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Eritrean Deafness Awareness

By Haile Bokure

One of the main goals of the Eritrean Hearing and Vision Inc. (EHVI),  is to instill "Deafness Awareness"  in our society in the making under on-going millennium program. This poem conveys a deep message of the deaf experience in the dead of the night that we always take for granted. For some of us, it is silent night and holy night, but for the hearing impaired,  it is like that dark and cold prison cell till aurora (sunrise). Naturally, deaf people are visually-oriented, and thus light may be attributed to sound stimuli of hearing world.

The Deaf Lover
Oh darling!
It is so dark!
Now, without moon... 
A queen of the night 
We can't talk nor sign
Till the radiant light
Of the day break emerges
Adorned by the fragrance
Of delicate petals
That sleep all night
In their comfy buds
While the little fairies
All the night away
Round and round
Happily dance
Before vanishing
Into the woods
At the sudden chirp
Of hungry birds
A top the tree
That neither the deaf
Nor hearing can see.

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