's survival.

At the same time uses imperialism its strategy to attack Eritrea of ​​violating human rights in a number of areas, while the corrupt regimes in other countries in the region are protected as they willingly submit to Western imperialist demands.


Poverty and continued conflict with Ethiopia has led many young people to say goodbye to Eritrea. They can not wait for better times and take the risk with menneskemuglere the long road through the Sahara and the Mediterranean Sea.

Eritrea can be called Africa's Cuba, and has achieved great results with health and education, which arouses admiration.

This is quality of life and human rights, but Western imperialism do not accept any kind of attempt at socialism. For example, a country will have its resources and not just sell out to the multinationals in developing a corrupt rich upper class who enrich themselves. Eritrea has chosen a different path of development (self-reliance), and is therefore also been called "the threat of a good example".

Eritrea will manage itself and is definitely not for blackmail. You want to talk human rights and submit periodic reports to the UNCHR. But this is not enough for Eritrea's enemies, using all kinds of psychological warfare against the country's government. So far, the government in Asmara withstood the pressure.

When people visit Eritrea, they get a different impression than the distorted image that the US and Western media are trying to give the country.

Eritrea is worth a visit.
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