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Eritrea needs to catch up in adapting sustainable green agro-health policies & educational practices

Applicable – Trouble Shooting Paper Project 
Refrigeration – Fundamental Water Chemistry
And it’s Indispensability in Life
                          Tseghai Kidane
                          Affiliation with Chemical Society
                          State of Eritrea, May 24, 2010

Fundamental Water Chemistry and its Indispensability in Life
  -Dipole-Dipole Interactions
  -Hydrogen Bonding
  -Biochemical Application of Hydrogen Bonding (H2O)
  -Water  As  A  Prime  Source  Of  Nutritional  Food
Refrigeration Chemistry
  -Carnot Cycle
  -Heat Engines
  -Reverse Heat Engines (Refrigerators)
  -Phases of Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas)
  -Phase Transitions (Sublimation/Deposition, Fusion/Freezing...)
  -Change in Enthalpy (△H) Of Phase Transitions
  -Refrigeration Cycle
Conclusive Part


When  I  was preparing to compile  the idea, the question  I  had  to ponder was: climate change  is happening, and what are the measures societies  have to undertake  to mitigate this change? The tip, I  may be interested in selling out  isn’t  about  carbon  capture  and  sequestration  which  ought  to  be left  up to the industrial polluters to deal with whether it’s effective or not so long  as  there  is profligate demand  for energy, nevertheless, certain  nations  lag  behind to meet  the demand of adequate food security because of lack of sufficient  rain  fall, soil degradation or drought ----Yet it’s naive to jump into a conclusion that the ongoing  problem  can  be tackled simply by adding Haber Bosch’s creation of nitrogen fertilisers as it could be a contributing factor to the cause, provided that  it’s  not  over used----. Or implementation of programmes such as reforestation ()  to replace deforested land and thereby improve the amount of precipitation or  alleviate carbon emission and maintain carbon cycle disrupted of course due to heat of combustion  byleast greenhouse gas effect to mention apart from  the  fact  that  global  or  regional  geo-socio  political, economical  & cultural issues could  also  be  a lingering  trail  to  blame  would  be  advisable.

The  purpose  of  this technical  paper  project is to address the  idea  that  achieving  and  harnessing  a sustained  food  security  doesn’t  necessarily  mean  it  has  to  be  confined  to  an  expectation  of increased  production  solely  from  traditional  farming  yields. Rather,  it  would  be  to  the  advantage  of newly  independent  countries  like  Eritrea   to  catch up  in  adapting sustainable  green agro-health policies & educational  practices  which  are  already  in  use.

For  example,  the  micro-dams being devised may get dry because there may be a season which wouldn’t have  enough  rainfall. Obviously,  the  question  which would follow  is:  what  will  be  the  next step? Is the land ready, from an economy or energy-wise,  to employ  sustainable  water  desalination technology? Or, let’s  think  this  way:  if  we are asked  to compare metabolic food intake rate between an Eritrean low lander who dwells  near the sea and an Eritrean  who  comes  from  high land, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find  that  the  metabolic food  intake rate of  the low lander is higher with lower body weight due to unbearably  hot  weather in the region. Again, the question is: what can be done to control the problem?

Even though  commercial  refrigeration hasn’t been  new  in  major  households and shops, including the household I left  in Eritrea, was easy to observe the difference it made when a member of  a family bought it for the first time just before I left. Again,  I’ve  had  experience  with  an  out-dated refrigerator, where you defrost it manually on time. At  times,  it  could  be  disadvantageous in terms of time consumption and extra costs of  food products I could  have saved. As a result, the setback I suffer in  my well being since the lifetime becomes shorter and  shorter as  they  get  older.  Some how, it  has been a positive experiment for me to rethink.

Hence  I  came to deduce  that  introducing  the  technique of  refrigeration  and  fundamental  water chemistry,  and  its  indispensability  in  life  as  a  universal  solvent  in  a  broader  scope, with the help of what  Dr.  R. Gordon,  Emeritus  Professor,  Physical  Chemist, of  Queer’s  university  had  to  say  on  the subject  of  ' Thermochemistry  Of  Heat  Engines'  and  other  helpful  references, could  have  an enormous impact  in  maintaining  the  infrastructure  of  the  land.  By  this,  it’s  meant that the educational,  food security  and  health strategy  policy  would  flow  intertwiningly.  For  instance, you’ve  got  large  numbers of  youngsters coming out of  these  educational or  technical  institutions  with  a  piece  of  paper. The argument  is: what consequence the land would endure  if  there  is  no  prior  work shop  arrangements, so that  these new  graduates  obtain  sound  work  experience……

Mr. Thomas Mountain’s latest journal titled as ‘Surviving Climate Disaster in Africa’s Sahel ’ was an epicenter for me to write the project and subsequently it has been an impetus to publicize it.

Tseghai Kidane represents an independent research group for alert and preparedness in the area of environmental and scientific studies solely for Eritrea.

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  1. Hi Tseghai kidane very thought full article but, with respect I would like to draw your attention on check this link please.. thanks Hope it is useful.

  2. Thanks Dr. Tseghai Kidane, for your concernings and sharing the article, we as People are aware and need to be watchful about our Nation, hope all nations contributes their part in a wide vision. Is really interesting and educational to see articles like this more often in Madote and other web pages.

  3. Great article. Thanks Dr. Tseghai Kidane and *MADOTE*.


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