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Ethiopia: Hundreds Detained, Many Suffer Broken Arms and Legs

Ethiopian protest

Hundreds Detained, Many Suffer Broken Arms and Legs

By Abraha Belai

ADDIS ABABA (Dec 7) – Senior opposition party leaders and three busloads of protesters were admitted to the 3rd Police Station on Saturday night, eye-witnesses said. The 3rd police station is adjacent to the infamous Maekelawi Prison in the capital.

Many of the arrested were limping with injuries from police beatings. Engineer Yilikal Getnet, chairman of Semayawi Party, reportedly suffered a broken hand.

Families and friends who tried to take food and clothing to the detainees at the 3rd Police Station and elsewhere, were turned back, without passing the essentials.

Other activists who suffered beatings were also being held at Kazanchis and Cherkos police stations.

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Ethiopia: Hundreds Detained, Many Suffer Broken Arms and Legs Reviewed by Admin on 3:24 AM Rating: 5


  1. demise of junta tplf is near
    we will start to breath fresh air in the horn very soon
    woyane= the cancer of east africa

  2. berhane ghebremeskelDecember 7, 2014 at 4:31 AM

    ዝወደቐ ፖሊሲ ወጻኢ ኣሜሪካ
    ዘየጽግብ ሓገዝ ናይ ቀዳድ ታኒካ
    ትሕቲ ዜሮ ዝቕብር ንኽቡር መሰልካ
    ክወድቕ ኣለዎ ስርዓት ወያነ ካካ

  3. kikikkkik
    Lazy Engineers turned in to shit politics while we the brave Engineers are struggling to cement and build our dear home (Ethiopia)

  4. i am proud of the professionalism and best policing practice of ethiopian police force. do you see on the video how the police is professional and how they handle the illegal protes? they only used their hands, no gan or any other materials. Ethiopian police i am proud of you. you are showing me best policing practice, professional way of handling criminals, and great respection for human righ and human dignity. yup, this is what expected from modern policing profession. however, the morn on the video says dozens abused, show us where pls, or any other detain in photos? i am shure he cant provide us evidence, what he can do is laying, fabricating, and hasty generalization which they acquired from the low emotion, and poor moral shabiya. No Might Can Stop Z WOYANE From Achieving The Mission Of Development In Ethiopia.

  5. Woyenti, please break not only their limbs but also their neck, Semayawi party is from blue cloth of WPE or DURGUE ESSEPA

  6. woyane is the movement. the spirit, and the people. woyane is the grassroots inspiration and spirit of the Ethiopians for growth and development. therefore, no one on the planet has the might to hinder or sabotage the growth of Ethiopians under the WOYANE. WOYANE WILL CONTINUOUSLY ELIMINATE ITS ENEMIES THROUGH THE POWER OF ETHIOPIANS. VIVA ETHIOPIA UNDER THE woyaneeeeeee

  7. Like always, the only people that going to suffer is the non-tgrayans.

  8. Are you serious you talk good about woyane (AGAME)? You must be be one of komal. The only thing komal agame know is begging. Always agame like to bend over.

  9. Correction- u mean selling ur dear home (Ethiopia). kikikkkik

  10. 4million agames VS 90 million ethiopians
    no help from shaebia this time

    tigre wede mekelle
    nibretu wede kebele


  11. Always agame is agame. Always like to beg. What agame did to Ethiopians are in humane.

  12. berhane ghebremeskelDecember 7, 2014 at 1:13 PM

    ከምዚ ናትካ ቁሩብ ዕሽነት ዝሰርሑ
    ብሓንጎል ዘይኮነ ብሓይሊ ዝምክሑ
    ደሓን ተጸበዩ ኣበይ ከምትበጽሑ

  13. @ Hebron anchi yeweyane Shele. Smell the coffee we gonna destroy Weyane murders very soon. Weyane banda is history very soon. Weyane banda is the cancer in the horn we should erase them ones and forever.

  14. Is it not me who supposed to make correction on my words, if after all correction is needed? No correction here buddy

  15. Ha ha ha, no more free land in addis, no more villas, you are done, count your days even American will not rescue you.

  16. Try to organize demonstrations in Eritrea bitches.Wedi Medhin berad will **** you all upside down.

  17. show your guts and try!!!

  18. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  19. How on earth weyane become the inspiration except of theft, corruption, discrimination? Are you kidding, let the amhara read this article and the oromos then you'll gonna tell us what follows..

  20. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

  21. ኣምሃራን ኦሮሞን ከይሰምዑካ..ኣንሕናስ ንፈልጠኩም ኢና..ውካርያ ምኻንኩም..

  22. ንስርቕን, ብልሽውናን ኣንተኾንካስ ኣወ.

  23. Don't make me lough!!! Sakulush!! Sakulish newe emilish!!! Wey Tirseeee..Ale Basha..

  24. That is exactly what weyane is doing to Shabia. Look in what condition Shabia is now. It is like A PERSONA NON GRATA with its leader cornered and ignored by all including his former comrades.

  25. I'm starting to ask myself., is that a good or a bad thing. Atleast to some degree we know how to react to woyane. I hope something worse doesn't take there place. Knowing the west., they are capable of something worse ><.

  26. Hiyima Mifirtat eya li'tigray lihawaru

  27. As an Eritrean
    I can say honestly that Ethiopia is now for the first time moving towards development, I hate weyanes, but I can honestly say that they are changing Ethiopia very fast in all sectors. We have to face that. The weyane must be very careful however not to let those demonstrators disrupt the development in the country. Of course they must have right to demonstrate. But that must be peacefully. Otherwise the weyane need to break the leaders of those demonstrations as soon as possible. I think that is the best way to go forward. Ethiopia is right now the anchor of regional stability and a solid partner of major powers. Its instability will not be good for Ethiopia itself and for the region as a whole. I think we Eritreans need to support the Tplf government on this.

  28. Welcome weyane's style and western backed democracy, ,
    Cheat votes, detain,Torch, bound, kill,and kill more (mass murder ) .and ,lie to whole world you got 99.6%of the people that hate you voted for you.


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