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ESAT Pictures of Ethiopian Freedom Fighters in Eritrea

ESAT (Ethiopian Satellite Television) correspondents Mesay Mekonnen and Fasil Yenealem are in Eritrea to report on the merger between democracy group Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy (Ginbot 7) and Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF). The united front is called “Arbegnoch-Ginbot7 for Unity and Democracy Movement”

The following pictures show the newly merged group:

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ESAT Pictures of Ethiopian Freedom Fighters in Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 2:04 PM Rating: 5


  1. Kkkkkkkk, they all look just newly Wed couples who are in honeymoon leave while our people and youth are suffering.

  2. በኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ አርበኞች ግንባርና የግንቦት 7፣ ለፍትህ፣ ዴሞክራሲና የነጻነት፣ ንቅናቄ መሀል የተደረገውን ውህደት በተመለከተ የተሰጠ ጋዜጣዊ መግለጫ፣

  3. Duping the poor into sacrificing their blood for the habesha's politically lost cause is not and will never be the answer. The habesha is not capable of creating a democratic society full stop. The habesha is not capable of creating a free and just democratic society. 'What then is the habesha capable of?' you ask. The habesha is a compulsive liar, the habesha is such an evil being that it is possible that he is more evil than the WM. The habesha is such a stupid creature that he is incapable of conceiving his own human rights. Coups and dictatorship is all the habesha knows about politics, coups and dictatorship.

  4. kkkkk ESAT( Esayas Afewerki Television) let me ask you one question what is the diffrence b/n Eritrean army and arbegnoch army. I think these solider shows on the above picture are Eritrean Soldiers. so don't be fool If you sit in Eritrean territory its ok. Just you are showing for propaganada.

    Ethiopia is the big country no one can distablize it.

  5. fasil yenealem is an eritrean by his mother ,we the people from merawi know this very well.

  6. Fasiln has abdicted Ethiopia not now but before 9 years.he is the enemy of ethiopia!

  7. Oh calm down, you're hurry, too much. To a humble society like that one of ethiopians, you need to treat them humbly, they deserve respect, if they come to organize to tackle any regime, (in this case weyane ethno-line dictatorship) they have an acceptable reason.
    1) I don't know any kellel who didn't get hard time in all ethiopia,
    2) Instead prioritizing and protect ethiopia, wayani are selling it bit by bit to strangers, of course is masked by giving preferential right, knowing that haven't economical capability.
    3) The "glitter economical progress" show in the actual ethiopia is the pure evidence that weayne increased the gap between 2% ethiopian citizens who have european standard and the 98% who live under 1$ per day standard.

    4) Even the derg had it's faults in economical priorities, at least didn't act to divide a united ethiopia than what we see the "ethno-cratic" racist system by weyane.
    5) The list could go farther, what we can learn from this popular dissent, is that the minor regime didn't represent anymore no-one, even the tegray people, there are a plenty evidences that ethiopians are fade up..They show it in 2005 and been hijacked by the criminal regime and 200 young university students been killed, again in oromia state lot of other dissidents been killed, in gambela, in ogaden ect..enough now

  8. Otherwise we can say also that us policy misleads the weyane regime letting her believe that was a regional police, this created psychological megalomania that pushs the regime to crash with almost all the horn, as a result the regime is suffering internal and external havoc.

  9. Those who do not learn from history are a losers, weyane herself forget that come out on the battle field cause was believing her right was not respected, now in turn for almost two decades is treating these ethiopian hero's like bandits, exactly how derg were calling her, we don't forget..

  10. "In ethnocratic states the government is typically representative of a particular ethnic group holding a number of posts disproportionately large to the percentage of the total population. The dominant ethnic group (or groups) represents and use them to advance the position of their particular ethnic group(s) to the detriment of others.
    The ethnic groups are systematically discriminated against by the state and may face repressions or violations of human rights at the hands of state organs.
    Ethnocracies are characterized by their control system – the legal, institutional, and physical instruments of power deemed necessary to secure ethnic dominance. The degree of system discrimination will tend to vary greatly from case to case and from situation to situation. If the dominant group (whose interests the system is meant to serve and whose identity it is meant to represent) constitutes a small minority (typically 20% or less) of the population within the state territory, substantial degrees of institutionalized suppression will probably be necessary to sustain the control of the dominant group"

    CREDIT wikipedia

  11. Tigray monopoly over Ethiopia is coming to an end, agame. Your amhara and oromo cousins have had enough.

  12. Cane, I heared that ethiopia under the weyane is doing much more beter than under degrgue or haileselassie. Have you recently been there ? I am planning to go soon, just for vacaton and visist the refugee camp there.

  13. Have a look to this new spot

  14. cane, I saw that. But those on the picture are not ethiopians. I think they are south sudan or kenya.

  15. Then the Guardian must be accountable of what states.


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