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UN imposes sanctions on Yemen's ex-president

Former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is astrong TPLF ally, is working with al-Qaeda to destabilize Yemen

UN imposes sanctions on Yemen's ex-president

By Aljazeera,

The UN Security Council has imposed sanctions on Yemen's former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and two allied rebel commanders for threatening the peace and stability of the country and obstructing the political process.

Lithuanian UN Ambassador Raimonda Murmokaite, chair of the council's Yemen sanctions committee, said on Friday all 15 members had agreed to blacklist Saleh and Houthi rebel military leaders Abd al-Khaliq al-Houthi and Abdullah Yahya al-Hakim.

The three men are now subject to a global travel ban and asset freeze.

The UN Security Council in February authorised sanctions against anyone in Yemen who obstructs the country's political transition or commits human rights violations, but stopped short of blacklisting any specific individuals.

The United States submitted a formal request to the Yemen sanctions committee a week ago for Saleh and the Houthi leaders, whom Washington accuses of destabilising the country, to be the first people designated.

In a letter to the committee, Washington said Saleh "was behind the attempts to cause chaos throughout Yemen" by using the Houthi group to "not only delegitimise the central government, but also create enough instability to stage a coup."

The US referred to a panel of experts report that said Saleh had resorted to al-Qaeda operatives to carry out assassinations and attacks in a bid to weaken his successor President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi.

The letter also said that rebel commander Abdullah Yahya al-Hakim had plotted in June to stage a coup against Hadi in meetings with tribal leaders, security commanders and other figures loyal to Saleh.

Saleh has denied seeking to destabilise Yemen and his party warned after a meeting on Thursday that any sanctions on the former president or "even waving such a threat would have negative consequences on the political process."

The UN decision came after thousands of Saleh and Houthi supporters filled the streets of Sanaa to protest the move to punish the ex-leader, accused of being the main backer of the rebels.

Also on Friday, Yemen announced a new 36-member government intended to pull the country out of political crisis, the state news agency Saba said.

Formation of the new cabinet under a peace deal agreed on September 21, the day Shia Houthi rebels seized the capital, had been delayed because of tensions between the rebels and their political rivals.

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  1. Conflicting reports of a country very close to a total anarchy.

    Today is news about a sanctioned Ali A. Saleh approved by the US, while last Thursday, it was reported by Alquds al Arabi that the US Ambassador in Sanaa, categorically denied that the US 'did not and does not intend to sanction Ali Abdella Saleh nor did it issue an ultimatum for Ali to leave Yemen within midday Friday, 7.11.2014 to Ethiopia'.

    Ali A. Saleh is quoted to have said in regards: "The man that would compel me to leave my own country, is not yet born."

    The situation in Yemen resembles to a restaurant with too many cooks, no cookbook, one cracked cooking pot, messy utensils, venomous ingredients and full of hungry customers.

    Pray for Yemen !

  2. እግዚአብሔር(አላሕ)፡ንኤሪና፡ይፀልለልና!!!!!

  3. I'm amazed that any body, leader, government or even a country still trusts the west, more specifically the US enough to do business with them. The US is like a bad breed of dog that will turn on its closest friends at the first given opportunity (No wonder the woyane can get along with the US so beautifully).
    The west break treaties and alliances when it suits them, they have no regard for laws and international standards, and they have this insatiable thirst for dominance. So why is any still dealing with them?
    With all these sanctions they are liberally dolling out they will paint themselves into a corner. For now though, there are too many idiot leaders willing to invest in the west, just to find themselves sanctioned and/or killed, like Gaddafi & Saddam and their countries wealth stolen... Viva China & Russia!

  4. This dictator was a key player in mass media that demonize & criminalize Eritrea he was not doing this before our independence The Red Sea,Bab Al Mandab & Gulf of Aden are International gateways belong to everybody including us The Eritreans and we know how to protect our national interest very well these Yemenis even so they have long coastal area they steel fishes from all neighbors including poor Somalia.


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