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Pictures of New Development Projects in Eritrea

The following are just a small sample of some of the development projects taking place in the country.

Expansion of the Hamelmalo Agricultural College is underway. When completed, the college will receive new laboratories, lecture hall and office complex buildings. The project is being funded by the Eritrean government and the Africa Development Bank.

Similarly, an expansion project of Eritrea's largest college, the Eritrea Institute of Technology in Mai Nefhi, is also taking place.The first phase of the 33 million dollar project will include a new library, dormitories, four laboratories and a master plan campus. The project is being financed by the Government of Eritrea and People's Republic of China. 

Not a lot of information on the picture below other then it being apartment blocks under construction in Massawa.

New four-story elementary school in Arbate-Asmara district of Asmara. The school has 24 classrooms, offices and lodgings, enabling it to accommodate 1,500 students per shift. The school was jointly financed by the Eritrean and Chinese governments.

Construction of the 20 million cubic meter Tekera Dam is in full swing. According to a government official, the dam is being built to supply water to Asmara. 

The towns of Tesseny and Guluj, as well as development projects in the area have obtained 24-hour electricity service after the Government, in collaboration with partners, invested heavily on new generators in Fanko Administrative area. [see video below for more details]

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  1. Extention of May Nefhi costs 30 000 000 Us dollar. Do they mean 3 million Us?

  2. What maters Mr. Pessimistic. Just mind your own business. You can say $3000 if that makes you happy (satisfied)

  3. 33 million US dollars


  4. We don't have shortages of buildings or class rooms. What we have is shortages of leadership. The funny thing is in 23 years the mafia leadership in Eritrea is able to provide 24 hours electricity to one city out of the dozens. Before 1991, all Eritrean cities used to have electricity. The truth is our beloved country is marching towards its graveyard!!!

  5. Eritrean cities was better before 1991? Wawwwwww you qomal agame just singing and singing but nothing just qomal agame--- now do Get it.

  6. As infrastructures being the main government's priorities, i wish now we enhance on the second priorities (to boost the driven economy): housing, tourism ect..

  7. Fantastic!!!
    Can madote pls check how the building of residential houses in Asmara, in collaboration with an italian Company is going?
    Thanx in advance !

  8. That is not all in the can do country of small words. Here is another one that will the send the "tooth dogs' back to their cage. As you can read, they say in 2014 the world population has reached 7.25 billion. This number is expected to increase by 80,000,000 a year for the next 10 ten year. And by 2025, the world population shall be 9 Billion. That means, the world got to be ready in more ways than one to feed this number of people. And that is where the Eritrean Potash Mining shall come in play.

    Log on to the links below to read how Eritrea is getting ready to be part of the world's "Potash Mining Industry"; which is as they say, "the Gold Rush of the 21st Century".

  9. Yo,smarty agame if that kind of building costs 3mill then Eritrea would build 20 of them by mid 2015!

  10. Log on to the link be low to read.

    After that you are expected to head and hide in your cage and knock you head against the solid concrete wall. Leaving the toothless dogs like you barking at the corner of Broadway and 18th Street, here is Eritrea teaching them how to build a nation brick by brick. Stay around, Eritrea the "can do" country is to show you more.

  11. A question: Can anyone convince me the picture claiming to be that of EIT in Mai Nefhi (second picture from top) is actually that of EIT in Mai Nefhi? Few photos showing outside and inside with Eritrean faces and college name somewhere on the wall will suffice. But please no fake photoshoping like your fake Eritrea theorems.

  12. Do not ask dump questions. Unless you are intellectually challenged, the picture that you see is what Mai Nefhi campus will like after the first phase of construction is completed. It is a 3-dimensional presentation of what the building will look like when it is finished,

    Do not forget, this first phase, at the cost of 33 million, at Mai Nefhi started recently and it will take some time to finish the project. What you have seen is only the First Phase of the project and the other 2 phases of expanding the campus are to follow.

    Do not forget, the project is being done by Eritrean brain and talent and that is what set Eritrea above the rest. That is the hidden strength of Eritrean.

    By the way, please read what is posted in all patriotic web site to avoid asking such an idiot question or making stupid comment

  13. I wish I can help you on this, but I was there two months ago, the only building or construction project under way I witness is the school near Edaga Arbe, the location of the school is actually b/n Enda Mariam Meqaber and Enda Menechibo I have the picture I took my self if you want to see. but my opinion is we could have done more.

  14. አይትህረቅ።

  15. Faron,
    You see when someone speaks the truth, Madote removes it. I know it is hard to swallow the truth!!!

  16. Lmfao you made me laugh hidrom. At least thank you for admitting this is a propaganda crap computer generated image which is nothing but delusional development. Why don't you talk about the current status of EIT or other so called developments of yours? Destroying University of Asmara with the sole intention of killing creativity and intellectual grouping and replacing it with so called EIT military camp led and administered by colonel Ezra is all what you have. Get that right. Ok?

    The limitless nature of your ignorance is compounded by the fact that you can't even list three lecturers at the department of mathematics; for doing that would kill you as you would end up writing my own name in your list. Got it now?

  17. Not a lot progress very slow piling Foundation .

  18. As always you agames are just carp of the world slave of USA. Now shut your FUCKING carp ass mouth and leave us Eritreans alone

  19. Don't you dare, the stories that my mother told me when she was young during the Derg era, executions, curfews with no food seeing you relative who joined the struggle being dragged around the streets of Asmara dead after being hanged and not being able to do anything about it. And to top everything off, the 2 year border war and what they did to our martyr cemetery and citizens.

    Isias Afewerki so good, because if I was him I would be so thirsty for Ethiopian blood


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