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Pictures: 11th YPFDJ Conference in Europe underway

By Shabait

The 11th YPFDJ Conference in Europe opened today in Frankfurt City under the theme ‘‘Nation Building and the Struggle Against Human Trafficking’’.

In an opening  speech in which about 700 members of the Organization from inside the country and abroad, Ambassadors, Eritrean diplomats, heads of communities and nationals took part, Mr. Yemane Gebreab, Head of Political Affairs at the PFDJ, underlined the significance of enhanced awareness and organization towards the realization of the set goals. He also emphasized that combating human trafficking through higher awareness is a timely arena of struggle.

Semhar Tekeste, Chairperson of the organizing committee, explained that the YPFDJ in Europe was founded 10 years ago and that at present the number of members has registered major growth.

Zerai Teklai, head of the organization’s Central Committee, stated on his part that it is presently conducting its activities on the basis of clear vision and principles.

In the course of the meeting, seminars focusing on the objective situation in the Homeland by Government and PFDJ officials, panel discussion and research papers, among others, would take place.

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  1. Se'snu....Se'snu sHihN Walta kUNu!!

  2. ኤርትራ ተሓበኒ ነዞም ጀጋኑ ደቕኺ ሒዝኪ,
    ኣስላማዮም ክርስትያኖም ኣለናልኪ ኩብሉኺ,
    ኣብዘለዉ ሃልዮም ዓደይ ባሃልቲ,
    ኣንታይ ኢዩ ኣቲ ምስጢር
    ናይ ዚ ኹሉ ሓልዮት ናይ ዚ ኹሉ ፍቕሪ,
    ዓለም ዜረሞ ስጋ ኣቦይ ኢለ ዘይብሎም መዋዳድርቲ,
    ኣቲ ማይኪ ዶ ይኽውን ዋላስ ኣቲ ቡሩኽ መሬትኪ,
    ንኽፈልጥ ኢለ ሓቲተ ታሪኽኪ,
    ዘስደምም ሑሉፍ መዋዳድርቲ ዘይብልኪ
    ንምንታይሲ ቕያሕቲ ስለ ዝኸፊልኪ,
    ይዋኣያ ኣዛ ዑውርቲ ጭፍራ ሓሲባ ክጥፋኣኪ,
    ረሲዓ ባዓል ዋርሳይ ይካኣሎ ከምዘለውልኪ..

    ዘልአለማዊ ዝኽሪ ን ስውኣትና
    ዓወት ን ሓፋሽ

  3. YPFDJ, MERHABA.....MERHABA.....Deki Halal Meriet. MEHABA.... WELEDO WARSAI. Here is you, making your selves, your families and Eritrea mighty proud.

    Then again, can you help it! As they say, "like father/mother like son/daughter"; it is in your DNA and it is in blood to be what you are and where you are. Make us proud, make your parents proud, and make Eritrea mighty proud.

    Thanks for being just you, the Weledo Warsai!

  4. The inheritors of the promise. Eritrea is in good hands.

  5. Proud of you Deqi Eri, Ymesgeno Ka'bakum M'ftharey!!!

    Zelalemawi Z'kri N'swatna!!!... Awet N'hafash!!... Long live the People/Eritrea/Shaebia!!.........

  6. R u member of this NAZI youth like organization with a 60 years old monkey leader? You are the shame of the black race. You are brain washing young generations just for your narrow interests. ;Leave the youth alone blood suckers!! Hademti Lokmatsat.

  7. Komal agame why are you still hear?

  8. Wedi Mai Telamit, what brought you here. Is it not time for your Mariam Tihabkum from the streets of Eri Bekentu and Dero Maneqia.

  9. Here they are, YPFDJ, more than 700 Eritrean intellectuals with PH.D., MS, BS, and BA degrees and diplomas in one room talking and planning how defend the Halal Meriet. You bet they are intellectuals in their own right and you bet they are experts in their respective fields of study; be in engineering, the sciences, technology, political science, business administration, etc, etc. Yes, when it comes to age, they are young men and women who matured ahead of their age and they are intellectuals in their respective fields of study. What is nice about all this, here are young Eritreans who are using their professional wisdom to defend and build Eritrea.

    To the desperado from the streets. we say eat your heart out, YPFDJ are here you to teach the illiterates from EDAGA ENUDAT like you!

    Do not forget, these 700 YPFDJ are only from Europe. Could you add the YPFDJ from North America to have grasp of strength of the Eritrean youth.

  10. Simply a flock of Higdef Parrots who don't have the slightest guts to speak out their concerns let alone to criticize the destructive policies of the inept and delusional regime. Shame !

  11. You mean HJ or HitleJugend of Shaboland?

  12. Well hello Agame boy. still whining like a bitch that u are. Why don't u whine about ur woyane-tigray that are tearing apart ur mama Ethiopia ethnically and mascaraing the Ogaden and Gambela people. Oh wait u are Agame so u don't care what happen to those other people. Like always, the only people that going to suffer are, the non-tgrayans.

    So it doesn't even make any sense, wen u call us Nazy party and the shame of the black race. While its you/Woyane-tigray they're destroying ur mama Ethiopia by Ethnicism and Religism, by killing people and selling their land to whites.... UR beloved woyane-tigray are the one selling ur kids and selling ur lad to Arabs and whites,so on...Ethiopia is like the play ground of everybody with the Green. Ur woyane-tigray are the one that doing the work of ur beloved master the Nazy.

    Ethiopian soldiers are the one dying everywhere for US(Nazy-whites) interest shame really, so who is in the mindset of the westerners modern day slavery? well???..if this didn't spark that brain of yours then there is no hope for you. So why don't u go and die somewhere in the Somali dessert for US (Nazy-whites) interest.hmmm :) Ur woyane-tigray are the one that doing the work of ur beloved master the Nazy. Its u people the shame of the black race. but u don't see it as a shameful-act b/c ur obeying ur masters wishes.

    so, don't get angry ugumesh. why don't u slit ur wrists - it will lower ur blood pressure. :)

  13. Look the above photos even their salute resembles those of NAZIs and Fascist party, only raised hand fingers folded, GET UR FACT

  14. Hahaha....Aye Ageme, trying to twist everything, like that twisted heart of yours.

  15. Ermias, why would they when their parents have glittery mansions built by a madman. These imbeciles don't even realise how they have the country divided by interests. They are basically the upperclasses of the nation whose benefits would be hindered by the emancipation of the working classes who are entirely hired by the government.


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