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Video: President Isaias Afwerki Independence Day Speech

President Isaias Afwerki's 24th Independence Anniversary Speech

By Shabait

Dear Compatriots at home and Abroad
Ladies and Gentlemen

Allow me first to congratulate the people of Eritrea, and, the friends of Eritrea, on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary of our Independence. The Eritrean people have paid unparalleled sacrifices to make national independence a reality as well as to preserve the integrity of their sovereignty and liberation. They have persisted in bolstering their resilience to reach the current state. Pride and Tribute is due to them!

I also wish to express profound thanks to the Commission of Sports and Culture and all those inside the country and abroad who have made illustrious contributions to embellish the Independence Anniversary celebrations conducted under the theme: “development through resilience”.

As we celebrate Independence Day every year, we assess the journey we have traversed and chart out, in a proactive mode, the tasks we need to accomplish in the period ahead.

The meaning and significance of independence is not only gauged by the liberation struggle conducted and the precious sacrifices exacted, but also by the struggle and sacrifices paid to preserve and build it. The symbiosis between, and complementarities, of the tasks of achieving national independence and building an independent country imply that the struggle and martyrdom of our heroic freedom fighters will have been in vain unless we succeed in building a truly free country. It is therefore with this conscientious culture and heritage that we evaluate our past performances and map out our future trajectory.

Every year, as we assess the current year with its own specific attributes and in conjunction with the cumulative past experiences, the recurring theme we ponder about is whether we have preserved the independence and sovereignty of our country; whether we are building a nation worthy of the ultimate sacrifices paid by its heroic sons, daughters, as well as, its patriotic people? At times, we gauge and compare the difficulties and intensity of the challenges of conducting the liberation struggle with that of building a free nation.

The powers that encroach on our independence and sovereignty are precisely those forces who had maintained in the 1940s that Eritrea’s independence did not serve their strategic interests. These are indeed the same forces who antagonized us subsequently for almost half a century and who were vanquished through our unparalleled heroism and resilience.

The end of the Cold War has ushered in a process of dynamic transformation in the global order in the past quarter of a century. This reality notwithstanding, certain powers prompted by greed and domination and spearheaded by the United States continue to harass us and derail our efforts of nation-building in a serene and stable environment. In this context, they instigated a border conflict with Yemen that never arose prior to Eritrea’s independence and further induced skewed arbitral decisions. Later on, they exacerbated a meaningless conflict on account of Badme and associated border dispute using a subservient TPLF as a convenient umbrella. They blocked the implementation of the final and binding arbitral decision to impede a lasting settlement of the dispute. They stoked war and aggression through the flagrant flouting of justice. And when all these schemes failed to induce capitulation of the Eritrean people, they imposed sanctions on our country on the basis of spurious pretexts.

Furthermore, they prompted a fabricated conflict in collusion with Djibouti on a putative dispute that has no basis whatsoever on the historical, colonial boundary determinations, of this region. This was conceived in order to undermine our historical place and role in the southern Red Sea and Bab-el Mendeb Straight.

All these vain subterfuges were concocted and are designed to keep us hostage in a web of regional crises. They constitute the catalogue of hostilities that we have confronted to preserve our independence and sovereignty. The failed subversive machinations and open military hostilities conducted in the past, and that still continue, to impair the political process of nation-building and to paralyze national economic development and growth are part and parcel of this sad narrative.

The relentless provocations and hostilities perpetrated against our independence and sovereignty is not confined to us alone. This must indeed be seen within the framework of their misguided policies of what they label as their global “strategic interests.” In the last quarter of this century in particular, as the insatiable strategic appetite for domination and monopoly has increasingly faced strong resistance, the tactics they have refined constitute reckless power games of “chaos by war” or “war by chaos”.

Beginning from Afghanistan, the upheavals they have stoked under different pretexts in the region continue to rage without let up:
- turmoil, bloodshed and displacements in Iraq;
- endless crises and disintegration in Somalia;
- continuous turbulence in North and South Sudan;
- subversions weaved to plunge Egypt back into crises as it starts to put its act together as if it wasn’t enough to paralyze the country for 30 years;
- chaos and destruction in Libya;
- turmoil and vacuum in Yemen;
- instigating tensions in the Nile Basin for hidden agendas;
- incubating and deploying terrorist organizations with different labels to add chaos and destruction to chaos and destruction;
- instigating and stoking misguided religious polarizations; and,
- plunging the entire region into interminable turmoil by undermining the regional organizations instead of allowing the countries of the region to solve their own problems.

All these trends and phenomena cannot be seen in isolation. They must be seen as part and parcel of the dramatic spectacle of the last quarter of a century spawned by the strategic interests of domination and monopoly.

In addition, there are self-styled or aspiring regional powers which misconstrue the vacuum and imbalances entailed by the war of chaos as a blessing in disguise and which aggravate the prevailing turmoil in order to promote their influences in the region. In the event, all the conspiracies and hostilities perpetrated against our independence and sovereignty must be seen in the context of this broader perspective.

Against the backdrop of such misguided and reckless policies, the resolute efforts that we have and are exerting to defend and safeguard our independence are not less than the long armed struggle we waged to achieve our liberation. And as we confront the challenges in unison with all those working for the security, stability and harmony of this region, time will tell that we will emerge victorious by bolstering our resistance and resilience.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In tandem with the resilient resistance we have been waging to safeguard our independence and sovereignty, we have not been kept hostage, contrary to the hopes of our detractors, by external hostility to compromise our commitments to develop our country that was devastated by war. This remains, indeed, the priority of our priorities.

The central purpose of the nation-building process is not only prompted by the solemn pledge that emanates from the precious sacrifices paid in the liberation struggle. It is also a fundamental right of all the citizens. As such, it involves putting in place extensive infrastructural facilities and services with equitable and fair spatial outreach in order to create a conducive environment for bettering the standard and quality of life of all citizens. Narrowing the urban-rural development gap and reducing socio-economic disparities are thus critical components of the economic growth drive. This means according primary opportunities to those who lack adequate food supply; those who are deprived of access to potable water, housing, electricity, efficient road and transport facilities as well as effective social amenities such as education and health services. These segments of the population must be given the opportunities to bolster their resources and capabilities so that they would be able to secure sufficient income to lead decent lives as their compatriots.

This development and economic growth matrix is not rooted on one’s preferences or sympathy. It is indeed a matter of rights and obligations of liberation and independence for the realization of which the entire Eritrean people have and continue to pay immense sacrifices. It cannot be governed by a distorted logic of appropriating the best and always first to a selected few.

It goes without saying that the achievement of extensive and all-round development - in a country that was denied opportunities for half a century and where the infrastructure is both old and dilapidated - demands time, resources and hard work. Furthermore, it requires determination of the appropriate pace and realistic phasing; the judicious use of resources; the quality and effectiveness of the manpower employed as well as meticulous planning and the requisite resilience to face and overcome potential challenges.

In this spirit and framework, the following were the sectors of highest priority in the past 24 years:
- In infrastructure: building of roads, power plants, water harvesting facilities, ports, airports, communications networks, and transport fleets;
- In agriculture: development of seeds and animal husbandry that go beyond food security and sufficiency;
- In Marine Resources: enhancing capacity to exploit the fisheries potential ;
- In manufacturing: development of modern value-adding processing capabilities in all categories of industry and enterprises with the aim of producing quality products for the domestic and export markets;
- In services: building sea and air services connectivity to enhance the growth of tourism both for domestic and foreign clients;
- In Social Services: development and expansion of quality health and education services to bolster the growth of human capital as well as to acquire the necessary professional and technological expertise to implement all planned, sectoral, development projects and programmes.

It must be pointed out that the gap between the strategic objectives in each category and the progress achieved to date – as the documents illustrate – remains rather considerable. (For reasons of brevity, I shall skip the detailed statistical analysis on this occasion). This does not of course mean that we have not been successful, outside public relations reports, in implementing the objectives we had charted out. This is meant to highlight that the difference between where we want to be or where we can be, and, where we are today after 24 years of independence, is still not negligible.

Laying down a conducive platform for the rapid and reliable implementation of planned projects is clearly crucial. In this connection, we can assert with full confidence today that we have reached the stage where we can implement what we aspire for and the plans we chart out henceforth without any obstacles. Indeed, we are finalizing all the necessary preparations, by marshalling all the requisite resources, capabilities and time, to start implementing from this year major programmes that had been shelved so far.

Let me mention, at this juncture, a matter that requires attention and which I would not like to gloss over.

There are no short cuts or sudden leaps in the development drive or in accumulating wealth and prosperity. One may entertain aspirations and wishes and this is not, of course, a vice. But the malpractices manifested this year by a few deluded and corrupt individuals and government functionaries who sought to amass wealth by any means without toiling and working hard can only lead to a perilous path. Such deplorable practices of corruption and theft must be combated vigorously. In this respect, and in order to successfully implement the major development programmes that have been charted out, we must work hard with patience and diligence, to give precedence to development through resilience. Indeed, we need to emulate the exemplary practices of the members of the Defense Forces, who are not only defending the independence and sovereignty of the country in conjunction with the vast majority of our people in spite of many hardships and difficulties, but who are also engaged in implementing challenging developmental programmes without the requisite reward.

Glory to our Martyrs who made independence a reality.
Victory to the Masses.
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  1. ከምዛ ድኽምቲ ሰበይቲ ምምራር ጥራሕ ኮይኑ ወዲ ተንቤን፡፡
    ፍርሂ ኣብዉሽጡ ሓዲሩ ንኽትድግፎ ኡይ ዝበለት፡ ደንበርበር ኣቢላ ዘረብኡ ከምዘመንጉ ገራቶ፡፡ ኣሃሃሃሃሃሃሃ መስኪናይ፡፡

  2. Initial impression , the President looks and sound old and tired.

  3. No, you sound old and tired. Long live PIA.

  4. Rora, hasot natkum woyanitos bezihu. Woyanitos, nezu jigna PIA ferihkumo.
    He's the symbol of our resistance, the symbol of your defeat. Long live PIA.

  5. Hahaha, ab kereba euu zelo.ferah eko euu benay kale Jegenanet euu zeneberet zelo.

  6. Enquan Zenbobish Dirom Teza Nesh New Negeru Woyanewoch Silashenefu Qizen Qizen Bilotal=== Ayi Eidilu==.

  7. Why agame lemani come to this website. They don't belong here. I just say to them, "Yerdae'kum."

  8. Libi Tigray TiwiywayMay 24, 2015 at 8:53 PM

    AGAME: TIGRAY: Limena (begging) hasot (lying) sirki (stealing) tinkulana (wickedeness) natkum iya.
    Kedemina abotatna "Libi Tigray Tiwiyway" ilomo. Nihna Keyteweldna Kelena. (Before any of us were born, our forefathers called their Tigray neighbors "Libi Tigray Tiwiyway." It looks like todays Agames Tigrays have not changed one bit. They are every bit the liars and beggars that they were in the past. Hence, the saying Libi Tigray Tiwiyway lives on and is being passed on to the next generation. Eritreans will always despise you Tigray people.

  9. How many times did he tell us that the necessary infrastructure buildings had reached the stage where fast multi faceted development would be launched?

    Yes, he told us that fiction come May 24. But what did invariably transpire under the cover of his false promises?

    Mass incarcerations and exponential growth of prisons throughtout the nation; economic meltdown and social disintegration ; complete paralysis of the Eritrean Defense Forces and rapid growth of the so called Demhit, both numerically and militarily. Demhit are entirely composed of tegaru and the entire inner circle of isaias afewerki's , I mean those who are every day deciding the fate of our people and country.

    The question we must all Eritreans, oppenents and suporters, ask is: Why does isaias afewerki repeat the same mantra knowing full well that what he had promised all 24 Mays in the past only gave birth to catastroph after catastrophe for our people and country?

    Because that is what his heart desire ; his false promises are anaesthetics he injected into our people's minds to inhibit them from waking up to his conspiracy. Those people who are not only doing his evil biding but are worshiping him bear the testimony that it has been working for him. As they say, if it works, don't change.

    But never forget the Demhits are his insurance in case his Eritrean fools wake up on him.

  10. You are praising an AGAME president and at thé same time you call Eritreans agame, what a joke you are.

  11. The only difference from the last 14 years speech of the dictator is when he mentioned the year 2015!! Eri-Tv could have aired any of his previous speeches and no one would have noticed that it is an old speech, because it is the same boring repeative speech. America, America , America every year. He is so arrogant he didn't even mention what he promised in last year's speech where he said he will implement a constitution. Only fools belive that this mad dog is capable of reform.

  12. Webmaster,
    The central cause for our never ending saga is isaias afewerki and we must wage unrelenting war on him until he is completely gone. That was what we did with Ethiopia and it can be different with isaias afewerki.

  13. So with other words you despise Issays, Kisa, both Yemanes, Abraham Kasa (head of security), Eri-TV Asmelash and many more in the mad dogs inner cirecle. What does this people have in common? Yes they are all AGAMES!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Agame Lemani Yerdae'ka. That's all I gotta say to you.

  15. the struggle and sacrifices paid to preserve and build it. This is a continuous process. Vision is our motto! Let us see our future together in advance. we must work hard with patience and diligence ... This is needed from each and every Eritrean nationality. That was why all the sacrifices were needed to independent Eritrea.

  16. As usual this years the Tyrant's speech is empty and boring! Any one can predict what he said without listening his speech because all the time he said the same boring things. He always blames the west for his own failures coupled with EMPTY promises. He is the ONLY CANCER of Eritrea and he should be removed so that Eritrea could go in the right direction.

  17. Ata neti Hmbashana Hmbasha Tigray ewn serikekumwo? Eway tsegem!! Akedadnan kunon adietatna adietat Tigray misrak keyiaklekums kolay eti Hmbashana?

  18. Lemani, worry about your own country. None of your business.

  19. Agame, not your country, so mind your business and attend to your fake election

  20. Tommic; Obviously you have no idea as to what you are saying! Your ulterior motive and agenda aside you seem to be disappointed by the brilliance of our President!
    Yes, thanks to our brilliant leaders we will succeed and build a prosperous and peaceful state. The fact is Eritrea is blessed to have leaders like PIA and his colleagues. Long live our Eritrean leaders!
    The ward Cancer is appropriate for individuals or groups who are happy to lie time and again, for the destruction of a nation and cold bloodedly mass murder of tens of thousands of innocent people as happened in Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya/Syria ...., etc.

    Better to question more than keep parroting lies, and advocate for the destruction of a hard working nation and its people!
    For your info, see the following links to broaden you horizon how your evil masters manage to cause havoc all over the world.

  21. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 25, 2015 at 8:47 AM

    Like always---> Just STFU qomalat Agame. worry about ur u failed state Ethiopia.

  22. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 25, 2015 at 8:53 AM

    Like always u came on behalf of ur dying opposition groups...........

  23. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 25, 2015 at 8:55 AM

    STFU qomalat Agame, men kem seb m's hasebekum eu ke na'akum Agametata guahafat!!!....

  24. For the enemies of Eritrea / Eritrean people; It must be repeated that, Eritrea is not for sale! Eritrea belongs to the Eritreans!

    Unlike others, our blessed leaders strive and tirelessly work hard for the good of their people (no need to be jealous and spiteful but, be envious!). Our brilliant leaders still continue to sacrifice their life defending our young Nation! Not surprisingly, non of the detractors nor their followers have the wisdom / courage to acknowledge or appreciate that!

    As for the idiotic/ immature comments against our beloved president, those Eritreans who mean well for the country and its people know better than to go down your level.
    It merely highlights that, how petrified and desperately paranoid you are to see the slender progress our nation is making under his brilliant leadership! So engrossed and asphyxiated with our country's fortunes and quality of leadership you seem to have lost your sense of good and bad and are in the brink of losing your souls.

    By the way, if what our president said is beyond your understanding (I have to admit can be complex!) you just have to check it for your self; unless of course you are ignorantly party to their implicit mercenary mission of mayhem and destruction! Just if you want to widen your view ? See link below.

  25. KKKKK, you are praising an AGAME president and his inner circles who are mostly AGAMES (Kisha, Monkey, Asmelash Eri-TV, Abraham Kasa) etc and you dare to call Eritreans AGAME :), why do you think the dictator chose those people with identity complex like you, because you have to much too lose with him gone. We the real 100%, not fake 2% Eritreans are proud being Eritreans and doesnt suffer of identity complex like you and your AGAME president.

  26. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 25, 2015 at 11:11 AM

    Ha,ha,ha,ha....Ala Agame ur inferiority is to blame all the Paranoia ur having to claim everything thats Eritrea. Listen wedzom te'lamat the only advice i can give u is--- kill ur self...thats the only way. U weyane online cadres are everywhere this days LOL.., Agame we don't like u ever, swallow it, its the truth.

    Nebsy, i don't secretly hate u. in that u should respect me. :D

  27. Thanks, you put it correctly. The million dollar question, do you and I have the wisdom to appreciate what we got? Do we have the intellect to understand as to why Eritrea is an "oasis" of peace and harmony? Have we ever gone back in time to know where we were yesterday, where we are today, and to where we are heading come morning? Let me repeat it. Have ever gone back to the recent past to remember where we were yesterday. We should, if we are not to repeat the same mistakes that are all around us. I think it time to count our blessings and appreciate what we got. Last but not least, it is time to give gratitude to the bigger than life Eritrean leaders who brought us to where we are today and still they are at it are paving to road to the bright future. The Promised Land is just around the corner, if we keep marching. But, we need the wisdom to learn from the mistakes of others if we are to be there.

    Happy Independence Day to you all!

  28. ልምዓት ብ ጽንዓት

    ዘልኣለማዊ ዝኽርን, ክብርን ነቶም ነ ዚ ናጽነት ኩዉን ዝገበርዎ ሰማኣታትና

    ዓወት ን ሓፋሽ

  29. ' Last but not least, it is time to give gratitude to the bigger than
    life Eritrean leaders who brought us to where we are today and still
    they are at it are paving to road to the bright future. '

    Could you tell us if you believe Petros Solomon, General Ogbe Abraha, Mahmud Sherifo and numerous other prisoners that are rotting in jail for over a decade, are also part of the Eritrean leaders you talk about?
    People who've spent decades fighting for and serving their land and were rewarded with indefinite imprisonment by the leader for life. What is your message to them and their families on this 24th anniversary of Eritrea's independence that they too fought so hard to achieve?

  30. PIA always delievers. Last year he warned those who built dwellings without having the necessary permit. Those who didn't adher his warning had their illegal built homes demolished. There his no doubt the Eritrean leadership will bring the corrupt to book too. Watch out the space!!

  31. Don't be stupid. Say If a parent was to commute a heinous crime against his 30 year old son/ daughter, do you think the parent will face no consequence just because the parent raised the child?

  32. Alec you

    Your italian slut mom did n,t teach you prporley how to behave. Blame your worst upbring. Banda ye banda zer

  33. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 25, 2015 at 2:07 PM

    Ha,ha,ha....why didn't u say that in ma name--or are u scared LOL....

  34. Berhane my message to the people you mentioned is shy did you starry from the noble cause of Eritrea for Eritreans? to the families is don't take it as a personal ask your beloved what have they done and seek to speak to Eritreans than outsiders!!

  35. Tewelde you appear to be confused agame.

  36. ala agame tgebra; DEMHIT is clogging your Dedebit mind!!!

  37. The one who stole and hijacked what people fought for is your AGAME president and his inner circles of people with identity complex as their leader.. Those afro-mentioned Eritreans are true Eritrean heroes.

  38. asdagi yebedelw and balegie woyne seraqi!!!

  39. KKKKKK, he will just use the corruption warning to imprison those whom he doesnt like anymore. How can someone talk about corruption when he himself and his inner circles has stolen 700M dollar of our money? Thanks to HSBC Swiss we know better. You blind supporters have zero IQ, what do you expect people to do when this mad dog has stopped all private house construction for the last 12 years? If you are one of those diaspora born ignorants, let me tell you this, in Issays Eritrea it is not allowed for private citizens to build house or do renovation, this has been a law since 2003!!!!!!!!! Who in his right mind forbids construction business which could have created many job opportunities. At the end of the day, what can sonmeone expect from people like Issays who suffers from identity complex and hate the Eritrean people.

  40. 1111111111
    እቲ ኣብ ግንቦት 24,1991 ብሓጎስ ክዘልል ገዝኡ ዝረስፀን : ነቶም ነታ ናጽነት ዘምጽእዋ ተጋደልቲ እናሓነቐ ዝሰዓመን ዝሓንገረን መንእሰይ፥ እቶም ኣብ ኣንጎሎታት ገዝውቶም ብገረወኛን ታኒካን ብዝተሰርሐ መሳርሒ ሙዚቓ 'ፍረ ጽዕርኻ ኢዩ ህዝበይ..' : 'ሓርበኛ ኣይነብርንዩ..' : 'ሽቦ-ሽቦ.. ' እናበለ ዝደረፈን :ብክገልጾ ዘይክእል ሃገራውነትን ጅግንነትን ዝተመልአ ህጻንን ኣበይ ኣለዉ ፧ እቶም ድሕሪ- ደጊም-ሞት-ከም-ኣዳም ደጊምስ መከራና ኣብቒ ዑዩ ኢሎም ብሓጎስ ዝተሰራሰሩ ወለዲ ኣበይ ኮን ይህልዉ ፧ 
    እዛ መዓልቲስ ክንደይ ኮን ክንድሰት ምወዓልና ኔርና... እወ ዝደርፍ ምደረፈ ፥ ዝገጥም ምገጠመ፥ ዝዝምር ምዘመረ ፥ ያረድ ዝብል ማህሌቱ ናብ ኣምላኽ (ረቢ) መብጽሐ ግን ..... "ኣብ ዕጥቓ ርባታት ባቢሎን ተቐመጥና፣ ንጽዮን ምስ ዘከርና በኼና። መሰንቆታትና ኣብቲ ኣብኣ ዘሎ ዕቦላት ሰቐልና። እቶም ዝማረኹና ናይ መዝሙር ቃላት ካባና ደለዩ፣ እቶም ሰቀይትናውን፣ ሓደ መዝሙር ጽዮን ዘምሩልና፣ እናበሉ ኽንሕጐስ ለመኑና። ከመይ ጌርና እሞ መዝሙር እግዚኣብሄር ኣብ ምድሪ ጓና ኽንዝምር.. " እናበለ ንጉስ ዳዊት ዘልቀሰስ ከምዚ'ዶ ኣይኮነን ገጢምዎም። ሕጂ ድማ ገለ ኤርትራውያን ኣሕዋት ኣብ ፌስ-ቡክ በዛ መዓልቲ እዚኣ ዘይተሓጎሰ ወይ ውን ብሓጎስን ብ'ጕዋይላን ዘይዘከራ ኣይ'ኤርትራውን ኢዩ: ሆየ ዘይበለ ካባና ይፈለ ፤ክብሉ ከንብብ ከለኹ ግርም ይብለኒ። ገለውን ብክንደይ መከራ ኣብ ውሑስ ቦታ ምስ ኣተዉ ትእዛዝ ናይቶም 'ኣሰቐይቶም' ሰሚዖም 'ብርሃን ኮነ ውልዕ ውልዕ' እናበሉ መዝሙር ጽዮን ይዝምሩ ኣለዉ። ብዝኾነ እዛ መዓልቲ ኩል ግዜ ሓንቲ ካብተን ዝዓበየትን ኣገዳሲትን መዓልታት ኣብ ካላንደር ነፍሲ ወከፍ ኤርትራዊ ኢያ፤ ግን ብኸመይ ነብዕላ ዝብል ሕቶ፤ ኣብቲ እታ መዓልቲ እተሰክመና ሓደራን ዘሎ ኩነታትናን ደኣ እንበር እቲ ዘላመዱና መገዲ ጥራይ ኣይኮነን።

  41. Hahaha you dont have to be angry my friend.
    You will understand one day the value of eritrean tradition.

  42. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 26, 2015 at 7:52 AM

    I don't get angry but i get happy to see u people get old--and rotting in a foreign country. what is there to be angry, what did u so called opposition-groups achive to get us angry...can u name one? :)

  43. Mentally deficient people take the words of crafty people for the truth. You may be one of them. But no patriotic Eritrean can say that all those who call themselves eritreans and who are cheering isaias afewekl's reign of terror are genuine Eritreans.

    We must understand that owing to our past colonial experience, so many aliens had entered our country without our permit and lived and intermarried with our native population: dutong Italian colonialism, tegaru, both Christians and Muslims, and during Amhara colonialism, our people were systematically displaced to Ethiopia, and the occupation army was encouraged to intermarry with our native by force.

    In 2011, when I went to Eritrea, I met what seemed to me very young girl working at the hotel I was staying. I asked her why she is working instead of going to the school? To help my single mother, she replied. What happennedbt to your father, I asked? My father was an Ethiopian soldier; he left back to Ethiopia in 1991. Are there others like you? A lot, she replied.

    The current foreign minister of Ethiopia was born, raised and educated in Ertirea; his mother is an Eritrean native; his father tigrawai and he is openly working to decimate Eritrean Sovereignty systematically.

    Isaias afewerki was born in Eritrea from tegaru parents; his grandfather, abraha, came from tigrai. Abraha was a senior officer with rasi alula army that invaded our country. When king yohannes was defeated and beheaded by the Sudanese army, bloody rivalry ensued among tegaru generals; abraha escaped to Eritrea to save his life.

    When haile selase illegally ended eritrean ethiopian federation and incorporated Eritrea as par of Ethiopia, he had made use of the products of mixed marriages or aliens, such as qeshi Libetros. Isaias afewerki is following the footsteps of haile selase: he brought the son of qeshi Libetros from Ethiopia and made him the head of the Eritrean Orthodox Church, put at the helm of his mafia government exclusively people of tigrai origin etc.

    The deceptive words of hails selase were that Eritreans and Ethiopians are histirically, linguistically and culturally the same. But once eritrean was incorporated, haile selase changed to we do not need the people of Eritrea but their land. Isaias afew

    Similarly, isaias started with the mantra of installing democracy. Multi party system in Eritrea but immediately after independence, he changed to replace native Eritreans by tegaru and completely put the eritrean government under his total grip so as to navigate the country into destruction under lip service of patritiotic slogans.

  44. To be a traitor can take one second, no matter how many years one struggled. What about this man? Didn't he fight for 40 years? No ugum is gonna be allowed to give us non-existent guilty conscience. My people are gladly applauding their president. Loud and clear!!!

  45. Prove it, you cock sucker!!!

  46. Keep on wishing wicked people while Eritreans kept the country one and going strong the likes of you keep on barking but mark my word your days are numbered no more of your bull anymore.

  47. Another idiot in need of refocusing. you just don't build housing without the first putting in place the necessary infrastructure such as water pipes, electric wiring, waste drainage etc.... Do you get it now retard?

  48. The pictures in your profile even hatsea tedroses agame.
    why are u insulting your own picture and your owen president? ?

  49. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 26, 2015 at 12:33 PM

    FYI- Mr. twisted heart--wedzom mai telamit-->ma profile pic is --Young black jesus, u can Google it...seraqi. wedzom sahsah qomalat. trying to twist everything to suit ur selves, you're pathetic qomal Agame.

  50. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 26, 2015 at 1:40 PM

    And this is my version

  51. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 26, 2015 at 1:45 PM

    And this is ma version....

  52. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 26, 2015 at 2:12 PM

    And this is ma kinda version ha,ha,ha....I know u hate ma profile pic--bcuz, the **ERI-FLAG** makes ur eyes dizzy-bcuz---> u are Sahsah Agame. :)

  53. Ras-be-Ras bebHade nEne belen Alec Arkey LOL
    Testa nay Eritrawayan kab Hlmi Abay Tgray tebarabir mukhana ayfeleTan alewa mesleni LOL LOL LOL

  54. Rora aregit,
    Dont touch this ! bele derafay:)
    Koshem-shem ms deqikhi gedifki.....Go to your oldish agaminos instead LOL LOL

  55. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 27, 2015 at 10:32 AM


    This ugumeshs are cowards using different names to hide. they're pathetic.

  56. You're joking right? "Peace and Harmony", are you talking about Eritrea, which has been in a "no peace, no war" footing for the majority of her existence. " gratitude to the bigger than life Eritrean leaders who brought us to where we are today " are you talking about Eritrea today, which is number one in refugees (maybe number two now, not sure about Syria) or the fact you can't mention a single pillar of the economy which is feeding the people. What promise land are you talking about and please explain to the people, why aren't you there helping Eritrea get there if you believe she is on the right path?

  57. Yes, but you can't tell us, where you got information that these men where traitors, other than government propaganda. No trail, no evidence presented or witnesses brought forth. All you have to go on is the word of a dictator or his mouth piece.

  58. If Eritrea belongs to Eritreans how come the people leading the country are AGAME (Isiasias, Yemane Monkey, Yemane Charlie, Hagos Kisha)?

  59. Are you not living and getting old in foreign land my friend?
    I came up in 2011 from Barentu after spending 3 years teaching i know the pain of my people and i saw the life in Eritrea and i am very happy here....can wait til the dictator is gone for good.

  60. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 28, 2015 at 6:42 AM

    Okay as u wish. but let me ask u one thing, politics aside, why not help and demonstrate to end the occupation of Eritrean land-Badme- by the Ethiopian govt. don't u think that will help to end the long military-service?. Don't u think if that ends, elections wouldn't start?. what is it with u so called opposition-groups no one ever heard u even mentioned about *Badme*... Don't u think that will help the Eri-pple that u claim to care about- what is the problem??? it bcuz u pple are cahoots with enemy(woyane) and if u talk about badme the support u get from the US & woyane will that it??. its like badme is ur ticket to keep Eritrea in the dark with the enemies. and u said u care wow. ብኣፍካ ጸፍ፡ ብእግርኻ ደርገፍ!!..

    Funny isnt it. ተጎብሓለይ፡እሞ ክብለጸልካ!!--instead of talking this and that about the GOEri-- why don't u come and fight for what u believe in--instead of sitting in the U.S- trying to make someone to fight for ur own battle--u remind me that
    yonatan guy from the Radio.LOL...- If u believe in what ur preach, but i doubt u want do that u are very happy liven in ur precious America. cuz, just like those so called opposition-groups...they preach...for someone to fight their battle, so they can come and live a rich life, while that someone becomes history. like i said..ተጎብሓለይ፡እሞ ክብለጸልካ!!
    Remember--Action speak more than words ma dear Rora!!..

  61. Don't we demonstrated for the last 12 years or so about weyane being in Badme.....what if they say no? Should we be hostages of no war no peace til we become with out " menisy"? What if Weyane stays in Badme for the next 100 years....what we need is a strong government and institutions that can counter attack them militarily and deplomatic wise. In the way that we are going now we are only destroying ourselves to become nomansland. Thats my consern, lets start cleaning our house by implementing justice and institutions so that we will become strong enough to face weyane.

  62. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 29, 2015 at 7:48 AM

    That is understandable ...No one is arguing the situation is ideal, but What is Eritrea suppose to do? Demobilize their pple and be invaded by any excuse like their neighboring Somalia or Yemen?? Or Demobilize their pple and revert to the likes of their basket-case neighbor Ethiopia.

    "can counter attack them militarily and diplomatic wise".------- we don't want to lose any precious lives, not again. and that is why the GOEri is doing it by the
    Ethiopian oppositions. isn't that a counter attack. and
    forget the the diplomatic scheme with woyane...they will not live badme, bcuz badme is their back-bone of their political agenda, without it...they will lose the
    credibility of the Tigray pple.

    There is only one thing u dont understand, we are strong enough to face weyane. but we don't want to lose our pple. Okay lets start a war...and destroy their military, let say we kill thousands...but remember Ethiopia's population is equivalent to 1.3% of the total world population. starting a war by our army is.. its like filling water in a barrel that have a hole in it, over and over.---And remember we cant attack them in their territory-bcuz they have the USA on their side. and the U.S will have an excuse to invade Eri... u know like they tried to do-> back in 2000....when Eritrean army crushed the Ethiopian invasion and was about to launch a counter offensive into the Ethiopian territory
    and the USA sent an aircraft carrier task force to the Red Sea and told Eritrea if they did so, the USA would attack them. So, the only smart thing to do is a regime change thru the Ethio-oppositions. and then we....

    What we need is our unity--to destroy our enemies-then we can move on to political shenanigans. am not saying love the GOEri, what am saying is...fight the good fight now then lets move on to.....

    The thing is Rora-- the Eri-pple are having hard time
    trusting those so called opposition-groups, they're doing more harm than good for short term gains. bcuz they always have the help from the south to make Eritrea hostage in-order to further their agenda about the regime change and grab-power. the opposition-groups are compromised. These so called opposition groups are even divided against themselves by tribalism, regionalism, and religious fanaticism. So, Rora-->I guess better the devil u know...

  63. Are we not mobilizing our young forever by chasing them out side the country....if you have a connection in the eritrean army you would know how many we lost in the structure....for example when i was there one"mesrie" used to be 12 members....and one " ganta" more or less 36 personal, now mesrie is about 2-3 and ganta up to 8-9 you see how much of our young we lost. This is what happens if you try to force people against their will..i remember in 1998 , when they were told to go to their regiments every body was happily do this when you are satisfied.
    Look at as now so plz don't tell me we are strong enough to face weyane.
    We have outdated leadership...don't get me wrong they did superb job for our independence but they couldn't handle free Eritrea...they shoul step down and hand their power to the's just too much sitting in power for 24 years. Power corrupt people and absolute power corrupts absolutely..

  64. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 30, 2015 at 11:03 AM

    I know about our army. even tho some are leaven the country, we have strong army that can stand against
    woyane's aggression. i will repeat again **we are strong enough to face weyane. Remember when woyane said they attacked camps inside Eritrea's territory at the border back in 2012. Well, what they didn't tell the world was, they attacked the Ethio-opposition groups inside the Ethiopian border not inside Eritrea. woyane will never start a war thru badme bcuz that will be the start of a full war-they can't offered that. And if we do not have enough Army to defend Eri-like u are claiming- then what is stopping woyane from invading Eritrea??? ask that to ur self..If our border wasn't impenetrable ...We would be invaded like Somalia long time ago--And the woyane-tigary would be dancing on our grave right now.

    Yes we're mobilizing our pple at the border and yes its taking to long it's not fair... but what are we suppose to do--Demobilize our army and be invaded.

    Am not saying we don't want election or constitution-- what am saying is we need time and do it carefully. Bcuz since the 98 war everything was on hold. and now that is why the constitution is constructed, its taking time but its coming. And yes, i understand what ur saying- and i agree with some.... and thats why i said we need our plan to be constructed carefully. What do u think the woyane will do if we abandoned everything??. it's a fragile situation.

  65. Regarding the constitution the dictator said it is dead , who gave him the power to say so if he is not sick...the power to amend the document is on the parliament not president, its even stated in eplfs regulation. He has been degrading eritrean and EPLFs values for along time now...if he thinks he will come up with his own constitution he is dead wrong, it will only widen our problem what we are missing now are institutions, his word had been the rule in Eritrea for long now...we should said enough is enough for our cauntry and peoples sake.

  66. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 31, 2015 at 10:22 AM

    Just for INFO-----

    The Eritrean government have the obligation to change the constitution---Bcuz The 1997 Constitution was authored by Bereket Habte Selassie.-----> And "Bereket Habte Selassie, who is married to an Ethiopian woman, is a man that has dedicated his life to aligning himself with successive Ethiopian regimes against the Eritrean people. From Haliseassie to the Derg to the current TPLF junta, Bereket has been a consistent friend of Ethiopian dictatorships."----> Bereket Habte-Selassie is loyal to Ethiopia not to Eritrea.

    From the horse's mouth...In 2011 book signing in France. Bereket said----->... "I have been part of Ethiopia. There is a larger sense in which we are all
    Ethiopians. Historically, culturally speaking as I tried to explain today. And my wish, my hope before I die is that we come back together in a larger unity transcending all these divisions."

    Bereket Habteselassie was caught on camera saying is
    dream is to see Eritrea reunited with Ethiopia before he dies. *** So-It was a mistake to make him the Constitution Chair. A big mistake!!..

    So, its the responsibility of Eritrean government to change the constitution.--- No body said our 1997 constitution is perfect and it is not written on a stone it can be amended and changes can be implemented. Let alone our untested 1997 constitution even constitutions in democratic countries which have been implemented and ratified for 100s of years are going through rigorous changes and amendments.

  67. Dear Alec...let me tell you something our constitution is not written by one man, Bereket was the head of the committee but he was not alone...the whole eritrean people participated and at last it went to the national assembly wich comprises more than 300 members, and at the end the national assembly decided the document to be implemented... so how come you said that it's one man's document do you think the people and overall the members of national assembly wich they went through a lot of debates and arguements for monthes which they finally agreed to be implemented dummies...come on you are better than that.
    P.s-The eritrean government do not have responsibility nor obligation to amend or change the document. Read it it's writen in 1994 convention in Nakfa by EPLFs central committee.

  68. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 2, 2015 at 12:40 PM

    Nebsi u misunderstood me-> I know our constitution is not written by one man..but also by the likes of him.--->i was just pointing out the pple that was, had a hand on the constitution the heads of the committee- hence some of them..they did it in-order to manipulate the system later on. maybe they think it would make their agenda to go forward, by implanting constitution. yes at that time implementing the constitution was marbles-idea.. but their intention was never about democracy. it was all about power and money. they gave priority to their personal interests and tried to sell the nation to outsiders. so they share a common guilt:- at the minimum, abdication of responsibility during Eritrea's difficult hours, at the maximum, grave conspiracy.

    And this pple..Most of them Were separatists; they intended to divide Eritrea based on regional and ethnic taxonomy and that they encouraged disunity, and this man was one of the many. If this pple..if they had the power now, Eritrea slowly would been under Ethiopia without demolition the name Eritrea. And in Shaebia's ideology if u get caught red-handed with this kind of crimes..well, u don't even deserve a rule of law. bcuz thats treason-->meaning Enemies Of The State. U do know that its not PIA that did that its the party-(Shaebia). PIA is just a one man. So shaebia see the constitution can get manipulate by enemies of Eritrea,
    so why not make it something that can't be manipulate by foreign powers. And no matter what people's needs is...the country come first.

    Never mind whats done is done. so the constitution is going to be implemented. and we will see the outcome.

  69. Anyways I wish to see the constitution being implemented...and our misery and migration end with it, we suffered for too long and we deserve peaceful, democratic and prosperous Eritrea...if we need that we start it here and now, degefti, tekawemti...we should narrow the differences and work for the betterment of our nation because with out each and every one of us prosperous Eritrea is just a dream.
    P.s-it's been a good talk thanks for that.

  70. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 3, 2015 at 9:12 AM

    Can't argue with that. :)
    it was nice talking to u as well.


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