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Pictures of Eritrean Independence Day Festivities in Scandinavia

Eritrean Independence Rally in Stockholm

By Sirak Bahlbi

She was walking casually in Stockholm city centre in May 24, and I asked her if I can take a picture she said yes, and I asked how come she is wearing the Eritrean Flag and she said to me (with a straight face) - because I am Eritrean.

All photos are courtesy of Sirak Bahlbi

24 May 2015, Sunday, Eritrean Independence Rally in Segels Torg, Stockholm:

24th Eritrean Independence Celebration in Copenhagen, Denmark 

3 YPFDJ members Graduating with Masters and Bachelor degree amongst the graduates in this year's Independence day honours in Denmark

Independence Sports Day in Stockholm

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Pictures of Eritrean Independence Day Festivities in Scandinavia Reviewed by Admin on 6:57 PM Rating: 5


  1. Happy Independence Day to all Eritreans around the world !!!!

    "She was walking casually in Stockholm city centre in May 24, and I asked her if I can take a picture she said yes, and I asked how come she is wearing the Eritrean Flag and she said to me (with a straight face) - because I am Eritrean".

    Good to see this young lady celebrating May 24, all young Eritreans should learn from her and celebrate their heritage.

    ... FYI... assuming one of her parents is Habesha, I'm not surprised there and I see it all the time, because we Eritrean (Habesha) have recessive gene, due to our Semitic ancestors and internal breeding with other Habesha meaning with the people of Hamasien, Seraye & Akele-Guzay and centuries of isolation in the highlands, our gene pool is and has become very recessive when mixing with other races. This is just another strange things of science and genetics.

    Happy Independence Day to all !!!!

  2. Happy independence day to you too; please notice too; she said I am Eritrean! So drop the habesh part it is uncalled for. As to the gene; it can wait.
    Thank you again; stay strong and proud!

  3. Thanks for the pictorial support that it was colorfully celebrated.

  4. Stop calling Eritreans Habesha,Al Habesha means Ethiopia in arabic and Abyssinian in English and we are NOT Abyssinians.

  5. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 26, 2015 at 8:08 AM

    Proud of u deqi Erey!! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!.. We are not Habesha...we're ERITREANS!!!....

  6. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 26, 2015 at 8:13 AM

    Nebsy---why are u keep saying Habesha...habesha....Are u Ethiopian or Eritrean. Eritreans are not Habesha!!!...u better drop that Habesh crap nonsense.

  7. Alec Arkey,
    gele nTab dem alewo mesleni ytseQtela alo LOL


  8. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 26, 2015 at 9:31 AM

    Indeed, it seems that way bro. LOL....

  9. hey buddy, the name Habesha has been hijacked by Ethiopians, the so called todays Ethiopians are not Habesha though they have small remnant of their population that are, mainly descendants from the north, most Ethiopians are Gala which is a Bantu tribe thru "patriarch Y chromosome" lineage, the real Habesha are tribes that came from what's now Yemen thousands of years ago and settled in the Eritrean highlands and coastal lines, founders of the Damot Empire later who became Orthodox at the first century A.D, until they were driven away to the highlands (Kebesa) by external forces during the rise of islam. Know the facts and history, Happy Independence Day.

  10. i should add that it is extreme appealing to see many Eritreans do not know history to the full extent, I mean history based of solid facts, not history since 1961 rather history since 5000 b.c.


    -Did you know it was Queen Saba lived in Merib (western Yemen) and ruled only from that location.

    -Did you know the name "Ethiopia" is a Greek word meaning "sun burned faces/skin" a name given to the people in Red Sea coast or the people of Damot Empire by Greek merchant in ancient times.

    -Did you know the people during Bahri Negassi rule of (Kebesa & Metaht) prior and post 700 a.d the people of Bahri Negassi referred themselves as Habesha and just for the record the name Habeshi or Habesha is written in the Holly Koran due to their good deed and compassion for others who believe in God, those we Habesha of Kebesa are revealed as people of the book and companions of the prophet.

    -Did you know the so called word "Abyssinia" used by western powers is a translation of the word Habesha, and a wrong description and marginalizing broader name of the region, other than the northerns.

    -Did you know the "nation" so called nowadays "Ethiopia" was invented during the Berlin Conference (Scramble for Africa) and systematically groomed to serve as an agent for its European masters and to be rewarded with bias policies and arms. Prior to that, it was just a fragmented feudal driven regions.

    -Did you know in our region, there are more archeological sites of advanced civilization in Eritrean only second to Egypt, some even predate the pyramids.

    -Did you know that the name "Tigrina" is not an ethnic name, rather a recent 10th century a.d phenomenon, it is driven from an Arabic word "Tegari" meaning (traders), name give to the local inhabitants of what is now Eritrea by then Yemeni coffee merchants. Yet the people adopted the new name of their language but still called themselves Habesha; and the recent unusual linguistic name "Tigrina" given as an ethnic identity is just a modern label given in order to distinguish the Kebesa population from their neighbors south of the border a.k.a "Tgrawot".

    -Did you know in the Eritrean (Kebesa Habesha) tradition, children are ordered to study and memorize their generational lineage and the birth places of their ancestors, meaning the names of their father's father.. grandfathers.. and so on that stretches back to centuries and millennia. Well, just FYI... I'm a proud 'wedi Kebesa, Hamasinay Habesha" with a book full list of ancestors.

  11. "Menenetna kab teàmom ire, Kensegro ina kendey zeyteseg re, èjeb aybelkum, abaykum yedefen deqi Errey, yemesgeno kabaqum meftarey"

    Credit: Jeg na sewue sne tebebawi Abraham Afewerqi.

  12. you are right you are not habesha . may be you are from asawuruta or Beja off-spring ,nigger flat nose......... speaking semetic knowledge does not necessarily mean you are habesha....we habesha people are proud and have long history of civilization ,axum kingdom. Asawuruta may not have the way , we are happy to remove cancerous eritrea from Ethiopia ,we have been performing well with out you especially we tigray people .

  13. ATo Alem ,sawa graduate.................please try to read history.the hot condition in sawa may have damaged significant neurons in your cerebral part could be vivax as your boss.

  14. you are great ,Asmara university graduate unlike ato ALEM/alec you/ and guest from sawa campus.

  15. Eritrean not HabeshaMay 27, 2015 at 3:28 AM

    My god lunatics...the 350 drowned 24 killed by ISIS all for 2 month ago...
    all Eritrean not habeshas

  16. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 27, 2015 at 7:32 AM

    Who the F@ck is Alem---Listen Agame boy i know u trying so hard to push ur family tree into us, Remember this-- No Matter What u do or ain't gonna happen.

  17. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 27, 2015 at 7:37 AM

    And to add----

    Well did u know-->The migration and assimilation of the Balaw people-- During the second wave of the Beja migrations into Eritrea, the Balaw (Belew) people, a then

    predominantly Christian group of mixed Beja and Bedouin ancestry, entered the country and established the Balaw kingdoms between the 12th and 16th centuries CE. Despite being politically dominate in Eritrea for several centuries, they assimilated with the Tigriña, Tigre, and Bilen ethnic groups and adopted

    their languages and cultures. They are even still remembered in oral traditions among several Eritrean ethnic groups.-----In the early 1st Millenium BCE, these pastoralist people gradually shifted to settled farming

    communities in the greater Asmera Plateau. As a result, from 800 to 400 BCE, the oldest settled civilization in the Horn of Africa developed in what archaeologists regard as the Ancient Ona cultures of Asmera.


    1st--Ask this to ur self---why was Tigriña spoken by the kebessa people since the 8th century but By the tigryans since the 16th century (after the fall of Gragn and death of King isaac of Midri bahri)

    2nd--"Why was Geez Not spoken or written In any part of Ethiopia prior to the 4th-5th century (Official language of Tigray was sabean prior to that) While Geez was spoken In Eritrea from 2000-1500 b.c and written from

    1000 b.c (Stele of Matara)."

    3rd--Why Does Tigriña Contains 10-15% Beja words and is the only semitic Language with a semitic Vocabulary but a Cushtic Grammer Only used In the beja langauge (Ta badawi) ? Unless the belew kelew Created it in the 8th century.

    4th--"Why was is all the towns and ancient artifacts before the axumite Period In Ethiopia Not one is in Geez but all in sabeans while the towns and old artifacts in Eritrea are 95% In ge'ez and not sabean??.."

    5th--"Why did the priests In Tigray in the 5th century Decided to abolish the sabean language and adopt the language of the agazians from Eritrea???It took them almost 100 hundred Years to Adopt the language as the kebessa People shortly Created a language called

    Tigriña today.(Many early geez artifacts found in tigray shows a mix of sabean and Geez mixtures of words, whats worst is the Tigrayan habesha tried to firstly use the sabean Letters to write Geez but had to adopt the Geez scriptures "Fidal Lita" to Reflect the pronunciation of the ge'ez words)."

    6--"Why Did all the artifacts in yeha refered to the local population as "Occupied" and "Servant".(Most of Yeha historic sites like the so claimed sheba palace is closed for any public visit after the deciphering of many of

    what was written there)"

    7--and yes.."Why did the ethiopian army tried to destroy the stele Of matara in 2000-- with c4 and tried to wipe-out its existence, leaving 1000's of other artifacts,stele's and historic sites with less attention?? Good thing its restored for every one to see its Majestic 150-200 words, It mentions who Eritreans are and what's their descandent and who are the people from the south who they crushed are. (Agazians Vs Habesha)"

  18. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 27, 2015 at 7:40 AM

    Just STFU---Agame boy.

  19. ayte kiH,
    zerebakha KIH! iluna LOL LOL

  20. That's right, keep in mind as the old saying goes "water flows from the top" and civilization started from the north Ere that is.

    just to add few points, today's Tigrina language has not been kept in its original form, sure many words/dialects have been borrowed from God knows where... Beja, Italian etc... it has been a dumping ground of foreign elements. Keep in mind, centuries of invasion and weak institutions can erode a culture and ethnicity. Therefore, as cultural rehabilitation, our language, culture, ethnic identity, heritage need to be reserved to their original forms.

  21. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 28, 2015 at 2:25 AM


  22. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 28, 2015 at 2:32 AM


  23. are you saying that that prick alec you is right? you people make me sick.

  24. zelalem enagtetsalaekum aytnberu,medri nai amlak ety.


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