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Ethiopia: Lies and deceit as statecraft

While Eritrea values mutual respect and honest discourse even towards its enemies, Ethiopian politicians and so-called journalists have adopted a sick culture of spreading lies and indulging in expansionism.  Photo: Pseudo journalist Elias Kifle (right) with H.E. President Isaias Afwerki (center), 2009. - ( Credit: Elias Kifle)

By Hillal,

Starting from the history of its origin to its present day political machinations and shenanigans, lies and deceit seems to be second nature to the Ethiopian ruling class and elites. I am not an intellectual and I don't want to pretend to be one here. But, I do strongly believe that intellectuals are the eyes, ears, mind and conscience of a nation.

Intellectuals have the ability to define us as a people and nation - our hopes and fears, dreams and aspirations, successes and failures, agonies and ecstasies, values and beliefs and much more. They have the responsibility and obligation to educate and enlighten us by separating the truth from the lies, deceit and misinformation of the government’s massive propaganda machine.

The Ethiopian elites seem to process none of these noble qualities. They lack the wisdom and sophistication to hear to the heartbeats of their people. The pain and misery of their people seems to be none of their primary concerns. Self-promotion and self-aggrandizement are their main fortes. Opportunism and bending and kneeling to fatten their deep pockets are their main preoccupations.

Who in the right frame of mind would not abhor and denounce the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the peoples of Eritrea in the name of the Ethiopian peoples. Their deafening silence to the ongoing genocide and massacre of the Ogadenis, Oromos and Gambelans is astounding . There are not enough words to express the nature of their inhumane mindset or madness when they celebrated the start of the Weyanne’s war of aggression against Eritrea.

It’s hard to understand the logic behind the clarion call for action for a mere 800 meters of a land path of Badme and mute reaction to the handing of 600,000 square kilometers of fertile Amhara land , the size of Belgium, to the Sudan as a guarantee to the Abbay Tigray of the future.

A sick and twisted mindset is the only reason for the two ethnic supremacists and war criminals, Seye Abraham and Gebru Asrat, to be given a red carpet treatment and treated like celebrities in the west.

The comatose Ethiopian elites with their fossilized brains are unable to free themselves from their medieval mindsets – a mindset intoxicated with never ending desire for occupation and expansion, ethnic supremacist outlooks and religious fanatical beliefs. Their never ending political squabbles for cheap political scores and gains are hindering an honest political discourse to save the nation from its present day malaise.

Their habitual cut and paste repetitive and nauseating articles and essays are reflections of their political bankruptcy and intellectual dishonesty. They failed miserably in educating and enlightening the masses and instead are busy sowing the seeds of disunity division, discord, hatred and mistrust. They don’t even a have a clear understanding of what the future of Ethiopia should be.

Leaving the Eritrean stinking political corpses which are a disgrace to the Eritrean experience and are handpicked to serve the enemies and detractors of Eritrea, one of the crown achievements of the Eritrean experience is the creation of a revolutionary culture in which safeguarding Eritrea and its people is the primary objective of all Eritreans without exception. Defending Eritrean sovereignty and upholding its independence and the building of the Eritrea of our dreams and worthy of our martyr’s sacrifices are in our blood and part of our national psyche.

Self-promotion and self-aggrandizement are taboos in the Shaebia revolutionary culture. Leadership is an obligation and not a privilege. Eritrean leaders are the historical products of the protracted armed struggle and the Eritrean experience. They live with and around the masses and have the ability to hear to the heart beats of the Eritrean masses.

Truth, honesty and fairness are some of the indispensable Shaebia traits. Eritrea and Shaebia are always on the right side of history, justice and truth. In fact, the Eritrean experience as a just cause can be summarized in a nutshell as the quest for truth and justice. With truth, justice and history on our side, the march to build a free, united, democratic, dynamic, vibrant, assertive and self-reliant Eritrea is a fait accompli.

Now to the here we go again moment! Sheik Elias is acting like the Sheik Al Amoudi, the "azmari" Solomon Tekalign and the Gestapo Chief Bereket Simon combined in one. It wasn't long ago when the Al Amoudi, Solomon Tekalign and Bereket Simon were on the receiving end of the Sheik Elias temper tantrums.

Now, it seems the tables are turned over. Sheik Elias as the sole owner of ER makes him the financier and chief warden of the cesspool of ethnic contamination website. His arrogance and power hungry character makes him an Al Amoudi wanna be with his own interpretation of reality. His flip flopping nature makes him a true disciple of Solomon Tekalign - I hope this isn't a noble Amhara trait. Last but not least, his fairy tale stories full of innuendos, fabrications, lies and deceit and hatred of anything Eritrean makes him an evil twin of the Ethiopian propaganda tsar, Breket Simon.

The sad tragedy here is that it's clearly evident that intellectual dishonesty is second nature to the Ethiopian elites. In fact, in the Ethiopian order of things lies and deceit are perfected and are part of the Ethiopian statecraft.

For the good of Ethiopia and its proud people, the sooner the comatose Ethiopian elites abandon their medieval concepts of expansion, ethnic supremacy and religious fanaticism the better. And, for those that are politically unsophisticated amateurs and novices, it's a must and essential to make them understand fully that the good of Eritrea Is good for Ethiopia And vice versa.

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Ethiopia: Lies and deceit as statecraft Reviewed by Admin on 9:59 PM Rating: 5


  1. hilal, shut up. isayas is number 1 lier.

  2. The real enemy is the declared enemy, an hidden enemy is coward, because it hides and transforms like a chameleon. Which in Eritreans culture is called "NEURI" literally means scandal, but seems in many societies as a bravado or a strong point of the culture. Other point is when you don't have a principle, today you lay on left, tomorrow on right; today you're socialist, tomorrow savage capitalist, you just behave as were the wind blow, it's said with time cause lack of self certainty, crises of identity, madness..

  3. There's a ray of light in this one Hillal - a silver lining in this particular clouded writing of yours. I'm almost feeling u here Hawey/Haftey...

    Question:- Did Y Gebreab himself not address the need for elections and
    respect for Human Rights in Eritrea? This being true, who's the DIA who
    holds Eritrea hostage in pre-suffragette and pre-Civil Rights Movement Eritrea?

    The truth is that it's worse for Eritreans today than it was before European women gained the right to vote, yea it is worse for Eritreans today than it was for the slaves of America before they emancipated themselves. And yet, our ignorant PFDJ supporters in the diaspora continue to oppress our poor and exploited compatriots at home by supporting a madman who is out of step with the times. Please address the 1800s standstill we find ourselves trapped within. Please address the plight of the non-Grace Mahary Eritrean woman today...

    Calling all you Black Eri Suffragettes out there while...

    Thanking you kindly

  4. Zemenawit, beautiful name, really modern, even your thinking, quite updated, new learn, new fashion; i mean for Eritreans. You see as old fashion of thinking we don't believe on human rights, freedom of press ect..that's evil western ideas..modern exactly like your name, and we Eritreans are skeptic of modern things, rather we prefer the old, wise and secured one..that might work sadly somewhere and might unfortunately create havoc.

  5. axemtom ksisom-tsehaitu berakiSeptember 10, 2014 at 2:35 AM

    Ajokhum deQi Adey Eritrea!
    Men'yu 'mo eti zaba-essenna zelo?

    Shimu hade ISAIAS AFEWERQI iyu. YEWRED!

    Nesmer kIm hanti Eritrea koinna neghenna, nesmer kIm hade hezbi koinna

    LUUL GEBREAB temrah, gual Eritrea temrah. Adenna Luul Ghebreab
    haQenya Eritrawit temrah!

  6. Hilal, it's as aways a great piece.
    But if if one doesn't appreciate what's given to him, you tell him SHOO!
    I hope the presidents visit to Egypt includes arrangin their transfer there , they have become liability simply put!
    They don like 'repressive' Eritrea give them democratic Egypt,.!
    At least woyane had done eating when they broke the tsahli,
    This ppl eating still EATING with it & wanna break it , FLUSH THEM ALL OUT, we really don't need them!

  7. The emancipated modern black woman is NOT a western concept.
    HUMAN RIGHTS r not a western issue Hawey, for it was when
    the Haitians rose against colonialist France and demanded
    their rights and land back that the French adopted their
    modern (and probably insincere) conceits. That in turn sparked up a slave uproar in the USA at the time. IE The West follows us not vice versa, continue to support this madman DIA and we'll certainly lead the west astray just as Beyonce and Jay-Z have ALREADY DONE with their twerking BLINGBLING inanity... :-)

  8. Replace and read Ethiopia by Eritrea, it will make sense.

  9. I don't believe in journalists who harass ppl either brother
    but there is no other way to HOLD our politicians ACCOUNTABLE but to demand TRANSPARENCY and respect for the economic rights of all Eritreans. And the ONLY way to do that is by using the western model or at least one similar to it...

    Right now I'm hearing abt how Ginbot 7 is funded by DIA,
    apparantly he's squandered millions on them, if this is indeed true then I WILL FIGHT FOR z Eritrean PPL'S ECONOMIC RIGHTS. Apparantly only DIA has access to
    the moneys we've earned so far FROM OUR GODGIVEN RESOURCES, do u find that sane/democratic Cane Libero?

    Have u seen how our ppl live in squalor while he throws money here
    and there SOLELY to keep himself in power? Does DIA provide free housing for the women whose lives his warmongering politics have destroyed? NOOO! I DO. I do that bc I don't have the choice, tell him to step down or I WILL cause a raucous disturbance until he does.

  10. I know that my ppl only believe in oppressing kedemti Cane Libero, but that is wrong and THAT is why the ENTIRE world views us Eritreans with great CONTEMPT. Bc we don't even believe in our own HUMAN RIGHTS. Oh whatta a stupid ppl I was born into. PPL who use words like BARIA, deQalla and Agame. Whatever shall we do Cane Libero?

  11. We're no better than the Ethiopians Hillal, that is the sad and sorry

    BaAl men'iyom 'ERIBLOOD' ndabelu ZAWARUDUNNA zelowu? Antum

    HUMAN RIGHTS and makes that an integral part of our children's

    KAB Mussolini

    AIHASHKUMEN antum Asha-shu.

    NO 2 z forced and exploitative slavery of poor and helpless Eritreans
    by z elite in Asmera and z diaspora eg SOPHIA TESFAsheyTAN.

  12. we see evening, now i'm the way, obama fetiu ayfetewen zemela alna neger yellen, we put it clearly, redaeta aynedelen..Eritreans lementi aykonun. Never

  13. axemtom ksisom-tsehaitu berakiSeptember 10, 2014 at 4:20 AM

    I'm busy 2 but never 2 busy for Eritrea. Have u ever sat down and listened to the words of that song ATZMTOM KES-HISOM by Tsehaitu Beraki?

    It maybe true that Obama can do nothing for us but just as 'God helps those who help themselves' if we were seen to be respecting our peoples' rights eg by holding free and fair elections and paying our NS conscripts FAIRLY for their hard work instead of financing GINBOT 7, Obama too MIGHT HAVE NO CHOICE but to respect us. Do u really think that z CIA and FBI want to see our people respecting human rights and not exploiting the poor? Why when they can continue torturing exiled Eritrean-Americans? Why when thay can continue stealing our manpower? Why when they can continue watching us dying and drowning so that they can
    laugh their heads off at us?

  14. axemtom ksisom-tsehaitu berakiSeptember 10, 2014 at 4:21 AM

    eg DIA...

  15. Too much heat to Tegaru can not bring any thing for Eritrean. came down it is better for you and country if you thing what is best for Eritrean not what is bad for Tegaru. those arrogant and ignorant like Shabiya and Ethiopian opposition in diaspora can not change any thing expect burk like a dog. keep burking

  16. It's never seems to amaze me the dictator supporters the time and energy they spend talking about Ethiopia. Has everything been written in this article apply to our beloved country as well? DIA has one thing in mind and that is POWER and only POWER. Anyone who stands in his way will end up in hell of prison.

    Look what's has happen to Gen. Ephream. Demoted to ministry of Mining. Filipos the botcher is now in charge of our defense force. Filipos is so dis-liked by the defense force as well as the Eritrea people he has three layer of security in his office. You have security one, two and three before you can get to his office.

    Two month ago he demolished about 85 houses in Asmara. He is evil.
    This is the reality in Eritrea.

  17. Our ppl (z HABESHA ppl who were colonized by z Italians) r ethnisits and meghanenti. That's why we must adhere to given democratic principles and bring change to our culture once and for all. NOW...

    I'd like to add that I personally abhor z Eritrean (and Ethiopian) middle and upper class's beTram, hypocritical and vacuous ways.

    As for the world's 'false judgement' of Eritrea, let me tell u that there's a whole lot of TRUTH in z stories of Eri refugees and asylum seekers. What do u call being on NS for 7-13 years and counting? SLAVERY is what it is and Sophia TesfasheyTan
    among other vacuous members of our ruling classes iin z diaspora and at home in Eritrea are to be blamed for zat. The rich side with the rich and the middle class take cover beside them , that's how z cookie crumbles Cane Mio!

  18. In fact, Hillal is very subtle perhaps even too subtle. ATTACK z Eritrean elite Hillal, u have our support.
    Tell them that gvt is accountable to z ppl, NO to Pharoahs!
    During Saddam's reign, only the ruling party's members
    could apply to Iraqi universities. Iraq has now bn at war for some 80 yrs.
    Does that ring any bells ERITRAWIYAN?

  19. Lying, cheating, stealing is endemic to both adgi and agame. More so to agame but adgi is not far behind in a different kind of way.

  20. If your self hate is called zemenawit (modern) I prefer my grand grand parents OLD & DIGNIFIED ideology and AVOID modernizing me :)

  21. As far as you are zHABESHA and not ERITREAN, you have no a say for ERITREANS ! period.

  22. You are on of the sharmta in habasha country Ethiopia . May be one of the Agame asslakes go Ayga form

  23. why is DIA taking a picture with a Pseudo journalist? .... LAMO

  24. It is my hoiar and i give hem the to destroy it
    He is my beloved president

  25. Ezi qomal hizbi tigray kemey eniOwo
    The truth is qomal agamen and adgi amharay ni they are the same face of one coin never the less qomal is in the stage when adgi is dancing on the hell fire

  26. Example you agame lier

  27. You said you are Habesha, that alone disqualifies you from being Eritrean. The ward habesha no longer identifies Eritreans but tigrieans and amharans. We are the proud Eritreans of 9 ethnic groups in one united Eritrea. So find websites that serves your agenda cause this one is not for you.

  28. axemtom ksisom-tsehaitu berakiSeptember 10, 2014 at 12:28 PM

    eg DIA z Agame bc I happen to 175% Eritrean...

  29. I was born in z 70s and grew up in z 80s when we all called ourselves habeshas, so take your flock mentality and hang yourself with it. HABESHA from Abessa as in Abyssinia, yes bc we Eritreans too were once a part of Abyssinia. End of story. Am I nostalgic? No, bc all habeshas do is hate on eachother and do a circle dance around some tyrant or other. This they do age after age while their ppl starve, flee, rot in prisons or shiver in darkest oppression... UNTIL until they conspire to throw him over and there we have a very good example called The Eritrean Revolution, the outcome of which was sabotaged by a particularly murderous Ugum individual named Isias Afewerqi. Areva derci mio figlio!

  30. Mishkin ignoramus. Mishkin. How I pity ppl like u. R u so afraid of change? Of your own right to be human? Of evolution? Guess that's why all habeshas want to ever do is move to The West bc they wanna be just like their traditional grandparents, mish do? Eway hasewet! Time to get your pre-frontal lobes checked Hawey. Bc God'll be drowning our ppl in the Mediterraenean until u do. Lahmam wedi lahmamat!

  31. Your opinion, you and all those like you are the cause behind the endless deaths and suffering of our ppl. Any scum is better than u proverbail fools.

  32. You had a busy day today zemenawit. Many comments and anti-comments. lol. I like your sense of humor very much though. hmmm. Can you forget these zombies and start talking just to me? :))

  33. Conclusion:- natka ghedifkas nai ematka/There's nothing new under the sun.

  34. Lying, cheating and stealing endemic to mankind and that's why Aristotle came up w/ DEMOCRACY.

    Leave z innocent adgi out of zis pls :-)

    Slavery starts and ends w/z HABESHA! kirkir kirrrr wy'zom waza feTaTat

    B'khebretkum n'Adgi Mariam' zere-aiyo?

  35. zemenawit, i want to discuss with you even i note that you're not respecting the rule of the good manner as happen sometimes with me that i went beyond the line, but recognizing oneself behavior help to avoid the next to make the same error. As you can see, we humans we err lot wanting the others think the same we do. In principle of rationale disucussion ethical (selamawi zete) doesn't matter if you think different than i do, what matters is that me and you get to a point. Where one say his point of view (must be always accompanied with evidence naturally, otherwise the dialogue could go indefinitely without a result). Of course it need a big patience, an attitude, not
    new for Eritreans as they get it through "bahli nah tinti abotat" to hear patiently and interact on proper time. So as a reminder i point out that you insult once Sophia, this doesn't make a hero or an
    brilliant advocate of anything you support, rather demonstrate your weakness. Of course what I'm saying goes for all of us, we get anger and get mad saying: Shaebia, agama ect..But wait, have you ever try to dialogue or to bring your cause in to a seminar (akieba) what you have of to say as critic (nekefieta)? I can assure you with out any conflict of interest that I did it. I don't believe that someone tell me that you don't have a right to talk
    cause is a mere false. I know personally that if you have something to claim: you can do it with out making loud your voice (another sign of weakness), you can do it without pouring fire in to community center (sign of criminality), you can do it without vandalizing your own embassy (sign of uncivilization) of which we Eritreans are well known in all the world for our unique History of being humble society and not a hooligans, you can do it without insulting our mothers (non Eritrean sign) but i doubt not human sign, anyone who see you do this, will condemn you, forget to be an opposition, you'll be ridiculous, you can do this not betraying your country and bad painting it without evidence afterall.
    So what i want to say dear zemenawit this might be as lesson not only to you and me, but even to those who come here and support any topic. Respect, truth, cause if you have a wrong principle and you support to make a voice what we see in other parts of the world, then we say is useless, you better save you time and do something else, cause here the big majority is people of certain principles.


  36. How many times have you voted in Eritrean national presidential election since the Mighty EPLFs liberated Eritrea in 1991?
    Nil, isn't it?....
    Isn't it as well true for all Eritreans, that they never voted. Therefore the con artist isaias Afewerqi, who de facto calls himself "president," is a grand fraud and corrupt?
    Yes, that is also true.
    Nonetheless , you are validating and eulogizing his twenty three years of fraudulent and corrupt act.
    And who ululates and sprinkles popcorn, as you do, to the fraud?
    The utterly servile, isn't ?
    You are just a slave!!!

  37. Askari master evil Mussolini hanged together with his mistress,and killed like street dog in Milano,italy by our orthodox brother russia !!!kkkkkkk €thiopia 4ever ..Tplf 4ever f**k arab (egpt) f**k whore state Askari land(eirtrea)

  38. Askari master evil Mussolini hanged together with his mistress,and killed like street dog in Milano,italy by our orthodox brother russia !!!kkkkkkk €thiopia 4ever ..Tplf 4ever f**k arab (egpt) f**k whore state Askari land(eirtrea)......

  39. Shabia and his dick suckers is going to burn just like their master kkkk modate u hoe ganna delate it kkkkkkk

  40. Btsai Isaias along with mesarhtu btsot Yemane, Osman and et al bselam nab kbrti hageru temelisu!
    In unrelated news the ugums that frequent had exihibited ebola like symptoms accompanied by excess excretion of pus and blood, with a frequent k'Rxet.

  41. የአለም፡ዲሞክራሲ፡ሻንቢዮን፡በአሁኑ፡ዘመን፡የምትባለው፡አሜሪካ፡ነች፡ ። የሚገርምህ፡ነገር፡ካለ፡የአሜሪካው፡ፕሬዝዳንት፡ከመሙመረጡ፡በፊት፡ተሹሞል።እደግመዋለሁ፡የአሜሪካው፡፡ፕሪዝዳንት፡ከመመረጡ፡በፊት፡ተሹሞል !!! የዲሞክራሲ፡ጀማሪ፡ነች፡የምትባለው፡ግሪክ፡፡በዛ፡ዘመን፡መምረጥ፡ወይም፡መመረጥ፡የሚችለው፡የባላባቱ፡ክፍል፡ብቻ፡ንው ። ይሔን፡ምን፡ትለዋለህ፡ዱሞክራሲ ? ? ? ከእሜሪካ፡ጋር፡ብናወዳድረው ፡ አሜሪካ፡፡ውስጥ፡መምረጥ፡የሚችለው፡ሁሉም፡ሲሆን፡መመምረጥ፡የሚችለው፡ግን፡የገዢውን፡ክፍል፡ጥቅም፡የሚያስከብር፡ብቻ፡ነው ። ድንቆም፡ዲሞክራሲ !!! ከሁሉ፡በላይ፡የሚገርመው ፡ ኢትዬፅያ ፡ ዲሞክራሲ ፡ አለን፡ብላችሁ፡ስታወሩ !!! በቃ፡በሬ፡ወለደ፡ማለት፡ሱስ፡ሆነባችሁ ። አወት፡ንሐፋሽ !!!

  42. Woyane=LIAR. No one should ever believe anything they write or say.

  43. Bettam amesegenalehu guad Mekkonen for the light, i agree totally

  44. የቀንየለይ፡እዝ፡ሐወይ ። አኔ፡ብጣእሚ፡ዝገርመኒ፡ንኤርትራ፡ሽማ፡ዘፅልምዋ፡ካብ ፡ገዠፍቲ ፡ CIA ጀሚርካ ፡ ናይ፡አለም፡አበይቲ ፡ Media ስጋብ ፡ ደቃቅ፡ናይ፡ወያኔ ፡ ዋልታ ፡ ሕጂ፡ድማ፡አባና፡ገዛና፡መፂዮም፡ይፅሕፉ፡ለው ። እዝ።ኩሉ፡ንኤርትራ ። ኤርትራዊ፡ምክኻነይ፡አሐቢኑኒ ። አወት፡ንሐፋሽ !!!

  45. ኢራቅ፡ውስጥ፡የተፈጠረው፡ዋነኛው፡ችግር፡የሳዳም፡መውረድ፡ሳይሆን፡አሜሪካ፡የፈጠረችውና ፡ አሜሪካ ፡ ወደ፡ኢራቅ፡የላኩት፡ዲሞክራሲ፡ከፋፍሎ፡ለመግዛት፡እንዲጠቅማቸው፡ያደረጉት፡ነው፡እንጂ፡የሳዳም፡መውረድ፡አይደለም ። አሁን፡ኢራቅ፡ውስጥ፡ሔደህ፡ከኩርድ፡በስተቀር፡ብትጠይቃቸው፡የትኛው፡ይሻላል፡ብለህ ? መልሳቸው ፡ 95% የሳዳም፡ጊዜ፡ነው ፡ የሚሉህ ።

  46. Aha, that's good news, but how come u didn't listen when i told u z same thing? Mekonnen too is talking abt z need for democratic rule within Eritrea is he not? Do u perhaps prefer Amharas to Eritreans Cane mio?

  47. zemenawit rocks z cradleSeptember 11, 2014 at 4:08 AM

    I like my sense of lol humour too Jacob. No, unfortunately I can't let one man monopolize my wd make less autonomous.

    Awet n'Hafsah!

  48. zemenrigbit/spiritof joy'npaceSeptember 11, 2014 at 4:16 AM

    OKAY PEEPS, this is getting outta hand. We don't want to
    butcher IA, bc that wd make us no better than the mass hysteria which swept over Libya and Egypt. What we want and need is law and order restored to Eritrea by Eritreans. Got it?

    We must get him to step down without running off with the $$$$$$$
    which belongs to Eritreans bc that money is what we'll use to
    pay the sukulat, the women on inpaid maternity leave, those whose labour has been expolited by indefinite NS etc.

    Any ideas abt how we can get LUUL GEBREAB to help us.
    Idk but she just seems like a woman we can trust.

    B'khebretkum n'betri Mariam zeri-aiyo?

  49. Cane libro,

    1) Sophia deserves to be insulted for calling our exiled compatriots 'CARPETBAGGERS'. Additionally she shows no compassion for z case of Dawit Isaak. Therefore this is a cold and mean woman who just appeared out of nowhere and was never elected by us.

    2) I personally have never resorted to violence/vandalism. On the contrary I condemned the storming of our embassies as well as Selam KIDANE's (@SelKid on Twitter) behaviour.

    3) I am FOR Eritrean unity and am deeply saddened by the rift caused MAINLY by pro-PIA supporters and the anti-DIA opposition. Who then is the cause behind Eritrea's countless divisions, DIA not me (nobody even knows little me :-) It is even said the DIA is clandestinely supporting opposition groups in an attempt to pit all Eritreans against eachother while he stays on top. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. I therefore call on all Eritreans to unite against this man and call for LUUL GEBREAB to take over until such time as we can hold free and fair elections.

    Sorry if I am sometimes rude but others are ruder and well I have a short temper...

    MaAt selamat from gual hafash Eritra!

  50. Agame, your inferiority complex is showing again. Why are you on Eri forums 24/7? Did Ethiopians reject you? Lol, we dont like you either. Im sure there are tigray forums where your retarded comments can be appreciated.

  51. I'll replay this be continued

  52. aa-choo!! [Sneezes] ... ..Oh, I'm sorry I am allergic to BULLSHIT!!!

  53. ኢትዮፅያዊ፡ሆነህ፡አማሪኛ።እንኮ፡በደንብ፡አይገባህም።ደደብ፡ነህ፡መሰለኝ ። አሁንም፡እደግምልሀለው፡ከገባህ፡የሚገባህ፡አይመስለኝም ። ደደብ ። አሜሪካ፡ውስጥ፡፡ፕሬዝዳንቱ፡ክመመረጡ፡በፊት፡ተሹምል ። ማነው፡የመረጣቸው ? እንዴት፡ተመረጡ ? ለምን፡ተመረጡ ? መልሱ ፦ አሜሪካ፡ውስጥ፡ብሬዝዳንቱ፡ከመመረጡ፡በፊት፡ተሹምል ።

  54. Hallo atum, whose houses, where and why?

  55. Mr. Mokkonen, why such harsh talk towards a member of the halal meriet? Aren't you as guilty for denying him to elect who he elects to stand beside?
    We walk side by side not infront or behind, isaias did not come in '91 but along with the many dear and near, he brought 1991. So give where credit is due and rise above the average and show as what you can do, in the mean time live Mr. You to do his part.

  56. aa-choo!! [Sneezes] ... ..Oh, I'm sorry am allergic to BULLSHIT!!!

  57. Awet n'Hafash? ዓወት ንሓፋሽ? ድል ለሰፊው ህዝብ? Come on zemenawit. These are misleading old slogans of leftists. I do not want even to hear such nonsense. I thought that you are indeed 'zemenawit'. Are you?

  58. You
    see, still you're insulting, if you think to talk to someone how you start
    saying wedi kemzi, gual kemzi? I my self do sometimes the same mistake. But
    it requires patience, new attitude, try to make case our discussions are full
    of interpretation, judgement, evaluations ect..

    a) I
    appreciate for the point N°2,

    b) I
    observe that you make a judgement on point N°3.

    objective person, ask his conscience to take a position and not because a
    third person decide for him, unless is manipulated by any means, in which
    case is not independent.

    You see zemenawit the story is long, and
    is going to touch a wide argument, but surely if there is a will to stand
    independently and argue a certain matter, one can get to a common sense of
    high dialogue, where you don't see, judgement, interpretations, nor
    evaluations. Just observation.

    This language is called NVC: "Non
    Violent Communication"

  59. I am not sure I understood your language. Let me ask you nonetheless. Do you know what Democracy in the true meaning of the word?

    It means, for example, every Eritrean, or every American must be a governor and a subjects by turn. This however is possible only when the number of the people is not large.

    When the their number is thousands, tens of thousands or more, it becomes impractical . Then it has be improvised. And there are many improvisations, including in the USA, some of which can be closer to the ideal Democracy, and some very far, depending on many prevailing factors in each country.

    However, the improvised democracies, despite their short comings, are a lot healthier because, although every one of the citizen is not personally holding offices in the government, he/she can compete against his follow citizen to hold office, or vote for others to represent him in the office.

    Let me ask you another question, What is the complete opposite of Democracy?

    One person tyrannical rule, isn't it?

    Tyrannical ruler rules under his own laws and guns , under which he kills and incarcerates the people, expropriate their properties , conscripts them for his war by force, appoints and dismiss his appointees etc. In short, the people are his slaves, disposable material possessions.

    Does the tyrannical ruler tell the people that they are his material possession?

    No. While he ruthlessly and silently chops off the heads of those who exhibit any sign of resistance to his absolute tyranny, through his enablers, the news paper, TV editors, he constantly draws rosy pictures about their grim situation, and through his priests, preaches them to prey for him against his jealous enemies because, he frightens them, if he goes away, the country will fall apart.

    And prefers such tyrannical ruler over Democracy?

    Only the cowardly slave.

  60. Do you remember what your impostor idol did to the veteran EPLF, Naizgi Kiflu?
    What about the Eritrean youths whom your fraudulent and corrupt idol has placed to rot in the Concentration Camps under the pseudonym, National Service?
    How come you do not stand up against injustice ?
    What about your right as Eritrean, to legislate, to elect, to be elected in the running of your own country, you prefer to remain a slave?
    You are disgusting!!!!

  61. in journalism there is ethics, have you ever heard? you know what discipline means? yeh ye Eritranoch bota new, serat keyazek temar, ay kalk, liela bota hid, lennastemerachu, gebregebenet, sene serat..yasfelegal.

  62. ERI +ERI= 000000000000000000000000000000

  63. ERI +ERi =0000000000000000000000000000000

  64. MOKIE NEBSI ;DO YOU UNDERSTAND ;ERI +ERI =0000000000000000000000 ,kid nab enda KATIKALA metom denakur shebia OK

  65. Loser Woyanne your days are numbered.

  66. ዳዊት፡ዲሞክራሲ፡ማለት፡እንታይ፡ኢዩ፡ኢልካኒ፡ዝሐተትካኒ ?

    አብ፡ካናዳ፡አሜሪካ፡አውስትራሊያ፡ምእራብ፡ኢሮፓ፡ዝነብር፡ህዝቢ፡ቁፅሩ 800,000,000 ፡እዝ፡ማለት፡ካብ፡ኢንድያ፡(India )ህዝቢ፡ቁፅሪ፡ዝወሀደ፡እዩ።
    ናይ፡ምእራብ (west )፡ዲሞክራሲ፡አብ፡ካልእ፡አለም፡ርኤዮ፡ፈጺሙ፡አይሰርሀን፡ ካብ፡ጥቅሙ፡ጉድአቱ፡እዩ፡ዝበዝሀ፡ጉድአት፡ጥራይ፡ዘይኮነ፡ንወድሰብ፡ሪኦዎ፡ዘይፈልጥ፡መከራ፡ኢዩ፡፡ዝአተወ።

  67. ዳዊት፡አበይ፡ጠፊካ ???

  68. ንምንታይ፡ጀሚርካ፡ገዲፍካዮ፡አጀማምረካ፡ብዙህ፡ንከይድ፡መሲሉኒ፡ኔሩ።እስካ፡ግን፡መገዲ፡፡ከይጀመርካ፡ገዱፍካዮ፡ንአይ፡ብጣእሚ፡ገሪሙኒ፡ስጋብ፡ትመፅእ፡ብዙህ፡ተፀቢያ።
    ዎላስ፡ዘላትካ፡ተወዲእ ???



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