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Eritrea Leads Region in 2015 Index of Economic Freedom

Banana factory in Eritrea

Eritrea: 2015 Index of Economic Freedom

By Natna,

Heritage Foundation’s 2015 Index of Economic Freedom is out. The foundation states:

“The rankings have consistently shown a correlation between trade freedom and improved lives. The latest rankings, reported in the forthcoming 2015 Index of economic Freedom, once again confirm this connection. This report describes why trade is important to people around the world and provides options for advancing free trade.”

There could be many debates and questions that could arise from this report, but that is not the purpose of this post. It is simply to introduce the Heritage Foundations  2015 Trade Freedom Scores. For our purpose the scores highlighted are from the Horn of Africa region. The ranking shows Eritrea ranked significantly higher than its peer group, which over all have significantly larger economies, population size and resource endowment.


For the complete report, visit here

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Eritrea Leads Region in 2015 Index of Economic Freedom Reviewed by Admin on 7:52 AM Rating: 5


  1. Dr. Kiflu Gebremeskel, a leading figure of Full Gospel Church of Eritrea, founder and senior pastor of Southwest Full Gospel Church and member of the executive committee to the Full Gospel Church of Eritrea, was arrested on May 23, 2004. He was taken from his home in Asmara Gejeret, at approximately 5 a.m. Dr. Gebremeskel was a mathematics lecturer, department and faculty head at the University of Asmara until 1999, when he became a full-time pastor at the Southwest Full Gospel Church. He has a Ph.D. in mathematics from Chicago University. His wife and four children have not been able to visit him.

    How can a country that imprisoned PHD's , business men and other innocent people has an economic freedom??
    Just pick up your phone and call to Eritrwa and ask them when was the last time the had electricity at home or clean running water.

  2. "Trade is widely accepted as an important engine of economic growth and development. There are many regions and countries of the world that have been able to lift their peoples from poverty to prosperity through trade. Although the African economy is characterized by a relatively high degree of openness, with the ratio of exports and imports to GDP amounting to 55.7% in 2009, trade has not served as a potent instrument for the achievement of rapid and sustainable economic growth and development for many of the countries. As a consequence, Africa remains the most aid-dependent continent of the world, unable to eliminate poverty through trade."


  3. Eritrea is rankeked best in Economc freedom and trade?. Is this the joke of the year or what?. HGDEF has deliberately killed private business for long time ago. A simple example is all kind of private construction has been banned since 2003, why no one knows except the paranoid president. Who on the right mind put a ban on construction, which could have created too many job opportunities plus could have helped in solving shortage of houses in the country?. Issayas and his Tegaru maffia inner circle are deliberately killing our country and its economy. Things will change only when real EPLF heroes take back the country from the Tegaru maffia in Asmara.

  4. Madote Moderator: Since the information that Where is Z Cruise has absolutely nothing to do with the article, why is it being allowed to be posted on the comment section?

  5. Let's assume/pretend you're telling the truth.

    Are you implying because of someone's alleged educational background that this person is automatically innocent and above the law? Is Eritrea not allowed to arrest people who break laws?

    Don't quote me on this but based off of my memory from a BBC or PressTV interview with an official, around 900 people are in prison in Eritrea. In comparison, Washington State, which has around the same population as Eritrea does, has over 15,000 in prison, and a disproportionate number of them are minorities, (i.e. African-Americans, Hispanics).

    So keep things in perspective. Very few people are in prison in Eritrea.

  6. you really sound fed up not feed up, you know why things put on hold fed up; so we clean Eritrea from criminals like you.

  7. companies are running to do business i.e. mining lining up , to start in Eritrea. How about that , just to shut you up !

  8. let me tell you a weak poor English spelling mistake and to those small brain agames, I held a gold bar with Eritrea , brought from Eritrean land in my hand, and the mining company is more than happy to continue to do business in Eritrea. ok Adgi. you can't swallow that good news. it's hard.
    correct your name, you meant to say fed up instead of feedup, ok ?

  9. that was a kindergarten level

  10. at least use google

  11. I am feeeedup with the economic missmanagnment of my beloved country by people with no background of economy. I really don't care about this kind of report, since the fact on the ground which I have seen by my own eyes tells me something else. A simple example, how on earth do you expect investors to invest in Eritrea when there are no man power in the market? All youth from 18 to 50 are in never ending national service, so from where will the investor find labour force let alone skilled labour? Even kids can understand that the current economy policy is designed to keep the dictator in power with out any resistance from the youth in the cities. How, just keep the youth, the only force who can challenge the dictator away from cities in the name of national service and close the only university in the country. Issayas as former dropout very well know revolution is always started by university students or youth in the cities.

  12. According 2014 Index of Economic freedom which is based on trade freedom, business freedom, investment freedom, and property right - the categorized - Free, Mostly free, Moderately free, Mostly unfree, and Repressed. Our beloved country Eritrea where the bright children and ex leaders are in prison, where her children flee the country in masses every day, where business men and women are forced out the country, where no one has to ask a question to the leaders- fall under REPRESSION category. Ethiopia is slightly better and falls under mostly unfree.
    Half belly full is better than empty stomach ;)

  13. I guess I really touched the nerves of your brainwashed brain ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. You clearly understood what I wrote in order to put a comment, right? Then mission is accomplished. Besides English is not my first language and I am proud Eritrean with my own language. BTW becarful with the word AGAME, the Tegaru maffia who is keeping our country hostage may get offended.

  14. 2014 Index of Economic freedom report
    Eritrea ranked 174 out of 178
    Eritrea’s economic freedom score is 38.5, making its economy one of the least free in the 2014 Index. Its overall score is 2.2 points better than last year due to improvements in the control of government spending, labor freedom, and monetary freedom that offset a decline in freedom from corruption. Eritrea is ranked 45th out of the 46 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

    Eritrea’s economic freedom was first assessed in the 2009 Index and has remained stagnant near the bottom of the Index rankings. Score improvements in government spending and business have been completely offset by deteriorations in six of the 10 economic freedoms including investment freedom, labor freedom, and fiscal freedom. Scores for financial freedom and property rights have not changed. The country continues to be stuck in the “repressed” category, but its 2014 score tied its highest level ever over the six-year period.

    Strong GDP growth has been led by increased foreign investment in the mining industry, but substantial mineral revenues benefit only a narrow segment of the population. The public sector remains the largest source of employment. Chronic deficits due to large military spending plague public finance, worsening already fragile monetary stability. A repressive central government continues to marginalize the domestic private sector, perpetuating an uncertain investment climate.

  15. Four countries are ranked under Eritrea - Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Cuba, and North Korea. But three of those countries are doing much better in many sectors than Eritrea. The last time I visited Caracas gas price was 5 cent for gallon, food is very cheap and the city is clean. Even Zimbabwe is not ranked higher than Eritrea, her people have freedom to do business in their country, they have freedom of movement and freedom of speech. Cuba have the one of the best social justice system among third world countries and the country is reforming.

  16. Feeeeeeedup,
    When you hit them with them sledgehammer of reality their only answer is " poor English spelling bla bla bla bla" . This stone head clearly understood what you wrote and it hit his nerves, that is why he is making that loude noise.

  17. It seems like you got a problem. Why is it instead of making points and facts, instead you showing frastration, ignorance, and hatereat. Was your Dad working a Nedakay? Well Nedakay is getting paid about 200 Nakfa an hour. Nation building does not start from houses, it starts from food security, clean water, school, and health. Some one week like you might want to see more houses in the nation. However, when we get bad winter, how you feed your people, would you like to ask the U.S. food aid? That's not us. The Gov is making lots of Digas. Open your mind bro.

  18. "eri"
    Read first economy ABC, before start to commenting. You mentioned clear water , food security etc as priority. For the sake of argument let's assume you are right. Did HGDEF achived those goals in the last 24 years? Of course no. There is huge water shortage in the country especially in Asmara where people haven't seen drinking water for monthes.The word food security even HGDEF officialls have stopped to use it now days of the simple reason that they can not fool people anymore. The inflation rate in the county so high, only people with relatives abroad can afford the price levels. School and hospital, let's not even go there, people are dying of diseases which could be treated easily, HGDEF choose to spend our hard earned foreign currency on DEMHIT instead of buying medicines.People who can afford are choosing Sudan for medical treatment.......there was a tme where Sudanese were coming to Eritrea for the same reason. School.......why to study in college when you know that it won't give you any advantage in life, and you end up in never ending national service with 10 dollar per month "salary" anyway. A monkey would have done a better job than Issayas & Kisha in taking care of our economy.

  19. Lol @ a monkey would have done a better job than Issayas and Kisha. Kkkkkkkk

  20. แˆ˜แŠฎแŠ•แŠ•November 9, 2014 at 11:32 AM

    แŠฅแŒแ‹šแŠ แ‰ฅแˆ”แˆญ(แŠ แˆ‹แˆ•)፡แŠขแˆชแŠ“፡แ‹ญแ‰ฃแˆญแŠซ!!!!

  21. You nail it brother feeeefup!
    Very soon EriRat, kirki,Forto Anchiwa, meriet aka merGem will show up with their regular insult Woyane,agame,amharay,kedaee....

  22. Seriously speaking, there are several reasons why the current economic policy of the paranoid dedicator, are the reason of the current economic mess we are in. Part of the failed economy policies are:

    1) Telecommunication: if a foreign investor comes to Eritrea, he will be cut from outside world as soon as hearrives at airport. Why?. First he can't use his homeland simcard because of our telecommunication is not connected with outside world. Second as foreigner by law he is not allowed to buy a simcard,so how is he gone communicate with
    outside world and his business partners abroad?.

    2) Thanks to the paranoid dictator all labor force (age of 18 - 50) are part of never ending national service. So an investor who open a factory or any kind of business has to beg the regime to provide him labor force, and who knows after educating his new labor force, they may get rounded up for military service few months later. There is no labor market to talk about in Eritrea.

    3) Internet connection: Issays and his inner circle are still in the mindset of the 70:s and doesn’t understand the need of internet. An investor who need to consulate and communicate with outside world needs internet communication (to send documents, emails, reading the latest update about his business area etc). After the Arab spring where social media was heavily used, a paranoid dictator will never provide our people a reasonable internet connection. For good sake even Somalis has much more better Internet connection than us.

    4) Law and order (constitution): unless it is a safe and high return business like the mining sector, no decent investor will invest in a country without law and order (constitution).

    5) Power shortage: by now it has become a normal part of Eritreans live to have power shortage which last from hours to days. Why would an investor risk his money by opening up a factory in a country which can not provide a reliable power source?

    6) Foreign currency: the government wont exchange the money earned in Eritrea to foreign currency. So how will an investor will be able to convert the money he earned in the country to import what he need from abroad?

    No wonder that let alone foreign investors, our own rich Eritrean choose to invest in South Sudan, Uganda, Angola etc, than Eritrea.

  23. Madote Moderator,

    While it is possible that you were mislead by a pure propogandist lied that is the Natna site that you referenced, I strongly believe that you should also be blamed for not double checking the content for correctness and truthfulness. A simple google search would help you cross check the facts.

    I just did so and here is what I found from the heritage foundation website. See

    P.S.:- I think it will be dignified and ethical of you to post an apology for this bogus error in an unmistakable way so that to restore your lost credibility.

    150 Belarus 50.1
    151 Ethiopia 50
    152 Togo 49.9
    153 Micronesia 49.8
    154 Lesotho 49.5
    155 Ukraine 49.3
    156 Haiti 48.9
    157 Sรฃo Tomรฉ and Prรญncipe 48.8
    158 Bolivia 48.4
    159 Ecuador 48
    160 Angola 47.7
    161 Central African Republic 46.7
    162 Burma 46.5
    163 Uzbekistan 46.5
    164 Kiribati 46.3
    165 Solomon Islands 46.2
    166 Argentina 44.6
    167 Chad 44.5
    168 Equatorial Guinea 44.4
    169 Republic of Congo 43.7
    170 Timor-Leste 43.2
    171 Turkmenistan 42.2
    172 Democratic Republic of Congo 40.6
    173 Iran 40.3
    174 Eritrea 38.5
    175 Venezuela 36.3
    176 Zimbabwe 35.5
    177 Cuba 28.7
    178 North Korea 1

  24. แˆแŠ• แ‹“แ‹ญแŠแ‰ต แ‹จแˆ›แ‰ตแˆจแ‰ฃ แ‰€แˆฝแˆ แŠแˆ… แ‰ฃแŠญแˆ…? แ‹แˆ แ‰ฅแˆˆแˆ… แŠฃแแˆ… แ‰ตแŠจแแ‰ณแˆˆแˆ…? แˆแŠ• แ‹“แ‹ญแŠแ‰ต แŒแˆ›แ‰ณแˆ แŠแ‹ แ‹จแŒฃแˆˆแˆแŠ• แ‰ฃแŠซแ‰น? แˆแŒ แ‹ญแ‰…แˆ… แŠฅแˆตแŠช แŠฃแ‹ณแˆแŒฅ፣ แŠจแˆ˜แ‰ผ แŒ€แˆแˆฎ แŠแ‹ แ‹จแŠคแˆญแ‰ตแˆซ แ‹ˆแŠ”แˆ… แ‹จแ‰ฐแŠแˆณแˆณแ‹? แ‰…แˆญแ‰ฅ แŒแ‹œ แŠแ‹ แ‹ˆแ‹ซแŠ” แŠจแŠขแ‰ตแ‹ฎแŒตแ‹ซ แ‹ˆแˆญแ‹แˆฎ แ‹จแŒฃแˆˆแˆ… แˆแ‰ แˆ? แŠฅแŠ•แ‹ณแ‹แˆต แˆจแŒ‹ แ‰ฅแˆˆแˆ… แŠฃแ‹ณแˆแŒ แŠ แˆแŠญ แˆแŠฉแŠ• แˆแŠ•แŒˆแˆญแˆ…። แ‹ฐแŒแˆž แŠฅแ‹แŠแ‰ดแŠ• แŠแ‹ แŠฅแ‹จแ‰€แˆˆแ‹ตแŠฉ แŠฅแŠ•แ‹ณแ‹ญแˆ˜แˆตแˆแˆ…። แˆปแ‹•แ‰ฅแ‹ซ แ‹ˆแ‹ซแŠ”แŠ• แŠฃแˆธแŠ•แŽ แŠจแŒฃแˆˆแ‹ แ‰ แˆ—แˆ‹ แŠขแ‰ตแ‹ฎแŒตแ‹ซ แˆแŒˆแ‰ฃ แŠแ‹ แ‰ฅแˆˆแˆ… แˆซแˆตแŠญแŠ• แŠฅแ‹ซแ‰ณแˆˆแˆแŠญ แŠจแˆ†แŠ፣ แŠจแŠ•แ‰ฑ แŠฅแ‹ซแˆˆแˆแŠญ แˆ˜แˆ†แŠ•แŠญแŠ• แˆ‹แ‰ แˆตแˆญแˆ…። แˆˆแŠขแ‰ตแ‹ฎแŒตแ‹ซ แ‹แˆตแŒฅ แ‹ซแˆˆแŠ“ แ‹จแŠแ‰ แˆจ แŠคแˆญแ‰ตแˆซแ‹Š แŠจแ‹ˆแ‹ซแŠ” แ‹จแˆšแˆปแˆ แˆ˜แŠ•แŒแˆตแ‰ต แ‹ญแˆ˜แŒฃแˆ แ‰ฅแˆˆแˆ… แŠฃแ‰ณแˆตแ‰ฅ። แŠฅแŠ•แ‹ณแ‹แˆ แŠ•แแŒ แŠ›แ‹ แŠฃแˆ›แˆซ แ‹ˆแ‹ญแˆ แˆŒแˆ‹ แ‹จแ‰ฐแ‹ฐแˆซแŒ€ แˆƒแ‹ญแˆ แ‰ขแˆ˜แŒฃ แ‰€แ‹ญ แ‰ฃแˆ…แˆญแŠ แ‰ แˆƒแ‹ญแˆ แˆˆแˆ›แˆตแˆ˜แˆˆแˆต แ‰ฅแˆˆแ‹ แŒฆแˆญแŠแ‰ต แ‰ แˆ˜แŠญแˆแ‰ต แŠฃแŠ•แ‰ฐแŠ• แ‹จแˆ˜แŒ€แˆ˜แˆญแ‹ซ แŒฅแ‹ญแ‰ต แŒŽแˆซแˆฝ แˆŠแ‹ซแˆจแŒ‰แˆ… แŠแ‹። แˆตแˆˆแ‹šแˆ… แ‹ตแŠ•แ‰แˆญแŠ“แˆ…แŠ• แŠฅแŠ“ แ‰แˆŒแˆ›แ‰ตแŠแˆ…แŠ• แ‹ญแ‹˜แˆ… แŠฃแˆญแˆแˆ… แ‰ฐแ‰€แˆ˜แŒฅ። แˆตแˆˆ แŠคแˆญแ‰ตแˆซ แŒ‰แ‹ณแ‹ญ แˆแŠ•แˆ แ‹จแˆ›แ‰ณแ‹แ‰… แˆ†แŠ– แŠฅแ‹ซแˆˆแˆ… แ‹แˆ แ‰ฅแˆˆแˆ… แŒแˆ›แ‰ณแˆ แŠฃแแˆ… แŠฃแ‰ตแŠญแˆแ‰ต።

  25. Te'Awet ...

    You laid down the economics 101 on the regime puppets. Now get ready for name calling such as agames, Weyane, regionalist, anti-Eritrea, CIA, UN, AU, EU...

  26. We can't talk about how a nation is growing it's GDP by digits or whatsoever tremendous economical increment when we still depend on foreign AID to go forward, at the end of the day you are an AID dependant..(or in a farther way a slave) If the numbers are up-side-downed it wouldn't change the meaning of your dependency..If you really want to be proud, be independent, see Eritrea's path..

  27. แˆ˜แŠฎแŠ•แŠ•November 9, 2014 at 2:33 PM

    แŠ แˆแŠ•፡แ‰ตแŠ•แˆฝ፡แ‰ฐแˆปแˆปแˆแŠญ፡แŠคแˆญแ‰ตแˆซแ‹Š፡แŠแŠ›፡แ‰ฅแˆˆแˆ…፡แ‰ตแ‹‹แˆฝ፡แŠแ‰ แˆญ፡แŠ แˆแŠ•፡แ‹ฐแŒแˆž፡แŠคแ‰ตแ‹ฎแŒฝแ‹ซแ‹Š፡แˆ†แŠแˆ€แˆ፡แŠ แˆแŠ•፡แˆ€แ‰…፡แˆตแˆˆแ‰ฐแŠ“แŒˆแˆญแŠญ፡แŒญแ‰ฅแŒจแ‰ฃ፡แ‹ญแŒˆแ‰ฃแˆแˆ።
    แ‹จแˆฐแ‹፡แˆแŒ…፡แŠฅแ‹ตแˆœ፡แŠ แŒญแˆญ፡แŠแ‹።
    แŠฅแŠ•แ‹ฐ፡แŠฅแˆตแˆตแ‰ต፡แŠ แ‰ตแˆแŠ•፡แˆฐแ‹፡แˆ‘แŠ•።แŠ แˆแŠ•แˆ፡แŠฅแ‹ฐแŒแˆแˆแˆ€แˆˆแ‹፡แŠฅแˆตแˆตแ‰ต፡แŠ แ‰ตแˆแŠ•፡แˆฐแ‹፡แˆแŠ•።
    แ‹จแŠ แˆ›แˆซ፡แŒฅแˆ‹แ‰ป፡แ‹ซแ‹˜แˆˆ።
    แŠจแˆ›፡แŒ‹แˆญ፡แŠแ‹፡แ‰ แˆฐแˆ‹แˆ፡แˆ˜แŠ–แˆญ፡แ‹จแˆแ‰ตแˆแˆแŒ‰แ‰ต???
    แŠฅแŠ”፡แŠฅแŠ•แ‹ฐแˆšแˆ˜แˆตแˆˆแŠ›፡แŠ แˆœแˆชแŠซแŠ•፡แˆตแˆˆแˆ›แˆญแ‹ซแˆ፡แŠฅแ‹ซแˆ‹แ‰ฝแˆ፡แŠฅแ‹จแˆˆแˆ˜แŠ“แ‰ฝแˆ፡แ‰‚แŒฅ፡แŠฅแ‹ซแŒ แ‰ฃแ‰ฝแˆ፡แˆ˜แŠ–แˆญ፡แ‰ฅแ‰ป፡แŠแ‹!!!
    แˆฐแ‹፡แ‹จแˆšแŠ–แˆจแ‹፡แ‰ แŠฅแŠ•แŒ€แˆซ፡แ‰ฅแ‰ป፡แŠ แ‹ญแ‹ฐแˆˆแˆ።
    แˆžแˆซแˆ፡แ‹จแˆŒแˆˆแ‹፡แˆฐแ‹แŠ“፡แ‰ แ‰แˆ™፡แ‹จแˆžแ‰ฐ፡แŠ แŠ•แ‹ต፡แŠแ‹።
    แŠฅแŠ“แŠ•แ‰ฐแˆ፡แ‰ แ‰แˆ›แ‰ฝแˆ፡แ‹จแˆžแ‰ณแ‰ฝแˆ፡แŠ“แ‰ฝแˆ።
    แˆตแˆˆแˆปแŠฅแ‰ขแ‹ซ፡แˆ‹แˆแŠจแ‹፡แˆปแŠฅแ‰ขแ‹ซ፡แŠฅแŠ“แŠ•แ‰ฐแŠ•፡แŠฅแŠ•แŠฎแŠฎ፡แŠ แ‹ตแˆญแŒŽ፡แˆแŠ•แˆŠแŠญ፡แ‰คแ‰ฐแˆ˜แŠ•แŒแˆตแ‰ต(แ‰คแ‰ฐ፡แŒˆแˆ€แŠแˆ)፡แ‹ซแˆตแ‰€แˆ˜แŒฅแˆ…፡แŠแ‹።
    แˆˆแŒŠแ‹œแ‹፡แ‹ญแ‰ แ‰ƒแˆ€แˆ፡แŠฅแˆตแŠจแ‹›แ‹፡แ‰ แ‹šแ‰ฝ፡แŒแŒฅแˆ፡แ‰ฐแ‹แŠ“แŠ“።

  28. ato mekonen selam neh.
    englizegna metsaf telemamed byeh nebe, mnew aqateh ende,
    ye gitm neger tew alalkuhm, sssssssssss, mndnew yihe balefew sle gitm negreh neber, ena gitm lante ayhonm mnm enquan gojam teweldeh ezaw btadg sine gitm ayhonhm.

  29. แˆ˜แŠฎแŠ•แŠ•November 9, 2014 at 5:24 PM


  30. Observer, I think you should be the one who should apologize for overreacting and accusing Natna for misinforming his readers. His reporting is accurate and it can be verified by clicking on the link he provided. According to Heritage Foundation's 2015 Index of Economic Freedom, Eritrea has scored higher than most of its neighbouring countries. On the other hand, the link that you are providing the readers is from 2014. Is this an honest mistake on your part or an attempt to mislead or misinform people? Ezghiher Wankha!!

  31. this people are funny no one else visiting their web site anymore. Instead they are here for one reason alone. That is to attach. It doesn't matter what is the news. They are here to attach. Everyone visit this site to get informed and learn about Eritrea. Mostly positive news which by the way blocked by so called news media.

  32. "Corruption is a major problem. The president and his small circle of senior advisers and military commanders exercise almost complete political control. The politicized judiciary, understaffed and unprofessional, has never ruled against the government. Protection of property rights is poor. The government has a history of expropriating houses, businesses, and other private property without notice, explanation, or compensation"

    Source :

    No Comment :)

  33. Which Eritrea are you talking about. Ar you following ETV? Why don't you look to the mileniom goal? How many of them did Eritrean goal met? Did any the horn countries achieved what Eritrea achieved? Does it mean we have a perfect health coverage? No. But did most of our people had clinics in 1991? Of fource not. Why you saying the people in Asmare did not get water in a month. What are they drinking? The gov will not going to have factory for water. What a Gov does is build Dums, ask how many small and large Dums has been made in Eri by the people and the Gov? The reason you not hearing from the Gov much is that they work more than they talk. Have open minded bro. We're do you get your news about Eritrea. Believe it or not Eritrea is close to have food security before the nations who are getting billions of dollars from aid and who were nations for more than a million years!

  34. Grow up Z. What you are aiming is not true. Eritrean future is brighter than your gov which is Weyane. We are doing it with out money and food Aid. Woyane would not survive for six month with out US and Britain Aid. The Eritrean Gov is accomplishing while we are on suniction.

  35. C´mon Madote. It´s not a "banana factory", as U called it under the picture. It´s a banana processing factory. Huge difference. Banana is grown.

  36. how incompetent are you?or is it just natural to lie and try to always see bad about Eritrea?

    you try to claim that the information provided by Madote and Natna as propaganda and so you go and use outdated information just to show your true nature a lier, propagandist

    the one you posted the 2014 report was written in 2013 prediction about 2014 and the 2014 report is a prediction about 2015 written with all the changes achieved in 2014
    so it's you who should apply your own advice
    'P.S.:- I think it will be dignified and ethical of you to post an apology for this bogus error in an unmistakable way so that to restore your lost credibility.'

  37. ... and now it in reverse stop talking about how bad yesteryears where 2014 (which was written in 2013) and accept the development if you truly wish that in Eritrea -

    you speak about 2014 well in 2015 your Ethiopia is under the REPRESSION category and Eritrea is under the Mostly Unfree so what's your point? even though it pains you Z Curse of Rat to see or hear anything good about Eritrea but at list we are seeing progress in the case of Eritrea moving from 174 to 137 where as your wife's country has degraded, degenerated, deteriorated and has been downgraded due to its stagnation (otherwise dead) economy from under the Mostly Unfree to REPRESSION... ooh you wife will not be happy about this, you better get the belts ready for her, you ass is going to get it boy so what'll you wife do now her belly is no longer Half Full rather it's an Empty Stomach now by your logic.

    you truly are Z Curse of Z Rat: disgusting creature who always chooses to see lies / bad / evil even in the face of the truth

  38. looks like the ferenji slaves are upset in the comments again, lol

  39. I think your making this personal agenda. Eritrea is doing all this things by its own. unlike the kedamy weyane liveing on Aid for the rest of their life and now imf and world bank they own Ethiopia. is that what you want for Eritrea, it's not going to happen. your are talking nonsense and that's why no one is listening. because what your saying is surrender to the frenjie that is not going to happen. just keep talking no body is going to listen what that forked tongue of yours is saying. may be our development is slower but at least we are moving forward. our gold mining is booming. that is why our enemy are scared because Eritrea economy is growing. we can see all this agame's frustration that are here day and night to slander Eritrea's name. just like you they are just talking and no one is listening.

  40. Eritrean Rat, if 1500 people are running out of the country then how come 2015 will be better than 2014? I know for fact we don't have robots that replace humans in Eritran.

  41. You are absolutely right and i can only agree with that statement alone, english is not your first language nor is it your language, therefore, you should have convened that before you tried to talk us into your economics genius.
    You are talking what investors would need; the article, about what exists as we speak. It did command and acknowledged Eritrea leading the way while neighbouring countries lagging behind, despite the many times larger investors and population size and foreign interjections in the favored Nations, Eritrea has done well and blazing her own path, a lesson others need to take to heart.
    Otherwise, you have every right to vent your frustration and right "Fed up" with as many "e's" as you like.
    Paranoia? Wizee will hit you up with the gheto boys' lyrics "my mind is playing tricks on me."
    And may be the 6ft,,,,well

  42. Hey dummy, weyanie is the worst enemy of Eritrea, wither Eritrean people in Eritrea or Eritrean people in Ethiopia. Do you have amnesia or you just want to down play what happened to the Eritreans and Ethiopians with Eritrean blood in 1998. Weyane deported them for no apparent reason other than being Eritreans', which never happened before with the previous Ethiopian regimes, so that makes Weyane the worst enemy of Eritrea in the planet earth.

  43. Wizee, have you realised in ten days time 15000 people have left the country? I think we are no more than 5 million the world over and we generate, is it 15X or is it now 20X? Either way we win wizee! Keep counting.

  44. You're right, lost in translation, pic dept. Stands corrected. Thank you! Plant indeed.

  45. FeeeedUp
    Do you mean natural monkey or DIA'S office boy Yemaney?

  46. "Eritrea has done well and blazing her own path, a lesson others need to take to heart."

    I really dont think you have been in Eritrea for a while and let me guess your only source of news is ERITV. Good luck my brother in your denial of the reality, sooner or later you will wake up. Until then just keep on repeating the words of Yemane Monkey and Pappa Issays as a parrot.

    Regarding my command of English language, i will leave you with the following video clip, where even kids have to praise the dictator about his langugae skills, me i can leave without that :)
    "Papa Issays speaks all languages but George Bush......."

  47. Forto Anchiwa, I know you know what I meant, you are just trying to make it as mass migration from Eritrea doesn't happen on daily basis. 1500-3000 people a month are leaving Eritrea for a better future. Now let me repeat my question - if 1500-3000 Eritreans are running away from the domestic hyena every month, how in your coconut brain do you think 2015 will be better than 2014???????

  48. Ibrahim,
    Ofcourse natural monkey ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. Cruise,
    The blessing of 2015 will be the old EPLF guard , our real heroes who gave us independence will take back the country, from those Tegaru mafia who has hijacked the goal of our martyrs. I look forward to hear comments from the blind supporters by then......let me guess they will tell us......"we didn't know the truth". And people like Sofia GUAL Haileslasie will be put on trial.

  50. Maxtor can you update Eritrea Wikipedia it's a lot older bow when I see the recent developments

  51. Madote* sorry misspelled

  52. Where Is Z Cruise:
    the cruise that you have wondering about is sold and put the money to buy rocket launchers. The SA-11 missile to defend Eritrea and to shoot dawn weyan war planes. did that answer your ridiculous question.

  53. This was index 2014. and eritrea will be #1 in 2016 there will massive projects to be launched soon.

  54. Good one my friend, i was agreeing with you on the none-issue, the english language, foreign to both of us. As to PIA, YES! he has mastered so much and his linguistics separate him from the many like you and me including PGB; Bush speaks good english and he is happy with that.
    It may have irritated you that much, you had to deny btsai' mastery of many things including his command over 7 languages.
    Are you bilingual my friend? If so, you should use your talent to land you a good paying job, if not that, at least, something that will refresh and sharpen those skills you possess.
    Anyways, I think you are a well meaning person but you come accross as someone who has yet to find a spot in your new found home.
    As to your comments about EriTv and all things Eritrea and Eritrean it is indeed flattering and I thank you.
    Another thing you should also know take caution with the likes of wizee; do not associate let alone lean on!
    Have a blessed day now!

  55. Listen this is an eritrea issues and has nothing to do with you F-Ehiopians. Stay away and stop invading even our economic freedom. If you keep your invasion we will fuck you up like hell.

  56. Do you a group of Eritrean scientists solved the rain problem. Do your research please. The last winter's rain is the result of the solutions. And watch from now on we will never have rain problem. This is how you can express development

  57. Do you a group of Eritrean scientists solved the rain problem. Do your research please. Unfortunately we located in the world's least rain areas. With The last winter's rain is the result of the solutions. And watch from now on we will never have rain problem. This is how you can express development.
    Besides Eritrea has and is biulding water reservoirs. you have to go and visit massive water reservoirs just to mention
    Diga Geregera 280mil
    Diga kerekeket 230mil
    Diga adi halo 190mil etc

  58. Are you jelouzzzzz ? eat your heart BUDDA !

  59. Rissi Diga - never in Eritrean History have the Eritrean people suffered as today. Not under Italian colonization, not under Hile Slassie, not even under Derg.
    Remember we didn't have those "digas" you mentioned under those colonizers.

  60. แˆ˜แŠฎแŠ•แŠ•November 11, 2014 at 3:52 AM


  61. Since your questions are a multiple choice nature; I say the answer is (a) coconut. Thank you wizee even if for a nanosecond, you took me back to Akordat!

  62. You can't understand you Ahya.. When you keep invading our sovereignty then we will keep fucking your as with the horse dick. So stay away we don't want you at all. It's a zero tolerance

  63. Mr Gasha Do you a group of Eritrean scientists solved the rain problem. Do your research please. Unfortunately we located in the world's least rain areas. With The last winter's rain is the result of the solutions. And watch from now on we will never have rain problem. This is how you can express development.
    Besides Eritrea has and is biulding water reservoirs. you have to go and visit massive water reservoirs just to mention
    Diga Geregera 280mil
    Diga kerekeket 230mil
    Diga adi halo 190mil etc

    Once again you need to your homework again. Humans can live without roads building electricity telephone etc but not without water.

  64. Do you know a group of Eritrean scientists solved the rain problem. Do your research please. Unfortunately we located in the world's least rain areas. With The last winter's rain is the result of the solutions. And watch from now on we will never have rain problem. This is how you can express development.
    Besides Eritrea has and is biulding water reservoirs. you have to go and visit massive water reservoirs just to mention
    Diga Geregera 280mil
    Diga kerekeket 230mil
    Diga adi halo 190mil etc

    and four more Mega Dams biger than mentioned above are coming.

    Once again you need to do your homework again. Humans can live without roads building electricity telephone etc but not without water.
    We were delayed by the WERAR WEYANE and their gangs. But we have to do this first. Everything thing is ready to launch, just to mention like the new Asmara project a with a completely new downtown, the Massawa project etc with modern infrastructures etc so we need to me petient.

  65. แˆ˜แŠฎแŠ•แŠ•November 12, 2014 at 2:37 AM


  66. Please, keep the forum decent, you don't need to be vulgar to express your opinion.

  67. Good!
    Observer, as his pen-name denotes, is an assigned dual agent, the best from the rest of the bunch that roam around Madote &TN.
    Evidently mobilized for the simple purpose to demoralize or frustrate us but above all to disorient our thoughts.

    Let's play his game till he realizes that it's no more possible to deceive the gallant Eritreans, thence, he will have no option but vanish.

  68. แŠฅแŠ•แ‰‹แ‹• แˆแŒ แˆจแˆแŠ“! I hope it is a correct assessment!

    แŠฃแŒ†แŠป แˆ“แ‹แŠ“ "index" แˆ…แ‹ตแŠฅ แ‰ แˆ แˆแˆณแŠป แŠขแ‹จ แ‹˜แˆˆแŠน! แŠ•แ‰ฐแ‰ƒแ‹ˆแˆแ‰ฒ (แˆ˜แ‰›แˆแˆญแ‰ฒ፡ แ‰ชแ‰ซ แˆ˜แŠฎแŠ•แŠ•!) แŠขแ‹จ แ‹แŠแŒˆแˆญแŠฉแ‹Žแˆ แŠฅแˆแ‰ แˆญ แŠ•แŠคแˆญแ‰ตแˆซ แ‹แ‰ƒแ‹ˆแˆ แŠฃแ‹ญแ‰ฐแ‹›แˆจแ‰ฅแŠฉแŠ•።

    Please read again!

  69. This piece of recycled garbage of an info is worth more than the infamous $5.35 per hour you're entitled to obtain from your obscure principals. Bravo, but besides Gasha's adequate reply, late reliable information from Asmara feeds that,
    'The economic policies which guarantee beneficial opportunities for foreign and local investors are so convenient that the daily queues of interested parties in the relevant bureaus have noticeably increased'.

    So Mr. feeble feeder, send your feed-up straight to Jericho!

  70. Z cursed Rat – although this is late, I really do not want to have a discussion with you – I do not think you have any honour or self respect, when one try to covers one’s own weakness by trying to point out
    others short falls (real or faction) – you are a person who lives in darkness always think and wishing bad and evil on Eritrea and thus always seeing it (under the concept of: if one believes something to be true, then he’ll act and behave as if its true and thus see it as been true) but as I am feeling …. today so I’m going to give you this one,
    I’ll even try to elucidate some of your intentional lie …. I’ll try to mention some import areas (“well 2/3 areas I also agree we’ve issues with (not a problem but issues!!!”) without going too deeply and discussing these complex stupid subject like the number of Eritreans leaving Eritrea which has ranged from 1 time 100 000 a year to 50/30 000 to your number of 15 000 a year which makes the whole case un-trustable & questionable - the rest I have spoken about them in a few comments in the past without fully expressing my views just simply because by nature are a twisted hearted Cursed Rat (hope I do not know / knew you personally for that’ll be...) and thus do not believe you add any value into any discussion however, I do not like this self imposed righteousness by claiming or trying to make people appear as if we are saying our government is perfect and all is well and don with, which is just totally illogical as it mean as anything that has reached perfect then the criteria of measurement need to change (as you do with God) as well been meaningless as there is no point in having a discussion as it means there is no more growth / development – which I hope you see the contradiction in your whole stand

    1st the case of G15 (in particular the political
    individual), well you know this is something I could justify but still do not understand thus really troubles me- not trying to contradict myself but what happen to them is justifiable under their own organisational laws (EPLF /PFDJ) but also as who they are as individuals thus could only be judged by within the
    Organisation EPLF / PFDJ – thus me and your or (I’m sorry) his daughter has no say on this subject. Lets not forget these individuals unlike the Eritrean
    citizens are ‘the property of the state of Eritrea’ (they just like those they ordered to sacrificed their life for Eritrea) thus are not judged by the same rules as citizens, furthermore one could not fully understand what happen in 2001 without fully understanding of sub (anti)-revolutionary organisations like Menka'e and thus one need to look at a range of factors in order to fully make a full comment… However are they Kedia’t in simple truth if they want out of the path for any personal gains or if they try to sleep with the white man: as they seem to have don then yes they are Kedia’t. p.s. and personally do to some of the reasons I expressed above in particular because of who they are I feel like I do not have the right to say too much (I do not know the whole story that stretches from the early 1960 until now)

  71. 2nd the constitution debate: there is not much to
    say as this case is a black and white but just simple the whole argument is baseless for starters I do not like the 1997 draft constitution at all, by nature its impractical and unnatural to Eritrea when looked at over its all design and purpose but do we need a constitution, Yes. The draft constitution however is by nature too west looking (a closer look at the period of time it was written and the people who wrote it is important to understand its faults)
    and unworkable in the Eritrean context taking all factors including culture, make up of its citizen, its geographical location ….. so in short we need a new
    constitution that reflect our long history and culture, that is written by Eritrean reflecting their destiny with an in-depth understanding of other systems and their results (e.g. German constitution is written with the German’s at heart and reflecting their national ambitions, likewise Japan’s the same respectively …. )

    Cursed Rat never forget Eritrea is the present / gift /
    hedra / the eohlama of our martyrs and a free / independent (politically / socially & economically) / prosperous / a land of equality, justice Eritrea
    is our gift / present back to our martyrs. So I hope you understand when a single inch of my land is in question then the whole land is in question (as an
    inch of Eritrea is equal to the whole (as any biological entity) and the whole is equal to an inch) even if we look at it form the Law of Trinity / the magic of the Trinity (as stated above but another way …. self survival, self protection & self reproduction dictates that in order for Eritrea to achieve economical independent it 1st need to fully achieve it political independent.

    The English have a saying “an English man’s home is his castle” well I come from people with the same or maybe a bit more extreme view on the subject. Never forget through out history and even now the ultimate measure of a real man, an independent man, is a man who own his own land, may that be in London (as you well know the value of a property in the UK) to the same story where ever in the America’s, Asia or Africa … every where there a clear difference between a land owner and a renter. Thus before anything first secure your land and that’s the only fight you could morally fight righteously at this moment

    The idea of the Eritrean government been perfect I hope is clear to you now is totally illogical, however one need to ask what path is one going and does these path uphold the aim and principles of แ‹“แ‹ˆแ‰ต แŠ•แˆ“แ‹แˆฝ in its true sense or not and do not limit your honesty by limiting your view – look at what is happening in western Europe or the USA any honest person would conclude that the ugly face of fascism is now becoming the accepted norm not just within the global regions but internationally. so in these state of the word does one bend down, loose everything that make him who he’s or fight and die for the truth? Ultimately your answer to this question will show me who you truly are.


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