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'Eritrea is Having a Bumper Harvest This Year' - Eritrean Official

Eritrea is having a bumper harvest this year. Photo credit: Ambassador Estifanos

'Eritrea is Having a Bumper Harvest This Year' - Eritrean Official 

A month after International Food Policy Research Institute ranked Eritrea second among countries with alarming levels of food insecurity in its annual Global Hunger Index, the facts on the ground have proven to be otherwise.

Yesterday, a senior Eritrean official ended their speculation after announcing Eritrea is having a bumper harvest this year:

"Eritrea is having a bumper harvest this year as sustained investment in agriculture and food security begins to pay off."

The news comes as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN said that production prospects in main agricultural areas of Debub, Maekel, Gash Barka and Anseba zobas are "favorable".

Moreover, Eritrean professionals working in the country have also been reporting via twitter that the country is experiencing a bumper harvest.

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  1. Viva Eritrea!! Keep up the good work. Nothing is Impossible with the attitude of "Can-Do."

  2. The sanction was intended to strangulate Eritrea but the can-do people, just as in the times of the bitter struggle for independence against a western and eastern backed occupation(one after the other), has once again proved wrong to humiliate the oppressive western establishment that is counting on the failure of Eritrea. On the contrary, their western backed puppet regime of apartheid weyane next door is actually going belly up despite receiving the vast majority its budget in subsidy from its controller in Washington and London. Thanks to the US and UK propping up the worst form of tyranny, the dispossessed, oppressed and disfranchised population of Ethiopia have totally been broken with their lands sold out, dignity stripped and even their sovereign bonds now flogged out for the higher bidder.
    there is no doubt that Eritrea's success in MDG goals and food security is exposing their puppet regime in ethiopia bare to its bone marrow.
    Eritrea has to make sure that no western official freely roam around the bread baskets of our agricultural fields. Sabotage and other dirty games is their daily tricks. keep them out!!!!

  3. Bella Eritrea!
    thanks to Eritrean effort and Eritrean people we can see this, sure more will come soon..


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