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Italy police bust Eritrean people trafficking ring

Measho Tesfamariam (left)  is responsible for the drowning deaths of 244 migrants. He was arrested on Tuesday in Germany.

Italy police bust Eritrean people trafficking ring


Italian police said on Wednesday they had busted an Eritrean trafficking ring accused of smuggling migrants into Europe on perilous Mediterranean boat crossings, including one in which 244 people died.

Police arrested ten Eritreans after an investigation uncovered "existence of a transnational organization, operating in Italy, Libya, Eritrea, and other North-African states," according to a statement released by police in Catania, Sicily, where the investigation was launched in May.

The group organized boat departures from Libya to Italy, with "footsoldiers" in the Lazio and Lombardy regions who provided "logistical support to migrants and help them from Sicily to Italy, then on to other countries in Europe," Antontio Salvago of Catania police told AFP.

Nine of those taken into custody were arrested on November 25th in Italy, while the tenth - named as Measho Tesfamariam and accused of being one of the ringleaders - was arrested on Tuesday in Germany.

The group is accused of organizing 23 trips from Libya to Italy between May and September, while Tesfamariam is alleged to have personally overseen in Libya the departure of an overcrowded vessel which sank off the North African coast between June 27th and 28th, killing all 224 people on board.

During a raid in Catania, police also arrested an 11th Eritrean accused of harbouring nine Somalians, eight of whom were minors, in a small locked room.

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  1. May this be a time of reckoning and agonizing for you all that placed monetary gain over human lives; you have shamed us all!

  2. How despicable.... these scumbags should be deported to Eritrea immediately to serve their time.

  3. Hopefully these low lives had given out all their contacts in eritrea to the authorities.
    Bravo Italian police.

  4. "Trafficking ring arrested...", good news but those arrested unless they disclose some big names they are insignificant couriers, the real criminals are so far safe and protected by powerful NGOs who can easily corrupt the Italian authorities or abuse the unclear and confused rules.

  5. Happy to see some justice on behalf of the dead brothers and sisters. I hope they lock them up and throw away the keys.

  6. Although this arrested are innocent until proven guilty in the courts, and justice will be served, the thing I like to learn more of the "untold" story- who else were the other collaborators to this group of ring leaders- inside the country and the diaspora.

  7. Ok, this is one step forward!!! How about bringing the generals and colonels of the EDF to the court of justice? Oops, that will include Esseyas too.....

  8. Soon there will be an arrest of Elsa Chirum, meron Estifanos and Selam kidane the allegation is out there.

  9. They will be arrested when a responsible government take over Eritrea

  10. What about the generals in Eritrea? Who is protecting them?

  11. እዚኦም፡መሳኪን፡እቶም፡ዝነአሱ፡አሳታት፡ኢዮም፡እቲኦምገጀፍቲዶ፡አሳ፡አበይ፡አለው።ዝአበዪማ፡ባእሎም፡ናይ፡አለም፡ህጊ፡ኮይኖም፡አለዉ።ባእላቶም፡ገበርቲ፡ባእሎም፡ፈረድቲ።

  12. Exactly as fabricated accusations for sanctioning Eritrea on the case of Somalia, Djibuty and your masterminders Ethiopia. Bring me a proof. Mr Cruise
    You can endless accuse Eritrea without any credible proof

  13. No one is excluded, if there are Eritrean generals involved in this hideous criminal enterprise, they might be protected too but not for long.
    You as Cruise, in case you have tangible evidence, present it to the right assigned EU & African commission thus demonstrate that you're a responsible person and not a mere internet charlatan and or a gossip/rumor monger.

    It's damn damaging and it has to end !

  14. Now, this cold blooded murderers, will face justice for what they've done. there will be no mercy, they will rot in prison, for the rest of their miserable lives. This fools are just a small fishes in the smuggling/human trafficking ring, the bigger fishes are out there. everyone knows the big fish always sacrifice the smaller one, to cover his/hers tracks. the biggest fishes like, the criminals of EYSC, fake Aba Mussie, Elsa Chirum, meron Estifanos and Selam kidane and so on...are out there, this so called Eritreans they make the Eri people as casualty of cold-war, So the people of Eritrea can turn against their government out of despair. but the Eritrean people knows who their enemies are and they will never break their vows. cuz if Shaebia falls so does Eritrea. and the hyenas from the south are always there waiting for opportunity that will never come. but soon their time will come like this criminals, minions of them.

    Long Live The Eritrean People/Shaebia!!!..

  15. The big human traffickers are not yet arrested. Aba diablos Mussie, Elsa chirum, Selam kidane, Meron estifanos are the engineers of the human trafficking business. Good job and good start italian police.

  16. ከመይ፡ቀኒካ፡አጋሚኖ፡ተ

  17. These cannibals (Wolf) .Let the JUSTICE be be done .Let them to be behind the bar be locked out ,the rest of their life .How cold blooded they are ?greed inhuman .

  18. Thanks Italy police and German Polices .Congratulation for the Dedcation and hard work.From All the world included North America are proud of you.


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