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Merry Christmas Eritrea

Merry Christmas Eritrea

From the vantage point of geopolitics, Eritrea is simply a country which is located in strategic water ways of the Red Sea. However, its promiscuity to the Qur’anic and the Bible lands of the ancient Middle East has not received enough attention among academic circles. The Judaic feast of Purim or Passover cannot be seen apart from northernmost part of the Red Sea, and so is Bethlehem or Mecca which are not far away from the Eritrean sea shores. What is more, the seasonal year that Christ was born is the same as one could see thousands of stars in  clear sky light. This is true as  a Christmas carol goes: Silent night, holy night, all is calm, and all is bright. Obviously, Christ was born not in the winter of the Occident, but in the spring of the Orient. Now let us turn to our poem….

Merry Christmas Eritrea

Our country is not faraway

From the very place

That the evening star led

The three wise men

To little town

of Bethlehem

After a long march

Across the desert sand

Where Christ the Lord

Was born

To save our troubled world.

No wonder…..!

His birth took place

In the radiant spring

Not in the cold winter

Of the Americas

Where you don’t

See the little stars

That you almost feel

Touching them

Like delicate grapes

In the vineyard.

Oh, yes, from yonder

I remember….

At the cross roads

Of the Red Sea

The long stretch

Of our beautiful land.


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