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Eritrea's at the EU-Horn of AMC on Migration and Human trafficking in Rome

Eritrea’s Foreign Minister Osman Saleh

Statement by H.E. Mr. Osman Saleh, Foreign Minister at the EU-Horn of Africa Ministerial Conference on Migration and Human trafficking

Mr. Chairman,
Your Excellencies,

On behalf of the people and government of Eritrea, I wish to thank the African Union, the European Union and the Italian Presidency for taking this timely initiative to address the critical issue of migration and the crime of human trafficking, which is profoundly affecting millions of people and nations
throughout the world.

I wish to make four main points and I will be very brief.

  1. Conferences, like this one in Rome, as well as those that preceded it and those to follow, are important to highlight the critical nature of the issue and to create a broader understanding and a sense of urgency. Eritrea, however, wishes to focus on and stress the crucial need to take concrete measures and within specified time frames to make a positive difference for irregular migrants and victims of human trafficking as well as address the legitimate concerns of the countries of origin, transit and destination.

  2. We in Eritrea are determined, and are already taking appropriate action, to develop the political, economic, social and cultural environment that would provide opportunities for our young people to live and thrive in their own country. We are engaged in a sustained and promising effort to transform our economy and develop our human resources, specially the education, health, skills, fortitude and initiative of our youth. We have a specific program to bring tangible change in the lives of our people within three to five years, positive change which will also have a significant impact on current migration patterns.

  3. Eritrea has embarked on and is determined to work in, close and mutually beneficial, partnership with regional countries to address the problems of irregular migration and the crime of human trafficking. More broadly and importantly, Eritrea is actively engaged in promoting regional cooperation and integration, as a strategically-located, maritime country, it stands to gain from regional peace, stability and cooperation.

  4. Eritrea values its partnership with the European Union and is determined to work with the EU and all European countries to tackle irregular migration and human trafficking and to address their root causes. We call for an urgent review of European migration policies towards Eritreans, as they are, to say the least, based on incorrect information, something that is being increasingly acknowledged. Crucially, we call on the EU and all European countries to increase their all-sided engagement and cooperation with Eritrea and the entire Horn of Africa region, in a partnership focused on peace, security, trade and investment that will benefit both the region and Europe.

Those are my four points. Let me conclude by thanking everyone present here today and reaffirming that you will find in Eritrea an effective and hugely constructive partner.

I thank you! 
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  1. Mr. Osman Saleh,
    Mr. Foreign Minister,
    Your Excellency,

    On behalf of the Proud Diaspora Eritreans who love their people, country and government, I wish to thank you, the Eritrean government, the Eritrean Defense Force and every Eritrean who has/is contributing (no-matter how small) for the betterment of our country.

    I also wish to make four main points and I will be very brief :)

    (1) USA & the world stole your God given right to independence in 1952
    --- You proved USA, the Soviets along with their Ethiopian puppets that Eritrea stands tall against all odds

    (2) They tested you again from 1998-2000
    --- Only to be taught lesson number two

    (3) When they couldn’t do it in the battlefield, they resorted punching below the belt (sanctioning)
    --- Eritrea in return got Gold Plated

    (4) Your determination forced the Haters to human trafficking of the bright and unfortunate young
    --- They failed miserably. The realization that Eritrea is blessed with men and women who are visionaries, self-sacrificing, patient, battle tested has just started.
    Long Live PFDJ.

  2. of HGDEF, it is like drug dealer joining a meeting about how to stop drug from being sold in the market. How can a regime which can not even control its oown generals from being involved from being involved from human trafficking and ransom paynment in Eritrea being part of the solution?

  3. European Union must shoulder its RESPONSIBILITIES as one of the four guarantors namely (us, un, au), to implement the agreement of Algiers 2002 EEBC and the illegal occupation by ethiopia's minor regime the Eritrean territory.

  4. low IQ
    stop wasting ur time saying nonsense
    get a life

  5. No turning back, bring the enemies down. Thank you...Foreign Minister, Mr. Osman Saleh.

    And thanks Admin/*MADOTE*.

  6. HhhHhh, u people...unfuckingbeliveble.

  7. That is the funniest part. I concretely know an individual who was caught in Sinnai trying to get into Israel. The smugglers asked asked a ransom and relatives contributed to this end. When the required money was raised and the people inquired how and where to send it, the so called smugglers aka Eritrean military men sitting inside Eritrea, requested the money be put in a sack and dropped at a specific day exact time (evening) in a specific gatbage bin near bahti meskerem square. I never believed Eritrean military are involved until I saw this thing and finally Somalia Eritrea monitoring group detailed it with people names and places and much more secrets of the pfdj regime being involved by setting up loosely connected networks just like al-shabab and al-quaeda do their dirty work.

  8. You couldn't get any loose my friend; your drug dealer analogy as 'smuggler' was so original you had to stutter, or may be you are consuming the merchandise. RIP CHEAP SHOTS!

  9. Monitoring group ? When I hear about your source I know who you are :)


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