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The Eritrean Dentist in Search of Gold & Unusual Toxicity by Bacterium Bacillus Subtilis

Tseghai Kidane 

January 12, 2015                                                                                

The Dentist in Search of Gold & Unusual Toxicity by Bacterium Bacillus Subtilis

The significance teeth can play in human well-being is tremendous whether it is physiologically or psychologically.

When food is eaten, it is masticated by the teeth into small pieces, and when digestive juices mix with the food, the body is able to absorb nutrients and to stay healthy. Missing or damaged teeth due to poor hygiene as a result of harmful microbial species invasion or accidentally can lead in a restricted diet, and an inability to break down food sufficiently. This may cause digestive problems along with other serious life threatening health issues.

Unlike now, where health care system is relatively fair in post independence, nevertheless, growing up as a kid in a war troubled Eritrea, north east of the Red Sea coast of Africa, is it not mortification to say I haven’t had  ultra-good teeth? Therefore, I do my best to maintain healthy teeth I have left with in my adulthood.

At one point in time, I had to experience unbearably painful tooth abscess. I had to seek emergency help at the local hospital and I was advised to see a dentist after having had pain relief prescription.

The story was: I had to have my teeth filled up with mercury liquid for cavities during my brief stay in Europe before I had to land in Canada.

In the early nineties, coming from central Europe, humidity in August after a harsh snowy winter was my roughest challenge, the fact that transitional metals expand when it is hot and vice-versa if preliminary physics is going to be incorporated into the discussion.

As an alteration, I had to have the mercury replaced with animal bone squashed fill up the cavity I suspect. It felt better for some time, however, because of bacterial contamination deep into the root canal, it was a matter of choice and I had to have part of the teeth pulled out after two or three years. It was fine at the price to pay.

This time around, the story is different. I was out of town for no more than 48 hours last summer. And for an obvious reason, maintaining hygiene like brushing teeth after food is something that had to be considered, I opted out going to a fast food restaurant. Instead, I ended up with a life saver that weighed 500 g a pack of rich nutritious mixed nuts & a bottle of water.

When I came back home, suddenly late night in my deep sleep, I had to encounter a painful toxicity on my other unreached terrain part of teeth. My impression was a dream after having a good deep sleep.

To my surprise, it wasn’t and to neutralize the toxicity intuitively I had to rinse it with lemon juice which is an acetic-acid milder than pyruvic-acid. I was able to contain the pain momentarily, but the problem was: the more I rinsed with acid, the more they had to release ammonia (NHᴈ) with the grasp of a little bit of particular microbial chemistry and consequently I was left with swollen gum.

Generally speaking, the toxin subtilisin produced from B.Subtilis is not considered pathogenic or toxigenic to humans, animals or plants, unlike bacterium B.Cereus, common cause for food poisoning or bacterium B.Anthrasis, the common cause for ' Anthrax ' in infected domestic animal like sheep with swollen mouth. It happens when they are grazed in an infected area with the bacteria. Mentally it has become apprehensive when I used to see goats or sheep with this kind of problem back home.

Interestingly enough, bio-technically farmers utilize it as a catalyst to boast plant production or in fermented products processing.

Then, I realized that I needed antibiotic injection to win the war. I went to see a couple of dentists, however, I was approached by front door clerks and they didn’t even let me address my specific situation. All they had to narrate was: the routine procedure such as big gold for visiting, x-ray…costs.

Meanwhile, stunned suffering health set-back, a friend had to give me a tip to see a family doctor.

It has been a while since I haven’t had a family doctor. The last time, I visited was as a new comer for physical check up. The one I did have, had to give up family practice for optician.

A flash back resurfaced into my mind that I was at the local hospital once for sort of an urgent problem, I went down there and I met by the name, Dr. Messenger David, university medical resident. As soon as I briefed him in point form, he gave me antibiotic injection without hesitation and penicillin tablets for less cost of $20.00.

Hours after the antibiotic injection, the war was conclusive story.

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