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Video: New Massawa Hotel

ERI-TV video showing modern hotels, residential buildings, complexes, and shopping centers to be built in Massawa.

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Video: New Massawa Hotel Reviewed by Admin on 1:01 PM Rating: 5


  1. Congratulations Gedem for the incredible effort and job you did and you plan to do on big part of our Territory, it's admirable and unique your performance, as i understand, only love for your job and country can let one to do that reality..
    Another reason to be Proud of been part of this unique people again..this idea on self doing big works makes you reflect a lot, in terms of financial issues of this big projects..

  2. Bla bla bla bla bla. The guy is hallucinating. We want to know under whose account is the half billion dollar.


  4. As always when you look at the facts the stories you people always hope for are far from the truth. It's already dead on arrival my friend.

  5. Another of HGDEF´s nauseating propaganda. We have seen umpteens pictures of residential buildings, shoping centers, etc.., this is all to pretend that they are doing something. While the woyanes have done miracles rebuilding the Ethiopian economy, managing more than 90 million people, 80 ethnic groups who have numerous historical problem among themselves, here we have the most incompetent junta that can not even administer the patriotic, hard working and Tewefayi people of Eritrea. This incompetent junta has practically killed the patriotic fillings of Eritreans, and sent a third of the population to exile !

  6. Where is the 700 million $February 14, 2015 at 2:57 AM

    After 20 plus years of independence, looking at computer animated buildings (that we don't even know if they are going to be build) making you happy. We are talking about 20 years mr Korkoro rass. If there was a well functioning government in Eritrea, by now the country had been the touris heaven.

  7. where is abebe aka meles zanawi?
    still on holiday ?

  8. Of course of course. You lame brain., Eritrean didn't start from ZERO. It started from NEGATIVE. Do you even realize the extent of damage that was done to our country at all??., before derg came there were rivers and forests all over. My grand pa tells us about all the lions that use to come down streams to drink from the lakes. There are almost no lions now. Just to give an extent of dmg.

    I'm sorry that GOE's first order of business wasn't to make Eritrea a Tourist heaven my friend i am deeply sorry to you. But the goverment had used its might first to green the land and work on innovative new ways to bring about sustainable agriculture. The hotels for tourists had to wait for hospitals and mobile clinics for our rural peoples. Again I'm sorry you traitors didn't have your tourists spots but The rest of our Eritreans brothers and sisters are happy with GOE building the skeleton and pillars for our people to flourish.

  9. Where is the 700 million $February 14, 2015 at 9:53 AM

    Don't come with lame excuse Eritrea started from below Zero. Eritrea had all its institutions and it's people when derg got defeated. Derg didn't take the Eritreans know how, institutions, assets....with him. Of course many villages got demolished and infrastructures got damaged but not to the extent it takes 20 years to build it. If we had a good governance the country could be rebuild with in less than 4 years.

  10. You get out of thema cruise,
    here is: nay semienawi, debubawi, keyh bahri, nay Eritrea hentsa serihit, self sustained that worth millions of dollars, for design, for realization without the "donor, buyer" as in many african countries..but made by Eritreans..aygeremn?

  11. From your say it seems you have a time table of how long does it take to build a nation, but i know that Rome wasn't build in a day (takes more that 2000 years). So your estimation is so far from reality.

  12. Obviously i'm not talking to a rational individual. I'm just disappointed i wasted my time on you guys since you only want anarchy.

  13. Here is Eritrea marching to the Promised Land. Here was the year 2014 to have left with Eritrea marching forward. The year 2015 came with a bang where the Port of Massawa is to be expanded and modernized at the cost of $400 Million. To this, add the new capital projects that will transform Massawa to a city of modern structures, hotels, motels. and tourist centers.

    That is not all. Wedi Afom Beri, in his speech just yesterday, said the time have come to exploit the other "breadbasket" of Eritrea, the eastern plains and rivers of Eritrea. With more than 15 rivers flowing to the Red Sea, add the 40 km wide eastern plains into the equation, here is the other Eritrean "breadbasket" of Eritrea ready to be exploited. And there shall be the next Eritrean development focus.

    Do not forget, all these Eritrean capital projects are to be build by Eritrean brain and muscle. And that what set Eritrea apart from the rest of Africa.

    Stay on course Deki Ere, we still have other resources that are waiting from exploitation.

  14. Lesson for dummies: Priorities-
    1 Agriculture
    2 Health
    3 Infrastructure (road, dum, port, airport, electricity ect)
    4 Education
    5 Housing scheme.
    and so on..

  15. This news is why Eritrea has become the laughing stock of Africa after more than 20 years of independence. Building a hotel in Eritrea is a big news !

  16. 4 years? Is that how long you went to school idiot?


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