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“The North Korea of Africa” & The Eritrean Opposition

Eritrean Opposition members holding a demonstration in Washington, D.C. This rally was organized by the de facto opposition leader, Dan Connell, a non-Eritrean American who has made a small fortune from selling books on Eritrea.

“The North Korea of Africa” & The Eritrean Opposition

By Makhate Berhane,

We’ve all seen this ridiculous statement littered in articles on Eritrean opposition websites and it’s even been used to describe the current situation in Eritrea by major international news organizations such as the BBC, Reuters, and The New York Times. Any reasonable person with knowledge of the happenings in Eritrea would admit that this phrase is exaggerated and doesn’t tell the complete tale of Eritrea. This phrase is also a favored one among the Eritrean Opposition parties.

Being a second generation Eritrean-American, I’m the first to admit that Eritrea is nowhere near perfect and that there is room and a need for change. To say otherwise, would also be unreasonable. But, it’s phrases like “The North Korea of Africa” that make me, and many other Eritreans believe that there is a more sinister political agenda being pushed by the West, specifically the United States, that is bigger than the mask of gross human rights violations that they claim. This is the same West that supported, with money and arms, the monarchy of Haile Selassie as he slaughtered thousands of Eritreans, Ethiopians and Somalis as he tried to consolidate his power over the region. This is the same West that supported the brutal regime of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and still supports one of the worst violators of human rights in the world, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Now all of a sudden this same West decides that they can no longer tolerate the human rights abuses of a small country in the Horn of Africa? It just doesn’t add up.

Eritreans like myself, found further cause for suspicion and weariness of the “goodwill” of the West and Western NGOs in a recently leaked letter from the head finance expert of the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG). The finance expert, Dinesh Mahtani, wrote a letter to the Australian government, explicitly in his role as the finance expert of the SEMG, asking for them to grant the former Eritrean Minister of Information, Ali Abdu, full refugee status so that he could travel and “coordinate his activities”. The letter went on to also state that Mahtani believed that Ali Abdu "has great potential to play a stabilizing role in Eritrea, with the country possibly headed towards an uncertain period...Without moderate figureheads such as Mr. Abdu, a transitional process in Eritrea may fall prey to polarizing and possibly violent forces.” It’s clear that Mahtani was operating outside the parameters of the SEMG’s mandate, and that he is in favor of regime change in Eritrea and that the SEMG is doing more than just investigating and monitoring. The SEMG is polluting the Eritrean political arena with their own desires and wishes without considering the will of the Eritrean people, as has tragically happened time and time again to Eritrea throughout our short history. This is at the very least unprofessional, and at worst, illegal. It must be noted that Dinesh Mahtani did resign after this letter came to light.

As disenchanted as I am with the Eritrean government, I’m even more disenchanted with the Eritrean opposition. The opposition parties are divided, divisive, outdated, lack a clear vision for Eritrea’s way forward and seem to be motivated by vendetta more than they are by love for their countrymen and women. How out-of-touch these parties are with the Eritrean people is best exemplified in the location of their opposition meetings: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Some opposition groups even receive financial and logistical help from the current government in Addis Ababa. Many Eritreans, including myself, see these actions by the opposition as being shady and subversive as many Eritreans still have bitter feelings towards the government in Ethiopia over the bloody border war that was fought between 1998 and 2000. These feelings of bitterness between the two countries will take time to heal, but the healing can’t start until Ethiopia withdraws from almost a quarter of Eritrea’s territory that it occupies. It must be noted that Ethiopia explicitly agreed to follow the rulings of the UN founded Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) that ruled that this Ethiopian occupied land was historically and rightfully Eritrean territory. Another aspect of the Eritrean opposition that makes me questions their intentions, is their constant support of UN sponsored sanctions against Eritrea, when sanctions have proven time and time again to hurt the common civilians more than it does the government. The goals of sanctions are to pressure a government to act according to a set of demands. The pressure, no doubt, is meant to come from the citizens who are going to be hurt by the implemented sanctions. It’s a favored realpolitik tool of the West to force countries to bend over to their demands.

Another aspect of the Eritrean opposition that, in my opinion, hurts their legitimacy, is their arrogance in not considering the will and aspirations of Eritreans who live in Eritrea. Many of these opposition leaders are Western educated elitists who live cushy lives with their families in Europe or the US and are former ELF (Jebha) fighters who left the country in the 1980’s and haven’t lived in the country since. It amazes me that these leaders truly believe in their rewritten, flawless history of the ELF. Respect must be paid to the ELF for starting Eritrea’s struggle, but we can’t airbrush the historical facts that ultimately resulted in their downfall. Political change has to be organic and have the popular support of the people that will be affect, without this, it is illegitimate and is bound to fail.

A common sentiment I hear from many newly arrived immigrants from Eritrea, who get to the U.S. through The Sinai, through the dangerous water off the coast of Malta, and through other dangerous and illegal schemes, is that they are unhappy with the government in Eritrea, but don’t trust the opposition parties, so instead, they opt to remain neutral. Many, including myself, don’t think the opposition parties are capable or realistic about the on-the-ground situation in Eritrea. What I feel is the final nail in the coffin of the Eritrean opposition in the West, is their failure to garner popular support or traction among the hundreds of thousands of Eritreans living abroad. For all the years they’ve been operating, they’ve yet to turn the popular tide against the government. I don’t think that this is because many Eritreans are extremely happy with the PFDJ, I think it’s more of a reflection of their distrust and apathy toward the opposition parties and their ideology.

Again, I by no means wrote this paper in support of the government in Asmara. It’s a critique of the opposition parties who operate outside the borders of Eritrea.

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  1. Very honest article.i may add that the majority of the so called " opposition" they don't have a program or national agenda,they are simply motivated by hate and personal issue. I personally would like to see a strong nationalistic opposition interested in to the collective well being of the eritrean people. Awet n hafash.

  2. It's one call away to know how happy Eritrean people with the government are.
    We demand "rule of law","constitution", and " justice" is that much to ask?

  3. @Rora, of course not, I wasn't trying to say that everything is well and fine in Eritrea. I want all of those things for Eritrea, especially seeing as how it was things that EPLF fought for in meda. This was a critique of the Eritrea opposition parties, not a praise to PJDF

  4. Are you waiting till you see Abraham Isaias become President for you to realize "The North Korea of Africa" is indeed true?

  5. Well, you have answered the call ms/mrs/mr. Rora, but fyi: I'm yet to witness anarchy in my lifes time anywhere in the world let alone in Eritrea ; "rule of law", what is "constitution' without constituents? A piece of paper. As to " justice" we are collectively seeking one and as a starter; read the UNjust sanctions against the LAW abiding Eritreans, demand the sponsors of and enablers of the collective punishment waged against the victims of Ethiopian aggression: the Eritreans to cease and decease. Then you may tell us ,,,,,well.

  6. Dan Connell ፡ስርሁ፡ይሰርህ፡አሎ፡ CIA ፡ዝበሎ፡ይገብር፡አሎ።
    ነዚኦም፡እንታይ፡ትብልዋም ???
    ሕጂ፡በአል፡ ጎይላ፡ይገብሩለው፡ተሀጎሶም፡አለው።
    ግና፡ቪኪሊክስ፡ከምዝበሎ፡ ፡ዝህግዞ ፡ CIA፡ ኢዩ፡እዚ፡ህጂ፡አድ፡ሸያጣይ፡ናይ፡ኤርትራ፡ህዝቢ፡አሻ፡መሲልዋሎ።
    ናይ፡ ፡ቪኪሊክስ፡ከምዝበሎ፡ወያኔዩ፡ዝህግዞ፡እዚ፡ናይ፡ኮዳማይ፡ወያኔ፡ኮዳማይ፡(ናይ፡ኮዳሚ፡ኮዳማይ)፡ዘረባ፡ረኪቡ፡ሀተፍ፡ተፍ፡ክብል፡ኢዩ።

  7. Jemalino, he might be a much deserving president than you and I.

  8. Mekhate Berhane!
    Good point, if we agree on that. What should we do to achieve those things?
    We have seen many articles blaming one another, what we need is solution.
    Wishing to see articles about"solutions"!

  9. ተዛሪቤ፡ኢልካ፡ኢካ፡ብመጀመሪያ፡ናትካ፡ርአይ፡ናትና፡ባእልና፡ለናዮ።

  10. go to hell you lock a delusional person

  11. thoes criminals hgdf Worst then North korea

  12. ሮራ፡አብ፡ኤርትራ፡ናይዜግነት፡ህግሎ፡እስካ፡ንምሳሌ፡ብኤርትራዊ፡ህጊ፡ኤርትራዊ፡አይኮንኮን።

  13. ይሄ፡ጋጠወጥ፡ኬት፡መጣ!!!

  14. እንታይ፡ኢልካ፡NORTH KOREA ???

  15. Sorry I don't speak amharic!
    Come to me with proper Tigrinia....hahahaha.

  16. But who are we to change a country we don't live in from the outside? The main people who should want to change it are fleeing from the country in thousands every month.

  17. አኔ፡ዝበልኩካ፡ሱቅ፡ኢልካ፡ሀተፍ፡ተፍ፡ካብትብል።
    ብዛእባ፡አድጊ፡ወይም፡ድማ፡ብዛእባ፡ጥሬ፡ስጋ፡ነእልል !!!!

  18. Jemal
    You do not understand Eritrea people and struggle, you are weyane or one of weyane pimps Eritrea is Eritrea and NK is NK babagalo chicken head Do not call the land hidri or the land Braves any kind of name hater. Because your masters hired you to do dirty work yerdaka beza

  19. ህለሙ፡ህለሙ፡ምህላም፡ኩልኩል፡አይኮነን

  20. Sehesah
    Agame lebatevo what are doing in this Eritreans' website you are hopeless weyane please do fever go to weyane website

  21. See, I'm already writing you off. Everything you say from here on out is invalid

  22. Kim Jo IL of Africa. Lol

  23. Mr./Ms. new kid on the block,
    Are you laughing at your own spelling errors?
    Stay in school.

  24. I would like to thank you for a well written article. However, there is no such thing as a perfect system, under the circumstances the Eritrean government has performed miracles to maintain the integrity and sovereignty of Eritrea. The real question ought to be: "How did the government and people of Eritrea manage to not only survive, but also thrive in the face of relentless onslaught by the sole super power and its minions"?

  25. Makhate Berhane, I have a reservation about you, you tried very hard to fit in between, however you lack a profound anchored principles (Metkel), so I see you unfit to benefit either way you chose. Good luck

  26. Is Badme a quarter of Eritrean territories? Funny

  27. These feelings of bitterness between the two countries will take time to
    heal, but the healing can’t start until Ethiopia withdraws from almost a
    quarter of Eritrea’s territory that it occupies

    Read more:

  28. Keep on discrediting yourselves!

  29. I actually laughed out loud when I read this. Your post shows how narrow minded you are. Are those the only two sides I can be on? How about I support Eritrea. People and governments come and go, only tarek and meryet stay forever. I support peace and prosperity for Eritrea. Sorry you couldn't put me in a corner.

  30. I'm a US born Eritrean-American. I love Eritrea, the people and the culture. As much as I love Eritrea, the chances that I will go live there at any point in my life is pretty low. That being said, I think the most important thing to do is to keep people engaged and to encourage people to voice their opinions in a respectful manner no matter what side of the conversation that they stand on. My main critique on the opposition parties is that they're out of touch. Change must be organic and start on the streets of Eritrea, not in meetings in the U.S., Frankfurt or Addis Ababa. I don't see anything realistic or lasting coming from the opposition parties.

  31. I think you're trying to make a joke about how small Eritrea is.

  32. Thanks brother Mokkie for the wise words.

  33. cane ከማካ፡ሀዊ፡ስለዘሎኒ፡እህበን።የቀንየለይ

  34. አይትህረቅ፡እባ፡ሰይቲ፡መለስ፡ሌባ፡ምኮና፡ኩሉ፡ኢትዮጽያዊ፡ይፈልጥ፡ኢዩ!!!አኔኮ፡አይበልክ

  35. It is not small but led by small minded Aregawian

  36. Dear friend, that is why madote has posted your article on it's page, all opinions are welcomed and encouraged: free media for the sake of truth.

    it might not also be as black and white as my brother B, ADAL has put it but some of the strings you have used beg the question and put you catagorically undecided; that is in the most nicest terms.

    As a second generation EriAm it is indeed encouraging you feel and breath Eritrea; also true governments may go but people and country will always stay. So keep marching and always side with truth and know honor and obligation are inseparable.

    BTW it's LAnGA LAnGA=Mehal Sefari (not Safari)=LUKEWARM, a taboo in Eritrea and as Eritrean, for we are defined by our MetKel, Makhete; it is principle!

  37. I like your hair; nice.... resaTa!

  38. Kim Jong un of Africa? No elections, no constitution, no independent judiciary, no independent press, no religious freedom, no free enterprise, indefinite national slavery etc. etc. "If it quacks like a duck... it is a duck".

  39. እንታይ ገዲሱካ ካብ ምዓልቲ ን ማዓልቲ ትሓስር፡ ሮራ ስም ኦሮሞ አዩ ኢልካዮ በኣሃሃሃሃሃሃ።
    ንስኻ ኦሮሞ ስለ ዝኾንካ ደኣ ከይከውን፡ወይው ን ኦሮሞ ጥራይ ትፈልጥ ከይትኸውን? በል ጽን ኢልካ ስማዕ"ውርደተኛ" ሮራ ስም ናይ ኣዝዩ ገፊሕ
    መሬት ሳሕል እዩ፡፡ ሮራ ባቅላ ኣዝዩ ዓቢ ጅግንነት ዝተፈጸመሉን፡ከማኻ ደቂ ወሰን ከም ቅሚጦ ዝተኾመረሉን እዩ፡ ኣቦታትና ከዕልሉስ ኣብቲ ታሪኻዊ ቦታ
    ጅግንነት ኣዝዩ ቖራሪ ብሙዃኑ ተጋዳላይ ክዳኑ ናብ ተንዳ ተቐይሩ፡ገለ መከላኸሊ እንተኾነ ተጋዳላይ መሬት ኩዒቱ ይድቕስ ኔሩ፡፡
    ካልእ መሬት ትግረ ድማ ሮራ ላባ፡ሮራ ቀይሕ፡ሮራ ጸሊም''''''ወዘተ ወዘተ ይበሃል፡፡
    ስምዓኒ ኦሮሞታይ ሞኬ ንስኻ ትግርኛ ኣይትፈልጥ፡ታሪኽ ኤርትራ ኣይትፈልጥ፡ኣጸሓሕፋኻ ናይ ኣምሓራ'ሲ ንጀጋኑን ደቒ ጀጋኑን ከተቛጽብ፡፡
    ምጾታት እዩ ዝበሃል፡፡
    Cane libero can you see how the regime supporters are not ashamed even "እሽኽ ክትሓቅፉ"፡ ብዓዲ ደምሂት ኣብዚ ኸኣ በዚኦም፡፡

  40. Brother Makhate
    First of all, I was not trying to corner you, as this the first time I read an article from you. I thought it was confusing. In any case,
    I'm glad you laughed out loud, I wish I could have said that about your article.

    I agree with you that you don't have to side with the government or Woyane puppets. Besides doing nothing, a third choice, a true opposition who loves his Eritrea is also a beautiful thing for Eritrea.

    I agree with you that people and government come and go, the question is how do you support (as you said) peace and prosperity for Eritrea without supporting the government directly or indirectly.
    I believe a true opposition will always help the people and government. That way, they will get recognition by the people and the choice on who should lead the country will then be whoever is better of the choices.

    Again sorry If I did offend you.

  41. Salaam forto sawa
    I know I'm forgetting my Amharic language since I haven't used it for a while ... But I think I wrote Mehal Sefari (not Safari).
    Regardless, I liked the word Langa Langa even better.

  42. Everyone keeps harping about the Sactions against Eritrea and how it is hurting the people and how unjust it is. Do you know the specifics of the sactions?? They are not directed against the people of Eritrea but the government. The sanctions place an arms embargo on Eritrea. That means no military weapons or spare parts can be purchased or imported into the country. It also freezes the assets fo the ruling elite and places travel restrictions on the same ruling elite. The sactions have neither cause or effect on the general population. The sactions are not economic. They affect the military and the ruling elite. That is all. It stops the Eritrean government from military adventurism in the region. It prevents the Eritrean government from invading any of its neighbors again. It stops the Eritrean government from fanning the flames of civil war in Somalia and most importantly, it prevents the Eritrean government from hosting the Egyptian military in its attempt to strike at the GERD.

  43. "Either you are with us, or you are with them" George W Bush. Can we apply this for our country too. Makhate, I hope you love the United States and it's presidents like I do. So, are you with us, Eritreans, or are you with the Ethiopian-funded so called "opposition"?

  44. Ascaris Underneath you Haf-bel !!!

  45. All this time and precious resources squandered for a quarter/ Hirkam ($0.25).

  46. Meque,
    Weyley. kab'zen tewelije embear iKi. Lol

  47. The whole world knows that Eritrea is a nation temporarily without

    any political party (except the ruling one), how come or what logical sense does it give to dub 'the human totem-poles' looking individuals seen on the picture as 'Eritrean Opposition'?!

    Those scums, wherever they are, if they have anything to do or what may concern Eritrea, is the proven fact that they 'oppose the Eritrean independence and sovereignty'.

    Their mortal enemy is Shaebia and PIA and whoever is anti Shaebia/PIA is anti the Eritrean people's unity and progress.

  48. weyane and their pupets keep the same thing some babagalo jemal or kemal haters can n't see thing because hatert blinded their eyes and bolcked, the Eritreans know where we were yesterday and where we are today, you do even know NK consitutions let alone you speak how NK run their but your land Ethiopia have very good NK.

  49. I would hope that you wouldn't sum me or my beliefs up by one paper that's not even 1,200 words long. I would say that I stand with Eritreans who live in Eritrea. Do I want to see a constitution implemented? Of course. Do I want common, understood, and accepted basic rule of law in Eritrea? Yes, of course. Do I want to see a better economic situation that will work as an incentive for young Eritrean to stay in their country and work for the greater good of themselves, their family in their country? Yes, of course I do.
    This paper wasn't meant to be an indictment of PFDJ, it was meant to be a critique of the opposition parties. It's hard for me, who was born and raised in America, to say I agree with 100% of what PFDJ does. I love some concepts, hate some, and think that others should be tweaked. I also believe that PFDJ has more legitimacy than the Eritrean opposition parties because they have popular support and live in Eritrea.
    I support any government that the people who LIVE in Eritrea support.

  50. I am with the Eritrean people. I'm for the success and prosperity of Eritrea. I 100% don't support any movement that is started anywhere besides Eritrea. I think anything that is supported by the Ethiopian government should be the least trusted of all. What point I was trying to get across with this paper is that I haven't seen any political movement that I think is legitimate. If, like the opposition parties claim, the Eritreans are suffering at the hands of a brutal and evil, dictatorial government, it would be up to the people who are "suffering" under those conditions to do something about. Not people who have never lived in Eritrea (like myself), or people who haven't lived there for 20-30 years, or for that matter, anybody who doesn't live in Eritrea.

  51. Rasless, how convenient? that the unjust sanction is not hurting the people nor the government; it has failed miserably and as you stated the initial and intended aim was to distruct and at best derail Eritrea from her set objective of being a free, prosporous and democratic state. We have as a matter of fact been able to achieve our goals unhindered. the prerequisite for Self-Reliance is but isolation.

    Simple and basic facts for your future reference however:
    Eritrea is not and should not compare to those Nations and Nationalities as your Ethiop and your peer countries; most African Nations and some in all of the continents of the world.

    Eritrea is managed and guarded by her own offsprings unlike your remote controlled federation. Eritreans are the full owners of the Nation's affairs and well-being. Therefore, a peoples government with a peoples army; here is where your the unjust sanction is not hurting the people nullified. As a people we reserve the right to arm and possess light and heavy armaments as we see it fit. It is every Eritreans right to bear firearm to defend and protect from intruders that may come from any direction of our border.

    Eritrea does not have a ruling elite and the aim once again was to put the selfless hard working people and government in the same light as your lazy corrupt and selfish gorillas in Armenia and valentino suits. since hindsight is 20/20 you should have known by now there exists no fund or what so ever under private or collective account in foreign banks that can be proven to be under the name of the peoples servants; from the prez to the bottom down,

    In your Ethiop however, we can pull at the QUNCHO and come up with a hand full including the deceased BOLDY( unlike you hairless here) and his amalgam wife with over $5 billion dollars in foreign bank, you can guess what is taking place in the middle and middle-up of the corrupt ministers and federal police. you see friend Eritrea is unique so are her people.

    As to GERD, i will be more than happy to see it realized and serve its intended purpose; unlike you i see no threat to me or Eritrea, to the contrary it might actually bring relief and will stop blaming Eritrea for all your ailments-but don't be GERED to it though try to see beyond the smoke screen- no pun intended.

    Egypt you said? well we say your treasure is not in bagdad nor is it in cairo,,,,,it is...

  52. merhaba, brother, it was for makhate, yes you had it spelled correctly but i was trying to point out that sefari may be confused with safari my bad. just as you my amharic is rusty and i try my best.
    have a good one brother!

  53. I like this followup a lot more than you're original post. Your original post didn't offend me so much as it annoyed me. You insulted me and I returned in kind. Sorry if I offended you as well.

    I'm not saying the third choice is to do nothing. I think the third choice is to become peacefully engaged in the conversation. The most beautiful thing about Eritrean people is the bond and unity that our people share. Sadly, this has begun to disappear in the years following the Border War. Eritreans who suffered together under Ethiopia's brutal occupation of Eritrea; Eritrean who relied on a collective and cohesive community to mentally and physically get through the tough times as refugees in Sudan and other African and Arab countries; Eritreans who found greater peace, stability and prosperity in the U.S. and Europe, but still had to adjust to the wildly different culture and customs of their new respective countries- We managed to get through these calamitous times by working together, helping each other out and encouraging one another.

    Now, I see Eritreans arguing about who's a "real" Eritrean, communities, families and churches are being split across political lines, and it's disheartening to see. What happened to peaceful civic engagement? Are we not mature enough to realize that just because someone has different views than you, it doesn't make them the enemy?

    All governments, not just Eritrea's, should be scrutinized and criticized by their respective constituents, because they're not their just to govern, they're their to govern for the people. If the people have opinions, they should be able to share them without fear of reprisal from citizens or the government.

    Does this give you a greater understanding of where I stand?

  54. cos your head is so small it can not contain what is Eritrea all about,
    all those you mentioned issues, we have it but you are mentally blinded to see any thing nice about Eritrea.

  55. ተወሊዴ፡ዝብል፡ዘይኮንኩ፡ኢያ፡100%..።
    እስካ 0%.

  56. Meque,
    miAkor higdefn dqi 40n misAm ayedliyekinyu 100% kitibehali. :) lol kikikikikiki

  57. Makhate Berhane, Eritrea is not a Western World and will never be, I suggest you to read more about Eritrean History though, the betrayals and the atrocities had gone through for a Geopolitical interest of the World powers and sill unnecessarily sanctioned and trapped by border ploys, if you have a genuine heart felt feeling about betterment of the Eritrean people, your priorities should be how to settle the odds and to prove the denial right to exist war,
    secure Eritrea as any free nation, instead of even thinking about an opposition that, they don't exist in real times.

  58. Brother Makhate,

    The answer to your question is, yes! your last
    response gave me a much better understanding of where you stand. Thanks for your response.
    We are coming closer than I initially thought we would. Looking back to my initial response to your article, I don’t think I insulted you (if you go back and read it again)although I could have asked you the same question using much pleasant words.

    Again, the problem stems due to the polarization of Eritreans and many enemies of Eritrea posing as Eritreans in places like madote.

    In conclusion, I think we have a lot in common
    regarding our outlook for Eritrea. Just like you I am not 100% PFDJ supporter, but I believe the best was to oppose the government is while giving 100% of your support. After all, we are helping Eritrea that will be there forever. How
    about lunch on me? It might sound a joke, but I optimistic that better days are coming soon.

  59. አይትህረቅ 100%

  60. What kind of change can you expect in North Korea? From father to son and to grandson.

  61. Every time I discuss politics with an opposition member, I always ask the same question (not really a question though)

    "If you say one positive thing about the government of eritrea, I will say something negative about the government."

    They always get mad and says "not a damn thing is positive!"
    The looks on their eyes are priceless, especially when they realize that they never come up with constructive criticism, only criticism..

  62. A very good article Makhate. We need more people like who are not blind supporters of the government, yet who stand with their people and country. But before any thing we should fight the sale outs who are working with our enemies to destroy our country. Oppostion does not mean allaying with foreign powers to destroy ones country. We need change and democracy but we don't expect democray from those ethiopia whose dream is to destroy Eritrea.

  63. You little emperor (wedi medhin berad) has no cloth. Nothing whatsoever; stark naked. lol

  64. Adgi. All that sacrifice for one agame tyrant and his child to rule the country forever?

  65. Thank you for the kind words!

  66. My favorite thing about PFDJ and the Eritrean people is our refusal to bow to Western pressure. Eritrea has a right, and should, go in the direction of its choosing. That being said, are prosperity and economic freedom for the masses a western ideal? It's a global ideal that the Eritrean people doubtlessly want. Like the new Danish report found, the majority of the youth that flee do so for nothing but economic reasons.

  67. I will take you up on that Adal hawey. It's common for Eritreans to get so heated during political debates because we're so passionate about our people and history. Nothing but love and respect for you!


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