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Qatar Airways begins regular flights to Eritrea [Video]

Qatar Airways begins regular flights to Asmara

By Shabait

Asmara, 05 December 2014 – Qatar Airways today began regular flight to Eritrea. Heads and management staff of the Eritrean Civil Aviation Authority and the Ambassador of Qatar to Eritrea, as well as managers of the Airways were present at the inaugural flight of the Airways.

According to reports, details of the Qatari Airways flight to and fro Eritrea from Doha city to destinations around the world would be released during the official ceremony tonight here in the capital marking the beginning of the Airways regular flight to Eritrea.

The 5-Star Qatar Airways flight covers 140 routes around the globe.

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  1. EriTv News: Qatar Airway Arrive in Asmara International Airport.

  2. It is to late because they should do these early as you shabians created by them.

  3. welcome Qatar Airways..we are pleased to know this news..

  4. How about Eritrean Airlines? I forgot, Eritrean Airlines is barely functioning and has less than a handful (wet) leased planes.Last time I checked there was a (wet) lease of a two decade old airbus from Ukraine that was celebrated here as if Eri Airlines was being named African Airlines of the year. Never mind the fact that the airline can barely fly to its lucrative European market. Never mind the fact that not one, but TWO airline directors have defected (Kibrom and captain Asress). Never mind the fact that the Eritrean flag carrier does not even have a website. Can you imagine a national flag carrier without a website?

    If anyone is interested how Eritrean Airlines got into its current coma like state, you should listen to the radio interviews that Kibrom Dafla gave that are available on yt. He is the former CEO of Eritrean Airlines and has explained in detail how the president was micromanaging (and thus mismanaging) every aspect of Eritrea's flag carrier.

    This project was initially led by captain Asres Araya, but he too left Eritrea after he got tired of the president frustrating the work of the board of Eritrean Airlines. The nations flag carrier had everything going for it to be a successful airliner similar to Ethiopian, Kenya Airways etc. Eritrea has a big diaspora of whom a significant portion visit the country regularly. It has a long beautiful coastline, it is only 8 flying hours away from the tourist markets of western Europe, it is close to big airport hubs like Dubai, Istanbul Ataturk, Cairo etc. It had all the ingredients of becoming a successful airliner. However presidential incompetence and mismanagement led it to its current state.

    There is no good news regarding Eritrean Airlines, it is indicative of the horrible managing of the Eritrean economy. There were many professionals capable of making Eritrean Airlines into a profitable, expanding airline. But with a government structure where one man decides all, you won't get that far.

  5. "Don't count the dead before the end of the war".
    You may wish the death of the Eritrean Airlines, it will never die, simply because whatever belongs to the Eritrean people/Shaebia may temporarily weaken but never die.

    Why so much noise about the defection of Kibrom and captain Asress? Is this Kibrom a unique non replaceable airline director? No doubt captain Asress was a professional, career pilot but how old is he?

    Have you heard about the scheduled flight (once a week):
    Asmara (Eritrea) to Milan (Italy) to begin in mid current month? Whose flag carrier do you think it is?

  6. This is a typical mentality of person grew up from financial deprived family. Where ever you may live now, you failed to lead a tranquil life .

  7. Why would I, or Kibrom Dafla, Or Captain Asres or any other Eritrean wish the demise, or bankruptcy of Eritrean Airlines? Just criticizing the handling of Eritrean Airlines by the president is indication for some like meriet here that we are out to see the death of the nations flag carrier. On the contrary it seems that people like you are wishing the death of the Airliner, since you downplay all the things that went wrong. Things that were carefully explained by none other than the former Chief Executive Officer. You seem to have forgotten that. That is the reason his view of the airliner is important: He led it for five years!

    I've heard about the scheduled flight to Milan. I have to say though that I did not read about it on the website, since after all there is no official website of Eritrean Airlines where you can find this kind of info and where you can book and purchase tickets for the Milan-Asmara flights. That alone should be indicative of the state of Eritrean Airlines. I advise you to listen to the radio interviews of Kibrom Dafla on youtube. Let me warn you though: He speaks open and frank about his experience with the leadership back home (including his numerous encounters with the president). This might be problematic for people like you that are apparently not used to hearing criticism of the president for life. Good luck with your dose of reality.


    QA launches flights to Asmara

    Qatar Airways has continued its expansion into Africa with the launch of services to its 12th new destination this year, Eritrean capital Asmara.

    Launched on December 4, the new route will provide passengers to and from Eritrea with two weekly flights connecting Asmara via Doha to more than 140 destinations around the world.

    Qatar Airways celebrated the new destination launch with a VIP reception in Asmara. It was attended by more than 200 guests, including ministers, ambassadors and the corporate and travel trade industry.

    The reception was hosted by Qatar Airways chief commercial officer Marwan Koleilat, who extended a warm welcome to the guests.

    “Qatar Airways is proud to be the first five-star airline to launch non-stop flights to Asmara and the commencement of our services here is another example of Qatar Airways’ commitment to opening up access to markets that we believe have great potential,” said Koleilat.

    On behalf of Qatar Airways Group chief executive Akbar al-Baker, Koleilat thanked government officials, airport authorities and the travel trade in Asmara who supported the new service.

    Qatar and Eritrea have enjoyed excellent collaboration and share a long-standing relationship. Strategically located by the Red Sea, the economy of Eritrea has experienced considerable growth in recent years as the country has capitalised on its extensive deposits of natural resources. At the same time, Asmara has much to offer to the leisure traveller, being a city steeped in rich architecture and culture.

    “The start of our five-star services to Eritrea signifies our commitment to opening our doors for even stronger business ties and supporting greater commercial development with the international business community,” added Koleilat.

    At the VIP reception, guests enjoyed entertainment from a mix of international jazz musicians and traditional Oud music from Qatar. The evening culminated with a grand finale raffle draw, where guests had a chance to win two prizes of business and economy class tickets to any of the 146 worldwide destinations of Qatar Airways.

    The Doha-Asmara route is operated with an Airbus A320, offering up to 144 seats in a two-class configuration of 12 seats in business class and up to 132 seats in economy.

  9. ' This might be problematic for people like you that are apparently not
    used to hearing criticism of the president for life. Good luck with your
    dose of reality.'

    Ouch aint that the truth. Yohannes you should realize that these people come here to hear their fantasy stories about Eritrea being led properly and everything being well. I applaud you for your effort to bring the facts on the table, but they are like zombies here.

    Bytheway have you heard about Ethiopian Airlines expansion and helping South Sudan in establishing its own airline? I'm interested in hearing your perspective on this.

  10. Boring!
    Are you a retarded one? Criticism by mere charlatans has lost its value and purpose long time ago. It's replaced by participation through creative suggestions or skillful collaboration.

    Just watch Shaebia from distance and inform us as soon as your ex Chief Executive officer gets promptly employed by air lines like Emirate, Lufthansa or Quatar Air.

  11. ባእልካ።ፂሂፍኮ፡ባእልካ፡ነጥቢ፡ትህቦ፡ህጂ፡10፡ነጥቢ፡አብፂህካዮ፡ከምኡ፡እንዳገበርካ፡ነብስካ፡አፀናንኦ።እንበር፡ንአካ፡ስራህ፡ሲኢኑ፡ነጥቢ፡ዝህበካ።

  12. Ethiopia is helping South Sudan, blah blah, . . . . So? የኣይጥ ምስክሯ ድንቢጥ! You applaud him because like you, he is a Weyane/Weyane stooge! We are the kind of people who do not pass their country just because we hate one man. Zombies sell their countries to the highest bidder. Zombies invite zombies to destroy their own country. Zombies do not even know they are zombies, but they consider everyone else are zombies . . .

  13. Check your history first. Do not be the laughing stock of everyone here by repeating 50 years of propaganda!


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