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Police free 47 Ethiopian and Eritrean hostages in Sudan

Kassala is increasingly becoming a lawless city

Police free 47 Ethiopian and Eritrean hostages in Sudan

By MiddleeastMonitor

Sudanese police say they have freed 47 foreign nationals being held by human traffickers in the east of the country.

Police director of Kassala state in eastern Sudan, General Omer Almukhtar, said Saturday that the people were freed after heavy clashes between security forces and 10 heavily armed men.

The general revealed that the hostages - all adult males - were from Eritrea and Ethiopia. He said the traffickers were also foreign, but refused to be drawn on their exact nationalities.

"We clashed with the gang groups at the Bahar area on the border between Sudan and Eritrea and we managed to free the hostages and arrest the perpetrators," he said.

Human trafficking is widespread on the border between Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Hundreds of Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees in Sudan have been abducted and taken as hostages for ransoms. Some human rights organizations have accused officials in the local border authorities in Sudan of participating in the trade.

Sudan has refuted these claims.
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Police free 47 Ethiopian and Eritrean hostages in Sudan Reviewed by Admin on 11:37 AM Rating: 5


  1. this is bad news for ELSA SHIRUM &MERON STIPHANOS they are the ones loring the yuth to live their caountry & it is also bad news to USA OBAMA promis AFRICAN yuth to flee they caountry for the MILK & HONEY when he say that USA & its frinds are planing to give shelter to YUTH who are living under represive REGIMES so he promise them to flee so this news is going to be very bad for him

  2. Is this a joke or what? Are you sure there were Ethiopian refugees ? :))
    May be they are new born refugees that have not been baptized as Eritreans?
    .... Hahahah .........
    Where is the fucking UN, they are not doing their job!!
    It is against the UN law, there should be no Ethiopian refugees !!!

  3. What gebrish bullshit are you talking about,are you eritrean do you now Eritrea?? A diaspora baboon living the god live in the democratic west wile your brothers and sisters have to fight the war iganst the world for you and your cult leader.. You are so pathetic ..

  4. Most of the time Ethiopian refugees have low price because they don't have relativs in the west like most they never get kidnapped so I am shore they mostley eritrean again

  5. Read the title of the article, then my comment to the article, "Again".

  6. Is Isaias Afwerki the president of ethiopia also? i thought it was just Eritrea?

    Thanks "big bullshit" you are great source of information so "enlightened".

    I would like to appeal to madote to remove his comment his avatar name is hurling insults before even typing ONE word. We don't need forum/comment trolls here we have plenty good supply form erty and others who at-least don't start with naming themselves a derogatory word.

    You want to type and comment here all you like., atleast start by respecting the house rules and doing the bare minimum of not being a jackass.

  7. Sound the alarm!., get all the western media out on full blitz media campaign. ethiopian refugees have been "mentioned" for every such story.. we need to fill the airs, blogs and forums with 100+ Eritrean migrant crisis!. If i may also quote our Afghanistan friend


    Yes this will surely make great headlines!.

  8. ...btw Obama has to be brought to ICC...firstly for displacing humans and put them at high risk with the consequences of many lives have been lost ( no matter their nationality), secondly for lying as he promised these young Africans a good and decent life...instead so many are languishing in refugee camps ( under the scorching heat/sun, with no shelter). If this was his promise, i'm sure all of them would have preferred to stay at home...Where's the UNHCR? Where's Sheila, Mike Smith? They've plenty of evidence to arrest Obama, instead of accusing the Government of Eritrea based on fake accusation....

  9. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 30, 2015 at 6:00 AM

    No not all of them, almost all of the refugees are ethiopians disguised as Eritreans.

  10. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 30, 2015 at 6:01 AM

    Good news **Madote**!!..


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