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Ato Molla Asgedom and the search for freedom

Mola Asgedom in Ethiopia. Despite initial TPLF reports claiming 700 TPDM fighters left with Mola, the reality was only around 200 or so did. Established in 2001, TPDM was founded by the late Fiseha Hailemariam Tedla, who was a  former high ranking TPLF security chief before defecting to Eritrea. He was the chairman of the group until 2008, when he was assassinated by a gunman who suffered from mental illness. According to the UN, TPDM consists of over 20,000 fighters.

By Yilma Bekele

For those of you not familiar with Ethiopia let me offer a background to the current situation. The Ethiopian regime is dominated by Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front the group that toppled the the military Junta. The last twenty four years they have been in charge of the Nation we call Ethiopia. They created parties based on ethnic origin and choose the leaders from among their prisoners of war during the civil war to topple the junta. They combined them as a voting bloc under the umbrella organization named Ethiopian People Democratic Front or EPDRF with the TPLF in charge.

Those marginalized or that refused to bow down to the Tigrai Front have confronted the regime on many occasions using different means. As the resistance intensifies the ruthlessness of the regime increases and the resistors find new ways to confront the regime thus continuing the cycle. Armed struggle is one of the ways to make the bully listen to reason.

There are many groups that have vowed to use any means necessary to bring Peace, Freedom and Democracy so we can begin the job of rebuilding our house that has been neglected the last fifty years. This includes Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) with two separate wings, Afar Peoples Movement, Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), Sidama Liberation Front, Amhara Peoples Movement, Gambella Peoples Liberation Front, Arbegnoche Ginbot7-Movement for Freedom and Democracy, Tigrai Peoples Democratic Front (TPDM) and others currently battling the regime.

Our person of interest Ato or General I am sure which Molla Asgedom was the chairman of TPDM and he has been leading the Liberation Front for the last thirteen [seven] years. The current drama is his escape from his comrades and joining the government he claim to have been fighting to get rid of. Based on you tube videos if it is to be believed it looks like TPDM have a substantial number of people as combatants. I have watched their graduation celebration on you tube and it was impressive.

The last year has brought many issues to focus and the type of struggle to be waged is taking shape. The merger of Arbegnoche Ginbar (Patriotic Front) one of the oldest with Ginbot7 the young and smart new organization has made change inevitable. .

The presence of Dr. Berhanu, Chairman of Arbegnoche Ginbot7 on the front lines is considered a game changer. The many years of discussion to find a common ground and work together was at last bearing fruits. Just a week ago four Liberation Movements formed a National Salvation Front including an army. The participants were Afar Peoples Movement, Amhara Peoples Movement, Arbegnoche G7 and Tigrai Peoples Democratic Front. It is not an easy decision but it has to be done. This is where the art of leadership comes to play. Dr. Berhanu was elected Chairman and Ato General Molla was made vice Chairman.

It is soon after this news became public the TPDM General Chairman piled a few of his men into a four wheel drive and crossed the border from Eritrea to Sudan and then to Ethiopia. It was reported he has eight four wheel cars which were abandoned by the Sudanese border. If each auto holds ten people that makes a total of eighty solders. The Ethiopian government boasted that he has been their agent since a year ago.

I doubt Molla has any new information he can give his bosses. His mission was to disrupt any talk of working together and sabotage unity. He failed miserably. For twelve years he has it easy and now things were changing all around him and he has no strength left to continue. Betrayal of friends and family is not a simple matter. Ato Molla as chairman sent many to kill or die. Did the cause he fought for and killed, the cause he worked with others at the risk of death find a resolution? No. Was it all a game? Does this behavior remind you of a certain group? He is a Woyane and flipping comes natural. Nothing is dear and sacred to Woyane.

Ato Molla with a few of his men escaped from his own troops. It is a very simple drama of no consequences. No one started the fight for Democracy with other people in mind. That decision is personal and the resolution to do what is right and moral is honorable. There are many ways people support the cause they believe. Today those training, organizing, advancing from Northern Ethiopia are the ones that have decided to sacrifice even their life in the name of liberty. They definitely did not completely rely on Ato Molla. His participation would have helped the effort but his absence does not make a squat of a difference.

His simple act of betrayal of his comrades which he led and shared many hardships with works wonders on us. It is a reminder the road is full of turns and twists. We should learn not to be disturbed by Woyane created drama. Creating doubt, fear and hopelessness is a Woyane currency and we don’t trade with that.

What was comical to see is Woyane and their cadres behavior in this little incident. To see Ben From Ethiopia First travelling to the border, to witness Ethiomedia gloat with delight and breathlessly print the fiction as fact is a good summer afternoon past time. Bring Awramba Times and the circle will be complete.

Over 700 Ethiopian rebels overpower Eritrean forces, enter Ethiopia in peace is how Ethiomedia reported it in bold too. Superlatives were used without restrain. Here is one ‘(TPDM) routed Eritrean government forces, broke its chain loose and entered Sudan on Friday after destroying Eritrean troops.’ To top it all Ethiomedia wrote ‘The heavily-armed Ethiopian rebels were welcomed with open arms by Ethiopian government forces near the border.’ quoting Ethiopian TV.

Here is a gem ‘The TPDM forces wiped out Eritrean forces near Omhajer, and later at Seq al-Ketir before heading to Hamdait, all Sudanese towns.’ I can’t put my finger on it but there is something wrong with this picture.

The analysis was flawless with Ethiomedia theorizing ‘TPDM, which was the largest rebel force in Eritrea, and its return to Ethiopia, which was expected to fight against and overthrow the regime in Addis, remains a huge blow to the Eritrean regime of President Isaias Afewerki, which was using the rebel group as its own shield against Eritrean uprising.’

I do not think like that. I agonize about the false leadership Ato Molla gave to his troops that trusted him. If he was protecting the Eritrean government from its people then he was doing Woyane a disservice wouldn’t you say? Now if we trust what was said about him leaving with ‘700 heavily armed troops’ I guess the next few days the Eritrean government will fall since the ‘shield’ is gone. thanks for such wonderful insight Ethiomedia.

Ato Molla escaped with a few of his comrades but plenty stayed behind. He disgraced their cause but I am sure they are battle tried and can put this behind them. Our movement does not have time for two timers like Molla and company. The battle with Woyane will test the resolve of many. A few will drop out and a minuscule will betray. That is the nature of the struggle against evil. They find ways of contaminating. They even try to use Ato Molla’s ethnic origin to disparage our Tigrean brothers and sisters. Woyane have no soul. They will use anything, anybody to dominate and loot. They use their own group to shield a few criminals.

The video reporting by Ethiopia First is so bizarre I have no idea how to classify it. The supposedly TPDM arrival looks like a typical market place scene except for the few guns. There were what looked like school kids, skinny Woyane solders and just passer bys mingling in a field walking back and forth not really focused on going anywhere. The General appears out of nowhere in his military camouflage.

After watching the troops some with long pants some in shorts and rainbow colored shirts the General presents a comical figure with his shiny uniform. Our reporter that was using patriotic songs while showing the crowed forgot to turn the audio when the General addressed his troops. They did not even rise from their squatting position when he showed up to speak. What was weird was to see the General stand in the middle and the market people as people walked by without even looking at him. .

The General said a few things but nothing made sense. His statement about fighting Eritrean troops on his way out is a little strange. It looks like our General has a fertile imagination on top of his weak nature. He has a lazy way of talking and does not seem to focus and look straight when he is telling his story. It is a sure sign of a lie or making it up as you go along.

We were celebrating the coming unity of our opposition forces. We were looking forward. Our happiness is always Woyane’s displeasure. So I was waiting for the other foot to fall and it did. This current hysteria is not bad as Woyane drama goes. It is obvious that it was a cheap shot out of desperation. It did not do harm except create momentary puzzlement. The presence of Dr. Berhanu and company, the fundraising drive all over the world to our Liberation Front and the celebration by all Ethiopians must have unnerved the mafia group.

We are smarter people now. We do not fall for the same trick twice. The road our patriotic forces have chosen to travel is not easy. There will be many victories as well as defeats. In this fight there are two outcomes – Freedom or slavery. The TPLF/EPDRF regime has refused to abide by common human standards and Ethiopians are learning to say no. You pick your side. There is no half good Woyane. Ethnic politics is never acceptable under any circumstances.

In my opinion it is not a good idea to quote such government run media like ETV and the likes of hired guns like Ethiopia First and Awramba Times among others to explain Woyane behavior and shame to us. Respecting the sensibilities of fellow countrymen is a good thing to do. It is not smart nor a winning strategy to gloat about any setback although Molla’s action is more like a God send since he could have done some damage left where he was.

Here are a few things I feel we should thoroughly understand and burn in our brain. Eritrea allowed us a corridor to assemble but our forces operate inside Ethiopia. Eritrean solders are not going to fight for Ethiopia’s independence. Woyane composed of a few Tigrean core group is the enemy and those and the system they set up what we are fighting to remove. The people of Tigrai are as victims as the rest of Ethiopia. One cannot be pro Woyane and pro Democracy. Make a choice and stick to it. Good bye General Molla we wish you well.

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