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Tips on Causes of High Blood Pressure

Tips on Causes of High Blood Pressure

Tseghai  Kidane
May 06, 2015

Generally speaking, the piece has been assembled in response to positive feedback and with the request I’ve been receiving from individual readers. 

However, I’ve to admit that the intent of writing is part of piece of my work project & not only constrained to journalistic style, rather it is also meant to include self- taught readers with docility, students at the interface of finishing high school and preparing for college based applicable programmes in a sense it might enhance thinking or perhaps it can act as an exemplary for highly accomplished members of the community to pass their part least to mention.    

First of all, we need to elucidate what blood pressure is without deep medical exploration?

Blood pressure is the measure of the force of blood pushing against blood vessel walls. The heart pumps blood into the arteries (blood vessels) which carry blood throughout the body.

Somehow, when the heart work experiences harder to pump blood as a result of hardening of the arteries termed as artherosclerosis which can slowly lead to the development of fatal heart failure, the person is in a state of high blood pressure literally speaking hypertensive state.

A blood pressure reading has a top number (Systolic-maximum pressure applied by a heart to pump blood in a relaxed state. i.e when having 'wancha ab’ nda Abashawel' least to say.) and bottom number (Diastolic- minimum pressure applied by a heart to pump blood in a contracted state. i.e when abstaining from consumption that would elevate blood pressure or dilate blood vessels to the extreme otherwise.) Normal: Less than 120 over 80(< 120 / 80).

Disregarding medical condition of a person such as chronic kidney disease, hormonal disorder or old age ....., the main causes of high blood pressure are too much salt in the diet, and too much alcohol consumption associated with heavy smoking habits which is the subject of basic science interest in this piece of writing.

Under normal daily molecular & cellular mechanistic circumstance, our system requires us to have supplements like salts containing sodium (Na+) or potassium (K+) ions & essentially cheese like products containing calcium (Ca++) ions in our nutritional diets. Why?

What’s action potential (AP) or simply neural (nerve)-impulse?

'AP is the sensations we experience in our daily life as existing species. i.e the mental perception-response process at any moment.

Similarly the axon can be visualized as a fluid-filled tube with the cell membrane as its skin. Among the materials dissolved in the fluids inside and outside the cell are sodium ions (Na+) and potassium ions (K+). The movement of these ions across the membrane is controlled gates that open or close pores in the membrane. There is always more Na+ outside the cell than inside and more K+ inside the cell than outside. When an AP is triggered pores that allow Na+ to pass through open and enough Na+ enters the cell to make it temporarily positive inside (negative outside).That electrical change is the AP. Once an AP occurs at one end of the axon, it triggers sodium pores to open in the part of the axon just ahead. Thus, the AP moves down the axon. In the wake of the AP, other pores open, which allow K+ to move out of the cell restoring the original charge across the membrane (outside-positive).

What we should bear in mind also, the neuron (nerve cell) keeps charging or regenerating as long as balance of the ions is maintained and the rate of AP production is influenced by what’s called-Synaptic-Transmission with the assistance of calcium ions (Ca++).'

Therefore, when we experience tiresome mentally as well as physically or tardiness on a day by day due to extreme heat or rise in temperature, we need to take a look for food ingredients with labels containing afore-mentioned ions provided that amount of intake doesn’t exceed for individuals with medically elevated blood pressure (Systolic/Diastolic - Na+ - K+ pump) history.

Suffice to say, too much of anything or nothing at all can pose negative at the same time positive impact in a social behavioural life besides health.

Further, there is a notion that causes of high blood pressure are also attributed to family blood history or genetics.

One might argue though, what influences genetics?

Epigenetically our DNA sequence remains the same, the impact our genes have on us can alter with age and different environments we experience. Environmental influences can be food, chemicals we mingle with.

Apparently  according to this week’s latest newswire on 'world science journal' Chinese researchers were trying to edit genes in an attempt to cure incurable diseases with a failure and ethically questioned technique that would permanently alter the DNA of every cell so that any change would be passed on from generation to generation.

Are Public Blood Pressure Machines OK?
How accurate are the free blood pressure monitors in drugstores? I get wildly different readings on the same machine if I repeat the test a few times.
In theory, the blood pressure monitors available in drugstores and other retail establishments are a good idea. They give people who don't regularly visit a physician an opportunity to check their blood pressure periodically, and they give individuals who are being treated for high blood pressure opportunities to check their numbers over time if they don't have a monitor at home.

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  1. Very informative, thank you Tsegai Kidane/Madote

  2. Suffice to say, too much of anything or nothing at all can pose
    negative at the same time positive impact in a social behavioural life
    besides health.

    As mentioned true is informative in terms of family history, the food and drink and also in both social and medical instances. Also it is true stress is part of it. These days what y see and hear are very scaring. Peace of mind and stability have become very far.


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