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New Pictures of Eritrean Dams

President Isaias Afwerki with Sophia Tesfamariam at the Halo Logo Dam Development Project - Photo Credit: Sophia Tesfamariam

Halo Logo Dam 

Photos of Halo Logo Dam are courtesy of Sophia Tesfamariam:

Offices at the Halo Logo dam are powered by solar energy

Kerkebet Dam 

                                                              Credit: Samsom Berhane 

Photos of Kerkebet Dam below are courtesy of Sophia Tesfamariam

Mai Measlam Dam project (Gergera)
Credit: Sophia Tesfamariam

Aligedir Dam
Credit: Samsom Berhane

Bademit Dam
Credit: Samsom Berhane 

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New Pictures of Eritrean Dams Reviewed by Admin on 6:48 AM Rating: 5


  1. Take a look what the Eritreans are doing to build their home brick by brick. Take a look, pictures do not lie.

    Halo Logo Dam, Kerkebet Dam, Mai Measlam Dam project (Gergera), Aligedir Dam, Bademit Dam and more.

    What makes me more proud is these and some more stunning projects are being done by Eritrean brain and sweat! Yes, that latent and hidden strength of Eritreans shall be there for more; come morning.

    Yes, if they claim they have the means to build their country; and so can the Eritreans!


  2. I am so proud of my two brothers and one sister along with many family members they are involved in building Eritrea.

  3. Is Sofia inspecting the dam too? What a joke, here we have an opportunist lady who became Eritrean in 2002 and thinks she is better that all of us. She was old enough to join the struggle for independence but chose to stay abroad and never participated in anything related to Eritrea. Her family had close connection with Hailesilase regime hence she was chosen to hand over flower to him when he visited Tanzania. The irony is that those heroes like Aster Yohanes, Miriam who fought for Eritrea independence are dying in prison cells at the same time people like Sofia who never contributed anything are now the chosen once.

  4. Sorry I should have pointed out that, with all the dams and reservoirs that have been build thus far, do you know our farmers are producing crops and vegetables three times a year. Unlike those who are still waiting for denoted wheat to feed their people, the Eritrean "food security" has been achieved since 2005 and hunger in Eritrea has been reduced to NEBER'IYA,,,,NEBERE.

    With water for drinking and irrigation available every where, do not forget the number of livestock that are increasing by leaps and bounds. Cattle, sheep, goats, and camels do not have to migrate in search of water. And that is the truth.

    Do not take my word for it; just head to Eritrea to find dams and reservoirs every where.

  5. The tyrants' hands are soaked with the blood of the innocent.

  6. Not sure were you get your information but do you know the price of goods indicate just the opposite of what you have stated.

    For example what is the price of Meshela and Taff? As to drink of water, I disagree....drink of water is hard to come by.

  7. The tyrants' hands are soaked with the blood of the innocent.

  8. Sorry, we do not count on comments of HADE gorobet :)

  9. No need to apologize. You just don't like fact checking do you? Keep it up with your name calling, emotionally driven misinformation....

  10. Indeed Merhaba Deki Halal Meriet..thanks to the tireless People of Eritrea in general, for the unique effort they are paying to build "iza Halal Meriet" and for the due care they are giving it.
    Real Proud to be Eritrean.
    Suk ilka aykonen Eritreanism malet.

  11. Sorry guy it is not misinformation. You should appreciate what is done so far and the trial to counter the shortcomings be commended first. I would like to assure you that water conservation was given a priority after the health, education and children issues before six years ago so I am happ some tangible things are done so far and we hope we will tackle food shortage soon.

  12. Why don't you tell us what the current price is so we can compare it with the price of food around the world and in Africa?

  13. the bitch is again in eritrean to please her client.

  14. Is that pic fo Sophia with Issaias taken in a motel room?

  15. Even the mafia boss DIA, in his new year Halewlew said, military training is more important than farming to justify the militarization of old people.

  16. When individuals like you are reduced this level, that is the time we know you are crying all alone in your lonely cage. In fact such a cry is what we use to know your desperate and hopeless world. Write it like this and let me enjoy your cry from your lonely world.
    Then again, God might have not blessed you with brain. You are a "Desperado" from EDAGA ENUDAT; you just cannot help it!

  17. Please, try to get smart. If you are to lie, for sake of the handful HASUS you are trying hard to mislead and misinform, please try to give your HATEW-QETEW from EDAGA ENUDAT a 24-hour shelf life.

    People like are not blessed with brain and that is why you are what you are-Desperado.

  18. Hidrom, I just asked a question. A simple "no" or "no, they are in Issaya's bedroom" would have sufficed. Calm down... But, I'm not a "Desperado" as you put it. I don't have anything to be desparate about. I have not been forced to pay ransom for my kin kidnapped in the desert nor do I pay the 2% gateway to heaven fee. Also, I don't know where Edaga Enudat is, please enlighten me...

  19. What did you say? Did you say, "I have not been forced to pay ransom for my kin kidnapped in the desert"?

    Oh my God, people like you do not need enemies for you are your own worst enemy?.

    Let me make you read your words again, and you wrote,"I have not been forced to pay ransom for my kin kidnapped in the desert".

    In all honesty, I tried to look at your statement from many angles; but I could not find a single explanation as to why you made this dishonorable and disgraceful statement.

    Honestly, people like you do not need enemies; for you are your worst enemy. In short you are "ignorance" defined. We have read many stupid and ignorant statements before but this of your is the "tops".

  20. Sorry to say it out loud but you are the definition of 'EDAGA ENUDAT". Oh God, if you are an Eritrean, you sure are stupid.

  21. Sorry to have come back to post this message, a message specifically direct to the HASUS who are wandering in no man's land following this "idiot" called "Dogali. Take a look at this person who calls himself "Dogali". Take a look at him and such "idiots" are the one claiming to lead you and to "liberate" you.

    As for the 99.8% Eritreans, we know where we are going--to the "Promised Land" of Yikealo/Warsai.

    To the handful Hasus, I say good luck and make sure this "Dogali" leads you to "no man's land". And good luck and heaven forbid, good reddens!

    (Sorry if my words are harsh and out of line. The reason is I know to loose a relative in the deserts and oceans). And May God bless the kind and generous Eritreans all over the world)

  22. The investment on conservation of water is imperative and has profound effect on food security for improving the living standard and the well-being of the environment. "The camel goes on and finally for sure, the dogs bark off"

  23. Hidrom this lice-eater is always the same shit, I tell him you go to Edaga-Humus in the agame land or the U.S. horse wheat land with out sweat-
    delivery to the tigray land or to the militia-junta land.

  24. HIDROM, you need to calm down! Clearly I touched a nerve when I made a disparaging comment about PIA and Sophia. It is so weird that you get all angry and upset because two individuals are disrespected by someone they don't know. Yet the slow distruction of Eritrea and her children does not seem to bother you one bit. Do go back and read what you've posted about me. My pedigree, whether I'm an Eritrean, or an "Agame" or whatever you want to call me at the end of the day it is your own conscious you have to live with. Where's your anger and disgust when your own flesh and blood were drowning in the Mediterranean with even one young girl giving birth as she's drowning???? Where was your anger and disgust when your own flesh and blood were having their organs ripped out of their bodies while they were screaming in the phone to their relatives in the West to save them. Where was your anger when the Eritrean government, with complete contempt and disprespect for Eritrea and Eritreans (that includes you, Ass Hat) started doing damage control implying those that drowned off Lampadusa where Ethiopian and not Eritrean by calling them "African". WHERE THE F were you then???? huh?? Oh but it is easy to call people names on the internet from the comfort of your home in the West, as long as the policies of PIA does not impact directly the likes of you and Sophia. You disgust me sir.

  25. Sorry to rub salt to your wounds but your own words painted who you are; as a human being. Your words, I quote word for word went like this:

    "I don't have anything to be desparate about. I have not been forced to pay ransom for my kin kidnapped in the desert".

    By way, afflicted and damaged with kind of ignorance, I wonder if there is single HASUS who can trust and follow your steps? Then again, that is why you are your own worst enemy

  26. Hahahahah, the two retarded people planing to make a movie. Main actors isias and sofa lokawis..


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