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[VIDEO] ERI-TV Interviews Journalist and Filmmaker Andre Viltcheck

Eri-TV's  Raphael Giuseppe interviewing Andre Vltchek

Eri-TV's Open Mic host, Raphael Giuseppe, interviews novelist and filmmaker Andre Viltcheck, who is in Eritrea to make a documentary to show the world the real situation in the country.

Raphael: Mr. Viltcheck, as you know Eritrea has been the target of deliberate and relentless demonetization campaign. What are your thoughts on this and how do you see your role as a filmmaker and truth seeker?

Andre: For those spreading the propaganda, Eritrea is a virus. It's worse than Ebola because a country like Eritrea that stands on its two feet, which is serving its own people, is the worst nightmare the imperialism or savage capitalism can imagine.  Now imagine the countries we mentioned before, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, will get contaminated with the idea that the government should actually use its resources to serve their people; to feed their children. Can you imagine the entire system of African neo-colonialism that is being re-introduced from Europe and the United States - this entire project would collapse. 

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[VIDEO] ERI-TV Interviews Journalist and Filmmaker Andre Viltcheck Reviewed by Admin on 8:14 AM Rating: 5


  1. I had personal experience to see some countries of the horn of africa as the Mr. Andre Vitchek to see from a very near the public's difficult to compare the difference..

  2. Eritrea doesn't need condescending praise by government-friendly foreigners, what we need is for our voices to be heard by the government. What we need is transparency, freedom of speech and thought. What we need are elections and a competent and democratic leadership.


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