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Eritrea: Knowing The Enemy Is Half The Battle

Hands off Eritrea

By Alemseged Makonnen

Knowing The Enemy Is Half The Battle

Here is a video clip title “Knowing the enemy is half the battle”. I created this video clips calling upon the Eritrean people at large, specifically the gullible & unsuspected ones to remind that we as a responsible citizen of hard earned precious nation do have an absolute obligation & duty to know exactly without a shadow of a doubt who are the real enemies of the nation, the wise and foresighted leadership & Eritrean people.

In these days and age of our time when verities of so called Eritrean oppositions & global NGOs hiding behind humanitarian activists are swarming in like a termite practically from every corners of Western streets with one common goal and mind set of regime change at best or a complete destruction of the nation just like that of Syria, Libya, Iraq and what have you.  When I say this, I am not in any form or shape implying that the indomitable will of the Eritrean people to defend this precious nation of ours is withering away.  To the contrary it is my strong belief that the good bad and the ugly we have gone through pre & post independence has brought us all, the people and the leadership more closer than ever before with strong & resolute determination never seen before to stay the course of absolute unity forever.

However, in these modern days & age of our time where the ever changing of the enemy tactics of sawing discord among us to break our unity which is undoubtedly the strongest and unbeatable weapon we have from time immoral, I thought it would be to our great advantage to be reminded at all time to know our enemies in order to keep our unity intact. As I have explained briefly in the video, the most effective, reliable, tested & mighty power we have in defense our motherland is our unity. The enemy both domestic & foreign understand this well.  It is therefore imperative with all & with every means available at our disposal to keep tightly guarding our unity at all times just as an apple of our eyes.  And to do this effectively we should and must identify without a shadow of a doubt all & everyone of our enemies, specifically those that are most dangerous & vicious enemies of our unity are our own people in the Western Streets.

Without further delay here below is the link of the video.  I am confident the majority will enjoy it and for the rest I am also pretty sure it is going to be a nightmare & in both case my enjoyment is going to be double.

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Eritrea: Knowing The Enemy Is Half The Battle Reviewed by Admin on 12:14 AM Rating: 5


  1. May our enemies live long life to see our country's SUCCESS!

  2. There is a lot of truth here. All I have to say is, what took you so long to make this truth known to Eritreans? Eritrea has gone like a teenager through a lot of growing pains. Our bright future is near. Awet Nhafash!

  3. So let it son of Ras Alula Aba've nothing to do with our case...whether we're "little brain", we can manage handling our country issues better than your WEYANEs


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